Gwen Stefani & Kingston In NYC

Gwen, 37, was snapped at the TRL show in NYC today with six-month-old Kingston.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

“I imagine having children will save me from my vanity and fill whatever fears I have.” (on easing up on her career to consider a family, in Rolling Stone)

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  1. carmel says

    no really my baby is cuter and I know no one was talking about my baby #36. I was just stating an obvious fact.

  2. says

    carmel noone was talking about your baby !
    and everybody thinks their own child is cute! its only natural!
    and i agree with cruzbeckhamfan and khads and nissa to!
    your all totally right!
    kingston is not ugly and hes not cute hes average!
    theres nothing bad about that

  3. seanprestonisCUTE! says

    hmmm reading all of this i totlally agree with
    *cryzbeckhamfan* and nissa and khads
    kingston is just average!

  4. cruzbeckhamfan says

    and ure totally right NISSA!

  5. Nisa says

    I love Kingston because he has an uncanny resemblance to his daddy , I love Suri because she is different she is not your average baby, she has that blow you away effect and her expressions are priceless.

    I think Shiloh is very pretty too-haven’t seen a lot of her-, I liked her smile in the shrouded picture and she looks like Brad, She will be a heart breaker that one.

    Sean P is sweet but there is something about him that suggests that he will not be very bright, with such parents, that is not suprising. Violet Affleck is another beauty, she will be a stunner.

    In all Suri Cruise is my favourite, she makes me want her for myself!

  6. cruzbeckhamfan says

    i totally agree with
    suri is going to be the next Miss Universe probably!
    which is why you’ll always find me gawping at her photos because coming to think of it tom isnt all that and katie is pretty but not like OH MY GOD FIT! and this little beautiful baby was born to them!!!!!!!!
    and going back to sean preston he IS ONE OF THE MOST CUTEST CELEBRITY BABIES I HAVE EVER COME ACROSS! hes a little munchkin!
    kingston is cute to don’t get me wrong but hes AVERAGE! (he does have lovely delicate hands tho!)

  7. khads says

    suri isnt cute SHES A VERY PRETTY BABY! ( which makes you want to see more and more photos of her!)
    cute = SEAN PRESTON
    Kingston is an average looking baby gwen puts cute clothes on him which would make any average looking baby LOOK SWEET!
    i’m a huge fan of gwens music tho shes ace!

  8. bla bla bla says

    she is gorgeous and so is that boy!! how refreshing to see someone in hollywood believe in themselves and their own sense of style and not their stylist!! as for kingston, celeb babe or not, he is fab!!

  9. carleigh says

    Gwen’s hair (sorry and I am a BIG Gwen fan here) but it looks like she stuck one of the “bugles” chips on top of her head. For those who don’t know “Bugles” are a snack corn chip shaped like little bugles. That’s what I see when I look at it! Sorry, I love her style and the way she puts it out there but I can’t see anyone other person but her wearing her hair like that and getting away with it. But, alas, it is Gwen were talking about. Kingston is sssssssooooo adorable you just wanna pinch his little cheeks and plant kisses on him! I love her and King is just such a beautiful little boy and she obviously loves him very, very much.

  10. Heather says

    Her hair is actually a retro style, (you could say it’s a little rockabilly, too). She didn’t create it but bless her heart for bringing it back, it rocks.

  11. MissyMama says

    My God NO! Kingston looks nothing like SPF. Sean has those huge droopy cheeks (which are adorable) but Kingston looks much “thinner”. Such a cutie!!!

  12. Reina says

    I looooooooooove little Kingston. He looks like his daddy’s twin! So cute. And whether you like Gwen or not, you have to respect her for actually putting her son before her career.

    She could be bald for all I care. She’s awesome.

  13. FYI... says

    #10- of course jeni doesn’t think Kingston is cute. I just found out that Jeni is Shea’s lesbian lover. She has no taste!

  14. Leah says

    of course Suri is cuter, she is different, I mean she is the cutest as far as babie go, but you have to admit Kingston will be a heart breaker, he is my next favourite after Suri Cruise.

  15. lala_brit says

    Gwen and Kingston are real trend setters. I love her hair she is immaculate and real hands on yummy mummy.

  16. says

    Gwen was the musical guest on SNL tonight, she had her cleo wig on then sported her roll for the end of the show! She is a great artist and certainly has a very unique style, she’s brilliant!

  17. Lucy says

    What the heck is that thing on her head? In the second picture she looks like a bad drag queen. Enough with the “i want to be different look.” I can’t stand this woman. UGHHHHH!

  18. says

    Ur Baby is SOO Cute. He looks like u. U do not look 37 like OMG I think you look like 25 like OMG. Im soo cool like that. Your music is so cool I love it Tell Kingston when he gets old he’s going to have girls swarming around him cause he’s so adorable and cute. We LOVE KINGSTON!!!!!!!!

  19. Jacquie says

    She seems to be an awesome roll models for other “celeb” Moms out there. But good for her, her baby is obviously VERY important to her.

  20. bethany says

    My gosh, Fancy, that was the most hilarious comment about the crisp apple strudel! Thanks for giving me a good laugh today! She is really pretty, I agree, and Kingston is just too cute. You can tell she really adores him.

  21. Carran says

    I love Gwen as a mom; she takes that boy with her everywhere! You can see just how much she loves him. It also helps that he is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen! I just wanna hug him! 🙂

  22. Nicki says

    Oh my.that second pic of him looking tired, he looks like ,and spelling will be off, Givovinni Rabesei (sounds like -Ra-bee-see, sorry about sp.) He is very cute in a strange, movie role way.
    But Kingston looks exactly like his Daddy, and he is lucky because his Daddy is very good looking.

  23. 2kids2many says

    Gwen has a style all of her own! She is unique and one of a kind! She has never been one to conform to the latest fashion trends. She is entertaining, a little quirkey and never takes herself too seriously. She is also proving that you can be in show business and still be a very hands-on mother! She rocks!!!

  24. Fancy says

    Well KellyMay she is on a whole yodely/von trapp
    tangent maybe it’s ‘crisp apple strudel’ lol. My theory is it makes her unmistakable and unique. Coming from the punk tradition as she does it makes sense to me that she’d favor far out hair. No one can say Gwen’s just one more L.A. blonde!
    Could that little guy look more like his Dad?
    Kingston totally rules! Maybe one day he and the Jolie-Pitt kids will start a band!

  25. Nicki says

    Her hair is an……………don’t know…… idea only unto itself?? KellyMay, a baked good is a good description of the design.
    Kingston is absouletly one of the most adorable lil boys I have seen in many years. One of the cutest (and prettiest boys) I’ve ever seen. He seems to be a small baby, but maybe in his toddler stage will get taller. The most Adorable Boy!!(Celeb wise of course). I just enjoy seeing pics of him, because I think he is sooooo cute.

  26. says

    Can someone please explain the hair? I’ve never seen anything like it other then a baked good?

    She’s so pretty but I just can;t get past that roll…

    Kingston surely can’t get any cuter!

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