Brangelina With Maddox & Zahara

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Such a beautiful pic! Angelina surprised Brad with a trip to Fallingwater. Fallingwater is Frank Lloyd Wright’s legendary estate in Pennsylvania.


  1. kelly says

    i cannot beleive she said that about shilou she should feel blessed to have a bio child. just think of all the woman that cannot bear a child. i quess she is spoiled and rich that she can do or say anything…. don’t worry brad will make sure you don’t ignore her. when she get’s bored she will go adopt again. she get’s bored fast. she is a nut. brad need’s to dump the ungreatfullb—h. she makes me sick. she need’s attention. brad go back to jen, she want’s a family . she will give you more bio children, and jen is a nicer person. angelina only think’s of herself. maybe she is a blob……

  2. Gigi says

    I think Brad, Angelina and their family should be an inspiration to others. Despite how the union started–I know I liked Jen Anniston too–I think Angelina has shown the world what a person should be. She is not only given large amounts of money to the needy, but also gives her time. She has very strong feelings about her cause—how many people do you know adopt children of different races, devote their time to the needy and to their own family. So those of you who like to criticize—TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT YOURSELF!!!!

  3. Nikki says

    actually Anne,
    in another news paper she said she was absolutly in love and crazzy about Brad ,
    and in life & style she said she would do anything to make Brad happy and now Jen wants to meet with brad and Shiloh!

  4. mama says

    Brad is in love with Angelina. Accept that all of you. Whether it’s for the long haul or not this is the status quo. Shiloh is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen( even if only in picrures). She is not in the pictures that paparazzis take because these are stolen shots. But the ones authorized always include her so please do not make a big deal of not seeing much of her.

  5. dark faith says

    bitter nasty people in this site make eny excuses not
    not to accept the happines of others shiloh is beautiful
    sury is only pretty does not look the same now her pictures
    were retuoched for vanity fair

  6. comment says

    Long haul. Let’s wait and see. Only time will tell. And I’ll be the first to say “Nicki, I told ya so!!” Oh, I wonder if Maddox called Billy Bob daddy?

  7. Nicki says

    I think Angelina said she would welcome a “sit-down” with Jen is because she has nothing to hide. She said she knew Brad and Jen were best friends. Sounds like what Brad had been saying since 2003, an arrangement, and we will see how it goes.
    She never said she wanted to talk to Jen, she said she would welcome it. To me that shows she has nothing to hide. Brad is so far over Jen, but I think he still cares for her, they were married, and Angelina is comfortable with that, remember she is still friends with her ex’s, and Brad is friendly to them also (BBT is going to be in a movie Brad is producing.)
    Brad and Angelina look like they are happy and in it for the long haul.

  8. Dani says

    Well put Diva, very well put.
    Joelly, I brought up Madge as an example of another
    very wealthy entertainer who supports charities but also spends significantly on her own lavish lifestyle.
    In other words don’t single out this couple for censure and stay silent on the many in a similar posistion who do the same. Thanks for your sincere efforts to educate me but think post grad and life have done the/ are doing the trick. Angie has never held herself up as a saint. Plenty of others have done that for her.
    As far as personal giving the question I asked was do you give 10% ? Very few do. It’s all a matter of context.
    Your $10. might be like B&A’s $1mil. So would you say
    you are giving at a rate that allows you to criticize?

  9. Anne says

    Whatever Angelina says, she should not have opened up about her relationship with Brad. It now looks like she did hasten the demise of the marriage, in her article, she admits that Brad and Aniston were best friends, I think her desire to talk to Jen stems from the fact that she has realised that whatever happened, Brad is not over Jen and regrets that the whole Brangelina thing hurts Jen. I don’t believe these two have any feelings for each other any more and it is all for the kids, however I now find Brad and Angelina very selfish people who deserve each other, all their good deeds have been undone by her admissions.

    And what is with her wanting to talk to Jen? To say what? All your good works Angelina have gone to waste, Karma is going to get you two, you will never get away with your actions. I can’t stand them any more, I am disgusted by the whole thing I am starting to symphasise with Aniston. Every dog has its day Brad and AJ watch out, your day is near!

  10. Diva says

    They’re beautiful people, inside and out.

    You all may be beyond reproach, but I for one am glad my past isn’t common knowledge to you people. I would never have been allowed to grow and move past things you holier-than-Thou people didn’t approve of. People DO things as they’re growing up, ALL of you did, the extreme only dictated by your surroundings and influences. Let the woman grow the way you were all afforded the luxury of doing for crying out loud.

    By the way, joelly, both Brad and Angelina donate SIGNIFICANT amounts of money. She was just recently in the news because of the $3 MILLION she donated to an environmental group in Cambodia who she didn’t feel was holding up their end of the deal.

    The self-righteousness of so many of you on here astounds me.

  11. joelly says

    Dani, sorry Nikki.

    I give what I can afford to local charities. I don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars and am not leading people to believe that I am some kind of saint.

    Why would I bring up Madonna on a Babyrazzi Blog for Jolie?

  12. joelly says

    I think it’s interesting also how Brad tries to morph into the male image of his female counterparts and lately, Angelina just seems and looks needy…..I guess I prefered her as a strong independent woman.

  13. Dani says

    Joelly that was me not Nicki. And if money spent is really your point go hound Madge. She just paraded around London in a $70.000. chinchilla coat, (the same she spent to adopt David Banda?). At least B&A aren’t slaughtering small animals but are supporting the arts.
    It’s a slippery slpoe this saying how people should and should’t spend their money. Do you give 10% to charity?

  14. Nicki says

    88. joelly – It’s Nicki. And I didn’t say anything about her taste in artwork. That was #85. Dani .

  15. Paula says

    Jackie, after reading that one it does sound like they formed a partnership just for the kids. Makes me think more and more that they are really just friends raising children. As far as AJ meeting with Jennifer, I don’t think they have anything to talk about. What would they talk about? I think AJ would like to talk to Jennifer if ease her consience a little. It won’t be long before they seperate and they will raise the kids just like all divorced people do. Seperately. As far as them not getting married until all people can be married. That doesn’t make sense to me. Sounds like an excuse to me.

  16. joelly says

    #81 – in repsonse to Nikki.

    Her taste in artwork doesn’t bother me so much as the amount of money spent, if she is so concerned about underdeveloped countries and children dying because their families cannot afford health care…….. DONATE!! Adopting and saving one or two children out of millions is good enough to make her out to be some kind of savior?

  17. Jackie says

    Paula I totally agree with you, but I had sensed that after the birth of Shiloh, that, this was no grand love affair, you can even see Angelina mentally preparing herself for the end of the relationship by saying they are legally bound to the children and she is committed to life. There is this article in people magazine that has left me feeling sad for these two;,26334,1568871,00.html.

    I think Angelina is kind but her past will forever haunt her, I believe she with the kids for the long haul but Brad is the wrong partner, I wish her well in her efforts. That people magazine story is the most unromantic story I have ever read, it sounds like two sad people who got together for a nobel reason, I mean because Maddox called Brad Daddy!!!

    The thing is that maybe they should have waited longer to get togather after Brads break up, I don’t think he healed completely (according to Angelina he seems to have loved Jen) and now Agelina bears the burden. And then there all these people against the relationship, negative energy is not good for your Karma! SAD SAD SAD!

  18. Dani says

    Con Angie so far: was a pervy toddler, time in mental hospital, likes brother too much, has non vanilla sex,
    falls in love w/wrong person,ie. married, too many tattoos, has had (Gasp!) sex w/women, trys to do humanitarian work,(is just showing off) and the latest:
    Joelly just cause she’s not stocking up on Thomas Kincaid don’t think you’re in posistion to slag on her art choices. Happen to know B&A huge fans of one of my own faves BANKSY, who may well have done the piece you mention. BANKSY is the bomb so stick to what you know and you’ll look alot smarter!

  19. Jackie says

    Nicki, thanks for the link, the family did not look really over the moon, Zahara I say looked the best of all of them and of course Bradlooks cool. Shiloh is no Suri, but she is kinda cute with her Mommy’s lips!

  20. Nicki says

    Just curious joelly, do you find it your need to tell everyone what they should spend thier money on, or just the Jolie-Pitt family?

  21. joelly says

    I just saw on the “Fabulous life of…..” that the “great” humanitarian Angelina Jolie has purchased some very sadistic types of artwork in the past including a statue of a man with a bullet in his head for which she paid $75,000 and some other piece for $225, 000. Maybe she could donate these items to the orphanages she visits to show how deeply she really cares?

  22. Nicki says

    Nisa, in all the research you have done, you couldn’t provide one link. I would love to know if they were actual interviews with her. I do know after BBT she had not self mutilated, had not had a bisexual affair she said this all happened before Maddox. And her girl thing was once, over like 10 years ago.
    Well if you could find all this stuff out, don’t you think Brad could? Please if you can a link or two, I’m curious.

  23. carleigh says

    I found some very nice pic’s of Brad and Angie but at first I wasn’t sure it was Angie. I thought at first glance Brad was doing film promo work with Jennifer Lopez…I don’t know if anyone else will see that at first glance but I am not used to seeing Angie dressed up in sparkly stuff since she’s been off doing charity work and filming it’s been awhile since she got glamed up:

    Either way they look amazing and happy! Eat your hearts out haters!

  24. Nisa says

    Nicki, I found that interview while I was researching for an article am writing on Billy Bob, may be she may want to change, but that is so much her character and they are several other interviews am reading that she gave, I become more intrigued by the relationship she has with Brad, I may do some personal research on it, in all the interviews pre- Brad, she is so honest about her sexual life it is scary, she even admitted in one interview that she had sexual problems at the age of 4-(four) and her mum had to take her for professional help.

    I would like to believe that she has changed, but that seems to be so her, that her life now seems to be a lie, don’t get me wrong, I think she is a very kind generous person with a huge huge heart, very good mother, and very honest, but am now getting a feeling that she is a jekyll and hyde of sorts , she has two sides to her, which are both her nature.

    I am wondering how Brad handles this wild side of hers, he doesn’t seem the perverted sort, I think it will be the cause of any woes in their relationship.

    On a sad note, I will be the first to confess that they look more and more unhappy with each picture, Angelina seems to be taking more of the strain, i have seen footage of her pre- Brad, she was such a vivacious woman happy all the time, may be it is the strain of three infants and too much work.

    Brad on the other hand seems o.k though out of his element, he seems to be losing his sense of identity and now can only be identified with Angelina as Brangelina, he doesn’t seem to have a life outside brangelina or any friends, it is like Angelina is weaning him off every one, she is kind of a loner in hollywood and doesn’t have many friends, she seems to be building a ‘us against the world relationship with Brad, I hope it doesn’t get to Bennifer 1level.

    Your right, after Maddox, I haven’t found a lot of sexual admissions form Angelina, but then again she was single at the time, because this is when she separated from BBT. But am still not sure she can leave a character that has been part of her for over 28 years, even after BBT she admitted she was a very sexual, bisexual, self mutilating person and that she was a member of a sex den (I will try and get this interview for you).

    That is why am watching Brangelina closely, I wish I was a fly on the wall in their house. They really intrigue me. I wonder if Brad knew about this side of her!!!!!!

    Sorry for the long post!!

  25. Nicki says

    I’m pretty sure she has changed Nisa. If you have looked at ANY other interview since she has adopted Maddox, you can CLEARLY see that. But I guess anything that she has said in the last 6 years is off limits, we should just bring up OLD stuff, (7-8 yr old crap, and some I’ve seen mentioned is 10 yrs old.) And the crap your pushing is at least 7 years old. So sad.

  26. carleigh says

    Angelina looks stunning in white! The kids are beautiful and Brad is still hot! I love this family!

  27. Mercy says

    Morena, Thanks for writing what I have been trying to tell everyone about this couple. You hit the nail on the head. Thanks!!!

  28. Diana says

    I realise that Angelina may have made lots of mistakes in the past, but I wish them all the best as a family. We all make mistakes and yes some worse than others but the fact that she is giving those children the chance of life, and a better life than they would ever have had without Brad and Angelina is something that none of us can judge them for. May God bless them and watch over them.

  29. Lolitha says

    would have loved to hear what Brad was saying to Ang to make a smile so lovingly Mad and Zee r such lucky kids

  30. Lolitha says

    beautiful i love Ang’s trench coat and Zahara looks so cute, guaranteed to be a stunner the guys also look good Dan and Maddox kinda coordinated their outfits.all the Best and if you decide to Marry in South Africa we will be sure to welcome you with open arms in our lovely country.

  31. says

    Dani, I suppose the reception to Angelina I am referring to is the kind she’s getting from people on this very site who think she’s a bit sick in the bedroom. Otherwise, I think what she and Brad do for the world is amazing, reputable work. Maybe she’s past that dark side in her life, and for the sake of her kids I really hope she is. If not, then I guess we’ve all learned a little more about what Brad’s into!! I suppose I should correct myself in my reference to Britney: Angelina did and said some pretty nasty public things in her past but has done a complete 180 publicly since her kids were born. Britney contiues to do nasty things after the birth of her kids which makes her pure trash. I do think AJ is amazing for what she’s doing and it’s unfortunate so many of you have to bring her kids’ futures into this. She’s a good mom with a bad past, unfortunately.

  32. Cindy says

    #61.. Would you please leave your cursing to your own house and not put it out here? Theres no cause for that. People here are entitled to have a different opinion and voice it.

  33. mair says

    Here’s’ a mother of 4’s answer to “where is Shiloh”?…SHE IS TOO YOUNG TO BE TAKEN EVERYWHERE IN PUBLIC.
    If you come in here to bash celebraties, PLEASE…spare comments on their innocent babies and children.
    Thank you.

  34. Jackie says

    Of course Shiloh cannot miss the nasty traits in her parents, I mean she has their genes. Nicki, the beauty about life is that we are all still alive and we will see how far this relationship goes.

    Angelina was more suited to BBT who understood and shared her perversions, they were so in tune that I don’t think Brad can compete, atleast I can’t see him doing knives, I think in the beginning Angelina could not wait to teach him all the tricks but he has been less forthcoming and it is putting a strain on their relationship. Angelina is too passionate about her crazy sex, knives, three somes, body mutilations, lesbian sex, cigarrette burns, incest etc to give it all up forever and unless Brad comes on board, the relationship is doomed!.

    I think she has two sides to her, she is very kind but sexually perverted. And yes she went to a mental institution for 4 days before her marriage to BBT.

    I can’t understand why BAMZS lovers are hardpressed to deny things that she admitted over and over again for years, she is a very honest person, so don’t make a liar out of her. I still say the relationship was doomed from the start and by 8th July 2007, they will go separate ways. KARMA

  35. star says

    #30 shut the fuck up. you wish shiloh was your daughter. so you could brag about how beautiful she is.

  36. Chrisily says

    Angelina was gross and I won’t be surprised if Shiloh becomes a lesbian or bisexual when she grows up.No only does Angelina have a sexual perversion in her past but Brad Pitt used to worker as a driver for an escort company and had sex with some of the woman! It’s like what the psychologist on the Oprah show said this one time.She said mothers pass this wound on to their children.I think that Shiloh is going to grow up to be a bit sick because of her parents.

  37. Nicki says

    * And to the fool that said she admitted to sex with her brother- You need major help. She NEVER said that and if that is your sick fantasy, PLEASE keep it to yourself. You
    obsiously want to know all about her, but prentend to hate her, weird.

  38. Nicki says

    45. Dani~ :lol:~ I can bet my life savings Team A……will not respond! And if she does it will be a stupid remark .
    That was totally absouletly the best!!!
    I totally don’t believe it, but it is a funny dis from people around the world, about what they think of Jen. All I can say is “Jen, Karma.” Good luck to her.

  39. Nicki says

    *Barbara, sorry. Thats why they will be applauded by her, because MOST people love them and the wonderful things they do! Go BAMZS.

  40. Nicki says

    Barba Walters is having them on 20/20 for being one of the top 10 of 2006. Most people admire the work they are doing and the loving family that they are. One Question: How can that be a bad thing?? It’s not. If you don’t like them, then be smart and don’t post on thier thread.
    It only makes the people who hate them look even more ridiculios. Screaming at a picture is useless. They are here for the long haul. Get use to it. Like it or not!

  41. Dani says

    Honey, what reception is that? As far as I can tell most people appreciate her humanitarian efforts and think the Jolie- Pitts are a beautiful family. Yes there are some uptight churchy types who think she’s going to hell but then again according to those people everyone interesting is going to hell.
    I prefer her honesty to the things I’m sure you don’t know that go on in other celebs lives which they lie about on a daily basis.

  42. says

    You know, Dani, it’s not that I’m willing to believe the absolute worst rumor out there over any other, it’s just what I heard! As far as Angelina’s sicko sex life, sure, to each his own, but to go ahead and reveal it for the entire world to see is kind of disturbing. And THAT’s why she gets the reception she does from everyone. It’s actually the same thing Britney Spears is doing now that she will live to regret once her kids are older and see what her behavior was like. You can’t erase the past, my friend! And when you’re so immature and attention-hungry, like AJ was and like BS is, you do stupid things we’ll never get past.

  43. Fanny says

    I still don’t understand why the “family” photos never include Shiloh. Why can they show everyone the adopted kids, but not her. Are the adopted kids the cover? Why bandy them about.

  44. morena says

    oh ya for those jennifer lovers, move on some time even you all have to admit that we all have to get a life and understand that brad fell in love and wanted more in life and then just fame . and he found some one who more to her then , hi dollar purses and what people think of her , not that he didnt can for her, but a caring unselfish person is a lot more atractive then you would think , and im sure he couldnt help but un cover his eye and see what real bueaty is, its not about just some one who pampers her self , but puts others infront of even her self. im sure that is what made him fall for her not that he wanted to hurt her , but hell if its not making you happy some times you have to do whats right for you and we all know some times men have a hard time doing the braking up . but im sure she some where felt that its not really what i want, im not full of peaces and cream in this more of oh shit, i hope this doesnt make me any less.

  45. morena says

    i am a mom of 5 im sure that they have fallen into the it is a hard age for them to take all of them and they may just want this time and outing to do things with the other two so that they will feel just as loved and im sure that this gives them quality time with the other two they are amazing , with the kids from what i can tell and if that is what they are doing there doing the right thing. because they need to know that its not all about just the new baby, that they to are loved, and im sure that when they are with the baby at home or where ever they give her a lot of attention so this is a way to give them there time with out making them have to share all of the time with babies and believe me little babies need so it can make other children in the family feel that they are loosing out so i say that just good parenting to leave baby home safe but close by and spend good time with older children .

  46. Paula says

    Ok. Somebody explain to me how they do that without really having sex. And, I’ve never seen Jennifer in a movie like this. Do you think Brad left Jennifer because she wasn’t like this? Maybe AJ fulfills all his fantasies. But, from some of the stuff I’ve read it’s pretty scary!!

  47. Cindy says

    Wow!! Mark! I never knew all this stuff before!! Pretty wierd ..if its all true. I’m speechless to say anything more!!


  48. Ellen says

    Maybe it is easier for two people to handle only two children out in public instead of three if there are only two adults. Especially if one is a toddler that often needs to be carried. Maybe as Shiloh gets older and bigger and Zahara is also older, bigger and more surefooted when walking alone we will see all three. I hated the whole stroller thing myself and they may also.

  49. Dani says

    Lola, I always imagined he fell for her hard because she is fearless and goes for it no holds barred. She fell for him because he’s unneurotic,(BillyBob is a TRIP), and a stable guy. She is very honest,in the past perhaps too much so on the record. So now the dust is settling living life with 3 little ones and two very public careers and humanitarian work AND a beloved mother who is very sick cannot be easy even for them with all their resources. I don’t think anyones getting used. They are trying to make a meaningful life together & sometimes it’s easy to forget to have fun.

  50. Lola says

    Dani I don’t believe the worst of her, I just can’t forget her true character before all this hullabaloo, the interviews are still available on several sites, her bizarre sexual life seems to be a part of her from all the interviews that I worry for those Children.

    The other thing is that you can’t force happiness, they are not happy in most of their last pictures and TV appearances and you can’t tell me that it is a public stunt. It is a young relationship they are supposed to be over the moon!!! Angelina looks strained, this is the unhappiest I have seen her, look up her pictures before 2005 and you will see what I mean, she was one of those people who were always very cheerful.

    Of these two I don’t know who is using who! Though I wish them well in their endevours.

  51. Litz says

    Mel, the answer is simple, shiloh is not part of their media campaing of ” Look at us, we are very good people we adopt homeless children and build houses for the poor we also donate a lot of money to the poor people and if you are forgetting this, hey look at what am holding im my hands, Zahara.

    I think Angelina is genuine, but Brad is in it partly because he wanted an already made family and partly because it would give him good publicity after the divorce where he came out looking like a cad. Shiloh’s role was for Angelina to trap Brad, I think she thought Brad would leave once he gets bored she could not be sure so Shiloh was made, and ofcourse for the publicity!.

    If they moved around with Shiloh, the novelty would wear off after sometime and they would look like any other family and kill the philathropist image. suddenly every one would be more interested in Shiloh not Z and Maddox who are the trophies here.

  52. Dani says

    You know just because the two of them aren’t grinning maniacally at each other and everyone around them everytime they’re out together like some other couples on this site doesn’t mean they’re not happy.
    Theres being happy and then there’s acting happy or some bizarro version of what happy people should act like.
    Lola, Honey, etc why are you willing to believe the worst/whatever you read about these two but not other celebs on here?

  53. Mel says

    How come I can never find any pics of the new baby. And how come they never have her in any of their other pics when they are out? If someone can tell me let me know. I don’t believe she exists.

  54. Meow! says

    Mark, just a guess but I’ll bet if Angie met you the feeling whould be strongly mutual. I agree w/ the posts spelling it out: what you like or don’t like sexually is no
    indicator of your aptitude as a parent. Consensual acts between adults are just that. Remember, some one somewhere probably thinks that YOU are a little kinky boots too!

  55. Lola says

    Jenna #36, no one has said Angelina is a bad parent, but I agree is that Shiloh is going to adopt her sexual perversions and believe me I think she has the strangest sexual behaviour in hollywood- just google Angelina and sex, I wonder if Brad satifies these perversions, read this quote;

    “I got knives out and had a night where we attacked each other … it felt so primitive and it felt so honest … and then I had to deal with, you know, not telling my mother, hiding things, wearing gauze bandages to high school,” she said in an interview.

    Perversion seems an intergral part of her life: she has had a stint in a mental institution for sexual perversion and yes she has had an incestious relationship with her brother James Haven according to US weekly magazine.

    She would not be the first choice for my Baby Mamma either. She is a good and kind person but she is also sick and wierd and I wonder how Brad deals with that side of her, I never knew he was perverted as well.

    I just hope she does not sleep with Maddox and Zahara when they grow up and she reverts to her true self.

    Good luck to them and their babies, but they should look happier, A PICTURE SAYS A LOT!.

  56. Jenna says

    This is going way too far, Angelina’s bedroom habits have absolutely nothing to do with her parenting skills. None of you people know her so none of you have the right to judge her. And furthermore, she has always DENIED having a sexual relationship with her brother, all she said was that she is in love with him.

    Angelina is beautiful, rich and a talented actress. She has three adorable children and a gorgeous boyfriend. She is a UN Goodwill Ambassador, she visits orphanages and refugee camps all over the world to help people out of the kindness of her heart. She gives untold millions to charity, simply because she wants to help. What is bad about this woman? Are you sure you’re not just jealous?

  57. MARK says

    #33 Angie, Angelina has confessed to all these wierd sexual habits, just google her and read all the stories and if you are still not convinced, go to you tube and watch a video of her confessing to a sexual realtionship with her brother, needing sex therapy at in kindergaten and becoming sexually active at the age of 7.

    In another interview also on that site, she confesses to liking bloody sex with knives, enjoying lesbian sex and deflowering most boys in college(I was surprised she went to college). She also had a vial of Billy Bobs blood in her neck, I wonder how she got that blood in the first place.

    I am still wondering what in the world possessed Brad Pitt to make such a woman the mother of his child, may be he was desperate at the time, but Britney or Lohan even Paris Hilton would have been a better choice. Angelina will always be dirty and soiled, she is the poster woman for women who should not bear your children, I am sure Shiloh will be the Paris hilton of their generation, I can’t see how her mother’s perversions can skip her.

    Brad should have adopted kids with Angelina because these would not bear her genes but having a child with her with such a sick and perverted genetic make up is such a huge mistake on his part. One day he will Shiloh will stop talking to him, and then he will nolonger have a child after all the sacrifice.

    Angelina may be kind and generous but I would not have children with her in a million years, she scares the hell out of me.

  58. says

    yeahh where the hell is shiloh, when mad or zahara where babies, they were photographed many times, and shiloh only a few

  59. Angie says

    Um,Debbie, what exactly does someones’ rumored bedroom habits have to do with how they are as a parent? Your statements about tying Brad up sounds like maybe your fantasy perhaps? What you said was just inane. And kinda gross too.

  60. Debbie says

    I feel sorry for Shiloh, her mom is a nasty bitch who is into freaky sex with other women and used knives in her trysts, it’s the only way she gets off! I bet she ties Brad up to her fourpost bed and covers his eyes with a black hood like if she was gonna perform a sacrifice to satan! The last good picture I saw of Shiloh, she looked unhappy and I rarely see any of their kids ever smiling! I feel like Jennifer Aniston was a more wholesome girl who is more sane than Angelina!

  61. says

    I heard the other day that Angelina is witholding sex from Brad until he quits smoking, but little does he know she’s lighting up on sets all the time! Who knows the truth about these two. Their choice of attire for their kids versus their own is a bit questionable. But then again, it was likely some nanny getting them ready, who hadn’t been informed as to which continent they were heading that day.

  62. Jeni says

    Where the fuck is Shiloh! Does she even exist? Maybe she’s too ugly and her lips exploded and now she looks hideous that they are afraid her pictures will be shown!

  63. nikki says

    Ok team Aniston stop bashing Angelina just because Brad left Jen ok we were all sad 4 jen but it is like 2 yrs old and Brad has a daughter ….and like what did Jen rank #50??
    don`t think so!!!
    Get a life i hear there half price at wal-mart 🙂

  64. markis says

    What an adorable family. Angelina & Brad are so gorgoeus together. I hope they do another movie together. Maddox & Zahara are getting bigger & adorable as well. WOW a perfect family pciture. Brangelina ignored all the negative remakrs because these guys are Jealous, Ugly, Fat & Lonely and had no goodlooking children like you. BEST WISHES TO YOU BRAD & ANGELINA.. Wish you a long & loving relationship. I LOVE YOU !!

  65. says

    ANGELINA AVOIDABLE…according to recent polls!!!!
    LMAO, it was on TV last night,
    Angelina ranked #2 on the top 50 actors, that people will AVOID SEEING ANY MOVIE THEY MAKE!!!! LMAO.
    #2 finally a rank that she deserves!!!!
    Sad to report Tom Cruise was #1 and Mel Gibson was #3. HA HA HA, I personally like Mel, and what the hell does that tell you, after what he allegedly did, PEOPLE STILL LIKE HIM MORE THAT Skankalina!!!!!!
    That made my day!

    Why does this site falter sometimes and you have to copy things twice?? Drives me.

  66. says

    ANGELINA AVOIDABLE…according to recent polls!!!!
    LMAO, it was on TV last night,
    Angelina ranked #2 on the top 50 actors, that people will AVOID SEEING ANY MOVIE THEY MAKE!!!! LMAO.
    #2 finally a rank that she deserves!!!!
    Sad to report Tom Cruise was #1 and Mel Gibson was #3. HA HA HA, I personally like Mel, and what the hell does that tell you, after what he allegedly did, PEOPLE STILL LIKE HIM MORE THAT Skankalina!!!!!!
    That made my day!

  67. NO NAME says

    Cute, cute, cute pic. However, I’m not feeling Brad’s bedhead. But soooooo thrilled to see Angie wearing WHITE! Doesn’t make her look all flushed out like black does. Baby Z is getting really big and sooooo adorable. M actually looks somewhat happy; that’s a nice surprise. Loved the pic. of them taken at Fallingwater. Just wished they could have been a lil’ more snuggly but at least there was some body contact. LOL! Not their biggest fan in the world, but I do wish them well and HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!

  68. Linda says

    Maybe we don’t see shilo a lot.. because she gets all of the attention& they don’t want their adopted kids to feel… well.. like adopted kids..just a quess.. the press never went off the wall when she adopted these two as they did when Shilo was born!!

  69. CJK says

    To post #6, I agree with you! Why is it that these two are willing to submit their oldest children (I use the term “oldest” instead of “adopted” because I would hope and assume that these two have the presence of mind to know that adopted children are your children) to the papparazzi/world and not their youngest?

  70. Nicki says

    Well Thanks to your tip 2kids2many 😆 , and it is very hepful!! Thanks a million! It has helped much, thanks again! 😉

  71. Nicki says

    Ok #9, to KellyMay, semi corrections~ suppossed (sp) to be To do what is right, not to do what is ??. Then it says yu, it should be you.
    I’m sure some others can find more of my mistakes, let me know and if you are interested, I will try to clarify them. Thanks.

  72. Nicki says

    Cristhel L. ~ go to and I know of just one pic, Angie and Brad, but a beautiful snowfilled loving pic. I also read, haven’t checkedit out yet but, has ??? something??? Not sure, just what I read in 2 blogs. No concrete evidience on that one, just the pic on JustJared.

  73. Cindy says

    I like them too. I think they are really hands on parents.. Whereas some celebs seem so for the camera but there are always two nanies with them just outside camera range.. I think they are very unselfish people as well, I’m always reading where they are donanting time and money to people in need.. I wish them well and some peace from the madness of the paparazzi following them everywhere

  74. Nicki says

    KellyMay~And imagine if you were paps hounded, just what they would say. 😆 Kids know if they are hot or cold, and when they are young you can feel them burning up with all the clothes put on them, thinking you are protecting. But wanting “to do what is ??” It doesn’t take a minute before yu know your kid!

  75. Cristhel L. says

    i think this is the most beautiful family ever I know that we don’t get to see Siloh that much it doesn’t mean they don’t care about her they are just doing it for her safety. And I have a question do any of you guys know where I can see more pictures of them in this place if you know of anything just tell me ok thank you

  76. Shannom Harris says

    The Shiloh controversy has been discussed ad nauseum, they’re a gorgeous family.
    they should be parents of the year,

  77. says

    Nicki, I live in Canada. Today was -11c and my 5 year old refused to zip up his coat because he was too hot! Least to say when we get -30 with windchills at -40 he zips up but otherwise it’s his comfort zone! Least to say my daughter and I were in full parkas, mitts and toques LOL

  78. Nicki says

    I know it is cold there, if you saw the pic of Brad and Angie in front of Fallingwater, his birthday tour, you would know it is extremely cold. They are going from a heated car, to a building. Zahara has on socks with her sandals, a, looks like double layered shirt and a vest. She looks comfortable.
    If she is anything like my niece, who was born and raised in Mass., cold winters. My niece gets VERY hot, and still does at 10 years old. She got suspended from kindergarten because she wouldn’t zip up her coat (which I’m sure took a few words of encouragement to EVEN put on) or put on her hat and mittens. She said I’ll put my coat on, but won’t zip it, and I’ll be too hot with my hat and mittens on, so no, I’ll be too hot.( my brother used to just say, you have to “at least bring the hat and mittens because ALL the kids have them. “OK Dad, but I don’t want them”) So she was suspended for 3 days, which for a single Dad with full custody, is hard. Thanks to my MOM (I love her) her Grandma she went into work late to accomadate her so my brother could get to work on time. Just my point on how all children are different, my 12 yr old nephew was always freezing cold and bundled up, even in the fall, when it’s hardly that cold. So with both of them out together, one looks like it is spring, and the other looks like it is the middle of winter at the same time. So who can really say “every child is the same.” I mean come on.

  79. says

    Wow, I think that is actually the first pic I’ve seen of them looking somewhat happy?!? I heard wedding rumours for them sometime before Christmas…

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