Gwen & Kingston At Good Morning America

There are not enough words for how adorable Kingston is and how devoted Gwen is!

Gwen Stefani



  1. Eiffel says

    Obviously none of you who are talking about her exploiting her kid have any children! If you did then you would know that they do come with you everywhere, considering the fact that you are their mother! And how do you not think that it was weird that Suri didnt see the public for like six months. Hello, give the kid some fresh air. At least she is raising him herself and not letting a nanny raise him like other celebs

  2. Melissa says

    If she’s exploiting her son, for what reason does she have? So Lucy, if you are a mom or if you can imagine if you had kids: By taking your babies shopping with you to the mall or out to a restaurant or grocery shopping, are you exploiting your kids because you bring them out in public?

  3. Lucy says

    Jane– I agree with you, when does the kid nap. And no he is not nursing. He is being used to promote this idiotic women with this alien like hairstyle. Let’s get a grip here, she’s not a great mom, she’s exploiting her son.

  4. Karen says

    i heard somewhere that gwen wants to do all this running around while the baby is still “portable”-its true. right now is the easiest time. when he gets walking thats when it hard to take them anywere.

  5. santa's little helper says

    put the kid down for a change. when they show them with gavin she’s always acting like a pig and holding him. never lets the dad hold him in a picture so people could see he knows how to hold him. and she needs to change that hair color.

  6. Melissa says

    Lucy – Gwen is in the press a lot lately because she has a brand new album out and is contracted to promote it. And Gwen isn’t about to leave Kingston home with a nanny. He’s still breastfeeding so he’s gotta be with Gwen wherever she goes. And it doesn’t appear that Gwen feels that her son is cramping her style. She wants him to be with her. If you’re so sick of watching normal parenting take place, then go somewhere else.

  7. BC Girl says

    Lucy and Jane – if you dont like Gwen so much then why are you looking at the pics of her and her adorable baby?? Just go away and look at others that you are not going to complaine about!!

  8. Nosy says

    sorry, meant Stefani. And that thing in his ear is probably for protection from loud noise in the studio…..

  9. Nosy says

    What’s up with some people on this site??It’s wrong for Britney Spears and Katie Holmes to be out and about “all the time” without their babies, and now it’s wrong when Gwen Stefanie takes her son everywhere!!! Can’t win with you people….hmf

  10. Meoow! says

    Jane. He’s nursing which probably means every two hours he wants eats! Also he’s still at that portable age when you can take them anywhere. It looks to me like Gwen having waited this long to be a mum understands that alone time is coming soon enough. These pre walking days are short and precious. Many babies and their mums actually like spending this time in near constant physical contact. It feels 100% natural and right to them. That Kingston just gets cuter and cuter, and Gwen is luminous.

  11. Jane says

    Does she have to drag that kid everywhere?! When does he ever nap…in the 15 minute car ride to the studio to tape a show? Give me a break. At least Suri was at home and given the ability to nap while Katie was out around town taking advantage of some alone time. Sometimes these moms just carry their kids around like an accessory paying no attention to any kind of schedule.

  12. Julie says

    Wow! These two are everywhere! That’s awesome! I love it that there aren’t very many pics of her without him. She seems like such a doting mommy!

  13. says

    aww he has the same soothers as my little brother!!
    in each pic i see of him hehehe
    and the same white bunny coat from gap!
    hes very slim tho isnt he

  14. Lucy says

    I’m sick of seeing her in the news. THe fact that she is in the press everyday just soldifies my theory that she uses her son for publicity. Is there any other celebrity to report on?

  15. carleigh says

    Gosh he is a carbon copy of his dad as far as eyes, face and everything but if you look at some pic’s you will see he has the same little cleft in his chin that Gwen does. But, up and down he is Gavin all over again! How cute! I never get tired of seeing pic’s of him he’s just adorable!

  16. Alyssa says

    every new picture i see of him he just keeps getting more hansome and adorable! i luv to see how Gwen is always with him and rarely ever with out him. its so hard to do that growing up in the Hollywood life but she is one awesome mommy

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