Super Fun Maternity Wear From 2 chix!

I stumbled upon this site that sells incredibly fun and sexy maternity tees. Their tees have been featured in People magazine. All expectant moms should treat themselves to the M.I.L.F. shirt and wear it with pride.

2 chix

Come on…if you had the guts to wear this you wouldn’t be able to stop smiling and it would make so many other people smile too!

You can check out all their tees here. They even have tees for the men too!


  1. stacey says

    Milf can stand for Mother’s in Love with Fashion! It is a compliment and it means you’re hot! There’s no reason to get uptight and take yourself too serioulsy. My guess is if you are hot, it won’t affend you. If you’ve never been called a milf,..well, maybe you’re offended because you will never be called one. Relax, live and let live.

  2. KK619 says

    Haha way to go Heather!! I feel the same way, there is nothing to be offended about here, its a huge compliment really if someone calls you a MILF!!

    Congratulations on your pregnancy, I hope all goes well with everything!!

  3. Heather says

    I’m an almost-30-year-old insurance administrator who happens to be pregnant and I’m not the least bit offended by this…I guess I’m just punk rock compared to some of you. ; )

  4. Heather says

    Umm, yeah that’s a bit much for me also but the “WE’RE HUNGRY” or the “OH BOY” some of the other ones were really cute and funny…a few were over the top.

  5. KK619 says

    I dont think its disrespectful really. I agree with pixielady, its just having some fun. Even if you were to just forget about what MILF actually stands for, what it really means is that you are a gorgeous, sexy Mom!!!

  6. Ms D says

    I agree–I would never wear that tacky shirt..nothing to do with “guts”, something I like to call self respect.

    But, to be fair, I’m also not one of those people that say, “If I had her body, you know I’d be dressing like that!” when they see Britney or whoever else dressing trashy–it’s my little thing some may call being ‘prudish’, but I call it having some respect for myself.

    And anyway, I’d rather be considered a prude than a tramp.

  7. amb says

    I think that MILF is one of the most disrespectful things I hear. It’s like nails on a chalkboard.

  8. jesse says

    OMG – Why would you even want to wear something like that when you are expecting? (or at any time like that?). That is just wrong

  9. eBirdie says

    Not only is that a ridiculous thing to say referring to yourself, it is almost always said in a degrading and disrespectful manner when referring to others. There are plenty of maternity tees bearing slogans that refer to a pregnant woman’s appeal (even sex appeal) that are nicer, cuter, and more respectful. This one is just crass.

  10. Anne says

    KK619, I am so shocked, you are kidding that is not funny web mistress, it is not even cute, call me a prude, but I am not laughing, infact my mouth is still GAPING.

  11. Jackie says

    I wouldn’t be caught dead in one of those. How degrading and disrespectful. Such poor taste!

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