Katie Holmes & Suri Pay A Visit To Victoria Beckham

A glowy Katie Holmes took Suri to visit Victoria Beckham yesterday…Victoria is staying at a hotel in Beverly Hills.

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise



  1. Trish says

    I think Suri is a gorgeous baby and I am not just saying it to be nice like some of you in here who think all babies are beautiful cause they are not. I saw ginger spice’s baby bluebell and I have to tell you people that I do NOT think she is beautiful! I think Shiloh is cute and I would like to see her again because I have not had enough of her yet.

  2. Andrea says

    I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree on that one because there is no way i could ever believe that Tom Cruise can conceive a child and unfortunately Suri is no good enough proof as she doesn’t look like him one bit thus comforting me in the idea that he is not the biological child. Oh well, Tom may have succeded in fooling you but he won’t fool me. Nice chatting with ya though!

  3. !!! says

    #93, where are you getting the idea I said he divorce her because she couldn’t have a child?!?!?! I never said that read my comment again!!!! I said I think its Nicole who might have a problem carrying a child because she had a miscarriage. Tom was happy with her and even adapted children so I don’t think he divorced her because she can’t have children but I do think they divorced might have to do with Scientology though.

  4. Andrea says

    Oh please, you believe that you believe anything! Are you leaving in fantasy land? So basically all you are saying is that Tom is vain enough to divorce his beloved wife of 10 years just because she couldn’t get pregnant! Well that says a lot about what kind of man Tom Cruise really is. You proved my point. I rest my case.

  5. !!! says

    yeah yeah more excuse. As far as I know Nicole is 39 yrs old and people can have children at 60 this days and she has money to do IVF. I read in one of this post that Tom actually sued a newspaper for saying he had low sperm count and won, while he was still with Nicole Kidman…how do you explain that. All this sounds far fetch to me because someone somewhere knows the truth including Tom and Nicole Kidman’s friends and family and if this was false and Tom was liying the truth would have come out by now since the media is so interested in his life and will pay so much.

  6. Andrea says

    Exactly! that’s 9 yrs!! Only now she is married and can therefore think of having a baby! Bur she has aged! Don’t you know that it’s getting more and more diffcult for ladies to conceive approaching 40?! Her chances to conceive have been ruined by Tom Cruise all those years! Now the clock is ticking for her.

  7. !!! says

    # 87. If Nicole was so desperate to have a baby that much then it has been nearly 7 yrs since they divorce. She is been in a relationship for 2 yrs married for 6 months to the same guy so where is the baby that she was so desperate for? I can’t believe you’re making me defend TOM CRUISE!!!

  8. Andrea says

    One more thing, Tom is vain but not that vain! He wouldn’t divorce his beloved wife of 10 years because she couldn’t get pregnant! They had 2 adopted kids for God Sakes so he already knew they had problems conceiving and decideing to deal with it by adopting!! The real reason why he divorced her was because she was trying to have a baby with some other guy’s sperm without his consent (either by sperm bank or she had an affair). Obviously he didn’t like it one bit and asked for a divorce. That’s the REAL story. Make of it what you will.

  9. !!! says

    #84, Who told you the “official story”?lol. Its so funny how some of you try to know everything even better than the party involved and 84 seem to know better than the media too. I would think he didn’t have children with Mimi because when he was married to Mimi, he was just starting as an actor and he was so into Scientology at that time, which btw his wife introduce to him and even Mimi said they divorced because he was very busy and into the religion so much. There are so many actors who don’t have children straight away does Brad and Jen ring a bell they were married for 5 yrs and together for 7yrs so that doesn’t prove anything. Anyways we’ll just have to wait and see if Tom and Katie have more children like Suri who look like both her parent!

  10. Andrea says

    And by the way how do you expplain that he didn’t have any kid from his first wife Mimi Rogers either. She had problems carrying a child as well did she?!??

  11. Andrea says

    #83, that’s the ‘official/look good” story. The REAL story goes that Kidman was so desperate for a baby of her own that she went to a sperm bank (or to another man) in a desparate attempt to get pregnant. Tom was so upset when he found out that he dumped/divorced her. But that they won’t tell you.

  12. !!! says

    I don’t know how its unbelievable that Tom is the father for some of you. First of all SURI looks exactly like him specially her eyes and hair and has Katie’s lips and hopefully nose too. To me she looks like a mini Tom Cruise and even though not a fan of her dad I think she is the cutest celeb baby.
    How did you guys come up with the fact that Tom might be sterile because you can google it Nicole kidman was pregnant with his child not once but twice and had a miscarriage. I think its Nicole Kidman who has a problem carrying a child.
    This is from BBC…
    But Kidman had a miscarriage, losing Cruise’s baby – and later claimed she had begged Cruise not to give up on their marriage.

  13. Andrea says

    Jayden and Shiloh are of no real interest to the general public because there is no controversy surrounding them or their parents. With Suri it’s a whole different ball game all together! The more we see her the closer we think we are to elucidate who she looks like the most and therefore who her biological father may be. So until there is somehow undeniable proof that Tom is the biological father, Suri will be the focus of every photog and pap for many years to come.

    and #69, very believable indeed!

  14. Nicki says

    Jen- Thanks for the info. I had read somewhere that Kirsty had plans, vacation with her kids or something like that, and went ahead with that. Maybe she and John will attend this party. I’m sure they will release pics of it.
    Thanks again.

  15. Jen says

    Nicki, this little info is for you, because I remember you asking why John Travolta and Kristin wasn’t at the wedding and I just read that Paula, Tom’s producing partner is throwing a party for TomKat this weekend for friends and family who weren’t able to attend the Rome wedding and just maybe they might attend this party. Here is the link…
    Tom & Katie: Their Busy Post-Honeymoon Lives

  16. Paula says

    Poor Suri, everyone poking jabs at her and her parents. Let’s see how many people loose interest in her and start the “where’s shiloh” thing. We’re going to hear weird stuff about her soon too, like she’s all splotchy or the collegan in her lips ran out or some stupid thing like that. Gosh ladies. Do you read your posts? I think some of you try and out do the other one to see who can think up the most outlandish stuff.

  17. Jackie says

    #77 Nicki, you are right I would like to see Shiloh too and find out what she looks like now, the picture in the hood looked like she favours Brad Pitt, I think they were wise in showing their child right at the beginning it removed any unneccessary speculation, in those pictures she looked like any other baby, I didn’t like them though.

    I agree with Nisa #75 that Suri is fascinating and you can’t stop looking at her, she is different, all babies tend to look the same, not Suri, look at Geri’s baby on this site, she is cute but I bet her next picture will not be different.

    Also I think the hullabaloo about Brad and Angelina is dying down (after team Aniston team Jolie) there is nothing new or controversial anymore and no new developments, may be if they marry which is unlikely.

  18. Nicki says

    Nisa- I have to agree with this statement- Jayden James cannot look that different from from Sean P. And that is why no cry out to see his pics. Sean P. is a very cute baby, and I expect Jaden to look just like him.
    Suri is a cute baby, but after the wedding parade, I’ve had enough of her for awhile.
    She is a cute baby, and I like her expressions, but have seen many, enough, pics of her for now. If Katie wants to cover her, fine, she is her Mom and will do what she thinks best. She will be out and about when they feel it is right.
    Most people would love to see Shiloh again, don’t kid yourself.

  19. Nisa says

    Lyla #74 please note;
    1.These people are called celebrities (superstars), their lives and talents are celebrated all over the world, we helped make them rich by going to their movies and buying their products, they would most probably be angry if we did not take pictures of them or blog about them. Stars like being stars and being talked about to the point of deliberately removing their underwear if it will generate gossip!

    2. Notice that it is so much fun to blog, and these are public figures (first amendment) and we have not broken into their homes, it is like gossiping, it is fun, that is why it is still the favourite pass time for millenia.

    3. Blogging helps people in the mass media industry acquire information and attitudes of the people for whom they write.

    4. Many celebrities have now admitted to blogging, themselves and finding out what their fans say about them so I guess it is cool, don’t cry louder than the bereaved. Though I hope Tom kat don’t blog it would leave Katie in tears (she minds all the sh*t they write out there), Tom is a hard nut, actually he and Vic Becs are the hardest nuts in show biz, I wish they had met earlier, they would make an interesting couple, Mr I- know – it all, and Ms I -wont -bend under pressure fashionista (I like fantasy).

    Crystal #72 and all those with plans to ask that question, please, this is a capitalistic era, which follows the laws of demand and supply, people are not asking about Shiloh and Jayden James because we don’t want to see them, what we have seen is enough.
    ( I don’t care if it is only feet). Suri is fascinating I wonder how Tom kat managed to get us there.

    Actually Britney was holding out in order to sell JJ’s pictures to raise money to promote K-fed’s album, the plan was to hide him from the public inorder to generate a lot of curiosity a la Suri frenzy, so that the pictures sell a lot……… the divorce I think changes things…. complete with Anna Leibovitz taking the pictures (some people over estimate their worth), hmnnn…she should have sold the pantless ones instead of them going free of charge, you would be surprised they would sell a lot more than JJs, I know because am in this industry.

    Bottom line, if we see a picture of Shilohor Jayden James- good, if we don’t, who cares? I mean Jayden James cannot look that different from from Sean P, I guess the when L. Ron (Hubbard) Cruise comes along next year, the public will have calmed down (why do I get a feeling that is unlikely………I wonder)

  20. LYLA says

    Let me tell you all something
    if tom and katie were to be here reading this they’d be laughing!
    i don’t understand why you people actually sit here and waste your time having debates about these shallow rich people who have so much money that they dont know what to do with it when they could all gang up and help stop poverty!
    Now if you think about it logically (helping uoy all out) the reason why katie was covering up this no less then ordinary baby suri was because ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY!
    they know how much the public want to see her they know how many billions of fans they have craving suris photo!
    so they cover her up until they want the paparazzi to take her picture and then MAKE MONEY OUT OF THEIR OWN CHILD!
    it has notthing to do with the child being cold =GET HER A FULL COAT LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE DO!
    it has nothing to do with the paparaxzi= SURI HAS GOT PHOTOGRAPHED EVEN TIMES BEFORE HAND!
    and i woild like to say that i have seen babies which arnt celebs and they are way cuter,way happier and way content because they are not shipped from plane to plane 24/7!
    they have a stable upbringing!

  21. !!!!! says

    suri is a very pretty little little girl! and i think she looks so much like tom to!
    comparing shiloh with suri suri beats all rounds!
    and yeah totally true to christal where THE FUK IS JAYDEN JAMES ive only seen a pic of him in a blanket with 2 feet sticking out!
    and shiloh with as pinky blanket over her to!
    it just goes to show that all celebs do this even if their childs photo has been seen before they do this for their own personal reasons!
    number 1 suri hasnt been out much and isnt used to all the paparazzi and probably gets scared i know i’d be if i had a million ppl taking pics of me!
    and number two it was probably cold or suri was sleeping or maybe katie just didnt want her child being photographed full stop!

  22. Christal says

    It’s fucking cold out side she is doing the right thing!Why don’t you complaine about Shiloh! The last pics I saw of her had her covered in broad day light with what looked like a bed sheet! Where the hell is Jayden James? Does he even exist?

  23. LeAnne says

    As far as the blanket issue, I am not really sure why this is so strange. I would cover my child with a blanket too if I had strange people all around me.

  24. LeAnne says

    I personally think that Suri looks a lot like Tom. I too thought at first that it had to be a sperm donor, as I thought he was unable to get anyone pregnant (I know he and Nicole supposedly tried repeatedly). However, I am now warming the the idea that this is his real child. I really think she looks way more like him than she does Katie, however she seems to have some traits of Katie too. She is a cute baby (notice I said cute and not beautiful). She will probably grow up to be a pretty little girl.

  25. Andrea says

    and by the way Helen #65, don’t worry it’s only a simple temporary after-wedding effect! all the bashing will start again at Tom’s next crazy public outburst on Scientology or something or the other.. You just wait, it shouldn’t be too long now.. Can’t wait! Unless of course he has leanrt his lesson and will keep his big mouth shut once and for all which will be ablessing to us all!

  26. Andrea says

    #63 don’t be silly! Suri looks nothing like Tom! She looks a lot like Katie however. Still, i demand to know who the real father is! ‘You was the sperm donor of that child?’, that’s the very question which will be hunting the papers for many years to come..

  27. Helen says

    This days every celebrity blog I go to, people seems to warm up to this family specially after the wedding. I’m happy because I’m a fan.

  28. LITZ says

    Believe me Linda #61, she enjoys this life, look at her, she is glowing, celebrities love fame, that is why they seek it in the first place and she is rich, with a handsome husband ( I dont care much for Tom but I agree there are times he looks gooooooooood! ), a gorgeous baby and a supportive family, what more can she ask for?

    #59 faci de asis, I read in one magazine after her split with Chris Klein before hooking up with Tom, when she was asked whether she still stuck to her vow of celibacy before marriage and she said she still did,I remember finding that reeeeeally strangeeee for a beautiful girl in hollywood and I didnt believe her since she was engaged to klein for three years (although it is on record she never moved in with him), but in an interview with Elle magazine when Klien was asked about the baby looking like him, he said it was definately not his and if we knew the truth we wouldn’t even speculate that it was his….. then he said they split because their realtionship was a childish fantasy and they grew up (not exact words).

    I also remember the same people giving Tom a lot of shit that the child is not his bashing him for spoiling a nice virgin catholic girl. This is what makes the Tom Kat saga so entertaining, the theories and conspiracies, if Katie was supposedly a virgin (I still refuse to believe it), then how can the Suri belong to her exes Klein or Hartnett?

    Sadly that question has been put to rest because even I admit Suri does look like Tom, I really wanted her to look like Klein (am not a bad person) just so that we build more conspirancies and have fun a cruise’s expense he is so cocky and know- it -all he could drive a saint to murder!! Just for once I wanted something not to go cruise control so that he learns that he is only human!

    You know when it took so long to release pictures, I knew we had him, either the baby was deformed or not his you can imagine how I felt when I switched on the news only to see the most gorgeous baby I had ever seen on tp of VF ( it hurt), and though I shouted, ..”she doesnt look like Tom..”, the wedding pictures really bust my bubble. I hope we have another opportunity to catch Cruise. He seems to have beaten us so far!

  29. Laurie says

    I feel sorry for Tom & Katie and their family to have to go through such an awful backlash from people and the press. I mean yes he has been a bit over the top from time to time, and yes sometimes he comes across as an arrogant know-it-all when he says stuff like ‘i know the history of psychology’ on national TV, and yes he comes across as pretentious and a bit of a show-off when jumping on a couch on national TV to tell the world how much in love he is. But can you really blame him? He is only human. I mean after so many failed marriages and relationships and after so many years of being accused of being gay and sterile, can you blame him? The man needs to show at last that he has found ‘happiness’, ‘love’ and ‘fathered’ his own biological child. So let him be. I mean if i were him and i had his money, yes i’d go for it just like he did! I’d buy myself some bride, a baby and make the world believe that i’m not gay, i’m not sterile and most of all, i have found happiness in my life. Yes i’d do it just like he did. After all that’s what money is for,to buy you what you long for in life!

  30. correction says

    46,#54 Please be fair to Tomand Katie. Chris Klein is a litle bald not dark haired, small eyes, and etc. Suri inherited her expressive looks and dark hair from Tom. As we all knew Katie is very conservative woman she would not dare have sex with any one aside from her husband (they were married last July 05 in California). 5th commandment, thou shalt bear false witness against thy neighbor

  31. faci de asis says

    #46,#54 Please be fair to Tomand Katie. Chris Klein is a litle bald not dark haired, small eyes, and etc. Suri inherited her expressive looks and dark hair from Tom. As we all knew Katie is very conservative woman he would not dare have sex with any one aside from her husband (they were married last July 05 in California). 5th commandment, thou shalt bear false witness against thy neighbor.

  32. Nisa says

    Alice, #45 and #52 the way you talk about it is as if by denying they had nannies, celebrities caused you serious harm, sometimes we have to realise that these are people like us only that their lives are under a microscope, may be they dont consider that lady a nanny but Suri’s body guard.

    Sally Anne #53, the minister is not the head of scientology, the best man David Mscavige is, and he is Tom’s best friend, wow, isn’t that cool, being the best friend of the pope.

    And yes they are free to make their wedding a scientology propaganda since it is what they believe in and find nothing wrong with it, I attended a wedding a couple of weeks ago and they were born again christians, the whole wedding was filled with preachings of christ and asking us to turn to christ we were given gift bags small new testament bibles, a prayer book and sweets as wedding presents. I did not complain because I was a non christian guest and I didnt have to take these presents, the same goes for guests at the tomkat wedding, they did not have to convert to scientology indeed they are free to throw away the gift bags and coupons, hey it is a free world, no one is forcing any one to do anything!

  33. Jen says

    #50. Sian, you see this is the kind of rumor Katie was taking about in VF. The gift bags were an armani towel with Tom and Katie’s initial and they’re trying to keep quite about their religion since the backlash from the media and other than them getting married in a Scientology ceremony they did not have anything like you’re saying they did, to me that sounds like just jealousy if you need to start saying “I heard that” this and this… if that was true you could at least tell us your source. To me since the wedding was all about close friends and family , the people they invited already know about Scientology from Tom and Katie and if they need to recruit them they could do that before the wedding since they know then and all. Also people magazine has said Katie had her hometown friends at the wedding. I hope people will be able to read past the headlines and gossips that the mainstream media provides.

  34. Diana says

    I can see the likeness between Suri and Chris Klein but I certainly do think that is Tom’s baby more than Chris’ baby. I wish them both the best of luck and all the best wishes in the world. It is just a shame that they have got involved with Scientology as it seems such a weird cult. Lets just hope they see sense.

  35. Oh My GOD says

    #46, thanks for the pic! I watched one of the American Pie movies last night and oh my God! Chris Klein! all i could see was Suri!!! and in that pic you posted Suri look so much like him! Unbelievable!! Could this really be true?!?!!!

  36. SallyAnne says

    #50, I’m not surprised that this wedding was in fact a scientology propaganda event. The whole thing was scientology oriented, the minister himself was the head of scientology, what do you expect? The scientologists are money grabbing parasites. And after all the bad publicity Tom Cruise had caused to them lately, what better way to redeem himself in their eyes than to help them recruit some more gullibly stupid but filthy rich celebs like JLo and Victoria beckams. It all makes so much sense now.

  37. Alice says

    Lola no there is nothing wrong with celebs having nannies, if only they admitted to it and they stopped pretending they don’t have them. Tomkat said that they exclusively were relying on their family members who live with them full time to help looking after Suri.

  38. LOLA says

    I have never understood why people criticise celebrities for having nannies, I mean if we common folk have nannies for our kids, what about them? It is normal to want to have some one to help you with your baby otherwise you will ignore your husband and that will be the end of your marriage, a baby can be so demanding, and just because she has a nanny does not mean she loves the baby any less.

    Remember in the VF article, Tom and katie said Tom’s mother and one of his sisters stay with them full time and help them out in every thing, so I don’t think she has a whole hode of nannies. As Lisa has pointed out, Suri looks a well adjusted, alert and very happy baby.

  39. Sian says

    Now that she has alienated any potential old/new friends of hers having those scientologists handlers going everywhere she goes, she is now left with the likes of victoria beckham to go visit. How sad. And I doubt that any of her friends from home (that she used to spoke to several times a week till she met Tom that is) were at her wedding. I heard that everyone at the ceremony got gift bags filled with free coupons for auditing sessions pamphlets and a book on Scientology, so it seems Katies dream wedding was really an extravagant recruiting event.

  40. Lisa says

    #45. Alice , if you read VF article again it says she is a hands on mother but there is nothing about them having or not having a nanny. I always thought they had a nanny otherwise who will look after the baby when they attend Tom’s children game on the weekend? We don’t know what there lives is like and we can’t judge them from one pic but from the video and the pics I’ve seen of Suri is looks like a alert, very happy child and has connection with both her mother and father.

  41. Alice says

    Who wears high hells when they have a baby to take care of. I love how the celebs do everything for the camera. According to the VF article Katie was a “hands on’ mother, with NO nanny. Yeah right and she also plans the meals, cooks the dinner and cleans, right?katie DOES have a nanny and she is just playing mommy for the photo op. If you check those pics on katieholmes.com the nanny has the baby bottle in hands and flat shoes so i guess the nanny is REALLY the one in charge OFF camera. Just another fabrication to make it seem like they are the “perfect” family.

  42. SallyAnne says

    I personnaly believe that the reason why Suri (and the Cruises) are so intriguing to us is because of the whole controversy that has been surronding her and her parents from the very start. It’s been like a real-life soap-opera that we’ve been following for almost 2 years now and we can’t have enough of it, wanting to know more. There is so much mystery surrounding Suri’s real age and paternity, not to mention the real motives behind Tom and Katie union in the first place. Is it a buziness deal or is it for real? Is Tom gay or straight? Is he sterile or did he really father Suri? Who’s Suri ral biological father? Every one has it’s own opinion on the subject matter and it’s fun to play Lieutenant Columbo and try and guess what really happened.

  43. Jackie says

    I agree with you lola #29, there is something about Suri in that little face, she looks like a baby you would want to know more about even if you just saw her, she has such interesting facial expressions that make you want to tickle her even if you are a tomkat basher. Other babies are just cute or sweet without so much character. I would most definately want to see more of her.

  44. CJK says

    I wouldn’t have taken my baby out in public either if I knew that so much scrutiny would be applied to her appearence. No woman wants to hear hateful comments about their childrearing skills, much less have to hear that their baby is unattractive!
    I propose that very few commentors on this site could live up to the perfection this woman is supposed emulate.

  45. In my opinion,,,, says

    I wish that the scientology aliens would beam this whole family up to the mother ship! bye-bye!

  46. Fancy says

    Hi Honey one of 2 or 3 “know it alls on the site”, and in this case proud of it, who experienced that exact hair loss post partum and went through growing out the funny bangs. In my case I had my hair stylist cut more and it looked intentional and not bad. Katie has obviously decided to let it just go and while it looks kinda nervous affliction-y that’s her choice. She’s young enough it’s not totally heinous looking. It is NOT on purpose. How can you be such a git? It remains to be seen if she can pull off “anything”. That’s a pretty tall order.

  47. says

    Wow, amazing how two little crappy photos of a mom attempting to get out of a car can determine so much about her skills not only as a mom, but also as a wife, friend, choice of apparently gay husband…this girl can’t do anything right, can she? You people need to relax and kind of get a life, I think. Many of you seem to think you can read the future or know the innermost secrets of Hollywood’s biggest stars…you could be making money with your predictions, you know.

    And by the way, James, I was informed by a know it all on this site that Katie’s bangs are from post partum. Personally, I think a person with her kind of money would have no trouble having those things covered up if they were incidental. I think she’s done it on purpose, and they’re kind of cute. She can pull off anything, don’t know too many others who could wear them and look good!!

  48. Dani says

    Nisa sorry if I offended your prim sensibilities. You must get a lot of that on this site. Tom will tell you he is not gay. His actions will tell you he likes to have sex with men. Whatever. Some of us don’t see being gay as a negative, but then again some of us are not Scientologists, who do. Guess you can’t have your Xenu and know him in the regular biblical sense too.
    ( Apparently your Miss Priss attitude doesn’t extend to not laughing your ass off at other peoples religions. . . )

  49. Nisa says

    DANI# 32 I don’t want to sound like some holier than thou b***ch but crudeness is not for me, it is kind of off putting, if I want to say that some one is gay, I would say just that, their relationships are up for speculation and when Tom s publicist comes out and says he is having a raging affair with Becks, then I will brand him as gay, since I have no proof to that end, I will only talk about xenu and fashion.

    I read about scientology the other day, it is really really wierd, but it is their choice and they are happy, I think people should be happy, life is a short while and seriously we don’t know whether xenu or God is on the other side! I am sure it is not xenu and the Thetans, actually reading about scientology is very interesting you can laugh till your insides hurt!

  50. Dani says

    Nisa ” by this time next year the Beckhams will be Scientologists and Katie will be a fashionista” You can add “and Tom will be in Davids pants” because that’s what’s really driving all this “friendship”.

  51. Trish says

    I’ve seen a ton of Suri Cruise pictures already, but I find myself still wanting to see even more.I wish they would bring out Shiloh.I didn’t think she looked cute in the last pic we saw of them.I think that Angelina and Brad probably saw all the comments from people saying that Suri is prettier than Shiloh.She didn’t want people comparing her baby and now has hidden her as much as possible!

  52. lola says

    #23 Debbie, please notice that the whole world id not screaming ”where is Shiloh?” or Jyden James, there is a reason, they are not as interestingas Suri, (may be Shiloh a little), some people are not as interesting as others, remember Tom was supposed to be Sterile, it is very interesting to see Suri, and the truth is there is something about Shiloh’s parents that does not leave you with a warm feeling, their relationship does not look like it is going places, we all feel sorry for Brad! (some for Angelina). Even Ben Affleck’s relationship is more interesting than theirs, in the beginning, the Brangelina affair seemed interesting but they look so stiff and the world loves a love affair!

    We have already seen Shiloh, she is a cutie but not like Suri, there is something about Suri that is so entracing, you want to look at her again and again, I hope the aliens are not getting to us. I will bet you if they took her back in hiding we would start screaming again.

    Most babies tend to look alike but trust Tomkat to come up with a different one, man she is a beauty and she has character at such a tender age!

  53. jill says

    WOW! how does anyone knw if katie holmes/cruise is “slow” at being a mom..if she doesnt want to take the child out in public or covers her when she does, what is wrong with that? who knows what goes on in these peoples lives…we see pictures and think we have the right to judge them?? ridiculous?

  54. keppa says

    Makes so much sense….everyone who wanted to see her so badly now admits not only is suri real…she’s pretty cute! but now….katie must be a horrible mother because she decides to shield her child from what she wants….you’re right, what a bad mom! of course, if katie was alone you’d all be moaning about “where’s suri? must be fake! we were right!”

    is it just me or are most people nuts? must feel nice to ride on your high horse so often

  55. keppa says

    Makes so much sense….everyone who wanted to see her so badly now admits not only is suri really….she’s pretty cute! but now….katie must be a horrible mother because she decides to shield her child from what she wants….you’re right, what a bad mom! of course, if katie was alone you’d all be moaning about “where’s suri? must be fake? we were right!”

    is it just me or are most people nuts? must feel nice to ride on your high horse so often

  56. debbie says

    We’ve seen Suri plenty but what about Shiloh? Where the fuck is Shiloh? Poor thing.I get a feeling that Angelina keeping her away from her grandpa is going to come back to her.She is gonna get bad kharma from Shiloh when she grows up.

  57. charline says

    You people are so blind with jealousy just because you feel owed a picture! It has been really stinkin cold lately! It wasn’t as cold during the time they were in Rome here in the US.It’s really cold now and windy too.It is night time in the picture and that is when it starts getting really cold so there is nothing wrong with Katie covering the baby with a warm blanket!

  58. Nisa says

    I guess Suri must be asleep, she is too hyperactive a child to cover and not tear away the blanket. I don’t know whether Vic Becks should be running to the US if she wants to run away from the paps and again move in next to Tom kat, that is ironic, the British press is harsh but the American one can hound you to no end. I think it is from the frying pan into the fire.

    I like vic but I don’t think the Beckams and the cruises are healthy for each other, especially the wife, Katie is a young impressionable girl (though I don’t think she can be bullied) and Vic is full of strange ideas hmmmmmmmm let us see how it works out. I can bet by this time next year, the Beckams will be scientologists! And Katie will be a fashionista.

  59. Jackie says

    I appreciate all of you for standing up for Katie about covering the child, but I still don’t want her to cover little Suri, I dont care much for Tomkat, but that little girl makes me smile and I hope next time she does not cover her, I have seen her asleep before in Rome and she was not covered so I don’t care what her reasons are, she is a celebrity and I campaigned hard for the baby to be shown, I don’t like her covered! I think she is the cutest thing in hollywood, I would like to see more of her!

  60. Andrea says

    Sorry for the double post, had to post under a different name as my post wouldn’t show. I thought the webmistress blocked me from posting or something..

  61. Lilly says

    For all we know is a plastic baby doll under that blanket! My guess is Tomkat are using a dummy, therefore covering it up, to test the US photogs/paps reaction at ‘Suri’ being taken out in the streets. After all this is only the very first time ever that Suri is being taken out in the US. I don’t think control freak Cruise would take as great a risk to let Katie take Suri out in the US for the very first time without himself being there.

  62. Andrea says

    For all we know it could be a plastic baby doll under that blanket. Not sure whether the control freak Tom cruise would allow Katie to take Suri in the street without him being there. My guess is it’s not Suri under that blanket but it’s just a test to see how the US photogs/paps behave. After all don’t forget that this is the first time ever Suri is being taken out in the streets of the US.

  63. pat says

    Bravo! Most all the comments (with a couple of exceptions) are of others who only want to pass judgement. She is a great mom. ( just going by what I see in her eyes as she looks at her child ). Give them a break. and the fact she has not been arrested for disregard for her child in any way.

  64. ******** says

    stupid idiots, I am so glad we have people who can predict the weather and decide if a baby needs a blanket to protect her ears from the cool breeze, or maybe from the flashing bulbs, or maybe from noisy people. She has shown herself to be a good mother. Have we read where she has beat or neglected her child in any way? NO. Do we have ignorant, self proclaimed know everything I’ll tell you what is right people in the world today? Yes we do right here in the comments made 1-12. STUPID IDIOTS

  65. Hmmm... says

    They didn’t worry about flashbulbs when they were parading Suri around Rome, did they? By the way…it was high 70’s in CA yesterday-no need for blanket. Don’t make excuses for the freaks!

  66. scarlet says

    Oh Katie has finally gotten the hang of bring out her baby..She is only months behind…It is about time she really became a mother to little Suri..It is amazin how Suri is out in public now…Blanket to cover babies from cameras is amazing…Katie is a little slow at many things including being a mother…

  67. Christal says

    you all are not considering it is December and Katie might be trying to keep Suri warm…after all these pictures are taken at night time…and maybe she was sleeping…I do feel sorry for the number of flashing bulbs these people have to endure each time the step outside of their homes!

  68. Fancy says

    Suri, pah, thats Mrs. Beckham under that blanket! She’s finally gotten small enough to become an accessory.

  69. Cam says

    Katie is indeed glowing and she looks great without those big sun-glasses. I think Suri must have slept during their visit and had to cover her so she won’t wake up from the flashes.

  70. BristishMumma says

    Maybe SurI is sleeping and Katie has her wrapped up to keep her from being woken by all the camera flashes

  71. Nisa says

    Katie is defiantely glowing, but I hope little Suri is not going to be hidden like that all the time because she is a cute one and nice to look at, is Vic Becks ill, why doesnt she go to Telluride?

  72. GG says

    She’s a great Mom for covering her child to protect her eyes from the zillion flashing lights of the cameras that are constantly on them … ever watch any live video feeds of these poor people. It’s light a freaking light show!!!!

  73. 2kids2many says

    Okay, I think I get it….now that Suri has made her grand appearance at Katie and Tom’s wedding, she is free to go out and about with mom now (and not be locked away!) Interesting! Why cover her up? We’ve all seen her! She’s no BIG suprise anymore!

    What an interest pair…Katie and Vicotria! I wonder what they talk about?

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