Kelly Preston & Her Daughter In The Christmas Spirit!

Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston, 44, and her six-year-old daughter Ella Bleu Travolta were snapped backstage at the Church of Scientology’s Christmas Stories XIV “An Evening of Holiday Joy” benefiting the Hollywood Police Activities League at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre on December 1st in Hollywood.

Ella Bleu’s cute dress is from Hanna Anderson. You can check it out here.

Kelly Preston


  1. Fancy, a.k.a. religion police says

    Lisa, you are unbelievable AND I don’t believe you.
    Since you did so much research you would of also come across this piece of info: ” Hubbard would have labeled Jett Travolta a “degraded being”. The boy is definitely autistic, his father told me. That puts him below 2.0 on Hubbards tone scale, which basically means there is no place for him in scientology because he cannot produce (bring in money). ”
    This is a quote from a post on Gossip Mama. I don’t know the poster or if he knows the family. I do know his assesment of how Scientology views autism is accurate.

  2. 2kids2many says

    Hey guys…FYI just to let you know, If you post something, (hit enter) and it doesn’t show up…go back into the comment section and try just typing in a (.) period and hit enter (instead of re-typing everything) 99% of the time your “mysteriously disappearing” post will show up! That’s what I do anyway,. Good luck! 🙂

  3. Lisa says

    #32. Nicki the reason I said We?ll have to wait and see if their son is going to be OK, is because (we as in us people who are blogging) nobody knows how their son is at the moment and the comment where I got the info was very judgmental and that is the reason I said what I said. I can assure you its not because I’m Scientology and people who are Scientology should be proud of what they believe and not hide it otherwise it looks like they know there is something wrong in believing in that religion and shouldn’t belong to it in the first place.

  4. Lisa says

    #32. Nicki the reason I said We?ll have to wait and see if their son is going to be OK, is because nobody knows how their son is at the moment and the comment where I got the info was very judgmental and that is the reason I said what I said. I can assure you its not because I’m Scientology and people who are Scientology should be proud of what they believe and not hide it otherwise it looks like they know there is something wrong in believing in that religion and shouldn’t belong to it in the first place.

  5. Nicki says

    29. Lisa~I must have misread your #19. The We’ll have to wait statement and the as long as they are doing everything right. I guess I took the wrong way. and COS=Church of Scientology.

  6. Lisa says

    Fancy, can you please post one comment I made about their religion besides this one because I’m curious myself since you said I seem to know a lot about it!!!

  7. Lisa says

    I can’t believe just because I found an article about the son and provided this it makes me COS (btw what is Cos I’m guessing it stands for Scientology?). Before I posted the info I did a research on why they don’t give his medication and I read their religion is against that and they’re using detox for it instead so since his mother said he is doing OK, that is the reason I said who are we to judge since we don’t know what is going on? OMG, now I know how some of the fans reaction when they defined Tom’s action and we use to accuse them of being their PR people or Scientology. Bloody hell!!!

  8. Lisa says

    #25. Meoow!, look all I did was after reading the comment I googled the info about John’s son and here is where I found it.
    #21 Fancy, I’ve never commented about Scientology before so what are you talking about and like I told you before I use to dislike Tom Cruise but after seeing their wedding pics I’m warming up to them.If you like you can Google my comments before that. If you are so interested in who I’m I’m a 28 yrs old Accountant living in England and I’m a Christian and like I said before I’ve no idea about Scientology and the 1st time I actually check on it was yesterday after reading about John’s son.

  9. Meoow! says

    Nicki all I did was Google jett travolta autistic and boy did I get a heartbreaking bucket full. I read every related entry on Wikipedia, including Kawasaki Syndrome. I also read the N.Y. Daily News article from 4/10?/06, the hollywood interrupted article and Gossip Mamas page on it all to see what other readers said at the time. One comment from a Christian mom who’d seen Kelly and the kids at Disneyland was especially touching. It is all just so sad and unnecessary. I hope the Travoltas can find the courage to get their son the type of help he needs.

  10. Nicki says

    Meoow!~ Could you post links or let us know what you found? I would be very interested especially if a child was going into his teens, and had this problem since babyhood, was getting THE PROPER treatment, not the COS way. Please let us know what you discovered.
    After #19-Lisa- made that comment I was very suspect about her being a member of COS.

  11. Meoow! says

    After Lisa went to town with the whole autistic/ Kawasaki’s thing I had to do a quick info update of my own as I don’t really follow the Travolta’s doings.
    Lisa you are so COS! That kid was at the center of a huge and sad controversy last April when his parents were begged to get him treatment! Kawasaki’s rarely if ever causes behavioral disturbances. The COS does NOT acknowledge autism. Lisa you are SO MISLEADING! Who are you?

  12. Nicki says

    Oh crap~ sorry all for that.

    Ella is adorable.

    21. Fancy ~ I was kind of wondering about that after reading #19 from Lisa. I will NEVER post anything glowing about the COS, but I do like the info she provides regarding them.
    I do like the Travolta family, but will NEVER like Tom, but Katie, Bella, Conner and Suri are OK in my book.

  13. Nicki says

    Ok I hope this isn’t a double post. Sorry if it is, I checked back 4 hrs later and mine first wasn’t here.

    Lisa~ Thanks for the info. Kawasaki syndrome, I knew they had said something about it, and didn’t say autisium.
    Good to hear 3 yrs ago she was saying on Montel that whatever treatment he had is helping. I hope he gets the correct treatment and was diaginosed correctly. I’m pretty sure as loving parents they would have gotten different doctors opinions, and not just go with what Scientologst doctors said. I would hope anyway for the sake of the child, or any child, no one doctor is good enough.
    I wish Jett the best for his syndrome and glad to hear whatever he is doing is helping.

  14. Fancy says

    Tsk, Tsk, Lisa such hostility. Where do you find fault with suggesting someone look for balanced information? You seem to know an awful lot about these people. You also app-ear to take it personally when anyone posts anything even the slightest bit less than glowing about a COS member. So what gives?

  15. Nicki says

    Thanks Lisa~ I knew Kelly and John had said something about it, but I knew they never said he was autistic. Kawaski syndrome from toxins. Well if she was on Montel only 3 years ago and said he was getting better, thats a good thing. I remember seeing a pic of him not too long ago and thought he looked a lot like John too. It was hard to tell he had a sweatshirt hood on , but looked like he had the dark hair and Johns face.
    I wish Jett much luck overcoming his syndrome. I hope he was diaginosed with the correct one.

  16. Lisa says

    We’ll have to wait and see if their son is going to be OK. As long as they are doing things the right way and if there is a chance the boy can over come this without antidepressant then good for them but we don’t know much about it to try and condemn them. But I’m sure the religion police fancy #16, will start.

  17. Lisa says

    #11, and Nicki, here is the story about their son…
    The couple have publicly said that Jett suffers from Kawasaki syndrome (found most commonly in Japanese kids under the age of 5, seriously) which was caused by “environmental toxins,” specifically carpet cleaning chemicals. On an appearance on the Montel Williams show three years ago, Preston claimed that Jett was better but still had “lots of allergies” after being placed on a detox regimen based on the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard. However, others believe the child is autistic, and according to reports, the diagnosis has been corroborated by “no less than five sources.” While other stars with autistic children, such as Sylvester Stallone and Dan Marino, have long been champions of research, Travolta and Preston have allegedly not sought treatment because Jett would have to go to a psychiatrist and autism is generally treated with antidepressant and antipsychotic medications.

  18. Nicki says

    11. Dani~ I’m have heard that somewhere. But I do remember many many years ago Kelly on talk shows pushing for safer cleaning home products. Something about having the carpet cleaned and Jett got very sick from this. She was talking about the safest ones, or even one brand in particluar, and how she had no idea he would get sick crawling around after the carpet was cleaned.
    Anyone else remember this or something like this. If Jett is 14, this would have to have been ? 13 or so years ago?

  19. Fancy says

    Juliette, if you want to find out about Scientology there are many web sites pro and con. I’d start with Wikipedia, NOT with the Scientology web site which is understandably biased in favor of. Scientology is not a complimentary practice, anyone who tells you so is lying or ignorant.
    There are several people postng on this site who are obviously COS and attempting Tom Cruise damage control. Tom is the #2 guy in the COS U.S. organization. They will go to great lengths to spin his actions. They are not star struck fans with no agenda as they would have us all believe. I wish they would be honest and reveal themselves.

  20. Tia says

    Hi all, my brother in law is a Scientology and my sister is a a beginner, they have 2 children who they raise as a scientology and they do celebrate Xmas and all holidays. Like Nisa pointed out you can be any religion and still become a Scientology. The media does pick on all the wired stuff and ignores the rest but since I know normal people who are not celebs, they have a pretty normal life like every one else but with Tom Cruise I think he is trying so hard to convince everyone that his religion is good and he comes off a bit like know it all.

  21. jennifer says

    yeah, and jett is 14 at the minute but i think he doesn’t like the crowds an cameras but little ella probably loves them. it’s great to see her smiling. scientologists must like christmas as the event that kelly an ella were at here was the ‘scientology christmas tales’ or soemthing.

  22. Nisa says

    #12 Juliette, if you want the truth about scientology, check out their web site

    Tom said something about being a scientologist and a jew, or catholic or moslem, but that him and his family were just scientologists, I guess it is a kind of complimentary belief which adds new ideas to your theist views which are not in your religion.

    It also has some strange ideas like thetans and aliens. Most of what the media writes about it is ridicule, but I guess when you learn more about it, the temptation is great to poke fun at it! And Cruise doesn’t help matters with his know it all attitude.

    2kids2many #1 I don’t think scientology forbids celebration of christian holidays since many scientologists are christian. It just has a couple of strange ideas. With Tom’s attitude I don’t think Suri will be having a first christmas.

  23. Dani says

    Nicki, wasn’t Jett rumored to be autistic? I read that a long time ago in the context of various therapies for autistic children and what different belief systems would and wouldn’t allow. It was not an article about the Travoltas, but he may have been a child unusually sensitive to crowds, photos etc. Autism is a term that covers so much ground, hopefully he “grew” into his differences.
    Anyway, anyone else heard this?

  24. Nicki says

    Ella Bleu Is a beautiful little girl. I think she looks like her Dad a lot.
    As jennifer, above mentioned, Jett, how come we never see him? He must be in his teens now, no? I think I’ve only seen a few pictures of him throughout his childhood, but have see more of Ella and she is younger. Ella is a beautiful child.

    6. Mollyh~ that is funny, and you could be right. 😆

  25. jennifer says

    she doesn’t really look like kelly does she AND she’s grown so much!!! last time i saw her she was at sky high premiere last year an she’s so much older now. hair’s shorter too; bless her she’s so pretty. i can see john in her but not a lot; she’s just really pretty little girl. love you ella, and i’ve heard nothing but wonderful things abuot scientology an i’m sure they only celebrate christmas for jett and ella because it’s normal

  26. Diana says

    What a lovely little girl. Looks just like her Mummy! 2kidstomany-I wondered if you read my comment previously on the post for Catherine Zeta Jones and Reese Whiterspoon, I am sorry if I offended you and hope we can get on now ;-)x

  27. Mollyh says

    Hi everyone, Where is John Travolta these days? The last I heard, he was hanging out with Michael Stipe…

  28. says

    All that weirdo stuff aside, she sure looks like her daddy!! Not even a trace of her mom in her, but she sure is a beautiful little girl.

  29. Meoow! says

    It’s my understanding that while Jesus was frowned upon in a really big way by L.Ron,( he felt Big J was an alien implant), the lower level Scientologist is free to celebrate the holiday in a non secular social way if it’s something their surrounding culture celebrates. Upper levels use the holiday much like other businesses, to sell the public a product or image. It is NEVER religious.
    Juries out on whether it’s going to be baby’s first X-mas at the Cruises. If not, maybe Suri will get her first e-meter on L.Rons birthday, March 11th which is celebrated as a religious holiday by Scientologists near and far.

  30. 2kids2many says

    Okay, correct me if I’m wrong, but…isn’t Christmas a religious holiday? I thought Scientology doesn’t believe in religion? I’m confused! I wonder if Tom Cruise was there!

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