The Pursuit Of Happyness Premiere

Will Smith and his family were snapped at The Pursuit of Happyness premiere yesterday. Will’s son Trey, 14, from a previous marriage is pictured as are his two children with Jada..eight-year-old Jaden (who stars alongside his father in the film) and six-year-old Willow.
Will Smith

Tom and Katie were there to show support.

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Hmmm…one couple is extremely cuter than the other.

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

I can’t wait to see The Pursuit of Happyness…it looked really good in the preview I saw for it!



  1. SallyAnne says

    Thanks Fancy. And Jen if i stronlgy like or strongly dislike a celeb or their ways, i WILL DEFINITELY say so just like every normal person would! I guess you are different..

  2. Fancy says

    Jen, I know it’s just awful when people can back up their statements and point to sources besides just their own opinion, isn’t it?
    Sallyanne: excellent article!

  3. Jen says

    Personally I would rather spend my free time on things and people I love like someone already said, rather than spend my time googling celebs I dislike/hate and that is the reason I find it disturbing.

  4. Jen says

    #69, that was a rumor which started on the internet back when Katie and Tom started seeing each other after that the producer said they will all be back including Katie
    here is the link
    And last month she was seeing having a meeting with the director and the shooting will starts in January so we don’t have to wait to find out for sure. Of course anyone can post anything they like but I do find it disturbing the length some people go to trying to discredit what Tom does by posting gossip from other site!!

  5. ??? says

    er.. Jen it’s worlwide news that Katie holmes was dropped from the Batman movie sequel so what are you on about? And for the record, everyone is entitled to post anything they want if they please. We are still a democracy in America aren’t we?

  6. !!! says

    Yes, Angelina Jolie got the thumbs down too second next to Tom cruise in the Gallup poll. But that doesn’t prove anything because it was a small number of people who participated and we don’t know how people exactly feel until they release their movie and see how it does in the box office.

  7. Jen says

    #66. Laurie, what I find disturbing is how a non-fan like you know too much info about Tom??? I’ve notice people like you, Fancy and sallyanne are always posting info about him from another website and you try to force the post issue in to some thing else. Just like some of you accusing of the fans their PR or Scientology people can say you work for Paramount or pharmaceutical company. Why do you guys have a love hate relationship with someone? I personally have respect for Nicki and carleigh because their comments from what I’ve seen in Tom and Katie’s post never gets personal as if they are trying to destroy their image instead they comment on the topic at hand what the web mistress posted even though they’re clearly not fans and that is what blogs are about.
    #66. Laurie, it will also be nice when you post info that you include all the facts like how Gallup poll is taken by 1,000 people only and doesn’t reflect everyone’s feeling and the fact that the 26% of them said they will see any movie the “American favorite” Reese Witherspoon will be in while 12% of them said they will watch Tom Cruise. And American’s also gave a ?thumbs down? to Angelina Jolie coming second to Tom Cruise.
    About Katie’s career don’t worry she is in the next batman movie and is reported to be in negotiation with Robert Di Niro to do a cop movie so I wouldn’t writer off just yet.

  8. Laurie says

    People coming on those blogs defending Tomkat are so ridiculous. I mean don’t you realise by now that you can no longer play the ‘you are all jealous because they are so happy and in love’ card. NOBODY in their right mind will ever believe that. How did Tom end up so low i don’t know. He has litteraly gone from most-idolated-stud-in-hollywood to most-ridiculed-and-laughted-at-crazy-fool in less than a year. The poor man has dig his own crave, bringing katie’s any hope of a career down with him. And by the look of things, it’s about to go from bad to worst for them. Americans gave Tom Cruise a giant “thumbs down” (he came up on top with 34% of the vote) in a poll by The Gallup Organization, a supposedly widely recognized barometer of American opinion, asking Americans “whether or not they make a special effort to see movies starring 13 different Hollywood A-listers.”

  9. Nicki says

    What I like about Tom is that when he says he doesn?t care about public, opinion, he means it,

    This is the most off the wall statement I have ever read. Tom Cruise is ALL about what the public thinks. Why else would he parade himself around his kids football and soccer games, and knocking over toddlers in the process, trying to get publicity??? He is a walking, at this point sadly, a sideshow for the town carnival. Thats why he had his BIG PUBLIC wedding shown for all media. It’s all about publicity, and if you can’t see that, sad. I have never seen a plastered on, more phony smile than on the them, ALL the time. Talk about a publicity TOUR. NO ONE smiles 24-7 and if they do, it is for the pics. It is much easier for them to fake smile than it is to live a relatively real life. I wish Katie, her stepkids and Suri the best.
    Happy Holidays for them. I guess if they celebrate any of the holidays, best wishes.

  10. Nicki says

    Fancy~ Thank you very much. My comment should have said how you express yourself, which I wish I could even compare to, you are articulate and eloquent in your responses. Oh yeah, and quite witty in those short “bearded” retorts. I enjoy your quick comebacks.
    Much apprieciated and I do enjoy reading anything written by you. I often get a good chuckle out, when I see your name, I put down my morning cup, and then read. 😆

  11. Fancy says

    Nicky thank you so much for the comps! I would certainly never be offended, quite the opposite, to be
    mistaken for you! You are a sweetheart!

  12. Nicki says

    Wow, Lola I’m flattered you thought I was Fancy, although I think she should be a little offended. She is wise and witty. And I don’t hate Tom. If he did wake up one day and do a 360, I would still not like him.
    The Smiths like like a happy family. Trey is getting so tall.

  13. bla bla bla says

    lol sallyanne!! he IS turning into a bitch to match those tits!!! for a control freak like him, it really makes you wonder what the hell is going on for him to let himself go like he obviously is..cause i know his fans will kill me but the reality is that his image is his liveliihood…and he looks like a fat bitch right now…

  14. SallyAnne says

    Am i the only one who thinks Tom looks more and more like a woman? He isn’t aging well at all. He has become very unattractive. Katie looks wasted/exhausted. What the hell is going on with these two? Something tells me all is not well in their life.

  15. bla bla bla says

    short, fat and with bitch tits!! i hope he keeps growing that mucky hair so it covers his whole smug face…

  16. Lolitha says

    Trey has grown into such a dashing you men, i remember him from the just the two of use video, they look so happy.

    Katie always look glum even when she tries to smile whats wrong with her,The way Tom hugs her is not natural it shows he is a puppet master, i wonder what these freaks talk about,they dont look like they have anything in common. The J-lo Anthony combo seems like its working .

  17. Helen says

    #41. Fancy , The only reason I come to this site is to check post on Tom and Katie and you’ll not find my comment on anyone else, so that must be someone else or someone using my name. I don’t like Brangelina and I do not waste my time on people I don’t like unlike you who is not a fan knows about TomKat more than I do the fan.

  18. Fancy the Tech Impaired says

    Lola, you are giving me credit for a depth of feeling and motivation I don’t actually have concerning Tom Cruise. Whether I know him or not, on this level, it’s all just for fun. You’ve said yourself he could care less so what’s it to you exactly? However, if it makes it easier for you to process that I can articulate therefore I must also be mentally ill fine, whatever. I too, could care less. I don’t care if you love him. Adore away, it’s your dime. You say they give you the warm fuzzies, girl it’s you who’s taking it all way too personally.
    I ‘m guessing you don’t read many other blogs, something I have to do for work. If you did you’d have realized the sentiments expressed on this one both pro and con are shared by ALOT of other people, and stated in a far more emphatic way on the net.
    That crack about the beard was a joke, true, but a joke.
    Guess that about covers it.

  19. Lola says

    Fancy, I agree that any one can dislike Tom cruise, but with a passion like yours, there has to be a catch and if there isn’t then I am seriously worried about people who you dislike andare near you! I mean Tom is a stranger to us all but with you, he is like a personal arch -enemy, It just makes me think that you know him at a personal level, listento yourself;

    ‘Helen, trust me, we don’t even want to go near the topic of Tom Cruises “beard”. LOL ‘

    and if you don’t am seriously worried for you. I thought you and Nicki were the same because your posts always sound like an extension of the other on both the Brangelina blog and the Tomkat Blog.

    I have nothing wrong with any one who dislikes Tom, I know where they are coming from, I remember I was shocked when he said ‘ Nic knows why I divorced her..’ He can be arrogant at times, I used not to like him for that till he hooked up with Katie Holmes, at first I was intrigued and doubtful, but now their relationship gives me a warm feeling and even you must admit they have kept us entertained for two years.

    Their baby really literally blew me away, I was like wow! what a beauty!!! and I thought all those stars were being typical saying she is the most beautiful baby, so I decided to cut them some slack, but boy for you, it doesn’t look like impersonal. so I was speculating the motives behind your venom.

  20. Fancy says

    Lola, let me get this straight if someone doesn’t like Tom Cruise, thinks he’s full of bull pucky even, and
    says so they are unhappy, bitter, jaded, disabled and/or related to Nicole Kidman ? Sounds reasonable.
    I assure you Nicki and I are not the same person as hard as it may be for you to believe more than one person out there doesn’t think the world of Tom Cruise,
    and does think the Jolie-Pitts are just fine.
    Save your fear for something truly frightening like global warming or men in girdles..

  21. Fancy says

    Lola, let me get this straight if someone doesn’t like Tom Cruise, thinks he’s full of bull pucky even, and
    says so they are unhappy, bitter, jaded, disabled and/or related to Nicole Kidman ? Sounds reasonable.
    I assure you Nicki and I are not the same person as hard as it may be for you to believe more than one person out there doesn’t think the world of Tom Cruise,
    and does think the Jolie-Pitts are just fine.
    Save your fear for something truly frightening like global warming or men in girdles.

  22. Lola says

    What I like about Tom is that when he says he doesn’t care about public, opinion, he means it, and this does not mean that he does not realise when he is harsh ( Brookshields case), he is also very honest, so you can sit around your computers and write away and it will not even reduce his famous smile one inch.

    If it bothered him he would have given in to so many things by now. I like his philosophy of happiness, and I greatly admire him because he is principled and sticks to those principles ( I dont have to agree to all his principles), make stars bow under pressure but Tom does not, unless it is in line with his principles. And he is happy unlike many people in the US today and on this site in particular.

    Fancy you seem to have a passionate dislike for him, if you channeled all that energy to something positive, you would be a hell lot happier. You sound so bitter and jaded, I dont mean to be mean but sometimes your hatred scares for this guy scares me, are you Kidmans, sister, friend, relative ( Seroiusly am not being sarcastic or mean). Your sentiments are so personal, how old are you? are you married? single, divorced? Do you have any disabilities? I just want to know how you have so much person for some I presume you have never met! I imagine you and Nicki are the same, your sentiments sound a lot similar hatred for Tom and adoration for Brangelina.

    And just for the record, has it ever occurred to you that these two couples are not competing for media space and that Brad and Tom have been friends for sometime, even before this Katie relationship. Ease up girls!

  23. says

    Let me put it straight…Tom Cruise is now a freak of nature, Katie Holmes is brainwashed by him. They both give me the creeps. TC is now also fat and scruffy and KH is looking tired and realy tries too hard with that fake smile of hers.

  24. Jackie says

    The baby that I still can’t get over is Suri! How could Tomkat have such a beautiful child? I mean all children are beautiful but without Bias Suri has to take the cake, and she is so different from other babies too. For that I cut them some slack!

  25. Helen says

    Fancy, you can tell if men dies their hair by looking at the beard. check Tom’s beard in the VF article or at tom site, no gray hair. Brad dies his hair but I saw his beard in the Bable preimere and it was gray.

  26. Mean Girl says

    Hey TomKat fans check out your mans moobs on If Katie keeps shrinking and he keeps growing they’ll be trading bras soon.

  27. Girl with Cancer says

    I think they are nice people they haven’t done anything thing wrong or unusual this year except have a baby and get married I think the bashers need to leave them alone, they get enough crap as it is!

  28. Fancy says

    No gray hair in sight! No, not in sight! Helen you are more amusing than you know.
    p.s. my granny could say the same!

  29. Dani says

    Allow me to digress here for a sec.
    Last night at the San Francisco premiere Chris Gardner the real life man movie is based on said ” True happiness has nothing to do with movies or money”
    This man has an amazing story to tell. Go see it.
    Will Smith was totally cool as usual!

  30. Helen says

    This topic should have been about the Smith but since Tom and Katie are very popular with the crowds it has turn into their discussion. Lola nice post!!! Who really cares why Tom put on weight is it a crime to put on weight when you are an acor?!?!? Could be for a movie or not, when my husband and I fell in love he gained weight too because we were happy and comfortable with each other and didn’t need to look “perfect” all the time. Just another proof that he and Katie are happy together.
    I personally think its for a movie and the movie sounds like an oscar worthy film with great cast and usually in oscar worthy movies people change their body in some way. Tom is actually ageing very well he was named one of the ten never ageing actors last year in a magazine with the likes of Halle Berry. He has no gray hair in sight unlike Brad Pitt and George Cloony. The weight thing he will be back to top form as soon as the film is done.

  31. CJK says

    I agree…..Tom NEEDS a haircut! What, is he going through a midlife crisis. And, is it just me or does Katie look like a giant in the first pic of her and Tom?
    The Smith family looks gorgeous, as usual!

    P.S. What is with J.Lo and those baggy dresses?

  32. Shea says

    lola, “27 year old virginal bride who likes her man in whatever shape , size or form” LOL i dont think we call call katie “virginal “. tom c. is a fatty now, no matter what movie role he is going for. they DONT make a good couple, imo, and will prob be divorced within acouple years anyway so who cares.

  33. Fancy says

    Do I call him names? I think him names, fond endearments like Beelzabubba, and” he who zombifies young virgins for fun and profit”, but I’m pretty sure I never wrote them out loud.
    BTW this ain’t venting not even close, heck this is just FUN, and he ain’t innocent not even close he’s just a lazy gals’ fish in a barrel. . .

  34. Lola says

    Fancy#24, that made me laugh my insides out, seriously I think I have posted nicer things for Tomkat than you, am not looking for unanimous adoration, am trying to point out the obvious, that you bash this couple too much for some one who doesn’t like Tom and will never like him, when I don’t like any celebrity I rarely read their posts I don’t give them advice on what they should change about them selves or wear knowing that I would not like them any way even if they changed.

    Critcism is very fine, Tom’s hair is horrible, which is true, but calling him names……seems to me like venting out your lifes frustrations on an innocent person. Any way I don’t Think he reads this and even if he did, he is such a hard nut, he would probably laugh and go back to reading: L. Ron Hubbard’s secret theory of human suffering.

  35. Fancy says

    So what are you saying Lola, don’t post anything unless you have something nice to post? PULL-EASE
    girlfriend, go to a fan site if you want unanimous adoration. Or get me some of whatever Katie’s been
    taking. . .

  36. Lola says

    You see fancy #22, that is what I mean, since you have never liked him anyway, whats your problem then? Fat or fit, he doesnt mean anything to you, so why should he bother with you, look at his fans on this site, they like him any way and even if some suggest he cuts his hair or loses weight, they are not bashing him or calling him names, so I dont think he should do things to please a public which only roots for you if you are miserable.

    My two suggestions,( movie role and doesn’t give a fuck )are from the recent press and from what I can see and read from the pictures, I don’t pretend to know waht goes on in their bed room, since Katie says she has little sex experience may be she told him she wanted to sleep with a fat man (jokes).

    There is no telling peoples tastes, you will be surprised that there is a 27 year old virginal bride who likes her man in whatever shape , size or form. For all intents and purposes they seem happy, so let them be.

    I don’t think if Tom woke up one morning and said, I am divorcing Katie, people should use anti-depressants, am no longer scientologist etc etc, you fancy or carleigh or silly girl…and the Tomkat bashing crew (as I now call you) would become his fans, may be if he gets down with Angelina and adopted some African kids, run around with them, you would like him because then you would be sure a break up is in the works and he has miss imperfect herself! Or may be he should date Britney…ha ha ha.

  37. Fancy says

    So Lola I’m confused which is it? He’s porking up for a movie role or he doesn’t give a fig anymore what anyone thinks? Personally I don’t care if he turns into two ton Tom as I’ve always found him rather sexless and hard to take at the best of times. JMO and I’m welcome to it. I do wonder what 27 year old virginal bride wouldn’t want an over weight know it all husband who wears lifts, a girdle, and favors three piece suits. Can’t think of a one. . .lol.

  38. Litz says

    Of course Tom and katie are the cutest, despite his weight gain, they make a nice couple with Katie. I agree he should cut his hair and Lose the weight, but I agree with Lola#19, I don’t think pleasing the public is his first priority these days, but I hope after the movie role, he goes back to Tom the dude.

    There are better pictures on, Tom and Katie look really happy, webmistress please try to get the nice pictures next time. Thanks for these anyway

  39. Lola says

    Yeah Fancy #17 Barack and Edwards are not chubby but then again they are not as handsome as TC when he is leaner, just imagine Ethan Hawke as senator, besides, I think Tom nolonger cares that much about public opinion, definately from his recent behaviour it looks like he no longer gives an effing hoot.

    I think now that he has a girl of his dreams, a biological child and gorgeous adopted children never mind wealth beyond dreams, what more would he want? He is the head of UA studio and that is going to make him more than when he made as an actor, so I think he is through with this sex symbol thing and pleasing the public which will bash him any way.

    So I can imagine his new philosophy being…as long as Kakie still loves me WTF. He defiantely looks so much happier these days, I saw the rest of the pictures on and he looks really really happy and content.

    Though I will still hope that the weight is for the movie, he is good to look at and I would miss the sex symbol Tom.But I like happiness; so as long as he is happy, then let him put on as much kilos as he wants, notice that the people who are most concerned about his Kilos are his usual bashing crew,#17 fancy, carleigh meaow et al, soon silly girl will join in, so why please people who will hate you whatever you do, his usual fans like Kalista Brat, Jen et al are still with him.

    I will support him as long as he is happy, there is too much pressure on the stars in hollywood, right now Tom Cruise is the biggest star in Hollywood (fiortune magazine 2006) and I think having achieved that he has nothing more to prove to any body (especially his bashersand critics who will never love him any way) apart from to Katie. If she loves the three piece suits, the girdle, and the pudgy body, then so be it, she is his wife now and he owes his first priority to her.

    I hope webmistress you get the after wedding party pictures, it is today. I hope too we see Suri again, I like looking at her, she is my fave celebrity Baby. Actually she made me start sympathising with Tomkat and start seeing their side of the story.

  40. TamTam says

    It’s funny that you post the smallest pic of the film’s actual stars, yet post a HUGE photo of TomKat! That’s precious! I am also trying to figure out which couple is cutest…

  41. Fancy says

    !!! I know all about the movie. I guess I missed the part where casting specified a fatty for the role of senator. Not buying it. I don’t know about senators having to be portly, Barack Obama, and John Edwards havn’t joined the chubby hugs brigade and they’re the real deal. No, my vote’s with he’s just overeating, neurotically or otherwise.

  42. says

    I knew that Tom was friends with Will but where did J-lo and Marc come from? Victoria too? Anyways, I like Tomkat, pudgy and all LOL

  43. says

    I’m not convinced Tom has gained weight…if he’d stop wearing those stupid 3-piece suits and cut his hair we’d all think he’d lost 20 pounds. He’s just taking some really bad advice from someone. As for the Smiths, I seem to recall Tom and Katie onstage with them somewhere about a year ago…they’re friends. And I’m pretty sure the webmistress is referring to JLo and MA as the not so cute couple…he always looks so sickly and look at her dress!! They’ve totally dated themselves and look ridiculous.

  44. !!! says

    Fancy, I’m aware he is not those people but he is an actor. As an actor they do different roles. I know Tom hasn’t done anything but action since Magnolia and Vanilla Sky but now he is doing a drama like his movie A Few Good Men so he is going back to his routes to play a politican (us senator and I don’t think there is a US senator that looks like Tom did in M:I III).
    Here is the movie he is going to play. Great cast and sounds very promising.
    Lions for Lambs
    Tom Cruise’s next project will be “Lions for Lambs,” a drama that Robert Redford will direct and star in. Meryl Streep is also a part of the cast. The movie will be the first movie Cruise will make for United Artists after taking over the production studio with partner Paula Wagner.

    Written by Matthew Carnahan, the movie tells of three interconnected storylines: A congressman who interacts with a journalist, an idealistic professor who tries to inspire a privileged student, and a pair of American soldiers wounded in enemy territory. Cruise will play the congressman, Streep will play the journalist, and Redford will play the professor.

    Production is expected to begin early next year.

  45. Fancy says

    !! if you believe Tom Cruise gained weight on purpose to play a senator in a movie then I’m guessing you’re a very gullible girl. He’s not Robert DeNiro, and he’s not Russell Crowe. He’s a middle age guy who’s built a career in action movies who hasn’t realized yet that he can’t eat like he’s still his wifes age. No one looks good overweight and out of shape in a medium that adds weight and age to you anyway.

  46. Kalista Brat says

    Aww that is awesome the Tomkat’s were at The Pursuit of Happyness premiere? I’m going to see that movie!It looks pretty sweet and Will’s son is sooooo freaking cute, I think Connor kind of looked like him when he was little!

  47. Jen says

    I found this in another blog.

    I love this article in EW, Will Smith interview where he talks about Tom Cruise a little bit.,6115,1567607_1_0_,00.html

    ….The conversation has turned to his friendship and rivalry with Tom Cruise.

    ….”We never talk about competition,” says Smith, 38, who’s in town visiting with his wife’s family for Thanksgiving. ”But we mark ourselves off of each other. Movie stars are becoming extinct, and Tom and I are helping one another.”
    ….’His wedding was world news,” he continues, and seems poised to launch into the inevitable defense of Cruise’s privacy. ”I love that, but I’m jealous.”

    Wait a minute. Jealous?

    ”I am sooooo jealous of him right now!” Suddenly, Smith is roaring like a kid who just lost at Mario Kart. ”World news! Iraq and Tom. I’m like, Dude, you’re beating on me right now!”….
    ….”When I wake up every day, I want the world to be better because I woke up today.” And even though Smith hasn’t converted to Scientology — ”I’m riding with Jesus,” he says — he does cite Cruise as a role model. ”Tom Cruise wants the world to be better. He’s committed beyond his own safety, his own protection.”

  48. Jen says

    Kellymay, they always been friends. If you check War of the world, M:I III, I, Robo, Shark Tale premiers you will see Tom supporting Will or the other way around. People don’t know that because the paps were never that in to Tom’s life before Katie.

  49. !!! says

    Tom Cruise gained weight for his next movie to play a US senator its going to be directed by Robert Redford. The smith look so nice.

  50. says

    Carleigh I read that he gained weight before the wedding because of nervous eating habits!

    Very interesting how Tomkat has their own unique social group now?!? Where did that come from?

    I loved the Smith family!!! Jaden is so much like his Dad!

  51. says

    the pursuit is to die for I stillcant wrap my head arround the fact that its based on a true story.
    oh! Will and the son they look adoreble I must watch the movie.I know it the bom

  52. carleigh says

    Does anyone notice the buttons on TC’s vest are a bit bulgy??:P He has become a bit paunchy and pudgy in the past few months, I wonder if it’s got to do with the wedding, being dumped by his studio, the Suri controversies, his nose diving career or what? He used to be so buff about 2-3 yrs ago and now to see him looking puffy and stuffed into a three piece suit makes me long for the days of “Top Gun”. I know stars age but TC has really been doing a slow roll down hill in the past 2 yrs. He needs to get a personal trainer and cut his hair. Katie looks pretty, I love the Pinkett/Smith family they always looks classy, and as for JLo and MA she looks pretty as usual but her husband looks like an anorexic skeletor….creepy.

  53. Fancy says

    2 kids, there are several vesions of this out there:
    Inspired by her BFF, Leah Remini, Jennifer Lopez is turning to the doctrine’s of Scientology to become pregnant. JLo is getting sucked into the Church methodically. First she was befriended by Leah and she was one of the lucky few to attend the big TomKat wedding and now they are throwing promises of motherhood at her. Well, they performed an immaculate conception for Katie Holmes, they can surely do it for her.

  54. Dani says

    This site seems to be going a lot less baby and a lot more razzi. I can see these publicity greedy mugs on 100 other sites. Show me the babies!!!!

  55. 2kids2many says

    Hmm….I was wondering the same thing: Which couple does the Webmistress think is cuter? What a silly thing to say!

    Does anyone know the connection between these 2 couples? Or is Tom Cruise on a Scientology recruiting mission?

    By the way, Will & Jada Smith (and kids) always look so nice and tidy…Tom should take some lessons from them (and comb his hair)

  56. Meow! says

    The Pinkett-Smiths are a gorgeous family.
    One couple cuter than other??? Who would that be exactly? Time is pimp slapping Mr.Cruise big time. He’s got to stop dressing like the Monpoly Man, lose weight and GET A HAIRCUT! Katie looks unwell.
    And you know sometings up when JLo miss steps into 70’s cocktail waitress and Marc Antony looks healthy!


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