Kate Moss With Lila Grace At The Sam & Ruby Charity Event

Kate Moss, 32, was accompanied by four-year-old daughter Lila Grace at the Sam & Ruby Charity Event on December 1st. What an adorable pair!

Sorry…images removed.
The Sam & Ruby Charity was created to help disadvantaged children in Thailand with a focus on the region devastated by the tsunami.


  1. kaz says

    I think it’s narrow minded to assume somebody is a bad person/parent/whatever because they take drugs. I was brought up by parents who took drugs as their way of having a good time and I had a happy childhood, I was raised well. I don’t think it’s anyones place to comment unless they know her as a person.

  2. name says

    you say that you didn’t even know that she had a daughter, and then you say that you didn’t really see her that much in the press until the Cocaine scandal….So doesn’t that say more about you, than Kate? You obviously didn’t know that much about Kate before the Scandal hit the headlines…. She IS regularly pictured with her daughter, and has been since Lila was born – but she is a working mother who flies regularly around the world, and Lila goes to nursery in London. So of course there are times when Lila will be pictured out with a nanny instead, or at least not with Kate. And there are other times when Kate will be out with Lila but newspapers/magazines won’t always print those pictures, maybe due to child protection laws, for example. And what a nasty person you are to say “Maybe she should have her child snatched from her too”. Honestly, get over yourself.

  3. N says

    Who do you guys think is watching Kate’s child while she is out doing drugs…… NANNIES….. Im very surprised that no one talks bad things about this “DRUG” using mom. Maybe she should have her child snatched from her too…. i mean how much time can she really be spending with her daughter if she is snorting cocaine all the time…. I didnt even know she had a child. The only time I saw her really in the media was for her drug use….. then I started to see the child after she got caught….HMMMM makes you wonder!

  4. NO NAME says

    Dani–I see your point and you’re correct. I’m just considering Kate’s drug history and to me, Pete seems more like an enabler than someone who could be a positive influence on her. She’s a grown woman and will make her decisions regardless of how we feel about them but without having drugs in her presence, maybe she could make the right decision to leave them alone. At least for her daughter’s sake. Children are so precious and at 4 years old they are very impressionable so I’m just praying Kate keeps that in mind. Just my opinion. Thank you.

  5. Dani says

    Have you ever stopped to think that even though Pete was/is a drug addict, he might still be a decent guy?? Ive seen him being interviewed and he seems such a quiet, gentle soul. Its just so terrible that he had/has this drug addiction. Just becasue someone is addicted to heroin you cant write them off as the devil.

  6. says

    lila grace is 4. She is a very pretty girl. Kate moss is always photographed with her daughter. She seems to be a really good mother. I think she would be a lot better off without that loser of a boyfriend. At least for the sake of her daughter. Kate looks nice here too. In other photos lila grace is the splitting image of her mum

  7. NO NAME says

    Elaine–the caption says Lila is 4…She is a very cute kid and also very tall…I’ve seen tons of pics of Kate out with Lila so at least she does spend quality time with her instead of having the nannies raise her. I think she could do sooo much better than Pete (just my opinion). Why is that famous, beautiful, people have a tendency to pick the scum of the earth as partners? Never understood that. Well, good luck to Kate whatever her endeavors and also to Lila.

  8. Elaine says

    No1, yes is is a ring, the British media has been reporting for a few weeks that she has got engaged to Pete Docherty, despite him allegedly being arrested for drug possession (yet again). I didn’t realise Lila was quite so old – I thought she was only about 3 or 4 but she looks 6 at least. She is pretty.

  9. Lacy says

    both very beautiful, as always. kate may have had a hard time with drugs, but i’m sure she has been clean for the sake of her daughter. some people on this website are so rude. especially with kate moss. she seems like a wonderful mother and i wish her the best.

  10. MissyMama says

    Kate looks good in this picture. Her boyfriend is so troubled. I hope they don’t marry for the sake of Lila. He’ll never get clean.

  11. Nisa says

    Kate should leave pete and go make a life for herslf and her daughter, the path she is currently on may earn her millions but it will hardly bring her happiness. That Rocker loser is going to die before he is 30.

  12. Kelsey says

    Kate looks better than I have seen her in an extremely long time. It is also nice to see her out with her daughter.

  13. Lovethebabies says

    Very cute. Is that a ring on her finger? Kate’s hair also looks quite nice in that photo.

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