Britney Explains Herself

The glamorous young mother of two shouldn’t feel the need to, but it is nice of her to reach out to her fans. You go Britney!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

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  1. says

    Hey Brittney you look so much butter then before your kids are getting big and I just want to say good luck in rehab and I want to say I am your big’s fan I have all of your cd’s poster’s movie’s game’s barbe’s book’s lest just say I have all of your thang’s and god love’s you and me so good luck I will be praying for you everyday your #1 fan Kayla

  2. Paula says

    865, sorry is I didn’t spell something to your liking. But, you aren’t going to change my opinion of Britney Spears, no matter how nasty YOU get with your comments. So, don’t let the door hit ya……! God, we have another grouch on our hands!!

  3. 865 says

    Hey Paula the next time you slam someones junk a.k.a privates, why don’t you learn how to spell the word sight.
    sight- an object(s) that seen with the eye(s)
    site- another word for a web page.

    and to Linda: learn how to spell moral. It does not mean that someone has no morals if they say KISS MY ASS! it could just mean that they don’t give damn about what you are saying because you saying the same thing like everyone else. why don’t you try saying something diferent and maybe she will show some more of her morals and standards. one more who is to say that she does or does not tuck her boys into bed before she leaves to go partying?

    Gracelyn it is the parents job to be the role model not Britney’s. But I guess she is an easy target for punk ass parents. why does not anyone ever talk about the parent that are much worst things to their children ( abuse, rape, etc) Why don’t we ever slam them?

  4. N says

    This would not work for me… cause I have to go to work…then I have to come home and cook dinner, tend to household chores, get the baby ready for the next day, get my stuff ready for work for the next day… on. Britney does not have to go to work…. does not have to cook her own meals, do household chores, get the kids prepared to go to daycare the next day…… SHE has way more free time… Also…..she is an entertainer that has been out of the scene for two years…. to compete in the market she is in, she actually should go to the clubs.

  5. N says

    I actually “celebrate” my birthday with adults….My son goes to the babysitter. When “celebrating” my birthday I like to go out ….He is not old enough to “celebrate”. SO…. if she says for two years she has not “celebrated” her bday…. I understand what she means. I find it weird that none of you do. Just cause you have children does not mean you have to lose yourself.
    there are 24 hours in a day….. lets start the morning at 5am…… Brit is sleep
    10am…… She awakens (everyone does not sleep 8hrs)
    10am – 6pm …….. (this is a span of 8hrs we dont know anything about)
    6pm – 10pm….. She may be out to eat dinner or eat at home we still dont know (this is a span of 4hrs)
    10pm – 5am…… she is out clubbing it while the kids are at home.

  6. stace says

    can i just say leave her alone, im a mum of one and getting divorced and im out partying with my friends on a weekend. has anyone seen a pic of her with her friends while she was with kev? no thought not, maybe he stopped her seeing her friends you just dont no what went on behind closed doors, my ex stopped me seeing my friends and my friends are back and are showing me a good time and how to be a teenager again. leave brit alone

  7. carleigh says

    Lolitha…sorry..I have to say it…hopefully you will wear panties with the dress??!! LOL..sorry..I like the dress too.

  8. Angela says

    I myself am a mother of 2 very young boys and if I was carrying on like Brit Spears my kids would surely be taken into the custody of childrens aid. Why is it ok for a celebrity to leave their kids 24/7 drive with them on their lap and such???? Everybody says poor brit! I say no sympathy everybody in this world has endured stress and divorce and not having celebrated her bday in 2 years well than maybe she shouldnt of had kids !!!!! you give up your right to party hard and stay out all night when you bring another human into this world. So BRIT STOP YOUR WHINING AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS DONT USE MOTHERHOOD AS AN EXCUSE

  9. reporterandmom says

    I Just want to comment on two things first yes it is the parents responsibility to mention what britney is doing is wrong ,shes definitely not a role model ,i have also a 15 yr old daughter and she can’t beleive how the photos of britney are shown on every tabloid in the store at the counter! how do you hide that? its right there in your face. second , when sean p was born she & kevin posed & showed the world but now with jayden she seems to not be as excited to show everyone since her & kevin are split. my advice to britney would be do a nice photo shoot with your two boys ,show the world how much you love spending time with them and that would be what she needs to promote her comeback and have fans stand by her and know shes trying to be a good role model,and feel sympathy for her for what shes going through with kevin. but to party go pantiless not once but three times and then to act like its ok ,nothing wrong with going without panties for the world to see ,she feels its her time to party well,i just don’t think those photos will ever be forgotten ,it makes her look bad and i’d love to see how she explains them to her boys someday pleasee!

  10. Nicki says

    gracelyn -Maybe I didn’t say it right. Exactly, it is the parents responsibility. Any child that is dressed like Britney is scary. Of course it isn’t Britneys fault, it’s up to the parents to be parents.

  11. gracelyn says

    Nicki, I dont recall saying anything shes done is ok, but I did say shes an adult and she can do whatever she wants without anyones permission. My daughter has heard of Britney Spears but couldnt tell you a single thing about her, because nothing about her is appropriate for an 8yr old. You cant honestly say that seeing a young child dressed like Britney is Britneys fault, it is the parents fault for allowing it and allowing the child to even be exposed to that kind of stuff. My daughter has enough confidence of her own to be a leader and not feel like she has to follow what somebody else is doing.

  12. Sarie says

    What can you do if you have your vagina unintentionaly plastered all over the net besides make a joke of it. Theres no since in getting mad or whatever. She did it and she knows she was in the wrong. I thinks its great shes laughing it off. As for her kids im sure they are well taken care of. Everyone just needs to lay off her. She just needed an adjustment period to get used to being single again and be able to go out when she wanted.

  13. Nicki says

    14. gracelyn -I agree, thats why when my nieces come and spend a week or two with us, and they put on “stage worn” outfits, I tell them, thats not approiate for ANY where we are going. Thier excuse is-“well my Mom bought it for me.” (and I’m sure because of thier “Please, I’ll do this, and Please I’ll do that, and , Well Britney wore it.) But in my house it is “Take that off , and you can where that “on stage and for a show” when somebody pays you a million dollars to wear it.

    If they want to wear lime green converse sneakers with pink fishnet tights and a black skirt with an orange top,and purple UNDIES, and a red boa around thier neck, we can and will go to Barnes & Noble or dinner, no problem. And yes it is the parents who make the rules. I have seen 8 year olds, and NOT on Halloween, dressed like Britney on stage walking around in everyday life. How right is that? And since when, even if of age, drinking everytnight for weeks on end is OK for anyone???

    17.~Linda (((clapping))) You are so on!

    18. Danielle ~YOU are a great role model! Good for you Danielle!!!

    19. carleigh ~ (((((((You are so right on))))))) Clapping a lot for that one.

    20. MissyMama ~ totally agree, and kids have they best times and enjoy that completely. Nothing is better than that joyful smile on your childs face. And it doesn’t matter what day it is, but it does matter ALL the days you are there to enjoy it.

  14. Linda says

    absolutly….how special that child feels to share moms birthday!!! To do family things…the child is more excited that it’s moms birthday than mom is!!

  15. MissyMama says

    Very well put Linda. I completely agree with you! And I can say that as a relatively “normal” mom, I love having my son help me blow out my candles and open my present.

    Why not throw a party at the house and invite other moms and their kids over to celebrate? I’ve done it, I’m sure we all have had some sort of get together/party at our homes with our children at our sides. That is what HANDS ON moms (parents) do! They include their children!

  16. carleigh says

    Gracelyn–It would be OK for Britney to drink however much she wanted, partied till she passes out or pukes IF she weren’t such a public figure. Since she makes her living off of a “fan base” she can’t exactly afford to cut herself off and tell those who buy her albums to “kiss her ass”, that would be like biting the hand that feeds her. She is already teetering on a very thin ledge and she has to do something to redeem herself in the publics eye or she is going to be a “has been” before she makes her big “comeback”. I, for one, am please and tickled to death she left K-Fed and got over all that jazz, but drinking and hanging out w/ Paris Hilton with her nether regions exposed for all the world to see isn’t getting her any positive publicity. It’s drawing the NEGATIVE publicity right to her door and that’s something she needs to avoid at all costs. If she decided to retire from music and try to live her life out of the eye of the public I would say leave her alone, but she is currently back in the studio recording more music, there will be more touring and she is NOT leaving the public eye. She really needs a GOOD manager, a good album and a good pair of panties to cover up her hoochie otherwise everything she is trying to do now is for nothing. She has lost a lot of the respect she gained from leaving Kevin, people were saying he brought her down and “made” her into white trash..well she’s been rolling around on her own for almost a month now and we see how well she’s faired on her own. I am all about her having fun, friends and doing the party thing AFTER her kids are taken care of and that is something she can’t be doing much of if she is hanging out at Hyde w/ Skanky Paris Hilton. Britney needs an intervention, a stylist, and some damage control with a major quickness.

  17. Danielle says

    She’s young, oh well!
    I’m 23 and expeting my third baby in May. (Been married since I was 17) yet I don’t feel the need to be young, go panty-less and party it up. I much rather spend quiet evenings at home with my children.
    I think he using her age as a reasoning for her partying is ridiculous.

  18. Linda says

    If you wouldn’t want her to be a role modle for your children{and trust me I would not as well}. How sad is it …she actually put two children on this earth that she is the role modle of. That’ s just it she IS doing what is age appropriate…. but she is the one that made the CHOICE to become a “young mother”…I use the word mother lightly..
    what the hell ever happened to being responsible for our actions. She is now responsible for two tiny people..she gave up the right for “age appropriate” shit when she made that choice….she’s going to ignor these babies because she feels she has the right to?…because she hasen’t celebrated her birthday is 2 years??? Tell me ladies don’t “normal moms” celebrate their birthdays with the children they have?
    she’s a TOTAL idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. BC Girl says

    Gracelyn, as much as I dont think what Britney is doing is a very good idea, that is a very good point that you just pointed out, very true about the whole role model thing

  20. gracelyn says

    I understand that she is a role model, but people need to realize that she is an adult and that she shouldnt have to live her life the way others think she should! It is up to parents to make sure that children have a suitable role model, its Britneys right to do things that are age appropriate for her such as drinking and partying. If you dont like what shes doing then its up to you as a parent to make sure that your children arent acting like her, she shouldnt have to censor her life. I will sit here and defend her because I think she should do as she pleases, BUT that doesnt mean that I would let her be any kind of role model to my 8 yr old daughter!! Its your own fault if your children are trying to be like someone that is not a child anymore!!!

  21. MissyMama says

    That isn’t even an explanation, it’s an excuse. And from the Victoria’s Secret statement she made, the twat shots were intentional. Any normal woman would be humiliated if pictures of her vagina were posted all over the internet and certainly would not be joking about it.

    Uh, she is just gross.

  22. Linda says

    ummm gracelyn….popularity is her paycheck…that would be GREAT… “kiss my ass”….the more she shows people her lack of morels… the more of a has been she’s going to be!!

  23. Linda says

    YA THINK… Britany??? what ya had a sober day?…. feelin bad because your children are being tucked in every night by hired help?…spare me I’m gonna puke!!!!

  24. BC Girl says

    The only reason Britney took SP to the zoo on her birthday is for publicity. Have you seen her out with Jayden at all?? NOOOO!!!! SP is better publicity I guess…..

  25. says


    I completely understand your thoughts, and normally I would completely agree that she is an adult and should do what she wants. I too would give someone the bird and tell them where to go. However, the difference here is she is a public figure and more importantly, a role model to millions of young impressionable girls. This is where the problem comes in and as a professional she needs to realize this and act as a role model.

  26. gracelyn says

    I agree with the webmistress she doesnt need to explain herself to anyone, shes an adult!! It shouldnt matter to her what anyone thinks, I know if I was her I would have released a statement saying “kiss my ass”!! People want to sit around saying she doesnt take care of her kids, and she doesnt spend any time with them but she had SP at the zoo on her birthday, which goes to show she can go out and stay out all night and still be with her kids the next day. I say go Britney and live your life however you choose!!! I can already hear all the rediculous comments on how you all know everything and how you think Britney should live her life according to your rules of what is acceptable and whats not!!!

  27. Brandy says

    I absolutely agree with all the comments so far, I am also SICK of seeing Brit on here WITHOUT HER BABIES!!! Unless She has Sean P or Jayden James I don’t care to see anymore pics of her. I thought this was BABYrazzi, not WASHED UP HAS BEENrazzi!

  28. says

    Paula, I agree that she has lost, if she ever had any, all respect that she ever earned. However, I disagree with your comment that she is washed up. It is sad, but I still think that she will be able to rise up once again given the fact that she has been on top of Yahoo’s search for six of the last seven years! Obviously someone out there is interested in what she is doing, so I’m sure that same person will buy her albums and go to her concerts.

  29. Paula says

    Michael Rinsem, I agree with your opinion of Britney Spears. It seems as though everyone overlooked Britney’s stupidity until now. Now she is a joke. And no matter what she tries to do in the future, internet readers will always know what her private parts look like, and might I add, not a pretty site. She doesn’t seem the least bit embarrassed about it or so it seems from her statement above. She made it a joke, just like she is. I’m from the same “country” as she is and believe me, we don’t act like that here. Maybe she feels she can do what she wants to because of the money she’s made, but no amount of money it seems can give a person class and Britney Spears has proven that. She is washed up and will never be what she once was, which was blind luck in the first place. There are always more talented people waiting in the wings to take you place.

  30. says

    It makes me ill that Britney Spears is the most searched item on the internet and it is because of things like this! Just does to show you what are society finds important in life. Way to be a role model Ms. Spears!

    Please stop by and read my opinion on the matter.

  31. BC Girl says

    I think that she should definately ‘feel the need’ to reach out to her fans… and her BABIES!!!

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