Brooke Burke Pumping Iron!

Brooke, 35, was snapped working out with her personal trainer on December 8th on the Santa Monica Steps. I hope her personal trainer knows that he’s doing…a very pregnant woman with those weights just seems downright dangerous to me!

Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke



  1. uggs says

    I was recommended this website through my cousin. I’m not positive whether or not this submit is written through him as no one else know such detailed about my trouble. You are incredible! Thanks!

  2. boo says

    Hate to break it to all you know it all kelly May attackers… but Men with a Visectomy still have the ability to get a woman pregnant ,… in the event that something didn’t go right with the surgery….
    Ask any doctor, they’ll agree!
    So why don’t you all just lay off with the nasty comments….
    You People ( or person, whichever the case may be) seriously need to GET A LIFE!!!

  3. gracelyn says

    KellyMay just out of curiosity were most of the rude comments made by the same person using different names? Atleast it shows that you dont let these people get to you. I have never in my life seen such cruelty towards a person that is just trying to share a story of a miracle!

  4. says

    Interesting that you will try everything in your power to shut me up, it won’t work. I am a big mouth by nature, if you ‘knew’ me it wouldn’t take long to see that! I know my family and friends are laughing right now πŸ˜‰

    Have you ever read the Bible? Many Christians in the Bible lied, murdered and committed many lewd acts but yet they were accepted by Christ, so you are getting no where by taking the religion approach, it shows your ignorance.

  5. KMisaHO says

    Hmm…interesting why you keep coming back to this post, KellyMay. Can’t keep your big “Christian” mouth shut, huh?

  6. gracelyn says

    Well wasnt that pleasant!!! That was a good 20 mins of entertainment. Anyway, Congradulations on your pregnancy Kelly May!!! Guess that will be the last time you ever share anything quite so personal on this site with all these crazies on here!!! Its really sad that people cant just wish you well in your time of joy!

  7. imo says

    You are so pathetic KellyMay….you get your selfworth in life trying to look better than everyone else. Well…that has failed miserably in this thread, hasn’t it. First of all, you were called a cheating whore by numerous bloggers (after you revealed a pregnancy even though your husband had a vestesctomy 4 years ago) and then you claimed to have “spyeware” installed on your computer so you could read which ISP address the post was coming from. Now that you have been exposed as a would-be spying hacker, you’re making up lame half -ass excuses saying that we “misconstued” the truth to make yourself look golden again.

    Here are some quotes made by Saint KellyMay…

    “I had the best laugh of my life last night, my uncle builds computers and he showed me a trick to see where the posts come from by showing your ISP address”

    “I just laugh everytime I read these posts! It is the ISP address that I see”

    “It is quite comical to go back on past posts and see the web of lies spun by others (and their numerous handles), this ISP thing is pretty neat and quite easy to acquire.”

    There’s no denying it, KellyMay. Never put anything in writing that you don’t want to bite you in the ass! I do believe that your “crown” has tarnished! Now you are not only a would-be spying hacker but you are also a liar! Pathetic, KellyMay…absolutely pathetic!

  8. says

    Rest assured it is not on my system anymore nor do I care to have it! It was worth a good laugh for a bunch of people at a party (I think we checked out 5 other sites people posted on) . All you see is numbers, addresses for intenbet service providers, absolutely nothing else! Crazy how people misconstrue truths

  9. FYI says

    I have spyware detection installed on my computer although it’s not always stops spyware from getting through but it does help with viruses. And I would say it probably takes up a lot of time to go through a bunch of numbers and try and figure out who is who. Who has that much time on their hands anyway? I would hate to think a mother of two and one on the way would!

  10. says

    LMO you sure got your panties in a knot about this didn’t you! Don’t worry I don’t care who posts what! It was a conversation at my uncles party about people posting under fake ID’s, I told my uncle about this site so we at the party checked the site out and he showed me the trick (anyone can download it). He was showing me how insecure the internet is in some instances like this. I don’t give two hoots who is who, but it is funny to see who is pretending to be who…
    Plus you as a consumer can run spychecks to protect yourself, I did after my uncle showed me this and had over 100 in my own computer.The is available to you as well, relax I see nothing but numbers and a few that repeat themselves over and over again πŸ˜‰

  11. abie sesay says

    u guys have too much time on your hands .this started with comments about the pregnant star and now its decended into calling one another names come on ladies whatever happened to sisterhood.

  12. imo says

    thats real nice Kelly you got your feelings hurt by some people on a blog- so you boo-hoo’d to your uncle (the computer genious) that “some girls were being mean to you” and he equpped you w/ spyware so you could “expose them”. Okay…whos the pathetic one now! oMFG grow up! its a fucking blog! If you don’t want people talking about you-don’t post! ya know, I think its only fair that ALL the other bloggers should know that you are “spying” on them (with your little “spyware” software) and that their posts are no longer anonymous because you are tracking their ISP addresses. I wonder how that news will be accepted? Well…we shall soon find out. You won’t be “still laughing” when everyone finds out your spying on them!

  13. says

    I just laugh everytime I read these posts! It is the ISP address that I see (never claimed otherwise but again it just shows the mentality level of others). I do find it quite interesting and informative especially being I am Canadian and our ISP are very different. I cannot believe the amount of providers out there especially in the US so yes I think a few posters have the same provider but mostly everyone else is on their own, it is not releasing any info to me about IP addresses or email addresses, it’s spyware! My God but thanks for the tutorial, education is key πŸ˜‰

    This all came about from a shocked post from myself that I tested positive and my hubby was snipped! Hello wouldn’t you be shocked too especially including all factual info! LOL I posted that info without a second thought, I’m peached it brought such a rise!!! I really don’t care what some pathetic people have to say about my life, I can only begin to imagine what they live everyday!
    It is quite comical to go back on past posts and see the web of lies spun by others (and their numerous handles), this ISP thing is pretty neat and quite easy to acquire. I guess companies use these programs a lot to gather info, LOL!

    Carleigh, Thanks girl! πŸ˜‰ I really want to know how you are but it’s no longer personal…;)

  14. Jeezum Petes!!!!! says

    Ok, Ok, Ok! When are you people going to learn not to spread all your bizness on a site like this? It’s only asking for trouble and horrible comments. Just like Carleigh talking about her miscarriage. Especially if your not really liked, it’s gonna get you some bad comments. If you want to discuss your life go over to They have wonderful people over there and the site is monitered for trolls and bad language and racism and a whole lot of other things. No baby pictures but who cares!! This site will only get your feelings hurt or get you into an internet verbal war, if you post too much information. And I do agree with one poster. KellyMay shouldn’t have said her husband had a vasectomy. She was only setting herself up for bad comments on it.

  15. ***** says

    kelly ho you need to think of something better to say about post # 83. and you better start thinking of what to say to your husband.

  16. lol says

    Correct “!!” Your individual computer address is called “IP”. Your “ISP” address (which was incorrectly referred to) is the server’s address that you go thru. Thousands of people may go thru one server. Individual blogs are almost impossible to trace unless you have the correct software and are the owner of the site. Even then, most probably only your ISP (server) address would be accessible. In order for the server to give up your individual IP address, you would probably need a court order. Anyone who says that they can access your IP address thru blogging is probably blowing smoke up your butt–perhaps a scare tactic.

    Blogs were created for people to express their personal opinions anonymously. How sad that someone has to threaten “exposure” just for the mere fact that they don’t like what someone is saying about them. Boo-hoo. So what: someone called you a whore. Grow-up. If you don’t like it. Don’t discuss your personal issues. Better yet- don’t blog.

    o and by the way…incase anyone is worried about (idle) blog exposure threats, there are programs developed to scrample your IP (ISP) address. Personally, I use one for the safety of my on-line computer business.

  17. !! says

    KellyMay, it’s IP address and my son builds computers and programs them and there is no way to find out unless you are an owner of this forum.

  18. ********** says

    he’ll like the ho until he finds out that you are carrying another man’s baby. you slut ….. sorry but i also agree with imo.

  19. Kellymay says

    LOL whatever, it’s called life my dear with two beautiful children and a man I cannot get enough of! Jealous perhaps….

    Happy New Year to you, so sad that you chose me to be the target of your miserable life! I had the best laugh of my life last night, my uncle builds computers and he showed me a trick to see where the posts come from by showing your ISP address, boy you have been a busy girl!!! I see you were also Carleighs stalker as well, too funny! The last laugh is on you, poor pathetic thing!
    In order to have faith you need to believe in yourself, you don’t even know your own name. To believe in yourself is an amazing thing with great rewards…. the only Ho I am is to my husband and he likes it as much as I do, it adds spice!!! I can’t wait for 2007!

  20. imo says

    She probably doesn’t have time to reply….Sleeping with 2 (or more?) men takes up alot of time! πŸ™‚

  21. ******** says

    kellyho where are you. Come on girl defend yourself. CHEATER!!!!!!! I guess you are too busy regurjitating (vomiting) In case it is to big of a word for you.

  22. imo says

    so unlike kellymay not to defend herself with her BIG college educated words and her holier than thou attitude. Wow ladies, I do believe that we have hit the nail on the head and kellymay has been silenced by the sound of her own cheating whore ass being exposed.

  23. Lynda157 says

    I worked for a urologists for 3 years. During that time, I can honestly say that NOT one man came back complaining that he got someone pregnant. I’m sure its possible, but VERY unlikely! Hmmm…..interesting, very interesting. (if that were me, I wouldn’t be bragging about getting pregnant after my husbands vestectomy….it does raise some eyebrows)

  24. santa's little helper says

    your husband should’nt have been the one to get fixed. You should have so that you could cheat until you vagi falls off, or until your heart is content

  25. santa's little helper says

    he already is the laughing stock of the town, poor man. i would think that after four years his shit would be dry. come on kelly may kill the cat and tell everyone that you are a cheating whore.

  26. Kristie says

    personally, it sounds like she (kellyMay) is bragging about getting pregnant by another man—she just had to add that little line (referring to her husband) “4 years post snip”. I was wondering why she said that?? If she would of just left that little fact out of her post, no one would be questioning the fact that she’s a cheating whore. To me, it sounds like bragging…..poor guy! how embarassing for him–all his friends, co-workers and family probably all know that he can no longer father children…then his wife gets pregnant. He is going to be the laughing stock of the town!

  27. jess says

    who does kellymay think she is besides a slut. I think your husband needs a reality check. Maybe he is just as dumb and sick as kellyho!!!!! Poor mixed up kelly we all kinda fill sorry for you to do this to your man and end up with child, #74 is giving you advise take it and use it girl looks like your little secret of your lover will come out. Your so sad. How can you wake up each morning and look at your man and not care what you did to him…..Good luck in the future you really do need it.

  28. imo says

    Kellymay likes to come off as this know-it-all, educated saint. she likes to use her big university words and phrases like “I’ll pray for you” to make herself look better than everyone else. I’m glad that her true character is finally coming out…a big cheating ho-bag! Some advise Kellymay, if you’re gonna cheat and your husband has had a vestectomy….use a condom and don’t get knocked up! (Who’s the ignorant one now!)

  29. crayola says

    My i leave the site for a while and look at all this soapopera shit with kellymay. Like everyone is saying you are the spineless cheater could’nt be happy at home you just had to sleep around you dirty ho!!!! You are just NASTY up in someone elses house. Dirty lady you.

  30. sue says

    what the hell are you trying to say kelly may? define yourself alot better, and are you trying to find a way to tell the parents because you know that they will question your infidelity. just like all of us. Oh yeah just like someone posted fall bitch fall, when your truth comes out!!!!!!!!!

  31. Spineless says

    I was wondering the same thing sue, kellymays husband must be dumber than a sack of shit to think that its his baby

  32. says

    Gosh there are a lot of ignorant people out there! So very sad!!!!

    Oh and by the way we have not told my parents yet but again you can’t expect much from an idiot!

  33. sue says

    #25 how the hell do you say you are expecting from your husband, and he got his ass fixed. And how the hell does he fall for your telling him that it is his baby? you are a cheater.

  34. your mother (kellys) says

    kelly ho. right now u think u are someone special 4 jumping the fence and screwing the neighbor. Well hate to break your cheating heart you are shit. A CHEATER!!!!! The truth will show when you give birth.

  35. says

    Thank you Paula πŸ™‚ We are very excited!!! After being together for 12 years and thinking that our family was complete this has been humbling!
    It’s amazing what life can bring when filled with love!
    Merry Christmas to all! Kepp happy healthy and safe this holiday season!

    Ahhh I live in Canada, we are usually buried in snow but it’s above freezing at 5c and the grass is growing!!! What is ahappening in this world! I want snow as do my children!!!!

  36. Paula says

    KellyMay, congratulations on your blessed little one. And I know you won’t take these know it all people to heart. God saw fit that you and your husband have another baby and that’s all there is to it. Merry Christmas!!!

    And to the other poster…….ask God to help you stop being so mean to people. He can work miracles!

    Merry Christmas….one and all!!!

  37. Kellymay says

    Oh I see my dear friend spineless posted! Talk about me all you want, it warms my heart that you care whom I have sex with, I guess you enjoy living vicariously through me πŸ™‚ I’m a saint right!

  38. 2kids2many says

    My husband’s cousin got pregnant after her husband had a vesectomy. He never went back to have it checked! Surprise! It didn’t work! I also know someone who got pregnant after having a tubal ligation…her tubes grew back together! If a baby is meant to be…anything is possible!!

  39. ********** says

    It is too wierd kellygay. I agree u did jump the fence shame ,shame everytime u look in the mirror u should think of that postman or was it your hubbies brother. One other thing if u don’t like people talking about u, you should have never put your buisness up for us to read……ha ha ha. Oh yeah Ho Ho Ho…

  40. Merry Christmas! says

    Thats it KellyMay! Make Dr. Snips look stupid with your BIG $3.00 words (that you found on Google). You really put him in his place, didn’t you. It doesn’t matter who fathered her baby–all babys are a blessing.

  41. says

    Wow, I am questioning your education? I am not a stupid woman, I am well educated myself and felt the need to perhaps enlighten you a bit more about your chosen profession πŸ™‚

    “Renewed patency (pregnancy after a vasectomy) can have several causes, such as technical error, early recanalisation and residual motile sperm in the seminal vesicle after a vasectomy. In medical literature a distinction is made between early and late recanalisation. Early recanalisation can be detected by an increasingly large amount of motile sperm in the post-vasectomy specimen. Late recanalisation is the presence of motile sperm after the post-vasectomy specimen(s) showed azoospermia. It can occur several years after a vasectomy and usually is detected only after a pregnancy has occurred.

    Several studies have been done on pregnancy rates after a vasectomy. One article reported two pregnancies in a total of 3,178 vasectomised men. In one report six cases of DNA-proven fatherhood were down to azoospermic men. The authors explained this phenomenon by the intermittent production of viable sperm”

    Basically just in case you missed medical terminolgy in university, it basically states that 6 men whom were deemed to have no sperm count were in fact the fathers of these babies through DNA testing.
    I am glad you have had no failures, being in the situation I am now it would be devastating if my husbands urologist was as blatantly ignorant as you are!

  42. says

    Don’t be sorry, naturally one would ask! No I didn’t jump the fence or hang out with the postman, I take my marriage vows very seriously! Interesting you’ve never had a failure, you must be very good!

  43. Dr. Snips says

    Oh my god, i just came upon this site and started to read the comments and am taken aback by kellymay ,are you sure you did’nt jump the fence, or hang out with the postman? sounds to wierd to me. I do the snips and never seen anyone come back to me with a pregnant wife or girlfriend. Sorry just curious.

  44. Diana says

    I shall keep on praying for you KellyMay and if it is in God’s will he will see fit for you to have another baby!! Babies are such a blessing and I am sure that he or she will enjoying growing up with your other children if it is meant to be! Keep me posted KellyMay. It is all very exciting!! I don’t know how I will be if we are blessed enough to have children!! πŸ˜‰

  45. Kellymay says

    Hey Diana I thought hmmm I never posted anymore about this but still nothing?!? I did another test yesterday but negative, I went through this exact scenerio with my first pregnancy only getting a positive around 8 weeks soooo….

    Hubby and I are much accepting if this is the case and excited as well, we thought we had made the decision that our family was complete but you just never know. It’s so funny in the last week both my sister and my mom said it was a shame that I wasn’t having any more children… I would love to be able to tell them that God agreed! We know that both our children would be over the moon too so we will see! Thanks again!

  46. Diana says

    KellyMay – any news yet? Thank you for your prayers, it is great that we are still on here, as we are two of the original people that have been posting for a long time!! xx

  47. says

    Ugh I’m 29 like Karen’s friend!!!! Still no cycle and a neg HPT so swe will wait and see. Hubby’s post count wasn’t ever zero he submitted 2 specimens that were still positive ofter his snip so we do know it could be a possibility. We are accepting either way.

    A story to share very good friends of my sisters concieved a baby 7 years after his vasectomy which was initially done to prevent the tumor in his wifes head from growing from pregnancy. Least to say she had the baby, a stroke and is still battling to this day..You just never know what is in store for you!

  48. Karen says

    my best friend went thru the same thing. she thought that she was pregnant and it turned out to be early onset menopause she was only 29 year s old andwas very upset-shes on hormon therapy.

    my husband had a vestemony a few years years ago. if i told him that i was pregant he would be so pissed off and would probly think that i was sleeping with someone else.

    thats the first ive heard of it failing before. ekkkk thats a scarey thought!!!! i guess if a baby is meant to be its meant to be no matter what.

  49. Susan says

    KellyMay I don’t know how old you are but could you possibly be going through menopause (you said that someone was snipped 4 years ago). I went through menopause at 41 and also thought that I was pregnant. My period was late, I felt like crap and lo and behold no baby–just menopause. It was a big let down. Try not to get too excited. You might be in for a big fall like I was. Good luck.

  50. MissyMama says

    Thank you Mrs Spoon. It’s amazing how many ignorant people there are out in this world. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to become inactive.

    I was high risk with my 1st, so I was not allowed to exercise, with my second I was given the green light to continue my workout routine as long as I could. I did weight lifting, Tae Bo and Pilates 3-4x a week until my 7th month, then I was only able to work out on the Eliptical trainer until the middle of my 8th month due to the excrutiating pain of my sciatica. I was basically inactive until birth….never any complications.

    If you are already active prior to pregnancy, you can, as long as your pregnancy has no complications. able to continue your exercise regimn as long as you can undre your doctors supervision.

    I was out shopping in the grocery store the day after giving birth to my 2nd. I never had any pain or discomfort. I was bedridden for a week with my first. Coincidence?!?

  51. MrsSpoon says

    This is my first visit to this site and I am shocked by the very nasty comments of a few posters.

    The woman (I don’t even know who she is I’m in the UK) is pregnant, not ill. If she is fit, healthy and having a normal pregnancy there is absolutely no reason why she shouldn’t continue training.

    I trained throughout my second pregnancy and felt much better than I did in my first when I was a total couch potato.

    Go Brooke!

  52. Heather says

    I’m currently pregnant and my doctor, who happens to be a very respected OB/GYN, told me I could continue to roller skate as long as I was good at it and not prone to falling.

    She advises her patients about how much physical activity they can participate in and if they were athletic and in shape before she doesn’t tell them the only thing they can do is walk for exercise.

  53. says

    Yes I agree that is completely not fair to naturally get excited then… UGH! I think the best part about trying to concieve is the trying part, keep smiling and I will offer a prayer or two πŸ™‚

  54. says

    πŸ™‚ Diana, no I haven’t! I’m usually like clockwork and being we aren’t trying I really don’t pay much attention to my cycles. Least to say a slight nauseous feeling tipped me off and a quick thought that I have had the feeling that things would be starting since early last week so I pulled out my calendar and was shocked! My son kept saying momma your sure look like your lost and I was in thought LOL It truly would be a welcomed miracle, I surely wouldn’t argue with God about this one! I guess we will see, and knowing my hubby he may not bring a test home, he’s a “let’s just wait and see” type of guy! Thank you very much for your well wishes and I’ll let you know!

  55. Diana says

    Hey KellyMay – have you been that late before? I must say that me and my hubbie are hoping to start a family very soon (I want one now after getting very broody with having 17 month old niece and nephew) and have been up to 10 days late over the last few months and have got so excited, and then on the day that I got the pregnancy test I came on!! Not fair!! Good luck hon, I am sure that you are a great mum!! πŸ˜‰

  56. says

    Thanks Diana & Elle for your kind words about midwives, here in Canada it’s a wee bit different being they are a profession within themselves and practice seperately from Doctors, so they do play a vital role in helping healthy woman with uncomplicated pregancies achieve there desired births.

    Obviously from the comments posted this person does not ‘know’ me due to some inaccuracies in her comments and frankly if she does not like me then it is her loss not mine:) I offer my advice out of love for my professon, I will not apologize for that!

    I am a little shocked today gals, I just realized I’m 10 days late and we are post snip (4 years ago), I just called hubby at work and told him if he felt so inclined to pick up a test…

  57. Diana says

    Karen – I am not sure how much she is excercising and how heavy those weights are, but I am sure that she is being sensible and taking the advise of the right medical staff. Otherwise, she would be a silly lady knowing that the paps would take pics of her doing it! πŸ˜‰

  58. karen says

    i had 4miscarriges i was bed ridden on my last one
    now i have a healthy son
    the only thing i could do was walk
    take it easy and relax coz when the baby comes you cant even wash your hair from feeding, washing and if you go back to work the only time to my self is sleeping grown up

  59. karen says

    thats disgusting she should not be exerising that much she will lose that child
    if your body is fit it will go back after the birth
    she is damaging that child

  60. Skylar says

    SUSAN: Your comment alone proves that you are just as bothered as the people that you are talking about. If not, you would not have felt the need to comment on others. The purpose of this blog is so people can voice their opinions. You seem to be a fine one to be telling others to find something more constructive to do with their time!

  61. Robyn says

    I think it’s great she wants to exercise but let me tell you that thing she is balancing on is hard to balance on when you aren’t pregnant. I think the weights look really heavy too for being that far along and you shouldn’t be lifting more than 20 lbs total. It’s one thing to want to take care of your body and a complete other to take a risk when your sense of balance is off anyway. I think it’s hard for some women to accept that sometimes a little weight gain during pregnancy is alright. There is always time to work hard when the baby is born.

  62. minkysmom says

    how is she stupid for wanting to take care of herself, but britney is also stupid for letting herself go while pregnant? make your mind up!

  63. Susan says

    Its so funny reading these comments and seeing people really getting bothered by what other people are saying. Every one has their own opinion, and yes it might be different than yours. (thats reality) FInd something more constructive to do with your time

  64. Diana says

    Santa’s little helper – what evidence to you have to say that Brooke is putting her unborn child in any kind of danger here? And you suggesting that she “fall bith fall” means that actually are saying that she should fall and endanger her baby when perhaps she isn’t putting her baby in any kind of danger here lifting a few, may be fairly light weights.

  65. Diana says

    Lynda157 – if it wasn’t for midwives expectant mothers would not always get the care and support that they need in labour. KellyMay is a wonderful person from what I gather, who has been on Babyrazzi a long time and who does give advice in a compassionate and nice way. She hasn’t ever been nasty and therefore I wouldn’t mock her or put her down for giving us all advice!!

  66. Chris says

    Please everyone criticizing her for this: STOP!

    In addition to all comments made before in favor of exercising during pregnancy, you should consider she is almost at full term: it is very common that moms-to-be feel a need of more activity at that stage… I guess she knows what she does, it’s her third.

    FYI check out and you will see a photo showing she was -may be not with personal trainer, but sure with hubby David CHARVET!
    He has the leading part in “Prisoners of the sun”, a movie filming in Morocco very soon and they’re just getting ready to welcome their baby.

    Dressed up or working out, beautiful couple indeed! I wish them all the best.

  67. Ellen says

    #28 Isn’t that a bit of an oxymoron. I think your remark translates into “I hope you get hurt accidently and endanger your unborn child because I think you might get hurt unintentionally. and enganger your unborn child?” Just sounds ugly to me.

    Don’t you think that the fall you “wish upon her” would be just as sad and the fall you imagine she could get. Maybe she shouldn’t raise her arms above her head (strangle the baby), look at black cats (scar the baby) or put up an artificial Christmas tree (lead poisening). Whether or not and how a pregnant woman should keep fit varies from person to person, skill leve to skill level.

  68. says

    Lynda157, just to clarify. This ‘neato’ invention called the web allows us to read what WE choose. If you’re feeling ‘lectured’ by the internet…I’m concerned. GO BROOKE!!! and GO MIDWIVES for that matter!!!

  69. Lynda157 says

    THat’s Hollywood for you. God forbid you gain weight or lose your muscle tone while you’re pregnant! and yes Kelly May we ALL know your a midwife….we have to hear your lectures every thread, don’t we! πŸ™‚

  70. MissyMama says

    #28- How is she putting her child in danger? The stability ball may be a bit much for a woman this pregnant, but working out isn’t going to hurt the baby.

  71. santa's little helper says

    fall bitch fall. and to hell with all u people that think it is okay for her to put her child in this kind of danger.

  72. BC Girl says

    Some people are saying some very cruel things here. Why would anyone wish for her to ‘fall on her face??’…. I think it is a little over-the-top to be balancing on that half ball, but lifting weights and exercising is definately a good thing, even when you are pregnant people!!!

  73. Ellen says

    I was very athletic prior to pregnancy, during and after, always following my health practioners’ advice. I imagine she can afford the best of care and advice and would probably be following it.

    Wishing accidents or injuries on anyone does not reflect well on a person’s charactor. And there are so many words in the English vocabulary that surely we can more past constantly using the ugly curse words.

  74. says

    Thanks OB! Silly to condemn a woman whom is doing well for herself and her baby!

    Many of my clients are very active right up to birth, often your body will let you know quickly if your overdoing anything! Whats wrong is gaining a ton of weight which puts you and your babe at great risk!

    “Face it ladies, the only people who know whether these pictures show something unsafe are the doctor and the mama.”

    I would like to add or a midwife πŸ˜‰

  75. OB Online says

    I was very disappointed to see the hateful comments posted here. I am a practicing OBGYN and provided she was healthy and there were no risk factors involved, I would be supporting her excercise as pictured, provided she were not alone. She undoubtedly exercised prior to her becoming pregnant and there is no reason why she couldn’t continue to do so during her pregnancy. I would urge the general public to consult their doctors prior to beginning any exercise regiment. Face it ladies, the only people who know whether these pictures show something unsafe are the doctor and the mama.

  76. MissyMama says

    Exercise during pregnancy is actually recommended and encouraged (so long as you are not high risk). Pregnancy is not a time to start up a routine, but continue the one you have followed prior. Exercising also helps build a strong placenta (my OB’s words), helps keep your weight within range, can help ease labor and helps you get your body back faster after birth.

    I’m sure Brooke has discussed her routine with her OB, and the webmistress even says that Brooke is working out with her trainer.

    She looks great!

  77. Skylar says

    Gracious – I can’t believe anyone would write that they hope she falls. That is pretty brutal. Must be some really angry people out there.

  78. anonymom says

    i was not permitted to exercise at all during my twin pg but if I had been able to, I would have been running and staying toned…I followed my Dr’s advice and I am sure that Brooke Burke is following her Dr’s advice too.

  79. A mommy of two says

    WOW, there are so many ignorant and hateful comments on this board. Doctors definitely support exercise during pregnancy. Weight training is definitely okay, as long as you maintain weight, not increase it. If you’re not straining, you’re fine! Doctor’s words exactly!

    I wish I had looked so good or had that motivation at that stage of pregnancy! Go Brooke!

  80. jill says

    Jaybird -Women used to be doing heavy physical labour all the time-work that is now done by machines! North america is prob the only place where women are so inactive.Now because a woman works out and lifts some weights its unheard of?? Our bodies are meant to be physically active, not driving around in cars all day and sitting in front of the tv. If her activity level was high before pregnancy than her body is perfectly prepared to continue on that way. I’m sure if she had any health risks she would take all the necessary precautions…Take a look at other cultures around the world and see what they are doing while pregnant….

  81. allison says

    shut up dum she could kii the baby youb asses if she falls down should not wish that on her or her u nb orn child get a life

  82. Diana says

    Essie – here here!! I totally agree with you!! I am sure that she isn’t that dumb to put herself or her unborn baby in danger by lifting heavy weights! It is good to keep fit and motivated whilst you are pregnant as long as you don’t over do.

  83. Essie says

    Sometimes some of you people make me so angry!!! Calling this woman a “stupid bitch” is WAY out of line; and hoping she “falls down” is just plain idiotic!!! So cruel!!

    I go to a gym and pregnant women work out there all the time and ALL of them have the approval of their doctors and ALL of them are under the supervision of a trainer. Working out before and during pregnancy means shorter, less painful labor. Try it before you judge someone else.

  84. Jaybird says

    Maybe she’s not exactly a stupid bitch, but that is definitely not a natural thing for a pregnant mother to do. I don’t think you’d find a moment in history in which women did anything remotely close to this in service of their unborn child. Hollywood has created some weird new species…the Hollywood mom.

  85. Diana says

    Karina – that was a bit of a nasty comment. Say how you feel that it was a little silly if that is what you think, but don’t be quite so nasty. I am not sure how heavy these weights are, but I doubt that Brooke would be silly enough to endangeor herself or her unborn baby by lifting heavy weights. I am also sure she has consulted the correct people in order to keep herself trim without being silly.

  86. babyhates says

    WOW “stupid bitch”….. hummmm because some one doesn’t gain 70 pounds and looks like crap people want to talk bad about her. I personally think it’s a nice idea not to look like a mess…….. ALSO after she birth she’s still a model and does need to get in shape…. Do you think “heidi” didn’t so anything ? She didn’t do it in public but am sure if she gained to much weight she would have been out of a JOB ! GET REAL !!!!!!

  87. jill says

    krissy and grandma of 4 i agree iwth you…as for the other comments ,c’mon people!! “you hope she falls on her face”??? the “stupid bitch”?? who says that???low class people

  88. Grandma of 4! says

    Wow! Everyone calm down! Brooke looks relaxed and in control. I cannot imagine that her doctors would allow this if they were overly concerned. Her personal trainer is no doubt 3 feet away! Women go about their pregnancies so differently today! Both my daughter and daughter-in-law literally worked up until 1 – 2 days before childbirth. My daughter continued a more or less jog/walk pushing a carriage with one of her tots in it for exercise plus daily swims and light gym workout on the way home from work. My daughter-in-law also worked out at a gym throughout her pregnancy. Keeping in shape was very normal for these two gals and still is! Brooke has done this before and seems like a fairly sensible person all around.

  89. krissy says

    how does working out make her a “stupid bitch”? she’s been health-conscious -and i’m pretty sure that exercise during pregnancy is a GOOD thing. If she was stuffing her face with a cheeseburger at mcdonalds, everyone would be criticising her lack of healthy diet and exercise! i guarantee she knows what she’s doing -after all, she has a professional helping her out with this workout. What makes any of you think that you know more about exercising while pregnant than a woman who is carrying her 3rd child?! in addition, as a celebrity, she has the money to pay for the best health-care. I’m sure she asked for exercise advice and is only working out this way because she was told she could.

  90. Karina says

    i so agree i hope she falls. she should be enjoying her pregnancy then worrying about her body…
    what a stupid bitch…

  91. says

    Yeah, it’s not the weights that are worrisome, it’s the half ball she’s standing on. You’re right, Ruby, her balance is likely way off and she could easily be doing those reps on the ground to be safe.

  92. merrychristmas says

    i hope she falls flat on her face. so that maybe she’ll learn a lesson. why does’nt . she wait until she gives birth, then exercise like that. stupid bitch.

  93. ruby jackson says

    Wow. She’s standing on a balance-board, no less. That seems a bit dangerous since her center of gravity has changed. I hope she and her trainer are not being overly confident.

  94. carleigh says

    She is in shape and I am sure she has a personal trainer right there monitoring everything she’s doing. If her OB feels she shouldn’t be lifting weights I am sure she wouldn’t be doing that. Brook appeared to be a very in shape woman before she gave birth so I am sure her body is used to the exercise and that’s why she looks so great in her third pregnancy. I hope she has a happy, healthy, beautiful baby and I am sure she’s not doing anything to deliberately hurt her unborn child.

  95. says

    Are those wheigts heavy or they are Just plastic thingis
    Ant way wht ever point she is trying to make its downwright gonna be harmfull for her in the long ran

  96. says

    Are those wheigts heavy or they are Just plastic thingis
    Ant way wht ever point she is trying to make its down right gonna be harmfull for her in the long ran

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