Diddy & Kim Porter In NYC

Diddy and his girlfriend Kim Porter were snapped in NYC. Diddy and Kim are expecting twin girls! Kim’s shirt reads, “Little Miss Diddy.” Cute!

Diddy & Kim Porter



  1. Jennifer Riehl says

    Name one Starrla cause she will be a star like daddy before too long and the other Skyla because she will rule the sky that her sister star will be on

  2. Danielle says

    That shirt is too cute, hope it works out for them but Diddy doesn’t seem like the settle down type.

  3. Cindy says

    They do look happy, these are the first girls for both of them.However, I dont trust him..he kicked her to the curb for J Lo a few years ago and broke her heart. He only came back after J lo dumped him and he has had admitedly a monogamy problem. I am skeptical that he will ever change his ways. Although I do believe he loves her.

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