Brian McFadden & His Daughters

Brian McFadden

Irish star Brian McFadden, 26, (former member of Westlife) was snapped with his partner Delta Goodrem and his two daughters, five-year-old Molly and three-year-old Lilly Sue, as he paid a visit to a children’s hospital in his hometown of Dublin. Molly and Lilly Sue are Brian’s daughters with his ex-wife, Kerry Katona.

Here Brian and Delta were photographed with a very adorable 11-month-old patient named Emily Kenny.

Brian McFadden



  1. rheanne says

    i can see brian is such a good father. your kids are cute like you, i love them. i wish i can see you in person idol.. and with regards to your relationship with delta, you two are not just playing because you look good together.. best wishes to both of you..
    and by the way, i love you brian..

  2. angel says

    bry,i know your so very happy to delta bry i want to see you in person because iluv u so much more than in my life you are my life,my heart and my soul…

  3. mark vergara says

    i hope their relationship will last as soon as possible because they are not meant for each other theyre just playing i pity them

  4. teresita franco says

    well i know that bryan and delta relationship will not last like what happened on his relationship with his ex wife kerry katona,

  5. says

    bry,hw u do that!!its hurt for ur xwife kerry bcoz that two daugther is her kids!!
    and t hat kids are not deltas siblings!!

    i hpe that the two of u will apart!!i wish so!!

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