Brunette Britney Steppin' Out!

Britney Spears

Britney, 25, has gone brunette again and looks great! I think she looks much more youthful and vivacious than she did with her blond hair. Her bob looked great that she briefly sported, but the extensions were a little blah. In the pic above she is out in LA  with music producer Jonathan “J.R.” Rotem on Sunday.

Britney Spears


  1. fay says

    Even though i agree with what ppl r sayin bout her partyin 2 much i think its absolutley disgusting to critisise her as a mother she is a fab mom and just because she isnt looking fake and to be honest like a barbie doll anymore that doesnt mean that she is hideous looking and also who wouldnt have let themselves go a bit after having 2 sons quite close 2gether and having that pschico kevin 4 a husband scrounging all your money n if all ur gonna do is dis her y r u on her webby anyway? just remember britney uve still got me and loads of uver ppl as your fans n we’re right behind u in everythin xxxxxxxxxx

  2. says

    Just some friendly advice, after having 2 children you should really wear a bra with a dress like that.
    Your breasts look like they are sagging a little.

  3. honey 2k7 says

    i think yous should all lay off britney and take a long hard look at your own life and you’ll probly find a few problems your self ders loads of women out der like her the only difference is they dont have the fuckin pepperatize in the face fuckin 24/7 so back off and worry about your own life .

  4. honey 2k7 says

    i think yous should all lay off britney and take a long hard look at your own life and you’ll probly find a few problems your self ders loads of women out der like her the only difference is the dont have the fuckin pepperatize in the face fuckin 24/7 so back off and worry about your own life .

  5. rae says

    maybe she keeps them to her self so she would know what he looks like. because she rather be partying than being a mom. that’s a no no spears unless you want fedex to be granted custidy of the kids. what can’t wait alittle while to have a little fun? or are you showing that you don’t even want or care about your kids?do you even know were the are know? some mother you are! instead of mommy dearest it should be mommy dunkeness

  6. MissyMama says

    #51 – there are no pics of him yet. Britney’s too busy being a drunk whore to release baby photos.

  7. mommyof2 says

    has anyone seen brits new baby im just curious what he looks like if anyone has a site please let me know tks

  8. santa's little helper says

    run j.r. scrotum, do you want your penis to fall off. he better rap some duck tap around it if he plans on doin the deed with her . because i don’t think a condom will help. not even if she used clorox and billo pads to clean her pananny.

  9. Harriet says

    It kills me how people kept saying that since she left Kevin she has left the trash behind. Sorry but she was trash before Kevin came along. People kept blaming him for the way she is. No that’s just who she is. She’s not this precious pop angel that everyone tried to make her seem. She’s gotten rid of Kevin, and clearly she’s still TRASH!!! That will never change. Her little 2-day marriage proved that she was out of control BEFORE she met Kevin. Everyone should stop blaming him. She’s the one who decided to keep dating him even though she knew that he was still dating the pregnant Shar Jackson. Being trash is just who she is. She pretty much used Kevin for his sperm!!

  10. MissyMama says

    Aren’t those the nastiest pictures you’ve ever seen Skylar?! I agree, go get a brazillian Brit!

    I said the same thing a couple Britney threads back about K-Fed looking better and better. It’s actually really sad. Poor Sean P. is most likely missing his daddy, and is wondering where his mommy went. Little JJ, well, he never really got a chance to bond with his mommy OR daddy, so he doesn’t even know he’s missing anything!

  11. Skylar says

    Lordy Missy Mama…….that was SCARY. Her hoo hoo is not at all a pretty site. With all her money, can’t she go ahead and get a brazillian wax and do without the peach fuzz. DOUBLE YUCK! I agree…when in the heck is she going home and take a night off from partying. She is really giving KFED-EX some good ammo to use in Child Custody Court! He didn’t stand a chance before, but now (and I hate to say this) it is looking like he’s the better of the two. *God I can’t believe I jsut typed that!* LOL
    To Santa’s Little Helper: WHOA……angry much??? lol

  12. MissyMama says

    X17 has some new pics of Britney from last night. And as they didn’t get any hoo hoo shots, she did let them snap her in her see through white lace shirt, sans a bra….what else is new.

    Is this bitch ever going to go home??

  13. santa's little helper says

    paris licks her nasty ass. that is probably why she lets her sit on her seats and her face.

  14. Skylar says

    OMG OMG OMG……….I just took a look at the pictures that show Brittany’s kitty. GROSS! I just didn’t like her much before…….now I just plain think she is one nasty woman. I hope her sons are not able to access those pictures when they are older. I would be mortified if pictures like that were around for my child to see one day.

  15. MissyMama says

    Get over the whole Justin, Britney thing! They are over!! Have been for years!! And Vivi, yes, your hair CAN fall out from over processing, it just breaks where the healthy hair ends, which could be at the root.

    I’m absolutely disgusted with Britney. She is behaving like a selfish child. Her poor boys most likely think the nanny is their mommy.

  16. says

    Britney needs to be at home at a reasonable time to rest and spent time with her 2 kids.
    By the way her hair cannot fall out because of dying it coz it natural.
    I think she need a guiding light in her life at this point or what she realy needs is to get back with Justine
    But I also think she is not facing the reality and I just hope when it all comes down she will be able to handle it that she is now a mother and not the same brit she used 2 B

    As in she need to start acting like a mom.

  17. says

    Staying out all night and returning home at 5 am 12 days of 14 is okay to some of you moms? Moms can have fun too but most normal woman think of their children first!

  18. lou says

    my kids are in bed and asleep by 7pm every night (they are 1,2 and 4) and if knew they were safe with a nanny watchin them then id go out more!

    gorgeous pic of shiloh and co

  19. babyhates says

    Her hair is just nasty and burned out. She needs to get a hair stylist like Ken paves to help her with that rats nest !!!!!! As for the dress it would be cute if she would wear a bra, or maybe a thicker material. You know am a young mother of a 1 1/2 year old and I don’t get how she just leaves her 2 babies all the time. I mean I go out maybe every Friday or every other Friday but gesssss NOT EVERY NIGHT !!!!!! I don’t thinks I could function well ! I don’t know if she’s a bad mother but she she start staying home or going back to Kentwood (am not sure if that’s rigth)

  20. Beverly says

    Brittany can color her hair any color in the world and she is still a skank. It is fine to go out and party providing your children have adequate care, but it is a whole other issue when you are flashing your crotch for everyone to see. All though you don’t have to give up partying when you become a mother, you are expected to be some what of a role model. The pictures of her private area are out there now and when her children grow up they will always have reminders that their mother was flashing her goods to the world when they were just babies!

  21. Beverly says

    The picture of Brad/Angelina and ALL the children is a nice picture, but let’s face the facts – it is a posed picture for a magazine. I have yet to see just candid shots of ALL the family together.

  22. jill says

    what a nice response! I agree with you.

    Nicki- I do occasionally look at other sites but I’m much too busy with my own children to be online all the time. If shes been out 6 nights a week for the past 4 weeks, whatever, most celebs are they just dont get photographed as much as Britney.
    I don’t believe everything I read.

  23. Linda says

    Guys go to & check out “Britany speaks out”..funny as hell…. a true,funny jab at the “bush” sisters!!!

  24. Diana says

    Gillian – I do agree to a certain extent. It is nice if you can get out and about without your babies, however, you should also know your responsiblities as well. I do feel sorry for Britney but there does come a time when she needs to be aware of her responsilbities as a mother to two very young little boys, and perhaps stop all the partying as much as she does. Of course the media will take photos of her going out all the time because they want people like us to react to them! I just hope that she can pull herself out of this destructive hole that she has got herself into. It just isn’t healthy at all.

  25. Gillian says

    If she is out late at night then her babies will be asleep!!!!

    Those of you that are preaching “get home with your kids” obviously dont have any!!! I would go out everynight too if I had a constant sitter when my daughter was in her bed!!

    Being a mummy doesnt mean you have to tie yourself to your house!!

  26. KELZ says

    good on her she looks amazin! but u lot seriously need to quit da bitchin if u this wrapped up in her life then obviously summats wrong with ur own lives get over it and let her enjoy her freedom for a bit. we all go off the rails every once in a while but u lot seem to think she shud b perfect get the facts totally straight b4 u pass judgement and perhaps stray away from the path u took with suri cruise????

  27. Nicki says

    8. jill – Apparently this is the only site you look at. She has been out at least 6 nights a week for the past 4 weeks. So sad for those babies, and even worse if Fed-Ex gets those babies. I mean can you imagine who he hires as nannies, ex strippers and lord knows who. Britney—Please go home to your babies, they need you!!!!

  28. Brittaney says

    At the rate she is going I wonder how long it will be before some other wack with a baby mamma knocks her up. It must be nice to party all night and sleep all day with out dealing with your kids. Nice raising Brit O

  29. Cyberkitten37 says

    i haven’t really been keeping up with the Britney do u all know she isn’t home with her kids all day and well into the evening..then going out after they’ve been tucked into bed? I’m certainly not all about defending her, but jeez, who r u all to make assumptions like that when u don’t know the whole situation?

  30. MissyMama says

    Maybe it’s his house she has been partying at in the Hills until 5 am….

    She is so immature.

  31. says

    So this is her new beau, and now spending the night there as well! I guess a girl has got to fulfill those needs at the expense of her babies…how awful!

  32. jill says

    whats wrong wth her holding hands with a friend??this means she isnt wholesome?? also, although i think smoking is definitely doesnt make someone a bad mother..we also havent seen her out in a while..i dont mean to be so pro-britney but i think everyone is alittle too judgemental…in the end we only have to answer to ourselves

  33. carleigh says

    I hope she is wearing some panties and she should stop dying her hair or it will fall out! I wish this “girl” would clean up her act and be the “young mother” that she claimed to want to be. I feel sorry for her kids not being able to have their mommy home to hold them, cuddle with them and play with them at night.

  34. MissyMama says

    Never being at home at night with her babies is also not good for her image. But then again we haven’t seen anyone other than “trailer trash Britney” since meeting K-Fed.

    There was that small glimpse of hope when she appreared on Letterman that she was cleaning up and looking respectful….but she quickly busted that with those woo hoo shots and constant partying.

    Poor Jayden, I wonder if he even knows who his mommy is???

  35. Grandma of 4! says

    Britney needs to loose the cigarette and stop holding hands with all these gals! Not good for that wholesome “I am a MOTHER of two!” image! Not good at all!

  36. jordyn says

    If you go to the “in case you didn’t know” website you can find pictures of Britney some guy. It looks like it might be the guy in the 1st picture. And yes I agree, she does look a little heavier here, but, I do love her hair, especially in the 2nd picture here.

  37. MissyMama says

    She does look like she’s gaining weight again. But that is what alcohol, fast food and no sleep will do to you.

    When is she going to go home to her kids??? I’m sick of seeing her out club hopping every night.

    And I think it’s WAY too soon to be romancing your producer.


  38. Paula says

    Hope she’s got drawers on under that little skirt. She looks like she’s gaining her weight back.

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