Baby Blessings For Sandra Bullock & Husband?

Sandra Bullock

Rumors, rumors, rumors! They make my head spin recently…first Reese, then Nicole Kidman (a million times…the poor girl!), Jennifer Love Hewitt (because she wore a super baggy dress) and even Jennifer Garner just came out to deny rumors that her and Ben were expecting…and I hadn’t even realized that there was a rumor circulating!) and now it is being reported that Sandra Bullock and her husband are expecting. Just yesterday she denied it in People magazine and nonetheless, today Sun magazine is reporting that she is two months pregnant!

You be the judge!

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  1. carla says

    omg congradz on the new baby see i mite be prago with my frist iam so excited man, i dont even know what to thinx am i goin to be a good mommy and also to iam gettin married iam so excited and scared all at once again congradz iam so prude for you two your goin to make a wonderful mother and he must be excited as well as yourself.

  2. says

    Her husband is cool. The makes custom motorbikes.
    I made a biker dating site in my link. Bikers are great!

  3. oriana says

    I do like her, I think she is a funny actress and I enjoy her films. Good luck to both of them if this is true.

  4. BC Girl says

    hahaha Meoow!! Your hilarious… I agree with you completely, he is a very sexy man!!

    Also, I just heard on the radio today that Sandra Bullock IS preggers!! I guess she is 2 months along.

  5. Meoow! says

    Lolitha, he looks like a MAN. A big hot mean looking car fixing tattooed sexy MAN. Not a boy bandy eunuch,
    or a hairless over groomed metrosexual but a lord have mercy pass the butter MAN. Can you tell I like him???
    I think she’s very cool too.

  6. 2kids2many says

    I don’t think pregnancy rumors should be posted until an official public announcement has been made. It just starts an uncalled for frenzy!

  7. BritishMumma says

    I always take what is written in the Sun with a pinch of salt. I really doubt that if she is pregnant at just 2 months Sandra would be telling anyone that she is expecting except maybe really close family.

  8. BritishMumma says

    I always take what is written in the Sun with a pinch of salt. I really doubt at just 2 months pregnant Sandra would be telling anyone that she is expecting.


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