Gwen Stefani Brings Kingston To Her Fragrance Launch

Gwen Stefani

Awwww! How adorable is six-month-old Kingston in his teddy-bear style Babygro?! Kingston accompanied his mother to the NYC launch of her new fragrance called L.A.M.B. by Coty.



  1. Sara says

    It’s great how you see so many photos of Gwen with her son (she takes him EVERYWHERE!), and it’s so sad that you see so many photos of Katie and Brittney without!

  2. Lucy says

    He’s cute, but she, now that’s another story. Is she going to a halloween party? Really now, she looks like a cheetah with a human face. .

  3. Ms D says

    I agree with you, #4..I’m always so happy to see that whole family–I do like Gwen, sure–but above all I love how involved she is with her baby. Dad seems to be, too. It just seems so rare to see that in celebrity-land.

    And he is soooo cute, IMO–I tend to agree with you on that, #9.
    He does seem little for his age to me, too–but he always seems happy and healthy, regardless. 🙂

  4. BC Girl says

    He is by far the cutest baby in Hollywood!!! And Gwen and Gavin are the best parents in Hollywood too, well Ben and Jennifer are good parents too!!!

  5. Lovethebabies says

    If anyone is in Britan – there is an interesting TV show on celebrity adoption. ITV1 – turn it on!

  6. MissyMama says

    My goodness, he is soooo adorable! What a fricken awsome woman, takes her infant with her to launch her perfume line. How many other celebrities do you think would do that?

  7. leelee says

    First…..hehe anyways, I think its great that she always has the baby with her…. thats what every other “normal” parent does isnt it?

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