Nicole Kidman's Baby Wish

Nicole Kidman
I thought this was a very sweet quote by Nicole on having more children:

“I’d like to be a mother again. I always thought I’d eventually live on a Fijian island. I love the idea of being in a sarong, with hair down to my bum and kids following my around and hanging out.”

I hope her wish comes true!


  1. :) says

    Carleigh, go away. It was so peaceful those couple days without you. You should be resting away from the computer. I’m sure your boyfriend would like to invite you to his barstool for a drink.

  2. my thoughts exactly... says

    Shouldn’t she be looking for her boyfriend on a bar stool while downing her Zanax?

  3. carleigh says

    Nicole was indeed pregnant twice by tom cruise, the first was eptopic the second miscarriage. I dont think tom has a problem I think it has more to do with ‘damage control’ in the divorce settlements. Maybe the rumours of him are true, that he is gay and thats why he left Nicole. I also believe that Suri was conceived via other means…… squash those rumours……..

  4. Kelsey says

    I saw a suspicious picture of Nicole today on where she was holding her stomach. It really didn’t seem like a natural pose, unless of course, she is expecting. With all of the rumors about her being pregnant going around, she might not want to place her hand in that particular area because it might fan the flames!

  5. **** says

    Kelly may, that is an amazing story, It is the first I have heard, all the shit people go through when pregnant and she was spared, I guess that was to atone for all the suffering she had gone through.

    You know I don’t want to quote Michael Jackson but he once said, that ”…… when a rumour is repeated over and over again, it starts sounding true…and eventually every one gets used t it as the truth….” I guess all of us fell for the speculation about Toms fertility, he must also have been shocked to score in such a short time, above all, pity Katie who must have thought she did not need birth control…… I am sure as a fan she had heard all these stories. I hope all goes well for Nicole, I agree with Nisa she should wait a year to have the baby, she is only 39 and has enough problems as it is.

    Congs Nic for being the highest earning actress.

  6. says

    Lucia, that was exactly what I was going to write about chemistry! So often I have couples that have no medical explanation as to why they are not concieving and it truly take a whole lot more then some sperm and egg! I find it interesting that sometimes a women can be allergic to her husbands sperm which makes a hostile environment therefore no pregnancy, also PH levels, your cycle(and your mucous) and stress can cause problems with concieving.

    I have also seen many many times couples whom were deemed infertile to have pregnancies if not multiple pregnancies. One lady whom tried for 20 years with her husband finally accepted that it wasn’t meant to be started the pill to regulate her crazy cycles. Went into the hospital for severe back pain only to see on Xray that she was actually in labor. I still to this day find it difficult to understand how in the world she did not feel that baby???? I had just had my son a few weeks prior, she was holding him and telling me she was so happy for me. Her son’s B-day was actually yesterday, he turned 5 and is a healthy little boy! All our friends thought she should name the baby “OH my GOD” being that was the reaction from everyone when they heard the news! Miracles still happen! I always said I could never believe that someone wouldn’t know they were pregnant, I witnessed it first hand, Amazing!.

  7. Lucia says

    i heard that she did get pregnant more than once. The first one was an ectopic pregnancy and the second she miscarried. I think they just had different chemistry making it hard for them to get pregnant and carry it to term. It happens and sometimes the pressure of work and God knows what other things keep people (women) from becoming pregnant to.
    I wish Nicole and Keith all the best and i hope her dreams of having another child comes true.

  8. Claire says

    I think you’ll actually find that Tom Cruise’s first wife very quickly went on to have a baby when they divorced. When I was still at school (many years ago) and he was married to Mimi Rogers it was well known that he couldn’t have kids. I remember being about 14 or 15 and we all called him ‘Jaffa’ because he was seedless. It’s amazing what science can do these days when you have enough money – I don’t believe Suri is a natural conception. I also think the rumour about Nicole having a miscarriage was untrue – that was a desperate attempt to win him back when he left her.

  9. Nisa says

    I think some couples have kids easily and others struggle to get them, Toms first wife also has no kids to date (unless am mistaken), and rumor is that Nicole is going to use IVFso I don’t thin Tom had a problem other than the tabloid rumour ehard too may times that it becomes truth, but remember at the time of their split, Nicole’s rep said that she had a miscarriage, you also have to bear in mind that some of the things that celebs do to remain in shape end up making them infertile, am sure if they had desperately wanted a biological child or to dispel all the rumours, they would have used all the modern ways science provides to have a child or even a surrogate for that matter, so I think they were pretty content since both were at the height of their careers.

    On the other hand I don’t think Nic should have a child just yet, her marriage is young and has a lot to think about, a child complicates things and though I love both Nic and Keith and a tot would be good for them, they need to devote their time to each other as for now, he needs to fully conquer his addictions and she needs to slow down in her career a bit other wise a baby will only add strain to their already fragile union. There is a tendency for a wife to ignore a problematic husband and concetrate on the new baby who is easier to deal with.

    Just because she does not show off doesn’t mean she does’nt love her other kids.

  10. Ms D says

    Well, I’ve always liked I hope she and her new hubby can start a family of their own as soon as they’d like to.

    I don’t know about the having biological kids thing..I often wondered that myself when she and Tom adopted their kids–somebody told me it was because she “wanted to keep her figure”–but I was never really convinced that was it.
    Then I wondered if he couldn’t have kids–seeing as how he’d BEEN married before, and they’d never had kids either. But, apparently Suri proves that’s not the case, right? 😉

    In ANY case, I think it would be great if her husband can successfully complete rehab and they can have their own baby. 🙂

  11. Jenna H. says

    I think because a doctor said he couldn’t, which is why everyone was surprised when Katie got pregnant. But I’m not posetive. Something like that… And I agree with Linda, she meant have another baby, not that she didn’t want her other ones…

  12. suze says

    “I’d like to be a mother AGAIN”????? is she not already a mother? did she stop being a mother at some point? i thought that when you had a baby or adopted one you were a mother for life?!?!?

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