Cindy Crawford Looking Glam At Movie Premiere

Cindy Crawford, mother of two, looks gorgeous as she arrives at the premiere of The Good German in LA.

Cindy Crawford

And in somewhat random news, Cindy now has her own line of children’s furniture…hmmmm… You can check it out here. There are Presley and Kaia furniture collections!



  1. bahesmama says

    Hmm, I remember a day when celebs tried to protect their children from the media. I can see here that she’s taking the Kathy Ireland route to more income streams for “Cindy, Inc.”, but merchandising your children? That smacks too much of Kathie Lee Gifford. I always thought that Cindy was intelligent (she was a valedictorian and chemical engineering student!) and diligent (wasn’t that her modeling rep, the “professional, on-time one”?).

    If she wants to do the merchandising thing she should take a cue from Jaclyn (sp?) Smith and from Jackie O concerning shielding her children.

  2. Brandy says

    I see nothing unique about this furniture “collection” of hers. It is the same design as stuff that’s already out, she just put her children’s names on them. Oh well though, whatever sells right.

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