Miss Britney Continues To Party Hard!

Britney was snapped at a private party thrown by Brandon Davis last night. She looks cute and very celebratory!
Britney Spears

I have been a little shocked and left speechless by Britney’s recent escapades…and haven’t been able to post some of the more revealing images of Miss Britney obviously! I know she is letting off steam, but it seems she is going for a partying world record! Hey…to each their own. I know it must be hard to be under constant scrutiny, but she should have a “handler” of some sort…that protects her from the paparazzi getting unseemly shots and guides her a bit…I don’t know…just thinking out loud!


  1. Paula says

    Never saw #75 on here before, but she sure doesn’t mind telling everyone they are wrong. Hey, get a clue. These are our opinions just like you have one. Stop being so harsh!!

  2. 865 says

    Oh yeah i bet the judge is just going to give kevin custody of those boys. They both love to party, so he can’t really use her partying against her. Has anybody else noticed that now he is trying to (acting like) he cares about his other kids? Why wsn’t he spenting time with them before Britney file for divorce him? Can anyone name one picture of kevin and Sean without Britney being in it too?

  3. Damaris says


  4. Heather says

    I have never been a Britney fan. I know some will disagree with me but vocally I have always though she was mediocre at best. I think her looks got her farther than her voice really would have. That’s just my opinion.
    Furthermore, I think the way she dresses is disgusting.
    She has everything a girl could want financially and yet she still dresses like she lives in a trailer park. How sad.

  5. Shannom Harris says

    WHO CARES ABOUT SHALLOW Britney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where”s Britney PARENTS?

    PLEASE HELP HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Shannom Harris says

    WHO CARES ABOUT SHALLOW Britney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where”s the Britney PARENTS?

    PLEASE HELP HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Trisha says

    well i think that she do a little less partying and more time with her kids…..its seems like ever since her 2nd baby was born all she has been doing is partying…..she needs to step up and be a better mother to her children, thats what i think…….

    i also think that instead of her wearing those fish wire hoes she needs to go to the store and her some under-wear b/c oviously she doesnt wear them….

    those are my opions of miss britany spears

  8. reporterandmom says

    as i said in another comment on another britney site is that all she does now is party???go to nightclubs?? sad to say but those pantiless pics definitely ruined her image and she can’t take them back and they will come back to haunt her when she tries her career comeback. people don’tforget the negative stuff in hollywood and thats very negative for her in a major way considering shes a young mom with a what 2 month old and 1 yr old at home? doesn’t look good britney!

  9. Luisa says

    I think that she is living her life just like any other girl! but she is a mother now so insted of going out and partying she should be a good mom and stay home with her 2 babys! She needs to open her eyes and see what she is doing is wrong… She needs to be a MOTHER shes not a teen any more…. I’ts time to grow up and by going out and party its not the way to go… kids expect there mommys to be there at night to put them to sleep good luck to the babys!

  10. Nicki says

    63. jesse ~ Your right that is what Paris is doing. But it doesn’t help Britney one bit, because “they” still got the shot of her getting out of the car. A FULL on shot. It is sad and she needs supervision, NOW !
    If I see another one of her “special spot” I will puke. She is an adult, a “MOM” for Gods sake, and we see all these different naked crotch shots. I mean is not anything private????

    I feel sorry for her sprialling out of controll. But she needs to get a grip, and remember she has 2, TWO, BABIES at home. I hope Sean Preston and Jaden have a happy and healthy childhood. Best wishes to the babies!

  11. jesse says

    It looks like in the pictures posted in #2 that Paris is actually trying to hold Britney legs TOGETHER? At first I thought Paris just had her hand resting on her thigh, but when you look closer you can see her fingers pushing into her thigh meaning that Britney is trying to pull away from her, and you can see Paris looking down at her making sure her legs are closed! anyone else see this or is it just me? Then the look on Brits face is more funny and Paris is serious, so I am actually thinking that Paris is trying to talk Brit out of spreading them wide eagle!
    Then the third picture down Paris (?) is trying to block thier view for her.

  12. jesse says

    It looks like in the pictures posted in #2 that Paris is actually trying to hold Britney legs TOGETHER? At first I thought Paris just had her hand resting on her thigh, but when you look closer you can see her fingers pushing into her thigh meaning that Britney is trying to pull away from her, and you can see Paris looking down at her making sure her legs are closed! anyone else see this or is it just me?

  13. MissyMama says

    Paula, if that’s true about Paris (which seems to be the case) she’s doing a really good job at mentoring Britney right into prostitution! LOL

    No, seriously, I think Britney is a follower and she is trying to be like the other girls she’s hanging out with. Except, hasn’t she noticed that Paris is dressing classier than her? Shouldn’t that be a big hint??!?!

  14. Paula says

    MissyMama, I noticed that too, but thought it was some kind of style. I saw on tv that Paris fights with everyone that is more successful than she is and tries to bring them down. She pretends to be their friend until she figures out ways to make them look bac. If that’s the case, Britney it didn’t take Britney long to fall for it. Sounds as if Paris does things like this regularly and Britney is too stupid to realize it.

  15. MissyMama says

    Anyone else notice in the above picture her skirt looks like it has been cut? Like maybe it was a bit longer and she whacked it with a pair of scissors?

  16. Joelly says

    On a joking note… maybe she’s going commando because K-Fed took all her underwear to sell on eBay… I’m sure he needs the money.

    Good one Diva!!!!!! LOL

  17. Nicki says

    #40 & #53-
    There is NO tape. FedExs lawyer released a statement about a week ago and said so. There is no sex tape of them.
    But if Britney keeps up her nasty spread shots, there will be a full one of her. Shame she feels the need to expose herself for the world to see.

  18. Ellen says

    She may not lose her children to the ex but partying so much makes me think. I loved being with my children so much as infants that I can’t imagine spending so much time away. I needed as least some of my evenings to “recharge” for the next day with them. Does she have an unexhaustible supply of energy?

    And to wear underwear or not in my opinion would be dictated by whether I could be caugt in a situation such as these. I certainly wouldn’t want my family and friends to ever have a chance of seeing the like.

    I hope she has a good finance advisor because there is no solid proof yet that her career is actually going to be as successful as before. Only time will tell if her act will sell.

  19. Diva says

    I feel sad when I see these pics. I can’t help but think it’s some sort of cry for help. I don’t know WHAT kind, but some kind. And I have seen four different occasions that she’s done this. Four completely different outfits, four separate outings, all with Paris, I believe. I’m disgusted, but I’m also sad for Britney. What a way to go down.

    On a joking note… maybe she’s going commando because K-Fed took all her underwear to sell on eBay… I’m sure he needs the money.

  20. MissyMama says

    Isn’t Brandon Davis a drug addict? Britney really needs to look at what type of people she’s hanging around. Not good choices, but then again, I don’t really think she cares much about anything right now other than partying.

    I read that K-Fed has been dining with his lawyer alot latley….Gee, I wonder what they could be discussing???? It looks like he is listening to whomever is telling him to lay low and keep mum on things. His actions right now are going to benefit him greatly in court.

  21. Joelly says

    Looks like Kevin is scoring huge point.
    As far as him releasing tapes of them, I don’t feel one bit sorry for her. I don’t agree with anything these two are doing negatively to each other in leiu of a custody battle. Put the kids first and your immature games aside…they both need to grow up.

  22. mikkidee says

    This just goes to show you how immature that girl is, and why she is not emotionally ready to be a parent.

    It is really sad because when she split with K-Fed, she had the world on HER side. Everyone was pulling for her! Now with her recent behaviour she has people boycotting her and calling her a slut and ho (deservedly so)! Oh, and her choice of “friends” is sickening – yuck Greasy Brandon Davis??? Parasite Hilton?? Gross. Gross. Gross.

  23. jenna says

    What is she doing on BABYRazzi unless she is with her kids?! Please, keep her and Paris and the like off this site unless they are shown with children. Just because THEY act like (spoiled) children doesn’t make them appropriate for BabyRazzi.

    Babies only!

  24. jenna says

    What is she doing on BABYRazzi unless she is with her kids?! Please, keep her and Paris and the like off this site unless they are shown with children. Just because THEY act like (spoiled) children doesn’t make them appropriate for BabyRazzi.

    Babies only!

  25. jenna says

    What is she doing on BABYRazzi unless he is with her kids?! Please, keep her and Paris and the like off this site unless they are shown with children. Just because THEY act like (spoiled) children doesn’t make them appropriate for BabyRazzi.

    Babies only!

  26. greens says

    Someone said ‘what a fall from grace.’ Wrong, IMO. In order to fall from grace, you have to actually have some grace to begin with.

  27. jerilynn says

    agree with you#44 comments ,I’m a young single mother of a 6 month old and i have to say i lost all respect for britney. going out pantiless knowing you’ll have photographers all over intentianel or not thats just not being a good mother pleasee!!!!!!!she knows how photags take pictures of her c’mon , what if her children see these pictures someday my word!

  28. bookworm says

    Ok, I’ve never commented here before – but this HAS to be said. Looking at the pictures that # 2 posted — you have to realize that her naked, nasty self was sitting directly on the leather car seats… I’m guess the car belongs to Paris. That’s just gross and dirty.

  29. reporter says

    I Will say this Britney is going to lose the respect of all her fans at least most if she keeps this up , just having a baby & going out in public showing everything for the world to see , what ever happened to morals. As a new mom myself and single i can guarantee famous or not i would not go out and about dressing like that with no panties and knowing that pictures would be taken as i’m getting out of a car , when you choose to be a mother there are just certain things you morally just don’t do , for one i wouldn’t want to leave my 4 month old baby to go out partying i just had her and want to be there for her in the night if she needs me but, to be famous and be going through a divorce/custody battle and to delibertly go out and know you’ll be all over the magazines the next day and websites , i’m sorry i lost all respect for britney and i used to be a fan . its ok to go out and get time to yourself everyone needs it but to purposely flaunt nude in front of the cameras thats just not what any good mom would do i’m sorry!!!!!!!

  30. anne says

    why would anyone want photographer to take pictures of you without underwear is beyond me. would britney really wake up one morning and say ‘lets do this’ just so she can a few records. if so the world has gone mad.

  31. kassi says

    There’s better and nicer ways to get publicity. she looks terrible. I mean she went on and on about being a young mum and how wonderful it is and now she has 2 sons shes like yeah i wanna party now, yeah she probably needs a break but everything in moderation. i think shes needs to make her mind up cos poor jayden is only 2 months.

  32. me says

    sillygirl why ever time someone does something people like you have to call them trailer trash? thats so naive, dont get me wrong i like britney but those pics are nasty but i think shes far from TRAILER trash

  33. jill says

    yeah tons of respect saying hes goig to release the (supposed) porn he and britney made….the pinnacle of respect

  34. carleigh says

    such a shame that this hoe had 2 beautiful children. Do you see K-Fed with his ass hanging out? he may be a cheat and a rotten dad but at least he has got my respect.

  35. jill says

    who knows what goes on behind closed doors, she may very well be a great mom. as for he vag hanging out all the time..lots of people dont wear underwear, if there are paparazzi following you around 24/7 they are def going to catch some not so lovely shots…

  36. Cass says

    Ok a little rant- this website is quick to slate mums like katie holmes who leaves her little baby girl at home whilst she may shops for a few hours. Yet this hoe, britney spears can go out partying, get drunk, so everything and anything yet the web mistress does not slate her-it is amazing. She should be at home with her children, she only had a baby what 3 months ago or something like that. God, she is playing right into kevin’s hands at the mo- he has a serious case of wanting full custody of his sons-mind u he is nver there either. i feel sorry for the two little ones

  37. Diana says

    What a fall from grace for poor Britney. I just find it very sad, however we all make mistakes, and lets hope that Britney learns from hers and grows up, and quickly. She has a family to think about now too.

  38. sillygirl says

    Like I said before, what can you expect, she is white trailer trash. When she had Sean, she was always being seen with him, now the new little guy has arrived and who the hell is taking care of him? If you don’t want your kids, then give them to somebody who will love and appreciate them and be there for them. She obviously is to busy partying to remember she has 2 babies at home that need their Mom. Loser Dad is busy partying and trying to figure out how much money he can extract from Mom to worry about them as well.

  39. name says

    If britney wants to let her c**t hang out…why not i guess? You don’t have to look, if someone walked down the street and their ass was hanging out of their pants, would you stare the whole time and then complain about what you saw?? Who cares who is letting their things hang out and who isnt….no one makes you look but yourself

  40. says

    I agree with your rant, Anne. Although I’ve never listened to/liked Britney’s music, I’ve always paid attention to her life because it’s in the public eye. But now, I don’t know it it’s cause she’s a mom, or because her fans are young, or what, but I am so appalled by her that I choose to boycott her too. Madonna has done some pretty bold things in her career, but it’s always been a “look/listen if you want to” attitude: you had a choice about the prospect of being offended. Britney is putting it all out there and we can’t help but stumble upon it on a website. She’s just sick and washed up and whatever the reason is behind these photos, I don’t care-I’ll NEVER actively seek info on her again.

  41. Tina says

    #26, glad to hear a guys view point on this. I’m sure there are a lot of guys out there like you. Don’t mind looking but wouldn’t want to bring it home to mama!

  42. CJK says

    I find those pictures disgusting as well but I am more horrified by the pictures of Britney carrying Sean Preston while walking along side Paris Hilton! That is one woman I would absolutely NOT have my children around! I’ve lost any respect I might have had for Britney. What a shame!

  43. hov says

    hi webpeople, i am a guy and i am disgusted by those pictures my girlfriend will never and mean never go out in public like that ,brittney has millions of dollars and can’t even buy some f**king underwear it’s just a disgrace

  44. Hope says

    Handler? Lynne needs to check her daughter asap! For a woman (what 23?24?) with two kids, she should have more respect for herself if not her family. Who has the kids? Kevin?

  45. Jackie says

    I’ve also wondered if she is letting the cooch slip on purpose. The funny thing is, all the guys who probably wanted to see it a few years ago are saying it looks beat! It’s saggin’, prickly, and she’s showing the scar in it’s full glory!

  46. Nicki says

    #3 different shots, in different ? outfits ? with no panties on. Of course it was on purpose. She needs to “Snap back to reality” and go home to those babies she wanted so bad. Sean Preston is a cutie and can you imagine how bad he is missing his mom right now. He is, what 14 months old, spent (by pictures) lots of time with his mom. He wakes up in the middle of the night, and for him that could be 11 pm, and momma just left, and he”s crying for a hug or kiss from mom.
    She can go on a 4 day weekend with her newfound “friends”, but to be away from those babies EVERY night is a shame. (Plus she looks like a $10 hooker on the cheap side of town)
    Best of luck, which is what you will nedd, with your “comeback”.

  47. Anne says

    I have looked at the site and I agree with all of you, those pictures are intentional, I mean only a fool can have her c**t out like that and she doesnt even try to pull it togather, she is not amking any effort whatsoever to prevent photgs from taking the pictures and she wore a short dress deliberately and bent over on purpose.

    I am sickened by this all and I am making a decision never to buy any think she produces or that has her name on it or even anything she advertises, thats it, that is an insult to all of us women.

    If it was unintentional I would not be so angry, I am going to be sick!

    I think we should all boycott her products to teach her and others a lesson, that we are civilized and that is why we dress up, that the institution of motherhood should not be insulted!

    Iam starting a campaign to Boycott her.

  48. Liz says

    She intentially left the cameras see her out with no underwear i’m sure kevin & his lawyers will have a field day with that . yes whats she thinking?????????????

  49. Liz says

    She intentially left the cameras see her out with no underwear i’m sure kevin & his lawyers will have a field day with that . yes whats she thinking?????????????

  50. notabritneyfananymore says

    #2 I Just looked at your site & the pictures posted of britney. As a Mom i cannot beleive she would let the photographers see herself with no panties on out on the town. what kind of Role model is that to her children and going through a custody battle even at the moment how does she think thats going to look . everyone look at #2 site thats listed on here , i’m still in shock .

  51. Brooke says

    Like I Said on another Britney Blog If you intentially Go out knowing your going through a custody battle knowing there will be cameras on you & you dress like that with no bottoms on underneath your dress that is pure stupidity no matter if its Britney Or whoever it would be. What is she thinking .I’m a Mom & I Went through a Divorce a couple years Ago & Thats the Last thing I Would Do during a custody battle please!She says she wants to be left alone but then She puts herself out there for the cameras in a major way like she wants to be noticed??

  52. thegrinchiscoming says

    DJ and Melissa I agree whole heartedly with you posts.
    I was sooo happy for her when she divorced K Fed and thought she would make a great come back. I was awfully wrong, these pictures are despicable and disgusting.
    she is just a cheap ho.

  53. Cindy says

    I agree with all of you.. She waxed as well..JUST for the cameras! I recently saw a Lindsay Lohan picture just like that of Her getting out of a car. These girls have all the money, but no class whatsoever. Thanks for sharing the pics Rizzn..I’ve been hearing about this latest “Fo Pa” but didnt hear about the no panties part !!!!

  54. Melissa says

    If it’s partying she wants……why in the heck did she have kids????? What a terrible role model, not only to her children, but to her young….impressionable….naiive fans.

  55. sofia says

    yes definitely, the pics were planned. she’s got some weird agenda, thinking that any association with paris will propel her back into the spotlight. and she’s obviously very angry at her family right now. she looks very stupid in the pics, you’d think mom or even jamie lynn would yank her back into reality? it’s better than anything on tv right now. the britney saga continues…

  56. MissyMama says

    Nisa, she fired her PR people a while back. So she is misguiding herself. For those of you out there who were wondering if maybe she wasn’t out getting wasted….take a look at this picture and ask again.

    Pathetic really. I hate to say that I’m almost wanting to side with K-Fed.

  57. Nisa says

    I seriously think Britney and her minders intended for those pictures to come out like that, I mean you can’t make a mistake three times in a row, I think her PR people have a misguided notion that it will recatapult her to stardom and that the notoriey will put her in the news ( which it has).

    You will be surprised at how the minds of people in show business work, I mean she has not even shown any shame or remorse for her actions, and remember she is most definately half drunk all the time and sniffing something, she is going to wake up after a couple of years and realise that the path her life has taken is even worse than when she was with K- Fed, honestly, look at people who have taken that path, I mean don’t get me wrong, it works, I am sure many men down loaded those pictures and pinned them up in their bedrooms, but most celebrities who chose to build their careers on unsavory reputation have confessed to regretting it and being terribly miserable at the time, Madonna, Sharon Stone and even Angelina is trying to turn around her image but the truth is, you may get fame from being a whore but you will never get happiness and personal fulfilment.

    If this latest desperate attempt to kickstart her career backfires (because truth be said she is not the greatest talent in music), then what, she resorts to the centerefold of Play boy? No wonder these stars are suicidal and are always compaining despite all th emoney they have.

  58. Paula says

    Those pictures are just “porn”. She had to know what she was doing. Even if your drunk you do keep a few wits about you. Can’t believe it. Just no words for it!!

  59. DJ says

    Who the heck is watching her two infant sons while she parades around half-drunk? If this keeps up, Fed-Ex might actually have a shot at getting custody of Sean and Jayden…not that he probably really wants it!

  60. crayola says

    she thinks she got smart by catching her fish in those nets. at least the net will keep her dead fish trapped and from falling apart.

  61. Jackie says

    Perhaps this “handler” could buy her some panties? There would be no need to protect her from unseemly shots if her hoo haa was covered. NASTY.

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