1. Shira says

    she seems like the coolest mom ever simply because she is not trying to be,…. she’s trying to be a good mother 🙂

  2. MissyMama says

    Jennifer seems so natural and down to earth. It’s amazing how alike her and Violet look.

    Such a good mommy, always out and about with her daughter.

  3. Meoow! says

    Can you imagine Katie and Victoria wearing baby backpacks and taking Suri and little Beckham for a hike! Katie carrying her big ol’ purse, and Victoria bent double under the strain. LOL

  4. amy says

    It’s so nice to see a woman in Hollywood (or wherever all the famous moms live) acting like a mother. And to actually wear clothes! I wish Britney would try to act like her rather than Paris.

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