1. says

    oh my gosh would you guys stop fighting!holy shit,i think gwen is a great mother i wish she was my mother iam her biggest fan i love her so much.i mean look at her she is pretty and she has the cuttest baby on the planet theare a cute family and gwen your man is hot! and you are fantastic ,oh yeah kingston you are bleasd with great parnets.oh the people who i told to stop fighting what i ment to say was lucy and bc girl you are so enoying!

  2. Lara says

    Gwen & Gavin’s son Kingston is so adorable. He definately takes after both of his parents good looks. Gwen is more beautiful than she has ever been, and Gavin is gorgeous as always. They all make a beautiful family and as a long time devoted “No Doubt, Bush, and Gwen” fan, I’m wishing them all the best for a lifetime.

  3. Jazzmyn says

    Your baby boy is sooooooooooo cute Gwen! : ) But, u need to fix urself up cause u looked HORRIBLE in all of those photos : P.(no efense or anything) All that I’m sayin is that I think that u could look a whole lot better if u got some new clothes and if u work out some more. I know wat ur thinking, why tak advice from a kid? but trust me, I know wat I’m talkin about. Cause ur a pretty girl and you don’t want 2 reuin ur reputation.

  4. makea says

    lucy – don’t be such a pill. I find it hard to believe that gwen and gavin would actually bring kingston to an award show and subject him to the loud noise that you keep arguing about. Until I see it on tv, I find your argument baseless and rediculous. Look closely at the picture and you can see that its an airport, not the actual award show. And yes, although Kingston is with Gwen most of the time, he does have a nanny.

    I think its clear that you detest Gwen and thats that and your’e entitled to it. However, don’t bash others for liking her and make rediculous statements about the woman that you can’t even back up.

  5. Lucy says

    Did it every occur to you and your friends that some places are not good for babies or are you guys so self-absorbed that you think ALL places are okay for babies? Listen lady, parenting is one thing but exploitation is another–bringing a baby to a rock even isn’t parenting, it’s stupidity, but that’s what you get when your an egomaniac, which is what Miss STefani is. She uses her adorable son for publicity because her new music stinks and she has become a ridiculous person with ridiculous hair and clothing. And all you who adore her for stupid reasons should think again what you are doing.

  6. Melissa says

    Lucy, did it ever occur to you that maybe Gwen wants to be with her son? That she doesn’t want to leave him home with a nanny? That she enjoys being with him and taking him places? You don’t need to get so wound up about it. I have friends who are not celebrities who bring their babies with them everywhere. My house, the store, work. It’s called Parenting. Deal with it.

  7. Lucy says

    BC girl–get with the program and learn how to argue. A hotel room? Huh? and further, why should i admit gwen is a great mother. I don’t see how she interacts with her son. I don’t see how she talks to him, or anything else that would qualify her as a great mother. I see pictures of her with him, and yes, she looks devoted, but so do alot of other mothers and fathers who are not good parents. And so, when i see a woman leaving an awards show with a six month old I question her motherhood. If you can’t get that then i don’t know what to say. So, lady, chill out on the judgements and let people have their opinions.

  8. BC Girl says

    Another thing to note Lucy, the webmistress never said that Kingston was actually AT the Billboard Awards, it simply says they are on their way home from Awards. Maybe the Nanny/Babysitter stayed in a motel room and watched Kingston while his parents were at the awards. Or maybe he was staying with a family member or a family friend for a few hours. Dont just a book by its cover, and dont believe everything you read!!

  9. BC Girl says

    Lucy, you ask me why I cant “just admit that Gwen is a bad mother and an egomaniac with really bad hair and blah blah blahhhhh”… Hmm maybe I cant admit that because I think it is the farthest thing from the truth. Why cant YOU just admit that Gwen is great Mom and has really nice hair. I know why you cant admit it, cause thats not what YOU think. I am not trying to change your opinion of Gwen, everyone has different opinions, I am just saying that there always has to be something to complain about with people like you!!! People who pick everything apart just to find something wrong with every single thing that someone does!!

  10. Lucy says

    BC girl–Chill out you crazy lady. I don’t want to say taht Gwen is such a “good mother” because I don’t think she is. She’s taking her 6 month old to a loud music show, and I don’t think that’s good for the baby. Second, what does good parenting have to do with the baby being cute?Kingston is adorable, I just hope he won’t be deaf. What’s your problem girl? Can’t you just admit that Gwen isn’t such a great mother; rather, she’s an egomaniac with really bad hair and a ridiculous sense of style. She should grow up.

  11. BC Girl says

    Ya Lucy, cause you know exactly what kind of mother I am right?? You dont know shit.

    I was not saying that I myself would bring my baby to an awards show, all I was stating was what is the point about bitching about Gwen bringing Kingston to this show?? Everyone always has to bitch about something. You cant just say ‘ohh Kingston is so cute, Gwen is such a good Mother, what a cute family….”, there always has to be something to bitch about with celebs.

  12. Lucy says

    BC Girl who, except maybe you, would be asking why a 6 month old isn’t at an awards show. Sometimes, parents do use babysitters, and this is a situation where she should’ve used one. If being a good mother is bringing your baby everywhere, then I guess it’s okay to bring a baby to a bar, a club, a party, or wherever despite the fact that the situation may endanger the health, in this case, the hearing, of the child. Great mother you must be.

  13. BC Girl says

    What does a person have to do to be a ‘good mother’ in your eyes Lucy?? If this was a pic of Gwen and Gavin at the awards show WITHOUT Kingston, guaranteed everyone would be saying “Where is Kingston?? What kind of parents leave their baby at home so they can go party and attend an awards show, go home to your baby!!”… There is no pleasing people like you Lucy.

  14. Lucy says

    Great that she’s always with him, but she might want to use a bit of judegment. Taking a 6 month old to a loud, obnoxious awards show where the music is blaring sn’t exaclty “great” mothering, is it now? Taking a baby to an awards show is more of a publicity move that a good parenting move. In case you all don’t know, baby’s ears are delicate and such unbridled noise from the audience and live bands certainly can’t be good for him.

  15. carleigh says

    She is a great mother and they both appear to be completely enarmored and devoted to their beautiful little boy! That’s great to see and I hope they can sustain their marriage and continue to be as devoted and loving a family as they are now! They are great together and make a wonderful little family! Gwen is gorgeous, King is adorable and Gavin well Gavin is YUUUUUMMMMMMMMMYYYYYY!

  16. Meoow! says

    Forget Becks and the Mrs. Katie, forget Paris Britany, these two should be your new BFF’s. They’ve got it all going on esp. Gwen. She could teach you by example how to: effortlessly exude cool vibes, dress your age, find a hot sexy hubby,treat and dress your baby like a baby not a prop, have a life of your own, and number one thing : be a great mama 100% of the time!
    Gwen Rocks!

  17. Diva says

    “Sure, she’s always with him, but why?”

    Um, because she’s his mother and he’s an infant.

    You’re so used to seeing all these other moms running around without their kids day after day after day that you think it’s questionable when a mother has her child with her all the time? Sad.

  18. MissyMama says

    Lucy, you ask why Kingston is always with Gwen?!? Uh, maybe because she’s a normal mother who takes her nursling everywhere she goes and ENJOYS being with her child.

    I think it is so refreshing to see a star be so normal. I am a huge fan of Gwens and she has said, long ago that she yearned to have children, so she finally has everything she’s always wanted and is making the most out of everyday.

  19. BC Girl says

    Lucy how do you figure that she uses Kingston for publicity?? I dont think that is the case at all. Its hilarious, cause when the celebs (Britney and Katie Holmes) dont bring their kids out for a little while everyone says they are bad mothers. But then when someone like Gwen is always out with her baby some people still say that she is a bad mother because she is using him for publicity.

    I think Gwen seems like a very loving mother and Kingston is very lucky to have some parents in Hollywood that are normal!!

  20. clara says

    finally, a celebrity who slings their baby! I think she seems like an awesome fun mama and she knows exactly what her baby needs, to be close to his mom (or dad),

  21. tina says

    i remember her saying that they bought that beanie hat even before kingston was conceived! just because they fell in love with the hat, maybe it was fate. And gwen is not flaunting or using kingston to get attention, she is nursing so kingston goes where she goes! and yes gav does hold him i have seen photos but being a mother myself i love holding my 1 year old son, its an amazing bond. Gwen is fantastic and i didn’t like her last album! but the new song wind it up is fantastic!

  22. Lucy says

    I really can’t stand her. First, i think she is an egomaniac and she uses her son for publicity purposes. Sure, she’s always with him, but why? Second, she looks like a homeless person in that outfilt. And, I’ll add she’s got no talent.

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