Britney's Pill Purse Indicates That She May Be Suffering From Post-Partum Depression

Britney Spears

Poor Britney…she may be pushing herself too hard. Partying may have uplifted her though and let off some steam…which can be quite therapeutic. In Touch magazine is reporting that when she opened her purse at an LA nightclub it resembled a pharmacy (Paxil and Xanax, etc.) While that may be a bit dramatic ( the pharmacy analogy), it may reveal that she is being treated for post-partum depression which is very common. The only problem is that prescription pills and alcohol can be a very dangerous combination. Hopefully Brit is taking care of herself and cherishing herself. I remember, for a brief moment, letting judgement overcome me and thinking that Britney was being totally out-of -control with her recent “party bender.” I quickly remembered however when I had a highschool reunion when my first child was four-months-old. I was breastfeeding, and was so excited to have my parents babysitting…excuse the TMI, but I even expressed for the evening of freedom. I was only drinking as much as all my classmates, but I found myself so inebriated that I had to quickly leave the festivities. I think that one’s tolerance for alcoholic beverages can very quickly diminish during pregnancy. This may be what has been affecting Britney and the poor girl is under constant scrutiny!

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  1. Page says

    Some of you folks seriously need to learn how to spell the English language! Reading your comments it looks like you are on drugs yourself.

  2. 865 says

    I think that if she going through PPD that partying mayb her way of not accepting that there is a problem. people deal with things differently than we might deal with it. i think that the people that love her most are trying to get through to her but she not listening. I hope she gets herself together before it is too late. Some of your all comments ( if she even reads stuff like this) are great encouragement and some comments (a lot times) just hurtful. People most of the time do not a fix a problem if people keep telling them what they are doing wrong. Maybe she need more encouragement instead of more bashing (even if she brings on herself)

  3. cazz says

    brit you should seriously start thinking about your children they didnt ask to be here. stop hanging around with that wana be paris that cant even sing and takes drugs and opens her legs to anyone she meets your reputation expecially now that u are a mother is more important so save it know befor you pick the wrong friends cause later in life your kids are going to look up to you. what happened to the old brit! dont sell yourself like lazy eyed paris(slut), JUST BE YOURSELF

  4. alisa says

    Im glad to see that everyone here knows Britney Spears personally and gets to know all of her secrets…=)

  5. says

    Here is the point If Ex Mrs. Fed – Ex is suffaring Dipression then she should look like it and not like a Train wreck spinning out of control. People have been in that position B4 and the coolest thing to be doing is paying a visit to a shrink’s office. and not one night club after another

    Okay now I see she has gone brunet I dont think that was done to feel the Razzis coz they are very sneaky

  6. carleigh says

    #48 I did state above that i have taken xanax off and on in times of stress. I am not ashamed to admit that I take an anti-anxiety medication and it is used in moderation and only as needed and under medical supervision. I, too, had PPD back in 1995 when my first daughter was born. Went to see Dr. was given med’s and my ex made light of the situation and didn’t even try to understand what my condition was, much less how to treat it. Spending time with your children doesn’t “cure” PPD and sometimes being around your child/children is mentally impossible because you fear hurting them or yourself. (I didn’t have those thoughts) Brooke Shields spoke of how she daydreamed about driving her car w/ her daughter Rowan into a wall, that’s how depressed she was. I hope for Britney’s sake if in fact she does have PPD that she stops the drinking because mixing antidepressants and anti-anxiety med’s with booze is a BIG time no-no. Like I have said before Britney probably has no clue about how to behave like an adult because of the environment in which she was raised and because she has always had things handed to her, people to take care of her every need, whim and will. Now she’s a mother of two and has no idea how to behave properly. She was percieved as being innocent for a bit until she deliberately sexed up her image and started doing risque things like partying sans panties for one thing. I hope that she gets the help she desperately needs because if not she’s going to end up overdosing and hurting herself and her kids in the process. Doesn’t she know how impressionable little one’s are? If Sean P. and Jayden are being raised by nannies night after night how is it that she is bonding with them? She used to have Sean P. plastered to her hip and now she’s slumming around w/ that low-life hooker Parasite Hilton. I want to see her back with her babies like she used to be and I hope this pantieless partying is just a phase and she’s blowing off some steam. Go Home Britney!

  7. Nicki says

    Yes she has dyed it brown again, but it looks better than the fake strawy blonde crap she had all last month.
    I do like her with the darker hair. I don’t know maybe I just see it and see a different person emerging, I hope for her and her babies sake. Stay home for 2 or 3 nights in a row Brit. Your babies need you. (?)

  8. MissyMama says

    x17 has new photos of her out with her new “man”, some J.R. Rotom, some producer? They show her kissing him and sitting on his lap, etc.

    My God! It has barely been a month since she filed for divorce, and she is already dating someone?? Britney needs to be kicked in the head. GO HOME TO YOUR KIDS BITCH!

    So are we to expect now in between partying, going into the studio and developing a relationship, she is going to have time for her kids?

    WHY??? Why did she have them?

  9. bla bla bla says

    carleigh…’when i took xanax a few years ago’ to ‘my bottle now says’…why be ashamed if you are on it now…at least it explains your nasty moodswings on this site…as for brit..jesus..what a leaky lobsided titted wanna be slut she is turning out to be….what happened to the ‘determined to make it on my own mom of two’ she should be showing the world….partying after a break up is normal….but she has made a complete fool of herself in the past couple of weeks if you want my opinion(and i bet i get many saying they don’t)…i broke up with my hubby when i had two kids around her children’s ages, i dealt with that by having nights with my closest friends sharing bottles of wine and solving the probs of the world….the thought of ten nights out in a row, paparazzi getting pics of my bits whilst i was drunk of my face, make me shudder….she knows how high profile she is, she is clearly mis-managed…..

  10. MissyMama says

    If she has PPD, I feel bad for her. Depression is a tough thing. But in Britney’s case, I think she has TMP. (too much partying!!) LOL.

    Not too give TMI but…I’m a mom to two small children also. I, as a responsible parent, place the needs of my children first, but on occasion my husband and I will get a night with out the kids for whatever reason (like maybe once a month). Anyway, this weekend I had my company Christmas Party. It required us being away from the boys for the entire night….well, we both enjoyed ourselves and drank quite a bit. Let me tell you, upon coming home the next day and feeling like a train had run me over, I cannot understand how Britney can be doing this almost everynight and still be able to take care of her kids?!?

    Sorry for the rant, but having that experience while this whole controversy is going on, I felt like such a bad parent because I wasn’t up to par.

    How does she live with herself?

  11. K says


  12. Diana says

    It is such a shame that Britney is going through this tough time and I just hope and pray that she can pull herself out of it otherwise she will be on the road to disaster really. I think people do forget that she has been through a lot (I know that some of it is her own making) but who knows what has gone on behind closed doors and what has made her turn so waywardly. We can just hope for better things for Britney in the future, lets hope anyway!! 😉

  13. reporterandmom says

    Ok As I Was stated in another Britney comment on this site ,One Britneys actions are her own to choose for she is an adult & its us as parents responsibility to inform our children what shes doing is just not right,she definitely not a good role model & i also have a 15 year old that cannot understand why Miss Britney would not wear panties & let the world see her not once but on 3 different occassions on her partying nights out, how can you hide this from your children when photos are on practically every tabloid at the check out centers at all your local stores please!!! ,Britney brings all this negative publicity to herself & now this ! Every time you read the news it one negative thing after another, My advice to Britney If she really wants to make a comeback,Stop partying pantiless & do a photoshoot for a popular magazine of both your boys and show the world how much you love spending time with them & then actually do it. maybe people would feel sympathy for you going through your divorce with kevin & respect you more . My opinion ,Look at Gwen Stafani, New song Out my daughter loves It & she doesn’t have to go pantiless for photographers to get attention & not to mention she always is seen with her baby out & about ,thats a role model to me, it shows my daughter you can do anything ,have a good career but also be a good mom as well & gwen is very classy .Thats the kind of role models i want my daughter to see.

  14. CJK says

    So, she thanked Victoria’s Secret for their new underwear line. Could someone, please, point this woman in the direction of their new bra line! If she keeps this up she will need tube socks by her thirties!

  15. Shea says

    whats with that hand by her face lol. someone tryin to catch her?? HOLY LOPSIDED BOOBS. she not only needs underwear, she needs a good bra.

  16. karen says

    for one i fill if she wont to get drunk thats her aint nothin wrong with that. long as she dont drive drunk with her kids.. but forreal did anyone pep out her breast on that picture!! damn one of them are bigger and longer then tha other one! that bitch look crazy. . she need to get that shit fix.

  17. 2kids2many says

    I very rarely comment on the Britney stories (My motto is “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all”), but the whole PPD debate caught my eye. I was finally diagnosed with PPD 7 long months after my first child was born. When baby #2 came along, as soon as they cut the cord, I said “okay…where’s the drugs”. I never wanted to go thru that hell again. My comment isn’t really directed at Britney, all I can say is that I’m so glad (during those 7 months without treatment) that my life wasn’t splattered all over the internet for everyone to see and make nasty comments about. And to whoever said “spending time with your children heals PPD”…I can personally tell you that no it doesn’t! If Britney does have PPD, I wish her all the luck in the world and I hope she gets the help that she needs!

  18. nikki says

    ok…first …get a bra!!!! second is she wearing pants???um..ya ok
    really its kinda weird that on night (or more) she has no panties on now no bra is she trying to get another guy????like jeez stay home with the kids ! i don`t think she even knows who Jayden is….i feel sorry for him i don`t even think she sees him!?!:(

  19. jill says

    i think this pic was photoshopped..i odnt remember the first one looking like that.
    and….dont believe everything you read!!!

  20. Robin says

    the way I see it – she WANTS K-Fud to take her kids…partying non-stop, x-rated pictures, heavily medicated…no judge will give her sole custody if she keeps this up!

  21. Danielle says

    Wow, this picture shows what crazy looks like.
    When did she start boycotting bras?
    Probably the same time she started to boycott panties 🙂

  22. says

    ooowie! !!!! Britney is a wreck and spining out of controll I just wish she gets herself togethere B4 it too late.

  23. The one and only... says

    Jees…leave the poor girl alone already! I like how everyone all of the sudden has become a certified Doctor and knows what’s best for this girl and what medications she should or shouldn’t take, etc..etc…!

    And when did this become “RXrazzi”?…and it’s always the same person/people. Okay since we’re sharing…

    Here’s my list of medications: Tylenol 650 mg: Take 2 caplets every 8 hours with water (when people give me a headache). and sometimes I take Pepto-Bismol 15 ml: 2 Tbsp every hour (when people make me sick to my stomach)

  24. N says

    PPD affects everyone differently… my mom went through ppd at the age of 40 and did not want to spend time with let alone hold my little sister for the first 3 months of her life. I thought she was faking until she broke down in tears and told me what she was feeling. FOR 3 months my mom did not take care of, hold, do anything with my sister. My sister is 12 now and she and my mom are inseperable. SO….one of the most healing things you can do for ppd is go to a doctor..get your meds…and handle it the best way you can with as much help that you can get.

  25. MissyMama says

    The train wreck is moving full speed ahead!

    Pills and alcohol, NOT a good combo! K-Fed is starting to look stellar compared to her.

  26. clara says

    one of most healing things you can do for PPD is actually spend time with your children. She should try it!

  27. Linda says

    1234…” we could all be doing something productive”…as far as comments?,,, obviously you’re on this site as’s your prductivity today??

  28. 1234 says

    What ??? i dont understand your response linda. I’m just saying who really cares what brittany does.I mean the whole missing underwear thing is flat out nasty. But Hey!
    if brittany wants to flash her goods to the public thats her problem.I won’t loose any sleep over it.

  29. Nisa says

    I know depression and I have been depressed (for three whole weeks during October and the start of Nov), quite a lot some times, I know there are people who are clinically depressed as a result of a chemical imbalance in their bodies and I understand if such a person is on medication, but come on, I can bet you there is no chemical imbalance in Britney’s brain or post partum for that matter (otherwise she would have said if not for public sympathy, for publicity), then again, any one will be depressed if they have two children at home under 14 months, an impending divorce from a super loser cheating fool, a dwindling career and an unsupportive family (even if you shun their advice).

    Nature has a way of dealing with things, it creates depression to alert you that hullo, something is seriously wrong in your life, like it is in Britney’s, I know there are pressures of being a celebrity, but we all have choices.

    The problem is that these days the moment you go to your GP and he can’t find any thing wrong s/he prescribe anti -depressants, if you have a chemical imbalance, then depression is a disease not a symptom, anti -depressants will cure your disease, but if your life is messed up like Britney’s is, then depression is a symptom and not the disease, anti- depessants can only give you relief for a couple of days but once they wear off, K-fedx will still be there, so will the two babies, and a messed career but with your c**t all over the the press this time.

    #14Gracelyn, I know it sounds judgemental but it is the truth, I don’t know whether it is a conspiracy but we are all soon going to get hooked on anti-depressants, I know very few people who are not taking any, they do get depressed believe me.

    I dont think Britney has any Post Partum, it is clear her depression is as a result of her messed life for which she is to blame. I say before she ends up like Daniel Smith, let her grow up and stop feeling sorry for herself.

  30. 1234 says

    What ??? I don’t understand your response Linda.
    I’m just saying honestly who really cares what brittany does. I mean I think the whole missing underwear thing is nasty!!! but hey thats her problem if she wants to flash her goods to the world I won’t loose any sleep over it

  31. Linda says

    Calleigh … look on the bright side… your strength could be a LOT higher…looks like you just need a “little” something to “take off the edge” & come on…we’ve all had “type o’s” in our comments!!

  32. carleigh says

    OK #5 here is what my med bottle says: Alprazolam 1 mg tab generic for Xanax (yes I did not spell it correctly ssssooooo sorry) but I take one 2x’s daily. Is that better for you? Now you can know exactly what I take and I am not lying just a vicitim of misspelling a word.

  33. 1234 says

    you guys don’t even know if they were actually depression pils or not. the time u waste worrying about the the way brit tany is running her life and the life of her children (which she may be doing just fine !) you all could be doing something productive.

  34. Linda says

    depression & clinical depression are TWO different things. All of us have had depression,,, not all have been CLINICALLY depressed. depression is simply that..going through hard times,,, clinical depression is a chemical inbalence in the brain. Before anyone asks I know this because I’m an RN.

  35. Cyberkitten37 says


    I just wanted to comment that Depression is not only caused by an *unhappy life*..altho that sure does contribute to it..depression CAN be a true chemical imbalance in the brain..and one that can ONLY be treated with the proper medication.
    Would u without insulin from a diabetic??

  36. gracelyn says

    And webmistress what exactly is a pill purse? Are pills the only thing she carried in that purse? I didnt realise that we called our purses by what we carry in them!!!

  37. gracelyn says

    Nisa, its quite obvious that you have never dealt with depression before and I dont think you should be lecturing others who have. ( you really sound like TC)
    When your depressed you stuggle to find ways to be happy and there doesnt even really have to be any problems with your life to make you depressed. People with depression cannot just tell theirselves to snap out of it!! Im not clinically depressed but I have been depressed enough to be on medication at one time, and the medication was more than helpful and I was off it in about 2 months ( not addicted at all). I could sit and try to think of why Im feeling like this and wouldnt know why, and until you have acctually felt that way you cant say that the medicine doesnt help. Depression is real and you dont get to just snap your fingers and say Im not going to be depressed anymore!!

  38. Anon says

    As someone who’s been clinically depressed (and had two children w/ similar spacing to Britney’s) it’s no excuse for out-of-control partying. If you aren’t ready to become an adult and take responsibility for your own actions, you certainly needn’t have children. Get your act together. It’s not about you anymore. It’s about your children. That’s the way it works, like it or not.

  39. Linda says

    way to deal with depression! yet anouther wise decesion on the skanks part!!! OMG Britany GO AWAY!!!!

  40. Nisa says

    I am sorry but I can’t understand this nations obsession with anti -depressants, some times we bring problems on ourselves and we need to sort them out and move on with our lives after learning lessons from our mistakes, that is what life is about, but if people make mistakes and instead of facing their consequences they take medication to blot them out only to make more and pile them on the old ones, the results is addiction to these drugs.

    I am no scientologist and I know pharmaceutical industires are making hodes out of these drugs, but I think people should wake up and realise they are treating the symptoms and not the real problems, depression is a symptom of an uhappy life and unless you change your life, once the drugs wear off the depression will continue and some one is cashing in on this in a big way.

    Look at this girl, she married Jason Alexander for 55 hours, proposed and married K-FED, had 2 children all in the two years, the second child she admitted was not planned, got a divorce, now hangs out with the worst crowd even by hollywood standards, then she shows her privates to the whole world, am sorry but I don’t think she is suffering from any past -natal depression! Clearly her problem is that her life has lost direction due to her own decisions, anti- depressants are only deluding her into thinking that her probs will go away, they will not and as long as she is drinking, doing drugs and is on anti- depressants, she is headed for destructionville.

    She needs to sit down and think about her life, her future, the future of her children and her career, infact she should take the year off, she has a lot of money any way, and sort out her pathetic life.

  41. Linda says

    At first alcohol is a stimulant…then turns into a depressant.
    Britany is not they only one going through a divorce….I really think this SELFISH bitch should start thinking of the tiny people she put on this earth..what about them?? not only is dad gone{and I really struggle to think who is the lesser of the two evils}moms gone as well!! what she should be doing is staying home with her two babies..being strong for them. In a divorce the children are the true victims..where’s mom? where’s dad? well dad’s doin a porn “star”..and mom? she’s now a bar whore! way to bond & be there for your kids..they make me sick & I have not ONE positive thing to say about them!!!

  42. Paula says

    Somebody needs to tell her that drinking can cause depression. I’m sorry but I can’t really buy the whole depression, need to party thing. She may be depressed, that’s true but there or other ways of handling this sort of thing. Brooke didn’t go wild when she was going through her depression. But of course Brooke is older and more mature. Britney had babies too young and didn’t realize what being a mother is all about. The sacrifices a person has to make. Nobody is perfect though, but she needs to back up and figure out what she wants to do with herself as a mother and a career person or she is sure to become one of those used up celebrities we read about hitting skid row.

  43. Meow! says

    She’s also been reported seen going in and out of various club bathrooms with both male and female friends. They emerge energized and sniffy. You figure it out. . .

  44. Oh geez.. says

    Here we go again….for the record, the drug mentioned in post #4 is spelled Xanax…with an “X” not a “Z”. Perhaps you should take out your pill bottle and read the label. (Most people know how to spell the name of the medication that they are on??!!)

  45. carleigh says

    Here’s a bit of food for thought (I have taken Zanax off and on for anxiety through trying times and it’s a powerful med–relaxing) maybe Britney being the bit of air head she already taking this medication and forgetting to put on her underwear??? Just my opinion but when I took it a few years ago I put on a shirt inside out, had two different colored trouser socks on one navy the other black and that was on a good day. Zanax is nothing to play around with and needs to be taken exactly as prescribed or some pretty goofy things can happen. I don’t know if that’s an excuse for her “cut to the cat” look but it would explain it from my personal perspective..although I didn’t forget to put on my panties.

  46. krissy says

    ok, well her situation is completely understandable -the desire to party and have some fun, especially if she’s battling depression. the only aspect of britney’s recent escapes that AREN’T understandable is why she is boycotting undergarments. I mean, I occasionally have a really bad day and just want to go hang out with my friends and have a drink or two. Typically, it’s during those times the MOST that i remember to put on a bra and a nice pair of panties! I think it’ll be much easier for me to side with Britney when she decides to fully dress herself before making public appearances…

  47. r says

    She is goign through A LOT!! Divorce, new baby, young baby…not to mention the hormones and the paparazzi!! I would be suprised if she wasn’t a little depressed. I hope she is ok and maybe Paris isn’t the best influence on her, but maybe they both have something to offer the other one

  48. carleigh says

    She is out of control and if she is taking those med’s and drinking GOD help her. She better be careful she doesn’t over do it and wind up hospitalized or worse. Be careful Brit those are some powerful med’s you got in your hands.

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