Diana Krall & Elvis Costello Welcome Twin Boys!

David Costello

Singers Diana Krall and Elvis Costello welcomed twins on December 6th.

Boys Dexter Henry Lorcan and Frank Harlan James were born in New York City, according to a rep for the couple, who adds, “Mother and sons are doing splendidly.”

Diana and Elvis said in a statement, “We are ecstatic!”

The babies are something of a third-anniversary gift for Diana, 42, and Elvis, 52, who wed in London on December 5th, 2003.

In September, Diana said she’s genetically disposed to a double delivery: “I have twins on my mother’s side as well.”

Diana said then that she wouldn’t dress her kids up in matching outfits: “Nah,” she said with a laugh, “I won’t be doing that.”




  1. Kamineko says

    Congrats Elvis and Diana! I LOVE the both of you so very much! Two little blessings for two wonderful and talented musicians; that house will be rockin’ with music from all those “talent genes” they passed on!
    Dexter and Frank…hmmm, could the boys be named after jazz greats Dexter Gordon and Frank Sinatra? Sounds plausible to me.
    At least they didn’t stick them with brain damaged names like “Moxie Crimefighter or “Pilot Inspektor”! Penn Gillette and Jason Lee should have their heads examined!

  2. Paul Brown says

    There is a 79 year old man that is mad at elvis. Cause he is a lucky man. And he is in love with her.
    Good Luck to you family.

  3. nikki says

    i have no idea who they are but CONGRATES!!!!!!
    umm Frank is a cute name but Dexter so…..interesting ….. i would have never thought of nameing a kid dexter!!!! its a coolly cute name:P:)

  4. Fancy says

    Congradulations to them both!
    I don’t know her work ver well but Mr. C’s has been on my desert island short list forever. Couldn’t happen to a nicer or more talented couple!

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