1. Samantha! says

    I am the mother of this beautiful baby! All babies are beautiful… I cant believe of some of the nasty comments on here. Thank you, for the nice comments. This was just all for fun anyway.

  2. lizschoepp says

    there is no way that this pictured baby is adorable little suri, and i truly wish that they would stop picking on suri and provide some nice pictures of her in park playing with her mom. katie holmes and her dad, YES tom cruise because if anyone takes the time to look at suri’s pictures in different poses, you can actually see a heavy, heavy resemblence to tom cruise the most and then at times a heavy resemblance to katie cruise accoding to the way the picture is caught from , you know what expresion and what angle. We are all waiting to see adorable pictures of her and her mom and dad together like we did in the beginning so she could be like the other celebrity babies.
    thanks, liz

  3. lizschoepp says

    there is no way that this pictured baby is adorable little suri, and i truly wish that they would stop picking on suri and provide some nice pictures of her in park playing with her mom. katie holmes and her dad, YES tom cruise because if anyone takes the time to look at suri’s pictures in different poses, you can actually see a heavy, heavy resemblence to tom cruise the most and then at times a heavy resemblance to katie cruise accoding to the way the picture is caught from , you know what expresion and what angle. We are all waiting to see adorable pictures of her and her mom and dad together like we did in the beginning so she could be like the other celebrity babies.
    thanks, liz

  4. random says

    That picture is not SURI, that child is cute but looks completely different from suri’s prevouis pictures as this picture the child is not dresed beautiful or right for a celebrity baby as everyone will exept the baby to be dressed very pretty also the back round and the picture is just NOT right. I think it is a lookalike person.
    just to get money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!or something!!!!!

  5. simivalleysue says

    As a mom of two, babies change alot over time but not that much. There are too many disimilarities between the posted photo and confirmed photos of Suri even when one takes into consideration, lighting , different clothing etc.

  6. alisa says

    That isn’t Suri Cruise, LOL….if you people REALLY think that is..CHECK YOUR EYES! It’s obvious, jeez.

  7. Anonymous says

    Do you really think that this baby is Suri Cruise? With all the money they have in the world they would put their baby girl in a Guess onesie? That would be tacky in Hollywood standards. With all the name brands out there for A-list celebrities I’m sure they could come up with a outfit more suitable for a baby with celebrity parents.

  8. Mary says

    #120, Sara(h) does your job for CBB include going around to other websites and leaving comments to direct people back to your site?

    Lot’s of people are sick and tired of CBB. Get used to it.

  9. you know.......... says

    Nicki if you don’t like the site go somewhere else. don’t let the door hitcha…..

  10. Sara says

    #115, yes probably all celebrity websitew at some point have posted something that is untrue, but the other baby website, ALWAYS updates/removes posts that are untrue/proven false as quickly as possible.

  11. faci says

    #68 & 69 you should check your eyes, be fair in you comments. Definitely Suri is so amart looking, very cute and adorable.

  12. Nicki says

    117. Trisha -Please point out where I cussed anyone out.
    You can think what you want of me, I posted my thought at that time, and NEVER cussed anyone out. Please don’t accuse me of doing something I didn’t do. And please have your opinion of me, but don’t lie about what “you think I said.”
    Here’s my actual post on the the topic………..That doesn’t look like Suri, is it? DUH.

  13. Trisha says

    well nicki all i can tell from this is that you are a bitch. you think your all that b/c you read those magazines guess what bitch we all do too!!! and just b/c you think your “cool” b/c you can cuss people out, your not….it makes you look like a dumbass!!!

  14. Torre says

    I think you all need to grow up and get a life. You have nothing better to do than harass this website and the webmistress. Get over yourselves…people make mistakes. But way to go over board with the whole thing….

  15. Alyssa says

    meg.. she cant get sued. just to let you know websites that you read online are not all true. just lyk magazines.. they are a bunch of BS.. this pic needs to be taken down ya but well when she gets to it she will do it. and who knows maybe she doesnt even read comments

  16. meg says

    What a worthless site! Despite repeated requests from your own readers, you leave up a photo of a child that is not Suri Cruise.

    I hope you get sued.

    Thanks for making this my last visit.

    I’ll go to the sites that respect their readers and check their facts.

  17. Nicki says

    All she has to do is change to heading to “a Suri look-a-like” and would have some respect. She is a putz in my view now. Total lazy-ass- coat-tail- rider if I ever saw one. This site was NEVER one to be updated, and certainly not the first with any pictures, but still fun with conversation, until lately. Have fun with old news .

  18. KK619 says

    Oh wow… that was alot of reading, Big Forum here!!

    I think everyone needs to just calm down. So its not Suri… its also not the end of the world!!! Im sure the Web Mistress will take the photo down once she realized. Maybe she hasnt even realized yet that its not Suri, maybe she does know and is just leaving it on the site for whatever reason, Who Cares!!! As long as we all know its not Suri, thats all we need. Leave the Web Mistress Alone!! She does this web site for fun, to give us something to look at through the day. She is a mother herself and doesnt have every waking minute of the day to update stuff for us, she does it whenever she gets a minute out of her busy day.

  19. Rusty says

    That’s the trouble with this site. Other sites I go on are moderated. With rules on not being rude and not using foul language. This site is just for rude people that like to say mean things so other posters and fight with them. Which makes it interesting to say the least, but some of the things people come up with are just so over the top. And that kind of talk isn’t allowed on other sites. And yes, there are pictures of Violet smiling, and she’s very cute. And other sites don’t let people say nasty things about the administrator either.

  20. Sara says

    how can this site be putting up new posts but not taking this one down? cheap ploy for more visitors? I would be so mad if that were a pic of my baby. they’re prolly just trying to get a comment from the cruise’s asking them to remove it. hopefully it will be from their lawyers…..

  21. Monica says

    OMg your so right Nikki!!!! Lindy you need to get a fucking heart!!! that little girl is stunning!
    how mean can you get? $5 bucks says we are or will be married to the grinch!:P
    But ya i mean how many months is she 7 maybe 8? and how old are you ?probably 17 or 20 times older then her?!? GET A LIFE!!!

  22. nikki says

    OMG i still can`t get over how rude you were Lindy!!!OMG i counld just punch you out!
    (not kidding) this is what you basicly said..

    “Like i think she Suri Cruise is a gorgeous baby! Allyssa G’s baby is NOT!
    This baby looks boring as hell and to compare her to the beautiful Suri Cruise is gross
    I’d much rather love to hold Suri Cruise in my arms than this baby!

    Like OMG are you that much of a bitch???i meen calling a beautiful little girl Gross EVERYONE LOOK AT COMMENT # 37 ! don`t ya think thats mean Lindy ? you need to get a f***ing heart you heartless …FREEK!!!jk but ya thats mean and you are heartless but maybe not a freek!

  23. Brenda says

    So she says she knows its not Suri and yet she STILL has the pictures up, why? For the publicity, would you like pictures out there of your child when its not her. That is not Suri and needs to be taken down.

  24. shannon says


    If you can take time to post another post about Jennifer Garner two days after this erroneous posting, could you possibly take a minute out of your day and remove this photo?

    I don’t think I would like it if it were my child that you randomly picked to post a photo of just because she had a resemblence to suri.

    You are just making yourself and this site look terrible.

  25. ruby jackson says

    Wow, the webmistress has always been a bit sloppy, but this is rediculous…. accepting random photos from an unvetted source.

    Alyssa, you are in way over your head. Perhaps you are spending too much time on-line. The other poster was correct… you need to be careful who you trust on the internet, otherwise you’ll end up dead or bankrupt.

  26. Sara says

    this picture has been up two days too long. its proven its not suri, okay. alyssa made a mistake, so what? it happens. big deal. just take it down or repost with the title, “cute sui look alike!”

  27. chloe says

    this is obvious don’t look like katie nand tom’s baby girl SURI

    This baby irl looked a lot older and chobby.

    if you want to find out the updatest photos from them and baby suri …the REAL one

    go on this site…..there are more details

  28. Shea says

    OMFG so its not suri…. BIG deal! mistakes are made, people apologized, who gives a damn? bitch bitch bitch about NOTHING! Go on…. you wanna do it, bitch about me now too.

  29. Nicki says

    Trisha -apparently you don’t read the posts. Because if you did you would know it’s not Suri for sure. Posts 41 & 42 stated that. Alyssa G. amitted she was scammed, and apologized for it. Please, spare us your “armchair quarterbacking” it is riduclious.

    This photo should be gone. And no the “webmisstress” isn’t away for the weekend, we have a new, here anyway, picture of Violet, posted at least a day after this. It is sloppy, at best, “celebrity news.” Apparently she is enjoying the hits this pic is getting.

  30. Trisha says

    i dont think that this pic is suri b/c in the other pic of her she was very pale and i think that she had blue eyes and her hair was thick and really dark…….Trisha

  31. Bobbi says

    The webmistress should have caught this as a fake right away. The one thing that has been really well documented about Suri is that shen has blue eyes and thick dark hair.

    I’m really sickened that it is taking this long to take the photo down.

  32. Maria says

    Please take this photo down!

    It’s a disgrace that it is still posted. The longer it’s up, the lower this sites credibility sinks.

  33. nikki says

    OK Lindy is it? yes that is SO mean Don`t ever say a baby is gross all babys are beautiful the is sertanly not “Gross” or even ugly i think she does look like Suri but is not Suri i meen BIG WUP! you don`t gotta be mean to a poor inocent little Girl!! do you? are you that mean of a women to say that ? would you like it if someone said your son or daughter is Ugly as hell!!! nope you wouldn`t , i know you wouldn`t so don`t pull the “I don`t care what people think Crap!” Cuz we all know you WOULD care if i had it my way i would make you said Sorry to the little cutie and her parents!!!!! I can`t believe how mean you are!!!

  34. Alyssa says

    tina geez relax, one little mistake doesnt count for a life time of mistakes.. your acting as if shes putting up fake babies all over.. its just one little thing that happened. thats it. and yea she should take it down but she hasnt yet give it time

  35. Tina says

    This shows exactly how little research the webmistress does. Plus she apparently never checks her email, this should be taken down immediately.

    If you want real celebrity baby news visit celebrity-babies or celebrity-moms which both do a much better job of researching their stories.

  36. Miranda says

    I’m telling you, this is not Suri. But it’s a very cute baby girl, though 🙂 Suri has blue eyes, this baby has brown. But ehe’s really cute too.

  37. anne says

    ok this baby might not be suri, but theres still no reason to be so nasty about this gorgouse baby girl,

    she is not gross or disgusting, this is someones daughter, have some respect

  38. Alyssa says

    yes thank you BritishMumma..

    thats the site the girl gave me. and that baby there is 5 months old.

    the mod will probably take this pic off soon i hope

  39. BritishMumma says

    graciaus- the only person that needs to grow up and shut up is you my dear, go play with your dollies little girl

  40. Alyssa says

    name game.. the girl that sent it to me compared it as well to a recent photo, but then when i was grilling her about it she said she got it off a site. SO that is someone elses child. it was my mistake for believing in that girl and giving it to BabyRazzi. i should have known better but well it had a comparison and it looked awfully great compared.

  41. name game says

    I’m pretty sure that is suri…..when she was much younger and had a lot more babyfat…..especially around the face so it looks squashed and her features look slightly different becuase of the extra fat in the face…..I compared it next to a recent photo

  42. Reina says

    That adorable baby looks hispanic to me. And yes, the website should take this picture down. We’ve all established that this is not the real Suri, and doesn’t look anything like Suri Cruise. I just don’t understand why it was posted in the first place. Maybe the person running the site was in a rush? Either way, please take it down…this pic is getting an awful lot of attention but we’re all saying the same thing.

    This is not Suri!

  43. Cynthia says

    that is not suri cruise, i agree with most everyone. suri has more, bigger blue eyes, and totally different nose and lips, plus fairer skin!

  44. Sara says checks and double checks their facts and if they are wrong, they quickly update their page sying so, or remove the post. this site could take lessons from them. this post really should be taken down.

  45. crayola says

    #47 you so need to get your peepers checked they seem to be failing u. suri is not at all cute

  46. BabyFan says

    I know that’s not Suri but boy that baby is cute! That baby is much more beautiful than Suri.

  47. 2kids2many says


  48. Tam says

    Sorry but how is that Suri Cruise, that baby is homely as hell… and Suri has big blue eyes and pale skin and is adorable… this is definetly not Suri..

  49. Paula says

    Not Suri for sure, but at least we know more babies have as much hair as Suri. I remember when people were saying it was a wig on her. This baby is cute too!

  50. Linda says

    Alyssa.. I really hope you don’t take the word of all the crazy’s you talk to on-line…. that’s how young can girls get killed!!!

  51. Alyssa says

    kay i just talked to that girl she kept saying that it was her really Suri and then after about 20 minutes shes like fiiine i got it off website and i do really know them i just cant send any pics.. hmm ok so shes obviously lying that she knows them i thought she was telling the truth too but i mean why take a picture from that site or any site.. im sorry guys. she had me fooled for 2 months.


  52. Dani says

    If I didn’t know better the fact that this is still up might make me think it’s an effort to piss people off and lose credibility re: all things Cruisian, OR, web mistress is away for the weekend????

  53. Lexi says

    THIS IS NOT SURI!!! This off your site, PLEASE!! I come here everyday because I like to get info on celebrababies and their parents that is TRUE!! You are making your site like Star Magazine!! POST REAL PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Sara says

    why is this post still even up? its obviously not suri and alyssa says its not either, so take it down. its going to mislead some people and I wouldn’t want false pictures of my kids online claiming them to be someone else’s, so why would katie and tom? and for the people who critisize them for keeping her away from paprazzi, my goodness, my children would be scared to death if 20 people with flashing cameras chased us to and from and raced to follow us in cars. Just because they are famous doesn’t mean they need to be followed 24/7, especially when kiddos are with them. how exciting is it anyway to see another celebrity go to starbucks, again.

  55. says

    alyssa, dont worry about it. every1 makes mistakes. ~I love Suri Cruise~ that is a really dumb thing to say. you are on a baby blog 4 crying out loud. Keep all your racist comments to yourself. not suri cruise but sooooo cute

  56. Alyssa says

    thanks guys.. i feel awful.. ill talk to the girl next time shes on AIM and ask her where she got the picture from because yea you guys say its not her. im sorry you guys really. i feel bad.

  57. BritishMumma says

    ~I love Suri Cruise~ Keep your racist comments to yourself that is completely uncalled for.

  58. Linda says

    ummmm BEANER?… do we really have to get racial!!?? come on she’s not Suri… but she is someone’s baby!!


    The real Suri Cruise is gorgeous!

    This baby looks cute but she looks like a beaner and Suri does NOT Look like a beaner!

  60. Nicki says

    Alyssa ~Thanks for clearing that up and letting us know where the picture came from. I’d be careful if I was you about trusting much from that friend.

  61. Brandi says

    Um…too wierd. 15 year old sending in pictures of someone else’s baby (not Suri, obviously)…Kinda scary…and that baby is no where near 3 months old, either.

  62. Alyssa says

    and to let you know its my not kid.. im only 15 i dont have any kids. but it was just an email i got from someone ive talked to who said they knew tomkat and well when i said wheres proof shesaid she would get me some and then now 2 months down the line she sent me that picture and said this is Suri from about 3 months old and stuff. sorry for any trouble seriously.. but i really thought it was her because she compared it to a picture of Suri and Katie and it looked exactly alike

  63. Alyssa says

    sorry guys.. i got an E-mail from someone giving me this picture and it had a comparison to a picture of Katie holdin Suri on her wedding day and they looked exactly alike so i thought it was soo cute and so i gave it to BabyRazzi. sorry didnt mean to give them the wrong one but they said they knew Katie and Tom and ive been talking to her online for awhile. i guess she really doesnt. Sorry agaain! really i am if it isnt her. but it looks like her from the picture she compared it to.

  64. Samad says

    Obviously anyone can tell that is not Suri Cruise. There have been plenty of photos of her around lately. That looks like someone’s personal home photo of a child that “somewhat” resembles Suri.

  65. Ms D says

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only person whose first thought was “That’s NOT Suri”..!

    I do think she’s a cute baby, whoever she is, but am disappointed that it was printed as being Suri Cruise when to my mind, it clearly isn’t.

  66. Lindy says

    Suri Cruise is a gorgeous baby! Allyssa G’s baby is NOT!

    This baby looks boring as hell and to compare her to the beautiful Suri Cruise is gross!

    I’d much rather love to hold Suri Cruise in my arms than this baby!

    Now hurry up and post some up close Suri Cruise pics!

  67. Fancy says

    2kids 2many thanks for the laugh. You are so right, Suri wouldn’t be caught wearing anything off the rack!
    So, web Ms. was this a test? Or could you really care less. . .

  68. tink says

    its a very up-close and personal shot so i doubt its suri, neither katie or tom would let a personal picture like this be published.
    very cute though

  69. Kalista Brat says

    This is so stupid! Seriously Web Mistress don’t be such a moron! sorry but I don’t come here to see pics of other non celeb paren’ts kids, I wanted to see a real Suri Cruise pic! I don’t think that baby is anywhere as beautiful as Suri Cruise is.Suri Cruise is gorgeous! This baby is just ok!

  70. Jen says

    NOT SURI…look at her earlobes…those do not look like Katie or Tom’s earlobes. And they definitely would NOT have put her in that onsie…maybe an Armani onsie, not Guess!!!

  71. ******** says

    stupid lier, this is not Suri Cruise. Don’t expect people to believe this is Suri, it IS NOT>

  72. says

    Webmistress, you must think we’re a bunch of idiots…or at least Alyssa G thinks you are!!! Totally NOT Suri Cruise, someone thinks their kid looks like her and sent it in. Ridiculous!! But good for a laugh, that’s for sure!!

  73. tina says

    it really doesn’t look like suri, unless she matured a hell of a lot in as many months in the other photos!!

  74. gracelyn says

    Thats exactly what I thought this is not Suri, but then is it possible that this is Suri when she was younger when nobody saw her, I mean it does kinda look like her

  75. 2kids2many says

    Dang! My blond hair, green eyed daughter looks more like Suri Cruise than this baby! I can’t believe it was even posted! Baby Suri would never be caught dead wearing an off the rack “Guess” onesie!

  76. Tonya says

    That is so not Suri. The nose is different, the eyes are different, the face is shaped different. The only real similarity is the hair.

  77. jesse says

    I know this is not Suri – but why would TomKat keep her hidden for so long, and now they are always out and about with her?

  78. Lucy says

    I agree with a lot of the other web sisters this is not baby Suri. She has
    blue eyes and fair skin. Sorry to burst any bubbles but Alyssa G please verify your info before posting.

  79. Linda says

    anyway… in other pics, Suri is very fair skined… this baby has more of an olive color skin… she is cute!

  80. Sara says

    Where was this picture taken? It doesn’t look like her at all. I don’t think it is her. Any of the pictures that are out of Suri, she is dressed feminine and beautiful. And is always being held by equall beautifully dressed parents. This baby is very cute, but it just looks like a snapshot of a Suri look alike with a blue sheet as a background.


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