Tori Spelling & Her Cute Pigtails

Tori looks cute and seems very happy to have been blessed with baby joy. She looks very sweet with her pigtails and flattering outfit.

Tori Spelling

Here she was snapped indulging her KFC craving with her husband on November 17th. Fast food cravings are real…I even remember Cindy Crawford admitting to having enormous Taco Bell cravings when she was pregnant! Yum!

Tori Spelling


  1. nikki says

    OK like ya your right Money can`t buy beauty but i think in her own way she has a kinda beauty that dean likes….. or she bought him!!
    its possible right? i meen ….ya never know.

  2. NO NAME says

    DEAN–Be a REAL man and tell your pregnant wife to lose the pigtails! How embarrasing to be out in public looking like that. Perhaps a ponytail and baseball cap. That would take away from the looongness of the face. Well, we ALL know money can buy lots of things but obviously not beauty.

  3. Monica says

    i don`t care about your opinion even thought you have on you all are VERY mean to call her ugly! im not saying she is beautiful or even pretty in just saying she is preggers and she is happy and you are being mean to a pregnate women! How low can ya go? not any olwer then that !!! not kidding!!! who ever calls her ugly is probably just jelous cuz she is famus and your not!!!! I mean have some respect her father is dead her mom is a bitch! give her some probbs man ! jeez.

  4. Shea says

    IMO…which is just that, MY opinion…I think tori is not attractive at all. I just hope this child doesnt take after her in the looks department… I do feel bad for her, with all the drama her mother is causing. Every pregnant woman should have her mother to support her and hers is a big fat greedy bitch.

  5. Melissa says

    I have to agree with everyone, Tori is one fugly woman. I’d have to say ET looks like Brad Pitt next to her. I think its about time Dean returns Mr. Ed’s horse back to him.

  6. Tinkerbell says

    I think a pregenant woman is the most beuatiful thing in the world no matter how fat she gets. I should know i have been pretenant 2 times. pregenany is a beauitful thing

  7. Tinkerbell says

    I think a pregenant woman is the most beuatiful thing in the world no matter how fat she gets. I should know i have been pretenant 2 times. pregenany is a beauitful thing

  8. says

    Sigh…. Unfortunately “if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all” does *not* apply on the internet.

    I hope for many happy blessings for this couple despite the rocky start to their relationship.

  9. nikki says

    OK thats mean Tori may not be an Angelina Jolie beautiful women type girl but she is happy and has her own beauty something that etracted Dean to her . All i hope it that the baby is healthy and happy and the couple stay together!!! that said i truley don`t like Tori at all but NEVER call a women ugly!!!didn`t you learn that like in grade 3???sham on you !!(you can think it don`t say it:P) cuz what if she say these messages she would just cry her heart out! how would you feel if everyone said you were ugly and hoped the baby looked thik the dad!!!!

  10. sillygirl says

    Ditch the pigtails for God’s sake. She is a grown home wrecking woman so she needs to start acting like it and dressing like it. Pig tails are for little girls not grown ups, most especially when you look as stupid as she does.

  11. says

    Sooooo…. you’re not judging her on her looks but in the same post you are trashing her for her looks.

    Okay. Guess I don’t get it.

    I agree tho’ that the “homewrecker” thing might haunt them. Certainly doesn’t seem to be haunting Angelia Jolie tho’ and she broke up a marriage. I suppose it’s because she’s prettier?

  12. **** says

    2kids2many, you don’t get it, we are not judging her for her looks, we are judging her for wrecking a marriage, and we are commenting on her ‘looks’. I didn’t mind her till the saga about her father /feud with her mum and now this marriage wrecking thing if it is true, but boy is she UGGGLY!!!!!. She is the first person I commend surgery for but I don’t know what to change, may be a face transplant, I know she can afford it.

  13. 2kids2many says

    Perhaps I am in the minority. I hope my children learn by my example: judge people for who they are and not what they look like. Oh well…nuf said.

  14. **** says

    2kids2many, they are just pointing out a mere fact……she is veru unpretty……… yes she is happy, it is not like they are trashing her or any thing, but ha! ha! ha! ha! she does look like a horse, honestly, and we wish her baby doesn’t look like her, all the rest about being a home breaker is for us not to feel guilty about these thoughts we have about her person.

    Poor, poor her I would throw away all mirrors if were her, plastic surgery failed, mind you sometimes I can’t stand a mirror and modesty aside, I am a pretty woman. It is a fact not an opinion that she is less lovely than others. Yes she is a person, but not a pretty one. It is interesting how the first thing that comes to your mind when you see her is HORSE, Iam only wring this because I know she will never read it.

    Some times tabloid try us to the extreme, they will call her cute, gorgeous beautiful, honestly they tempt us, notice how the polite ones call her stylish.

  15. 2kids2many says

    wow, you guys are all being alittle harsh on this woman! I’m not a huge fan of hers, but she is still a human being with feelings. All she is doing is walking down the street…looking happy and pregnant and you guys are treating her like crap! My goodness! Can’t anyone ever say anything nice about people?

  16. Fancy says

    KellyMay: Watermelon!!! I couldn’t get enough of it. Now I can’t even see one w/o a little shudder and it’s been 5 years! You’d think all that melon= not so big, but gained 50+ lbs all the same, lol.

  17. LeAnne says

    Oh I really am not a Tori fan at all. I never liked her. And she does not look good pregnant at all!! I agree…she is a homewrecker and he is too. They deserve each other. Karma will get them. lol

  18. crayola says

    I like tori. She looks so happy to have finally left my horse’s correl. I wish her lots of happiness.

  19. sarah says

    Thank you soooo much KellyMay, what a lovely person you are. x.
    we are trying again and have been for 2 years. I had an ectopic 6 months ago and had my right tube removed. So that makes things all the more harder.
    Thank you.

  20. says

    Sarah, I think I can help you understand this a bit more 🙂 When they test our Rh they look for an antigen D, those with D are positive those without are negative. You can only start testing positive (also known as anti-D) if you are exposed to positive blood, so if you have had a prior miscarriage this can occur or any type of bleeding in pregnancy and it can also happen at delivery. Usually this does not pose a risk to a first pregnancy but can be detrimental for subsequent pregancies. It is in the utmost importance to have a Rhogam injection which protects your babe by producing antibodies so your body won’t reject the babe and also very importantly if at anytime in your future pregnancies you start to bleed get to the hospital asap so you can recieve this injection.

    I hope this helps! oh and so sorry for the none Tori related post for those that hate it when we do this 😉

  21. says

    Sarah, I will hit my books to see if I can help you with this! Very interesting! Your babes RH factor must be positive right? I imagine your spouse is positive too?

    Dean’s ex-wife Mary–Jo Eustace (useless was her nickname when she did a Canadian cooking show in the late 90’s) was not pregnant when he left her they (or according to him she) was in the process of adopting a daughter at the time. They do have a biological son whom is 8 or 9, she was pregnant when I watched the show. She was very witchy to her co–host Kenny and quite annoying!

  22. amy says

    I am glad to see that I am not the only one who thinks Tori is FUGLY!!! I cannot believe that whatever his name is left his family for that. They are both gross. And, yes, she really does need to lose the pigtails. They look ridiculous.

  23. sarah says

    Also KellyMay i was wondering if you can tell me why half way through my last pregnancy my blood group changed from a rhesus negative (which i obviously have been for my whole life) to A rhesus positive (which i still am) hope you dont mind me asking but no-one else has any answers. Just wondered if you can shed some light if not thanks anyway. sorry to the rest of you if you read this……!

  24. sarah says

    KellyMay, i to craved brushing my teeth while i was pregnant and not only did i brush very hard, i used to chew (or in a better word GNAW )the toothbrush as well.
    I used to brush 6 times a day (on a good day) and now my gums are receding. I never told my doctor or my midwife i just thought it a little strange. 🙂

  25. Bethany says

    Mr. Ed, uh I mean Tori, does not look cute in these pigtails. She is one ugly lady. Let’s hope her child does not inherit her big horse face…..that would be one painful thing to deliver vaginally!

  26. Essie says

    True, Tori is really, really ugly but she used to look even worse. She’s had nose, breast, tummy, butt, cheek and other work done. Plus, she’s not a real blonde!!!

    Dean left his pregnant wife and Tori left her husband of less than a year for each other. Now that Tori is no longer an heiress Dean will probably leave her and her baby when someone else comes along. It will serve her right!!!

    And, lose the pigtails!! They look ridiculous on a woman her age. They are NOT CUTE!!! Plus, she looks like a slob in the clothes she wears.

  27. Laura says

    I like the pigtails on her. I think it gives her a fun, feminine style. When I was preggers I wanted to be cute and feminine too, so i wore my hair in all kinds of cutsy ways.

  28. **** says

    Cindy that is news, how can some one leave a wife and kid for some one who looks like that? I no longer like her if she is a marriage wrecker, I never disliked her because she was too ugly and I never kick a horse (forgive the pun) when it is down! I mean with all her father’s money he should have married a pretty lady to have cute kids.

    Pity her mother who had to carry her when she was a baby, I guess there are things money cant buy! I hope her baby doesnt look like her. web mistress those pig tails are not cute, please don’t strech our kindness and politeness

  29. Lisa says

    she looks just like Aaron Spelling, not her mother

    lets hope she gets the bod back because she is not one to be able to rely on her face alone

  30. Cindy says

    She’s had tons of plastic surgery to look this way.. You shouldve seen her before… I hold no happiness for this couple..he left a wife and a baby at least.. for Tori Spelling.. She knew he was married , with child(s) and went after him anyway.. A talentless little rich girl who NEVER wouldve been in the public eye cept for her daddy..Arron Spelling

  31. says

    My heavens her hips have spread a lot!!!! She was fairly tiny in 90210 and from that shot her hips are big, I can just imagie what her a$$ looks like! I really don’t want to sound like a judgemental witch but she is only half way and as all the other moms know she hasn’t seen anything yet as far as major growth. I hope she gets those cravings out now or she’ll have a lot of PP work to do!

    I love asking women what they crave in pregnancy! The most common craving in my clients is salty foods. I craved feta cheese with both my pregnancies. What did you gals crave?
    I recently had a mom that was craving toothpaste, she would brush her teeth many times in the day to squel that urge. After contacting another of my midwife friend she told me that it’s called “Pica” and some women eat odd things like soap, mud, and other crazy things. Fortunately we were able to stop the toothpaste obsession by changing to a brand that was less appealing, funny how our bodies work!

  32. Lola says

    This is one unpretty woman, somethings money cant buy, though it looks like marriage and pregnancy agrees with her

  33. jenna says

    I think the two ponytails are a little goofy on a thirty-something, but not as bad as some celebs. But the first outfit jeans are ridiculous–they are way too lang and it looks dumb with those shoes.

  34. 2kids2many says

    I craved 7-11 Slurpees when I was pregnant…yummy!

    I think she looks very happy…pig tails and all! (Although in the first picture, her jeans look like they are on backwards!)

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