Casey Affleck & Son

There are so many celeb connections here! Casey is Ben Affleck’s brother and Casey is married to Summer Phoenix, 27. Summer is Joaquin Phoenix’s sister. Wow!

Casey Affleck

Here is a pic of Summer and Joaquin.

Casey Affleck

The inspiration for the name Indiana: Summer’s late brother, River Phoenix, played young Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.


  1. 2kids2many says

    Speaking of the Afflecks…On there are some new pictures of Jennifer Garner (taken last night). I know there was some “pregnancy speculation” regarding her a few weeks ago. Check out her tight little dress…I really do not think that she is pregnant again!

  2. anne says

    The picture was taken last year.
    Indiana is now 2 and a half
    But thanks for posting, because I’ve never seen it before.

  3. Ms D says

    He’s a cute little guy..and yep, he’s sure got a famous bunch of relatives!

    I know what you mean about how quick kids are at that age..but he has his hand on the little boy, and for all we know, he could have picked him up right after that picture was snapped, the way he’s leaned over.

    But yes, I’d be hesitant to let a 16 month old cross the street “on his own”, no matter how fast my own reflexes were! 😉

  4. 2kids2many says

    Wow! That’s one big happy celebrity filled family.

    Now…commenting on the write-up on Casey’s picture- at 16 months old, the guy really should be CARRYING his son across the street. Kids are so fast and unpredictable at that age.

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