Britney Spears Looking Happy & Pretty!

Just a cute pic of Britney, 25, leaving a liquor store in Malibu yesterday. Her shirt is very pretty!

Britney Spears



  1. Jen says

    She looks so skinny again. How did she loose all that weight. Seems like before x-mass they showed her looking 40lbs heavier than she does in these photos. wow.

  2. nikki says

    i don`t get why you guys are being so mean
    (not all of you) think of it thins way
    she`ll party …the kids will be taken away…
    then she MIGHT straighten out.
    key word “Might.”
    well eather way i just hope the kids don`t grow up to do drugs and get a bunch of girls preg just because Brit wasn`t a mom….( may over state it a little:) )

  3. BC Girl says

    Gracelyn, just because we think she is a bad mother does NOT meen that we need treatment, that is the most ridiculous thing I have heard!! Maybe you need treatment because what you think she is doing is okay…

  4. gracelyn says

    My God she owes you people nothing, not an apoligy, not an explanation! Im concerned that alot of you might need some kind of treatment for being so angry and cruel towards people you dont know!!

  5. MissyMama says

    My God she’s an idiot!

    Britney, hire yourself a publicist, someone to speak for you so you can stop making yourself look even dumber than you intend.

    So I guess celebrating your birthday is a 3 week event?!?!

    Going out on the night of your birthday and partying it up a bit would have been ok, but to spend about 3 weeks partying….give me a break! I hope you remember what your kids look like, because pretty soon you’ll only be seeing them on the weekends.

  6. BC Girl says

    haha here is what Britney has just posted on her website:

    “It’s been so long since I’ve been out on the town with friends. It’s also been 2 years since I’ve even celebrated my birthday, Every move I make at this point has been magnified more than I expected, and I probably did take my new found freedom a bit too far,” Spears writes. “Anyway, thank God for Victoria Secrets’ new underwear line! I look forward to a new year, new music and a new me.”

    What an idiot!! I love it how she trys to make things better with everyone, but all she winds up doing is sounding like an idiot and making it worse. I wonder how she meens that she hasnt even celebrated her birthday in 2 years, shes really making it sound like her 2 babies are just a pain in her ass, and now she cant live life because he has them. Who wouldnt love to just spend their birthday at home with their husband and babies, thats STILL CELEBRATING!!! You dont have to go out and wasted every single birthday!!

    She signs off: “I’m just getting started …. Happy Holidays everyone!”

  7. Shea says

    i said from the beginning when she dumped k fag that he can easily get the boys from her. NOW shes making it EASY for him to get them.Britney really needs to cool it for awhile or at least until the divorce is over. i can see going out and having fun…but leaving her kids to party all nite long , THEN not come home is wrong! he can prove she is a unfit mother now …he im sure has all the proof he needs. and its not like he actually WANTS them…he just wants money from her, im sure. sad situation all around for those kids.

  8. belle says

    ok guys cut this JEALOUS CRAP! beucz wether yall make good or bad comments it doesnt matter to her cuz she the 1 still a pop singer and have alot of paper….so it leaves us with nutin at the end of the day ..

  9. Nisa says

    I feel sorry for this girl, those of you who support her saying she is young and she is acting normal will be the same people coming out with hodes of conspiracy theories when they find her in her room dead on and overdose of anti depressants, alcahol and drugs.

    You never do any one a favour supporting them when they are making fools of themselves, that girl did not even have time to sit and reflect on her marriages and the choices/mistakes she has made thus far, she just popped some methodone , drew up a contract with Paris’ drug supplier and run around the whole of L.A naked,

    I know you may be fans (though you sound like syncopaths) but this is a time for tough love, Britney admits she reads her blogs and finding supporters like you will only make her self destruct some more, I hope the children are taken aways from her, I am particularly worried about Jayden James

  10. Nicki says

    Of course she would like kids, she could party just like Britney has been doing because the nannies do everything. Thank goodness I don’t live in Hollywood either.

  11. Kelsey says

    I just read that Paris Hilton wants to have kids really soon. Can you imagine Paris and Brittney running around town with a bunch of little kids? Thank goodness I don’t live in Hollywood!

  12. MissyMama says

    #42, Jealous?? What exactly is there to be jealous of? Spending every day hungover?? Missing out on your childrens lives? Having your vagina all over the internet?She’s a lost little girl who obviously doesn’t have a clue on what her priorities should be now that she is a mom.

    When you have kids you can no longer put yourself first. Britney doesn’t understand that, if she did, she wouldn’t be out every night, or most nights, ALL night partying.

    I read somewhere today that K-Fed is indeed having lots of dinners with his lawyer talking “strategy” for the custody battle. He release some stupid statement which in it he notes that he is hanging uup his gold chains for button up shirts and a sports jacket, cleaning up his act. At least someone is listening to their lawyer…

  13. addy says

    okay there is nothing wrong with her hanging out fine but keep it at a limit..she needs to have some respect for her kids …she is trying to hurt kevin although he does not care about what she is doing and who out of all celebs to hang out with paris the biggest celeb ho, gosh i did have respect for brit its gone now…………

  14. reporterandmom says

    #39 i just read that article you have posted on your comment, wow if i were going through a divorce & custody battle i would be sure to be with my babies out & about showing the world that there the two most important things that mean the most to me and think about going out later when they grow up a little and the divorce is over, this just really makes britney look bad and hows she going to explain to child services why she purposely left the photagraphers get pics with her pantiless on not 1 but 3 different occassions and then slept at motels after partying instead of going home on certain nights , thats just not being a good mom i’m sorry , her babies need her at night especially a 2 month old c’mon people don’t you see that ,the baby for gods sake is only 2 months old .

  15. BC Girl says

    Well thats really good that DCFS is going to check on the boys, better safe than sorry right!!

    I know this has nothing to do with Britney, but just thought Id let you all know that I just heard on the radio that Sandra Bullock is preggers!!! Shes 2 months along. That is so exciting, she has always been one of my favorite stars!!

  16. reporterandmom says

    I Just think thatwhen you have small children, babies in this case at home while your going through a divorce/custody battle your just asking for trouble to tottally be seen partying all the time in the public eye ,i would say at least she should wait till the whole divorce custody battle is settled & i think taking sean to the zoo the day of her birthday was just for publicity so the public could see her out and about with sean because later that night she was partying again , for those of you that say let her party she deserves it well ,she has 2 babies now and she needs to be thinking of spending more time with them till the custody battle is over instead of thinking of herself only which is what shes doing ,sorry but its true.Can you imagine sean p & jj seeing those pics of Mom someday ,boy that really makes her look good >>Not!

  17. MissyMama says

    Nicely put Linda. I read on TMZ this morning that it is being reported that DCFS (Child Protection Services) are trying to get a hold of Britney to check on the welfare of the babies.

    They too are obviously not impressed with the amount of all night partying she is doing.

  18. Linda says

    She’s a young girl that really never was a teenager…she has no idea how to be a nurturing mother …. she was never able to take the “normal” steps to become one… I feel sorry for her children…this is her “normality” paced.. she was brought up in it & knows no different.

  19. Diana says

    Her hair looks the best I have seen it in a long time. She looks nice if a little pale, but it could be that the camera lense is focused on her so closely that even the most healthy of looking glows would look pale. I just hope that she can get her life back in to some form of order and stop partying with the likes of Paris Hilton. I don’t think she is a good influence of Britney.

  20. Kiss says

    she is old enough to decide if she wants to drink or not for starters… is not like she is driving down the road drinking with her kids in the car or something. people need to get over her being pantiless, she should have kept her knees closed but a lot of girls go pantiless in skirts. and third of all if people think that people who drink shouldnt have chilodren then they are crazy because orphanages would be running over becaus very few people can honestly say they never went through a partying stage and few people can say they quit drinking because they had kids!!!

  21. Nicki says

    “Hey Y’all, good news, they deliver!”

    She may have had the scum of the earth husband………..but guess what, she picked him, he left his 7 or 8 month pregnant baby momma for her, she asked him to marry her, and bought her own engagment AND wedding ring. But OK we should cut her a break. Not a chance, she wanted babies, wanted to be a young Mom, let her go take care of them. I don’t care how old or young she is, she is the mother to 2, TWO, young babies, they need her, not some nanny, hugging, kissing and showing them her love NOW, not later when she is tired from too much night life. She looks pathetic.

  22. nikki says

    OK first of all Brit has bin preg for 2 yrs and is devorcing K-fed! like jeez cut her some slack!
    Yes i don`t get why she said she looks pretty leaving a liquer store but it hink she ment how happy and beautigul she looks(her Not her saroundings)
    Oh and i love her Lay i ahve one JUST like that!!!!!But truley cut the girl some slak she`s 25 she just had ber B-day she is devorcing a weird-O She is also fighting for custity for Sean and Jayden she lost HALF her fortune and its all thanx to K-fed!!! i would wanna party and forget about what happened and get away from it all!!!

  23. jill says

    and she has a cd in her booze that i’ve cant necessarily believe everything you read

  24. jill says

    why is she at a liquor store??hmmm
    where are her kids?? the possibilities are endless ..i think we need to keep in mind that britney spears is being photographed non-stop. no one spends all their time with their family and people do visit the liquor store on occasion…and they dont always look perfect when they do it!

  25. Trisha says

    yea she does look pretty and happy but you know looks can be deciving……….i just have one question, why is she at a liquor store and where are her children???? well i would like to know some of these answers…..Trisha

  26. Trisha says

    well at least you cant see her “cuddles”……No wonder she is happy she just left the damn LIQUOR….i Jjust want to know where he fucking kids are………….she should be at home spending time with her kids…….not drinking….Trisha

  27. jill says

    wy would anyone say “i hope she gets her kids taken away” what a horrible thing to say even if , in a certain situation it may be true,….

  28. belle says

    I am not a big BRIT fan but shes treating herself REALLY BAD since after the breakup ..shes partying alot and stuff.. i fine she is treating this matter like a teenager who has been inlove for the first time. grow up do u really think partying is gonna help brit? u jus gonna put a scar on ur reputation and u gonna look less atractive.

  29. Jackie says

    Whenever I come to this site and she is the first thing I see, my spirit downs, I think she is washed out and we are too- tired of her,please webmistress don’t post her when she is not with Sean P, she spoils the site, it is one of the reasons I left, she and her gang were all over the site like bugs, it became annoying.

  30. jenna says

    see? I knew she could look nice. Thank god, i thought it was going to be another beaver shot again.
    she had to ruin the outfit with the flowerl lay didnt she?

  31. N says

    She is 25… she is old enough to drink.. she looks nice in the picture. I see no reason why anyone should hate….. unless your jealous and wish you could do the same.

  32. samantha says

    yeah, i dont agree with the partying every night but it prob isnt every night-we all know what the press is like, but yes she should calm down. On the other hand what the hell is wrong with this picture, yeah she is leaving a liquer store,but she has no alcohol in her hands, maybe she just went for a pac of fags like lots of ppl do-rant over

  33. jordyn says

    umm, kk619, I can honestly say I have never been in a liquor store. I don’t drink at all, not even wine with my dinner. I hate the taste of alcohol!!!!.

  34. KK619 says

    You know, I definately do not agree with Britney going out to clubs ever single night like she has been lately while she has babies at home… But what is wrong with this pic?? So she went to the liquor store. Everyone goes to the liquor store!!! Scarlet you say “What a role model she is”… do you know a single person who has never gone to the liquor store?? Maybe she was just going to buy wine for dinner that night or something… There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this pic, I think people are just over reacting because of her recent partying. I think she looks good here.

  35. anna says

    why doesn’t no one leave the poor woman alone?! She hasn’t done any partying for two years and she is in a difficult divorce with an asshole, I fully understand that she want’s to have a fun for a little while. Nobody noticed when she was ALONE with Sean Preston everyday and many months pregnant..where was K-fed? She was always with the Manny..Remember? Give the woman a break!

  36. scarlet says

    Oh how lovely Britney leaving the liquor store…What a role model she is…Loser, trailer trash…I hope she gets her kids taken away from her…

  37. MissyMama says

    Wow, I am so shocked….LMAO! She may not be showing off her privates, but the trainwreck is still going at full speed….

  38. says

    What, exactly, is CUTE about Britney Spears leaving a bloody liquor store? She’s so gross and washed out. Who cares about her??

  39. rach says

    I feel bad for her…I think she is a prime example of a young star not knowing how to deal with all of the attention.

  40. Lucy says

    Not that I am a huge Brit fan, but I do think its unfair that the webmistress posts the pics of Britney leaving a LIQUIOR store but not all the pics of her and Sean at the zoo for her birthday. Its a baby site after all and the pics of her and SP at the zoo are adorable.

  41. Lucy says

    Not that I am a huge Brit fan, but I do think its unfair that the webmistress posts the pics of Britney leaving a LIQUIOR store but not all the pics of her and Sean at the zoo for her birthday. Its a baby site after all and the pics of her and SP at the zoo are adorable.

  42. mair says

    How does this picture qualify as baby-razzi material??? I don’t get presenting an opportunity for star bashing, when there is no baby in the picture.

  43. carleigh says

    No wonder she’s smiling she’s half blitzed already and making a run for some more “road sodie’s”…..god I understanding blowing off some steam but this girl is on a one way track to destruction and AA intervention if she doesn’t stop soon. Her kids are only going to suffer. I heard K-Fed bitching somewhere that she just wanted him as a “sperm donor” maybe that’s true. She’s a mess. But like stated above at least she’s not “cut to the cat” in these pic’s. Keep your pants on Brit and get your butt back home where it belongs your kids need their mommy.

  44. Cobi says

    Oh gosh…..I bet she is happy…..she’s leaving a LIQUOR store. Well atleast she’s wearing jeans!

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