Kate Hudson Finally Gave Ryder A Haircut!

Breaking! Ryder got a haircut! He’s a cutie and Kate, 27, looks gorgeous as usual. Ryder will be turning 3 on January 7th!
Kate Hudson

I hope Ryder’s arm is okay…it looks like he is wearing a sling.



  1. H says

    For god sake people get a life, so he has a pacifier, he is like 2 years old on theses photos, he is only a toddler now, he should be able to have one till his mom says so, he hasnt even started school yet and you are picking on him, just stop it, think about how you would feel if you were in kate, people talking about your son when you are just trying to do what is best for him, it must be really tough tobe a celeb, especially when you are a young child who doesnt understand what is going on, leave it up to his family to say what he looks like and how he dresses.

  2. says

    Kate is classic beauty like Mom. She looks good in anything and everything with a hippy edge. So she dresses her kiddo the same. He is a cutie too.

  3. Jean says

    Ryder looks just like his father Chris Robinson – dog ugly! Get rid of that ridiculous pacifier!!

  4. Jean says

    Ryder looks just like that ugly father of his – Chris Robinson. No child his age should be walking around with a pacifer in this mouth!!

  5. ashleigh says

    for gods sake people get a life
    ryder looks sweet
    move on from the criticism
    he’s still only 2 not 22
    so what if he still needs a paci
    i guarantee he will stop in his own time. A lot has been going on in his life
    fact: across the whole world less than 1% of all kids are still using one after 5. Kids just grow out of it its their life, their family and their choice not u pathetic judgemental mums sitting at home with no life who have to abuse other peoples parenting skills to make themselves feel better

  6. amber mackay says

    OMG ryder is adoralbe and kate is looking pretty like always . I love ryder new hair cut but l liked it before .

  7. gracelyn says

    You people ridicule every mother for everything they do or dont do with their kids!! What the hell is it that makes all of you so perfect that you can pass judgement on other people and how they raise their kids? Im sure that none of you are any better a parent then Kate is!! Kate is beautiful and Id be willing to bet my life shes a wonderful mom!!!

  8. darci says

    someone tell her he looks gross with that binkey in his mouth. leave it to trailer trash people to let their kids suck on one until they are 10.

  9. Nicki says

    Thats probably true Grandma of 4!, but his arm is in a sling, give them a slight break. I understand about the speech. I’m sure she is doing what she feels is best for the child, although it might not be in text book standards, but for a loving Mom she looks like she is doing what works now. Although if I see that plug in his mouth in 6 months from now, I just might have to say something “not nice.” His haircut looks way better and he does look tired here, but cuter with his new “do”. I like it.

  10. Grandma of 4! says

    Poor little guy! Arm in a sling is not a good sight at all! The hair is sooooooooooooo much better! Maybe next time it is cut, Kate will consider trying out a “little boy” haircut just for fun!

    Hopefully, after the arm is all healed and he is feeling more comfortable and secure, Mom will start to consider withdrawing the “paci”! Don’t start blasting me for that statement! I am a grade school teacher and have taught many late “paci” babies who have to go to the speech therapist to work on what that late “paci” has done to their speech. It is really HARD to deal with emergent speech with that parked firmly in your mouth! And, Ryder is easily in the emergent speech age bracket!

  11. Blng says

    he looks so tired in that picture. Poor little man. Yea my son had a soother until he was almost 4. Whatever,

  12. anonymom says

    he’s a CUTIE! I see some of Kate in him too…and the paci will disappear soon enough. Poor kid has enough stress in his young life…

  13. jenna says

    omfg, now all you broads can relax. He got a haircut.
    The poor kid looks just like Chris Robinson.

  14. jenna says

    omfg, now all you broads can relax. He got a haircut.
    The poor kid looks just like Chris Robinson.

  15. kim says

    He’s cute! My son will be 3 in April and he still loves/needs his “suckies!” Going to try to get him to give it up for 3rd b’day… If my son needs it, I can surely understand why Ryder needs his!!!

  16. says

    Yeah I was thinking the ER trip was a few months ago too!

    I was trying to anticipate the comments in regards to his cut hair, but I regress the pacifier sets him up for negative comments instead, poor child will never hear well from the numbers!?!

    Personally I think he’s sweet!

  17. Nicki says

    Mair, I think that was a couple of months ago.
    I like his hair much better like this. He is cute.

  18. mair says

    Didn’t we see Kate going into the emergency room with him a couple weeks ago? …Arm+Sling=emergency?

  19. Pika says

    I like the haircut. He looks so much like his dad. As for the nuk…we all do what we have to do to comfort the kids…maybe it calms him with all those flashbulbs going off
    in his face!

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