Jennifer Garner Takes Violet Out For A Birthday Meal!

Jennifer Garner enjoyed one-year-old Violet’s company at Amici’s in Brentwood on December 1st! December 1st was Violet’s birthday! Too cute!

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck



  1. hana says

    hello i am hana from iran . i like u and violet very much . plz pack from me your pics . your lover hana

  2. priscilla says

    jen se ve muy feliz con su bebe ,las fotos son hermosas se nota que es y sera una excelente madre no como la SPEARS!!!

  3. Jessie says

    I do think Violet is pretty serious in all of her pictures, but maybe she’s camera shy! lol. Anyways, I know a little girl that looks a lot like her and they’re both so adorable!

  4. NO NAME says

    Such a normal, down to earth family. Just passing them on the street, you wouldn’t think they are celebrities. Jen always looks natural with Violet. I admire their family for not getting caught up in the glitz of Hollyweird. They follow their own values and morals and doesn’t conform to the rest of the world. Soooo very good for them. Happy belated B-day Violet!!!

  5. Nisa says

    I can see a little Ben in violet now, otherwise she is so like her Mommy. All the best, I am still congragulating Ben for turning around his image after the JLO fiasco, It is good to have nice friends like Matt Damon who can tell you your mistakes, who are Brad Pitt’s friends?

    I saw an interview of Ben Affleck on TV last week and he seemed to regret so many things, at least he did not let JLO mother his kids, I think it is important who is the mother of your kids, because genes are real and they follow us around.

  6. jenna says

    good for them
    i like ben and jen, they deserve a normal fun life.
    ecspecially Ben after the whole “J-lo” thing

  7. tina says

    I didn’t know that was her birthday, my son turned 1 on dec 1st as well!!! he did not have a party but had a whale of a time eating his bday cake!lol happy birthday violet

  8. wheng1221 says

    I love the pictures, Jen truly enjoys being a mommy to baby Violet….love that! sweet moment.

    But where is daddy Ben?., i wanna see pics of him with these precious ladies in his life.

    As for 2kids2many, I already saw a very smiling baby pic of Violet in this forum, they were enjoying themselves at the beach…And i tell you baby Violet is truly very pretty..

  9. Lolitha says

    But where is Ben, i love that man,mom and daughter look so cute happy bday V,wish themall the best cutest family ever lots of love.

  10. 2kids2many says

    I wonder if that big ole’ truck (in the first picture) delivered all of Violets birthday presents to her 🙂

    She is a very serious little baby, isn’t she? Does anyone know of any pictures with Violet smiling?

  11. Chris X says

    On Ellen, Ben said he felt the first birthday was more about the mom than the baby. He said they would have a little party for Violet but that he planned to take Jen somewhere – even if only out for dinner, so that she could just enjoy herself. I don’t think there is any issue with him not caring if it is Violet’s birthday. Then too , he has such a horror of having pictures taken in public any more.

  12. Emily says

    I LOVE the picture of Jen smiling and pointing at Violet over dinner… She’s a mom who really enjoys her baby. I love them. Probably my favorite celeb mom on the site, because she’s just a normal mom.


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