Angelina Jolie's Weight Loss Worries

Here Angelina graces the cover of January Vogue…simply stunning!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt
First I must preface…I wish I had this problem! It seems though, that the problem of not being able to put on weight is a serious issue for some people. Angelina has been struggling with this problem ever since she stopped breastfeeding six-month-old Shiloh. At least this gives credence to what I experienced twice…the weight wouldn’t budge until I weaned my children to a bottle…and then it just flew off! I remember wanting to cry when all the celebs…particularly Cindy Crawford would proclaim that breastfeeding was their weight loss secret! Reportedly, in the last two months Angelina has lost 10 pounds and gone from 26-inch-waist jeans to a 24. She has become so concerned that she has consulted a doctor, as she thinks something might be wrong. All of her friends are urging her to slow down and not push herself to do so much and Brad is also quite worried. He feels that Angelina’s worry over her mother (who is battling cancer) is contributing to the weight loss.

Here is Angelina looking quite fit and toned in 2005.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

And here she is just recently in Pune, India.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt
In other Brangelina news, Angelina, Maddox, Zahara and Shiloh flew to Springfield, Missouri to visit with Brad’s parents and brother while Brad stayed in New Orleans. Despite Brad’s family having been very close to Jennifer Aniston, they seem to have finally fallen in love with Angelina. “Her bond with Brad’s parents is amazing,” an insider says. “They have gotten closer since Shiloh was born.”

Wonderfully it seems the Brangelina clan will be putting down some roots now that five-year-old Maddox will be Kindergarten-aged. They have finished renovating Brad’s Hollywood Hills mansion so that Maddox may enroll in school. An insider says, “It’s not only about the schoolwork. They want him to have friends to play with on a normal basis.”

Best wishes to the beautiful family!



  1. mella says

    what you guys dont get is that she is putting on a ACT. shes and ACTOR. she doesnt want her perfect life to seem so perfect. she wants to be “real”. but of course shes not. shes fame-hungry i tell you. she stole brad from that shriveled up Jen. she makes him color his beard gray and wear plainer clothes so shes will be paid attention to for god sakes.

  2. Erin Maurice RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!! says

    She save life of poor boy Maddox and poor little girl Zahara and one vietnam boy as i know…

    She save these children from sufferings!!!

    She gave them much better life!!!!
    And for it – she spend her life take better care about them…

    Are you agree?

  3. Erin Maurice RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!! says

    she didn’t afraid blame of anybody,and the most important thing – try to think how much love woman must have that love other man,boy like her real son…

    feel keenly when he is ill, take care of him every day in everything his beginnings,business…

    she save this boy,Maddox from
    many sufferings!!!!

    – i’m absolutely sure!!!

    everybody sure in it!!!
    if afterlife really exist – she will be on the throne there!!!

  4. Erin Maurice RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!! says

    many actors and actress of Hollywood are known in Russia,i can list for ages their names…but only Angelina Jolie is very famous and favourite,beloved – really,really…
    she is considered as first actress which adopt child!!! and even from poor country…
    a little boy with brown skin,
    so uncommon appearance,she didn’t afraid bad inheritance of the boy(almost everybody afraid adopt children because of bad inheritance or something like that…)

  5. Erin Maurice RUSSIA says

    Do you know what OTHER people think about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?
    I will tell you a little…
    Other people – i mean from Russia(as i for example and many my friends),Ukraine,Belarus and many other…distant countries.

  6. Kiera says

    angelina really needs to put on the pounds. i hate how she looks skinny, and she could seriously die if she doesnt eat. and its setting a horrible example for girls everywhere. i love angelina as an actress, but if she doesnt gain some more weight, i know shes gonna lose one fan.

  7. ELLA says

    SHE ROCKS!!!

  8. ELLA says

    SHE ROCKS!!!

  9. tj says

    ok first of all, yes. angelina jolie is too skinny, but come on people she has a lot going on right now!! give angelina a break and angelina is a STRONG WOMAN!!! and a wonderful woman and a powerful woman angelina is many things!!! even a great mother!!! she’s a great mother that jennifer will never be!!! Angelina iss amazing simply pure and stunning!!! Brad did one WONDERFUL choice!! {{He left Jennifer for someone BETTER!!!!}} Jennifer didnt want to have a family and Angelina already did so Brad found is love and so did Angie!!! Jennifer could NEVER be the amazing woman powerful actress and great mother Angelina is, FOR SURE!!!. and SO WHAT if she is too skinny she get better!!! Angelina Jolie is certainly one of the BEST actress’ and people on the face of this earth!!!~!~!~!~!



  10. says

    She is so boney! She should gain more weight just for her children. No I take that back she should gain more weight for her self. That is redicouls. Her and so many other people are striving to be skinny. Just look at Linsy Lohan. She is skinny too. In my eyes people should thank god that the woke up in the morning.

  11. says

    She is so boney! She should gain more weight just for her children. No I take that back she should gain more weight for her self. That is redicouls. Her and so many other people are striving to be skinny. Just look at Linsy Lohan. She is skinny too. In my eyes people should thank god that the woke up in the morning.

  12. Nikki says

    she already amitted saying when Maddox is older he is gonna rebell agenst her to stay home!!!She knows its not good 4 the kids but when your a humanitarienist you halfto go to the places but at the same time she loves her family!

    You can`t even say “well why dosn`t she stop?”
    Cuz thats what inspired her to do something change , thats also something that made her wanna adopt!!!!!!

  13. vickie west virginia says

    Angie is a joke–she ran out and got pregrant-so she could keep Brad–if he wanted a red bike-she would of got that. Watch the way she uses this little girl. Look at all her past relationships–like wearing Bob’s bllod around her neck. If she really wanted to be a TRUE MOther-why doesn’t she stay home with the children and give them a home-where they can sleep each night–instead of running these poor children all over the place? Hey Angie write a check and just tuck those children in bed each night. Brad can make the movies and money. Who is always watching her children? Adopt some more children and hire another nanny. She is crazy and she is using these children–or she would be content in being a mother and partner to Brad..She will play with Brad’s heart strings with this poor little girl–What have you forgot her past loves??How great and perfect they all were??She is afraid to let Brad out of her sight!!! I think its great she helps children all over the world–how about giving them a home and a safe place for these children to have a place called home?? Her son-has never had a normal haircut–look at his face in these pictures–he always looks confused–he never knows what or where he will sleep–bringing another child into play-give that little boy a break–I wonder how he feels? Angie is going to get a little boy for him to play with now?? Children are not toys–As mother and parents we know how hard it for children to add another offsprings into a blended family–Who puts these children into bed every night-Angie–who do they awake to Angie–or nannies?????? Lets get real–look at the normal couples in Hollywood–and they don’t make it–Brad is pussy whipped right now–Angie just wants control–why was she in such a hurry to have his child? Why don’t they get married and commit? Angie is not a stable person—-I hope she breaks his heart and walks all over it–…………….

  14. Josie says

    I have always admired Angelina even though she had married that older guy Billy, never did understand that relationship. I think this relationship with Brad is perfect for her they seem to be two people that like challenges and are strong within themselves. He an Architect and her a vivacious and strong charecter, as some indicated in an article “a tomboy”. She has sophistication, intelligence, ambition and wants to be a good mother. She is not a W—e rater tasteless way to call anyone. Enjoy reading about their life, two beautiful people.

  15. Dawn says

    Not unusual shedding the pounds. Busy schedule and all. I was a single parent weighing 113 when my daughter was 4 months old. Sure it took me a while to gain some back, but consider your weight & fitness before pregancy.
    I had blood test done and everything was normal. I guess I was one of the lucky ones.
    Take care!

  16. nikki says

    OMG we already cleared that up i can SO
    tell your new! ok quick re cap:
    Brad wanted kids…
    Jen didn`t have kids(with him)….
    he did a movie with Angelina Jolie
    called Mr.&Mrs.Smith….
    they grew fond of each other…..
    then Brad met the KIDS!!…..(M/Z)
    Angelina amitted she was pregnat in Janurary……
    May 27 2006: Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-PITT!!! was born in Africa πŸ™‚
    M/Z got the new last name Jolie-PITT
    Brad says he is crazy in LOVE with ANGIE…!….
    BRAD told his parents resently to get ready he is gonna MARRIE Angelina Jolie!!……

    ok i left lil hints ….. πŸ™‚
    i would take back what you said if i were you πŸ™‚

  17. nikki says

    Carliegh i don`t remember putting words in your mouth?? you said they needed a stable life!? right?

    “give her and the kids a chance for some stability and peace. ”

    i mean i have 3 girls 5 3 1 (Angelina Violet and Addrianna)

    but yes they do like there own things but they also like going 2 new places !! but once again you are right but in a way you did kinda say they could have a stable life if they had a house (witch they do!) Angie judt whants to teach then about the word so when the time comes there will be lil Jolie-Pitt inbositores πŸ™‚

  18. susan MacDowell says

    I have the same problem – can’t gain weight. After 4 years I still am 5/4 98 lb. Anyone have a solution, beside eating, which I do. Have consulted Doctors.
    The children are gorgeous, as are their parents. Brad & Angie are so beautiful & giving inside, I hope this is passed along to their children.

  19. ilfaith says

    I think it’s a little disturbing that ten more pounds will help her “plump back up” to a size 2 jean (26″ = size 2). I think that dragging the family all over the world has taken a toll on her physically. The gir needs a little R&R.

  20. Nicki says

    37. Joelly – Even funnier is when people who despise them come here with entirely too much information(most from tabloids). It makes them look like they should have a restraining order against them.

  21. Anik says

    I think you are the bravest person I know. I was pregenant at same time as you Angelina and i was a very sensative person and when I would hear Bull Shit they would say about you and crap they would come up with just for entertament I would cry all the time, I couldn’t imagine my self going threw that being in your position. I always thought if your happy good for you and bad things do happen (Brad & Jen) but it happens for a reason(shit it happened to me). I realy loved that we were pregenant at the same time, well my daughter Lily-Ann was born on July 15, anywho I look up to you with 3 kids, filming movies, helping people in need and keeping a solid relationship, it takes a very strong person to achive all of those things.

  22. WoW says

    Carleigh said please! I’m impressed. And I agree with her on everything she said. Kids do need stability in their own homes. They like routine and probably get tired from all the moving around. It’s nice for them to experience new things but not all at once and not all the time. Little doses is good.

  23. carleigh says

    #22 Nikki–please don’t put words in my mouth! I really resent that when people do that to me. Read my comment in it’s entirety and don’t put your own personal “take” on my opinions please. IMO, when Brad and Angelina settle down in ONE spot and aren’t running around the world doing charity work or shooting movies I think all the kids will be better off. You know if you have children of your own (which I don’t know) they enjoy their own house, their own bed, their own toys, and some like my 3 y/o daughter are creatures of habit and resistant to change. Not saying my daughter doesn’t go anywhere but she definitely does prefer her own home to other places. M, Z and Shiloh will get the chance to see all the exotic places in the world but at the end of the day it’s nice for kids to have a set routine, the security, permanence and familiarity of their own home. That’s what I meant and that is JMO.

  24. Kate W says

    1)Did they airbrush out the veins on her arms??? 2) I think she looks a lot like Natalie Portman, on the Vogue cover.3) As the mother of three small children I’ve always wondered how she could keep up the jetsetting with her kids in tow. I find it exhausting just thinking of it.

  25. Joelly says

    Funny how people here get so worked up and come to the defense of celebrities they “think” they know.

  26. Diana says

    Amy – nobody cares, it is just good fun!! And why the bad language? There is no need for that ! πŸ˜‰

  27. Amy says

    why are you idiots fighting over whether or not some celebrity looks happy or not? they could be acting they could be not who gives a fuck?

  28. Amy says

    Team Aniston till the day I die. I like Angelina as a person, but I don’t like her relationship with Brad b/c he was still married when they got together. Plus, she got pregs way too quick. I think Brad still loves Jen.

  29. nikki says

    OK Mirika ….yes leave brad cuz Angie is too skinny!!!! NOO
    thats not any reason to leave a person in a way it should make you closer!!!!That is the WORST thing anyone could do in a hard time like that!!!!! You should be keeping her spirits up not crushing her like a bug!!!!

  30. nikki says

    Ok nobody cares about you “Team Aniston”
    i meen for all we know your doing right now
    she is too skiny cuz she is trying to hard to loos the baby weight!!!! OMG i meen just beacuse Jen isn`t with brad anymore dosn`t give you the right to be mean to someone you don`t even know!!!! why don`t you go be mean to Vince cuz Jen and him broke up!!?!? no you probably won`t just because you are not jelous of him you`re just Jelous of Angelina beacuse now she had the guy and Jen has nobuddy!!!
    Angelina-I–W-B-THEN-JEN!!!! sorry to say πŸ™‚

  31. Paula says

    I hope you’re right Nicki. The few you named are in long term relationships. But the key word is “few”. Goldie and Kurt are a great couple and when you see pictures of them, which is rare, they are always hugged up on each other. I just wish I would see them in a full embrace and not so standoffish with each other. You’d think they’d been together for 50 years from the pictures. Although my husband and I still hold hands when we go out and sit by each other and hug alot. We’ve been married 12 years. And my parents are always holding hands as long as they’ve been together, which is 40 years. Of course not everyone shows public affection. They aren’t comfortable with it, so maybe that is the case for these too. Not Brad of course, just Angie. I’ve seen Brad hanging all over Jen.

  32. Nicki says

    Paula you maybe right, but look at Susan S.& Tim Robbins, Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell, both at not married and 20 years +, and trying to stay current, many others over the 10 yr mark, and some married. So it isn’t totally impossible and when you find your true love, it just works.
    (I just remember DS or BW asking Jen in an interview in 2003, “Is Brad the love of your life?” and Jen’s answer was “Umm, well, I don’t know but he is a love of my life.” ) And I shouldn’t have put Jens quote in ” ” because it isn’t exact, but I do know for a fact she said she didn’t know if he was “the love of his life”. And that was in 2003, way before Mr & Mrs Smith.

  33. Paula says

    Sorry Nicki, but 2 years isn’t that long. Other celebrities have been married for longer and still broke up. What was Jen and Brad married for? 4 years? Still can happen and probably will. I hope not for the kids sake but, hey, that’s Hollywood. They are still getting to know each other. They jumped in pretty deep, really fast. I say about 5 years, they’ll wake up and wonder what happened.

  34. Nicki says

    I have a feeling if anyone of you saw them in an embrace in actual affection you would all self -combust. Please stop nit-picking. Almost 2 years later Angie & Brad are going strong and look like they love each other. Let’s move on to that!

  35. Litz says

    #21 Paula you are spot on, these two people looked happier with their previous partners and more natural, with each other they look very uncomfortable, I wonder what is wrong with their relationship, I would like to be a fly on the wall in their house.

    They both look more comfortable holding the children than looking at each other let alone touching, the last pictures I saw of them them touching were in Mr and Mrs Smith. I wonder what their actual relationship is, Brad looks like Angelina is going to give him some terrible disease and Angelina looks like Brad will scream DONT TOUCH ME if she dared, amazingly with the kids thay are o.k.

    I have a problem with unhappy people. #10 Nisa, your post is spot on. I can’t imagine a relationship of these two without the adopted kids. I hope they work harder at being happy for the sake of those kids. I thought the site fancy # 16 posted would have them more comfortable but it just comfirms what I have been saying all along Brad looks like he will catch an STD from Angelina, I know given her history he may, but come on enjoy yourselves while you are togather.

    Meow#12 she is not comfortable being thin that is why she is seeking medical help!

  36. nikki says

    Carliegh….yes i agree she needs to gain a few more pounds (just to be healthy) but to say her kids have a unstable life?Whats more stable then actually being with your family????
    Angelina looks beautiful (i/o) she is my idol:)

  37. Paula says

    You never see the two of them in a real hug or embrace. They are always just a few feet apart. Even when they were on the bike she was barely touching him. I’d have had my arms around him. She looks like a standoffish kind of person to me. I know most of the time they have the kids. But the ones I’ve been seeing there are no kids with them.

  38. Nicki says

    Fancy~ Isn’t that picture of the two of them in the snow just beautiful!!!! She is so thoughtful and loving. Nice birthday present for Brad.

  39. Kalista Brat says

    I don’t think Brangelina is that pretty when she has her hair up it makes her forehead look super big! I just found out that Brad Pitt and Katie Holmes birthday is on the 18th of December.That is funny I guess that means they have the same astrological thingies.

  40. Joelly says

    100 percent agreed with #10 Nisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She looks miserable and Brad looks estatic that he finally has the family he so badly wanted. I think his intentions are not as they seem, he probably doesn’t even know it but I think he has always been more attracted to the IDEA of Angelina (or should I say Angelina’s kids) and she sure reeled him completely in by getting pregnant. I think he had planned to be respectful to his ex in the months closely following his divorce but her OOPS I’M PREGNANT announcement kind of messed that up. I think she is pathetic, clingy and not at all this “strong” woman that people on this blog seem to think she is.

  41. Yvette says

    Wow #10 Nisa – How wrong you are!! Angie may be a little wild but GOOD for her! We all have little wierd things about us and Angie isn’t embarressed at all. She’s gorgeous inside and out!! Brad is good for her and he has always wanted a family. Jennifer was too stuffy for him and probably no fun. Angie may be a little skinny but isn’t everyone these days in Hollywood? And you don’t see other’s carrying around her children – SHE does. She’s a hands on mother and I love her.

  42. Meow! says

    Angie is an intense, strong woman with a lot of love and compassion to give. She’s not just another actress or pretty face. I hope Brad, who always struck me as more ummm, MOR, can keep up! He does seem to be striving for something more meaningful than stardom. Love being a powerful and transformative force they do have a great shot at a long life together. I wish them both health and happiness.

  43. Nisa says

    I think I will be the first negative, I like(d) Angelina before all this Brad thing after she adopted Maddox (I found her crazy before that), but now I think she is down right miserable, she should not wonder why she is losing weight, that relationship with Brad is not healthy for her.

    One rule I have is never get down with a man who treated his ex badly (I remember telling Britney this) and although Jen is no angel and they probably had other probs we dont know about, Brad is a selfish person who is using Angelina, this will come out sooner than later, every picture of them looks gloomier and gloomier, I notice Brad is content with the status quo, but Angelina is not, she has enough probs as it is with her parents, one terminally ill, the other enstranged, if Angelina is visiting Brads parents, (and that is a big if), it is all her Idea and trying to make this thing work, am sorry but I think Angie you have a raw deal here and look closer to you for the causes of your weight loss, soon your hair will fall off. that is what stress does, give the money to an orphanage instead of wasting it on a doctor!

  44. Lacy says

    i think angelina is a beautiful woman and has an absolutely beautiful family. i wish her and her family the best. just what mair said, i’m surprised no one has posted some rude remark yet. keep the nice posts coming, please, some people are just so rude. i would like some pictures of her and the baby though, you never see many of them. i think this baby is more hidden than the tomkat baby now. i’m surprised, i never thought any baby could be more hidden than suri. i guess i was wrong.

  45. mair says

    Thanks to you all for no nasty remarks…I love this family. I really appreciate the positive comments, and commend you for leaving them.

  46. carleigh says

    I hope Angie can put on some much needed weight her arms looks like little match sticks. Maybe now that they are finally going to stop trotting around the globe it will give her and the kids a chance for some stability and peace. She really needs to focus on her health and her kids as much as she does for charity she needs to keep up her strength and her health. If she get’s ill she’s of no use to her family or her charities, they all depend on her. She just needs some good cooking and some much needed rest away from Hollywood and filiming and she will recover.

  47. Nicki says

    * peace, not piece, what is wrong with me????
    I know, I know….. No need to elborate. Thanks.

    Angie looks beautiful, and looks even more beautiful in that red dress. Can’t wait to see the pic of her and Brad from this photo-shoot.

  48. Nicki says

    Wow, I love this family. So that is why we have no pics except for the “old, fat, bald” Brad from his movie? The kids and Angie are with his parents, wow glad they have some piece and quite. I’m glad everyting seeems to be great for the families, and not the friction the tabs report. (although who knows where this person got this story, could be (and no offence Allyssa G., nothing personal) from anyone)
    I do give Alyssa G much cudos for setting the (fake Suri pic)soon as she could. Thanks for that Alyssa πŸ™‚ much appprieciated.

  49. nikki says

    wow i knew it!!! i hope she can gain acouple of more pounds! just to be healthy…
    i think Angie looks great she always does


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