Eddie Murphy Is Acting Like A Real Cad

Melanie Brown & Eddie Murphy

First let me say that I am not a huge fan of ex-Spice Girl Melanie Brown, but I also have nothing against her. I heard about the saga between her and Eddie Murphy this past week and found it so reprehensible that I didn’t want to even mention it. I felt the need to mention it finally after seeing this picture of Melanie with her seven-year-old daughter Phoenix Chi (by her ex-husband). For Eddie Murphy to so callously infer that Melanie’s unborn child is not his, is just classless. Think of the effect that this could have on Melanie’s young daughter. It just seems so unnecessary for him to take up with another woman and not even treat Melanie with any respect. In response to Eddie Murphy saying he’s not sure if he’s the father of Melanie’s unborn child, the former Spice Girl says she wants Eddie to face facts. “There is absolutely no question that Eddie is the father,” she said. Ugh…this guy should be a little more thoughtful. I remember when Steve Bing denied being the father of Elizabeth Hurley’s son, Damian. He insisted upon a paternity test, and lo and behold he was the father. These man are concerned with money above all else. They want to avoid any financial responsibility for these children.



  1. Shauna says

    From my understanding he had paid someone to follow her and they supposed to have took pictures of her cheating. So if that is the case then she deserve what she gets, but if that is a lie then he should do what he has to do for the baby. People should be careful if you sleep someone else and you end up pregnant then you should keep your mouth closed until you are sure of who fathered the baby.

  2. L.R. says

    Neither of them would not even have to be worried about this if they would have used some protection. Wow.

  3. Essie says

    Personally, I think Melanie is the skanky one!! Why would a woman with a young daughter sleep with someone she barely knows? How often has she done this? From what I’ve read in the past, Scary Spice has a pretty bad rep when it comes to sleeping around. I don’t blame Eddie Murphy for wanting to know if this brat is his or somebody elses. If it’s his then he’ll be required to pay for it’s upbringing; if it’s not his then Melanie will have to look for another sugar daddy. And, if it’s Eddie’s kid he won’t go broke paying for it. The man has plenty of money and Melanie can’t expect more than a few thousand a month in child support.

  4. carleigh says

    I remember the whole transexual prostitute and Murphy saying ” I just thought I was giving a woman a ride home”..yeah he wanted a “ride” but not in his automobile! Nasty! I don’t much care for Scarey Spice but to publicly come out and make comments as to allude to the “paternity” of the child was trashy, tacky, and tasteless of Eddie Murphy. This should have stayed private and he should have kept his bit mouth shut about his personal doubts. They will no doubt have a paternity test done when the time is appropriate. Remember years ago when Janice Dickinson proclaimed publicly that Sylvester Stallone was the father of her youngest daughter and then there was a DNA test done and she wound up with a BIG foot in her mouth! I think he is right to be cautious as they weren’t together that long but there are ways to handle it better. Then for Scarey Spice to come back and publicly counter his comments was ill thought on her part. Keep it quiet, remain mum and you will come out better in the end. It’s the child involved that is going to ultimately suffer the repercussions of two people with money, no class, and BIG MOUTHS!

  5. N says

    When you have sex outside of marriage normally people will tend to still get dna tests. Maybe he felt that Scary slept around. I dont think his comments were outrageous at all……. He could have said something meaner like….. ” F@#$ you…. you skank a#@ B… that kid aint mine until we get a DNA test”. NOW Thats harsh!

  6. Nina says

    I had no idea Eddie Murphy was this big of a scum bag. I hope his child never grows up to find out his father would deny him like that.

  7. Pika says

    …..I remember thinking that the last laugh was on Steve Bing when Damian turned out to look just like his dad.
    Maybe this’ll be the case with Eddie.

  8. lala_brit says

    My question is there are some nasty STD/STI’s out there (not saying that either has any) but why wasnt any of them using protection? just becasue they are famous? then another child wont be involved?. The people affected here are the 2 children in the middle of this………

  9. Cindy says

    KT, Its fun having different points of view and discussing them on here. I didnt think at all that you were picking on me.. It’d be pretty boring if we all thought the same..;) Personally..I think he dumped her as soo as she told him she was pregnant.. He’s out for a good time, nothing more.. To top it off I read an interview with his ex wife where she said he is very different of camera..very quiet, didnt want to go out.. Boring in her words.. But after than transexual thing I had read a few years ago I tihnk maybe he was pouring his energy into extracurricilar activities…..

  10. Jacquie says

    He is a DOG!! I feel bad for Mel how embarassing for her and her DD. Did not know he had 7 kids wow! I guess that’s what the all mighty $$$ can do to you.

  11. says

    It’s too bad that things like this won’t damage the careers of losers like Eddie Murphy. People will forget about this after the baby’s born and Eddie will be off making more movies. What a pig.

  12. KT says

    There are women who get pregnant for the “paycheck”, Cindy. I hope you didn’t think I was picking on you :p Sorry. I just have doubt it is in this case. Eddie is dating Babyface’s ex-wife Tracy Edmonds, I think that is her name. I read Mel found out from a friend that she was dumped and Eddie was dating someone else, so it really sleazy of him.

  13. Cindy says

    You’re right, it does take 2 and if he was stupid enough not to use protection then what he gets is the possibility of a baby or some nasty incurable disease.. By no means am I defending him. But.. there are many many women out there who try and get pregnant on purpose for money.. Look at the basketbal players, the football players..Many have different kids with many different women.. Not mistakes on the woman’s part but done on purpose . The child is a source of income.. So wrong, and the victim is the child. No one else. So far as Their breaking up I heard a few weeks ago and he was photographed with the new woman he’s seeing(whose name escapes me) .Myabe he dumped spice as soon as she told him the news? Its all very sleazy.

  14. KT says

    Cindy it takes 2 to have sex. If he was so concerned with not getting her pregnant then maybe HE should have taken more precautions. I mean he has 7 children so he knows what can happen. Why is it always the womans fault??? We need to stick up for each other. I also think Melanie has $. The Spice girls made a lot of money in their day, so I doubt it for the $$ in the first place. Eddie should be ashamed of himself!

  15. amy says

    He’s a pig.Someday that child will be grown up enough to google dad’s name, and all of these articles will come up. Last laugh will be on him then.

  16. says

    Eddie Murphy already has 7 children, 2 of whom he refuses to have anything to do with. His second and third child were born within months of each other, by two different moms. Why is anyone surprized by his actions now?

  17. CJK says

    I read that she didn’t even know that he was seeing someone else until the media stepped up their coverage on her because of his interview with the Dutch talkshow!
    Please excuse my language, but what an ass!

  18. Cindy says

    I agree with most of what was said..But none of us know the details.. Spice wasnt with him very long, but obviously just long enough.. I wonder if she got pregnant on purpose.. She has not much of a career wheras he is a superstar.. It wouldnt be the first time somebody trapped someone into parenthood … He’ll be on the hook for 18-21 years of child support, she’ll never have to worry about working..Motivation? Dreamgirls is sure to be a hit for him and he is always in demand.. Plenty of money for her to live off.

  19. Flower says

    Eddie Murphy is a coward a dog and an egostictic fool! Not to mention, money grubbing PIG!! He tried to give his ex-wife Nicole Mitchell a hard time about money (this after she bore him 5 kids), but she hinted to the fact tht he was arrested with a transexual prostitute being brought up in court and he backed off. It would serve hi right if he has to pay Melanie a lot of money, Nicole gets most of it and he loses the little he has left.

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