Marcia Cross Reportedly Experiencing Problems Related To Placenta Previa

Marcia Cross

“Desperate Housewives” star Marcia Cross is facing a serious pregnancy complication she fears could jeopardize the health of her unborn twins.

A recent ultrasound revealed the 44-year-old actress, who is due in April, is suffering from placenta previa, say pals. The condition is caused by all or part of the placenta covering the opening to the cervix.

And one insider maintains that a panicked Marcia recently rushed off the Desperate Housewives set and headed straight to her doctor’s office when she started suffering from cramps and bleeding.

“Marcia’s doctor checked the fetuses’ heartbeats, and found them to be perfectly healthy,” a source close to the actress told The Enquirer magazine.

“Marcia was relieved, but her doctor warned her that she had better slow down and take things easy.”

The doctor also performed an ultrasound on the fetuses and discovered the placenta previa, says the source. Placenta previa is a potentially life-threatening condition that causes the placenta to precede the baby during birth, and severe hemorrhaging can occur during labor.

“The problem might resolve itself as the fetuses grow and pull the placenta away from the danger area – but if it doesn’t work itself out, it could endanger both her and the twins,” added the source.

I hope that everything is okay for Marcia and her twins.



  1. Cindy says

    After reading all your posts of having had the same condition and everything turning out ok. I feel better for her. This woman really wanted to get married and have a family. It’d be terrible to have anything happen to ruin that joy.. Thanks for posting the info.

  2. says

    If she does indeed have a previa then technology is on her side, those babes need a few more weeks in utero yet for safe delivery. Otherwise she’ll be monitored and is best off to not stress which can make issues worse for both mom and babes. Carrying twins is enough stress in itself!.

  3. 2kids2many says

    Same thing happened to me…my placenta also moved up over time! and Jenn (#1) I also read that this story was completely untrue! Anytime you quote the Enquirer, you should triple check the facts and then check them again! Anyway, I’m sure that Marcia’s doctor’s are keeping a close eye on her (considering her age and that she is carrying twins)

  4. BritishMumma says

    I also had partial placenta previa when I was carrying my son but no-one was really that worried about it, I had an extra scan at 34 weeks just to check and it had moved up on its own. Marcia isnt very far on is she? If she has got it then there is plenty of time for the placenta to move up.

  5. anonymom says

    if she does have it, I had a partial previa my twins and it resolved itself as the babies moved up. If she has it, it is a bit scary (bleeding etc.) but as long as it’s a partial previa, it is usually not a big deal. Hopefully, whether she has a previa or not, she is taking time to rest and keep her feet up because carrying twins is exhausting and really really tough on the body. She wants healty full-term babies so she needs to get her rest and take care of herself!!

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