Catherine Zeta-Jones Celebrates Her Father-In-Law's Birthday

Finally…new pics of Catherine emerge as she is in LA to help celebrate the 90th birthday of Kirk Douglas! In the first pic she is with the Douglas clan at an LA restaurant and in the second she is at the Ivy for lunch. The mum of two looks stunning! Her son Dylan is six-years-old and her daughter Carys is three-years-old.
Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones



  1. says

    catherine looks young with senior citizens, see her alone or amongst other hollywood lovelies, and you will perceive her as the ageing botoxed mama. Michael could have snagged anyone, and given her personality. Catherine was the lucky one, and she makes full use of it. Dissing Michael still does not take away his celebrity success.

  2. KELZ says

    bla bla bla u a bit harsh aint u??? at da end of da day wen u old and back to wearin nappies u aint gonna look too pretty urself well hopefully u’ll get ur just deserts and people will be tellin u u look like shit with ur tits down to ur knees gettin old is a part of life get over it

  3. bla bla bla says

    derrrr…yeah i will DEFINATELY get older cloe….but there is such a thing as ‘aging gracefully’….come on, be honest, i loved kirk in his hey day, but can you truly say that photo does him any justice?? he looks like a melted freak….

  4. N says

    Where are the pictures of her and her children? What does her daughter look like? Does she ever have them with her? I havent seen any pictures of her with her kids…… Must mean shes a bad mom and doesnt spend time with them! (For the confused….. SARCASM)

  5. bla bla bla says

    catherine looks like she is standing in the middle of a geriatric waxwork exhibition….revolting!!

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