New Pics Of Katie, Tom & Suri!

Such adorable photos!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

These pics and more can be found in the new issue of Hello Magazine!



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  4. Christal says

    I think Suri looks a little evil in these pictures, maybe she is the antichrist, but she is a very pretty baby girl, a tool she can use to take over the world! She’s going to grow up to seduce men to make her way to the top and wreak havoc!

  5. I KNOW YOU NICKI says


  6. Victoria says




  7. Comment says

    I don’t know why Nicki is even on this blog about Tom. She can’t stand him and all she has is bad stuff to say about him. Ok, Nicki, we know how you feel about him. Now you can just shut up already.

  8. me says

    u know what #135 – “unique” – fuck YOU….the kid is just another cute BABY…she is not a beautiful baby by any stretch of the imagination in MY eyes…. go and learn to spell and structure a sentence, and then get your eyes check sweetheart…

  9. unique says

    u know what fuck u #10 &11 , u know what katie and tom i always said celeb’s are just like anyone else and never went out of my way for one exept johnny depp but n-e way’s you all have a bautiful baby gurl, wene i seen the first pic of tom katie and suri i just told my mom look at tom and katies baby she is very bautiful.

  10. Nicki says

    . Anne the fan – Gosh you must be into Scientology. No one “Fancy and CO” said anything about hating him. We just don’t like him.
    And for me , since Risky Business I haven’t, so its nothing new. Brooke can forgive him, she has a vested intrest in the hollywood working scene. I don’t. I never liked him before or disliked him before all that, just never gave two squats about him. After he said what he said about her struggles with her first birth, I thought “Boy what a piece of shit!” (That sealed it for me)
    Until that little man gives birth, he hasn’t a clue about anything pre or post, so he should just state his beliefs, and not drag any woman who actually went through childbirth and took whatever they needed. What a pompous blowhard he is, and he should just go away. But I thought he should just go away before, but now I think he is a pompous blowhard. JMO.

  11. Anne the fan says

    Thanks guys for your support, I am so sick of Tom bashers because I simply don’t understand them Lisa I applaud you for changing your mind, most people seemed to dislike Tom because they read in the media that it is the season to hate Tom, when you asked them why, their reasons were suspect, like his religion, I mean he has been a scientologist for the last twenty years and it didn’t seem to matter till now, all of the sudden even saying he is in love is a crime, I mean being sceptical in the beginning is understandable, even I a die hard fan raised my eyebrows, but making it your life ambition to bash him is puzzling and really shocked me, never underestimate the power and influence of capitalism, fancy and co think hard about why you hate Tom, I know he was wrong when he said what he did about Brooke, he should have told her in private but if Brooke forgives, forgets and goes to his wedding, who are you to cling onto your anger and declare her presence in Rome a media campaign?

    Besides, in hollywood, Tom seems to be one of the very few people with a good head on his shoulders, though sometimes he can be vain ( like most of us)

    I am happy Tom has bought a house in the UK, I mean it only makes sense since he now has a family and if he is launching a movie or filming, he can’t put them in a hotel. I know he had a family before but he was young then and the jet setting lifestyle suited him. I know from experience you get tired of hotels after sometime.

  12. Fancy says

    Lisa: Since you brought it up #127, FYI, there is no “winning” side. Just as there is no losing one either.

  13. Nicki says

    Lisa ~Thanks for clearing that up.:) I have a best friend who LOVES him and I don’t. She has been a huge fan since Risky Business and I just never did feel the same way. She was a little put off with the Brooke comments, but she still likes him.
    I will say he seems very attentive with his family and thats a good thing. I still don’t like him, but wish his family happiness.

  14. Lisa says

    well Nicki, maybe hate is a strong word like you said but I disliked him so much after reading so much nagative things about him, and what he said about Brook too. Then I started seen nice pics of him and his kids and love the article on last week and this week Hello magazine and I’m happy for him and he sounds like a nice enough guy and he is not hurting anyone so I’m a fan now.

  15. Jen says

    Nicki, maybe John might have been there because ET rerpoted that Richard Gare was there but there is no Pic. John also defended Silent birth when the media was going crazy about it and his wife and Kirstie backed Tom Cruise about the danger of drugs to the media after the Mate Laur interview so maybe they just couldn’t make it. I don’t think they will miss his wedding just because he didn’t invite Oprah. I just think we shouldn’t make a big deal out of it because from what I’ve seen all Scientologyest stick together and if the head of scientology is Tom’s best man, then it shows there is no hard feeling toward Tom for the media backlash against Scientology so I’m sure John would not be upset about that.

  16. Nicki says

    122. Fancy ~ Thanks for the info. I don’t know what to make of it. When everyone was looking for Suri, was JT or Kelly one of the group, Jada, Leah R., that said they had seen her? If they were it would seem something happened after that, and not the Oprah rumor, after his couch scene, and her talking about it to, who DS?, or whoever it was.
    Interesting indeed.

  17. Lisa says

    Fancy, I’ve no idea about Scientology and I don’t care to know but it felt good to be in the winning side when I started liking this family.

  18. Nicki says

    123. Lisa – May I ask why you hated Tom so much that you would be pissed off everytime you heard good news about him?? That is scary. How do you hate someone you don’t know?
    I don’t like Tom, not one bit, but he doesn’t mean that much to me, to get upset when good things happen to him.
    I was just wondering why you hated him with so much passion.

  19. Fancy says

    Lisa the pain you felt was the power of Scientology!
    It appears you have succumbed! The rest of us must be strong and soldier on! LOL

  20. Lisa says

    Fancy, at least Anne is a fan and does know about Tom Cruise, which what fans do but for some one like you its scary because you sound like you’re a hater but follow his every move. So if I was you I’ll worry about yourself. And someone here said hate is too great a burden to bare.It injures the hater more than it injures the hated

  21. Lisa says

    Anne the fan, I agree with you it does hurt to hate Tom Cruise. I was a hater just a while back but I’m a convert now…every time you hear news about him and if its good news it used to piss me off but I kind like it being a fan now and they are one beautiful family!!!!

  22. Fancy says

    p.s For Nicki:. Travolta and Alley WERE invited to the wedding.
    The RUMOR is that Travoltas friendship with Oprah, ( she’s called him her soul mate and threw him his 50th), was what kept J.T. from attending. Ditto with
    Kirstie who is very close to Travolta. At one time all three were quite good friends with Tom spending time at the other two’s places in Maine. That last bit about Maine is not rumor.
    So make of it what you will.

  23. Fancy says

    Has anyone seen the new OK magazine?
    The cover was on the tube last night when everyone was telling Britney to wear some panties!
    Anne, there is fandom and then there is blind adoration. Obsession would be next, then a restrainig order. Tom bought a house 30 miles from London, lucky you!
    Though I agree we are over prescribed in the U.S. anyone who trashes the use of drugs across the board is not doing the public any favors!

  24. mary says

    Kellymay, I totally agree with you. When my 4yrs old niece was upset about moving school and wouldn’t eat and talk to anyone my brother took her to the doctor and they said she was depressed and prescribed her antidepressant but my brother was smart not to go ahead with it and instead a friend was helpful and told them they just need to try hard and lesson to her and she is ok now. The media backlash against Tom is all to do pharmaceutical companies who are very powerful and can use the media to destroy him.
    Tom Cruise attacks the drug pushers, (psychiatrists), the drug suppliers, (drug companies) and the drug advertisers, (media conglomerates/main stream media).
    As a result he becomes public enemy #1 because they fear the influence he has all over the planet.
    Another very important fact is that Viacom, Paramount’s parent company, makes half of its revenue from drug company advertisements. This dollar amount is much more than Tom Cruise would ever bring in for them and that is why the Paramount boss is trying to destroy Tom Cruise name.

    The mainstream media is relying on individuals to not read past the headlines. They’re relying on individuals to not do any research for themselves.

    In the future when all this is over Tom Cruise will be the person who warn us about mind altering drugs.

  25. The Truth says

    Like i said some people just have too much time on their hands ;-). And by the way poor little Anne, i feel your pain, hanging on to every last straw of hope.. What can i say huh? Just hang in there, time ills the broken hearted.

  26. Who’s business is it anyway! says

    Nicki, thank you for your comment and you’re welcome. We can either like them or dislike them but I like it when we all are civilized about it.

  27. says

    Very Good Anne the fan! As a Canadian Tom is very well liked and respected here! He speaks a lot of truths especially about big business.

    America cares about money and making more money who it hurts in the process doesn’t matter does it?!? The pharmaceutical companies are the richest in the US and will keep getting richer as they convince more and more people how unhealthy/unhappy they are so they can profit. Doctors get kickbacks for every prescription they write, hmmm money yet again! Treat the problems not the symptoms, most prescriptions are to help you feel better not to fix the problem. As a healthcare professional, it sickened me to see how corrupt the system is in this matter but we can make a difference through education and I believe Tom Cruise is smart to speak out. He has a platform that enables him to do this.

  28. Nicki says

    100. Who’s business is it anyway!-
    Thanks for the history of Toms freinds. I still think it’s weird Kirstie or John were not there. JMO.
    I don’t agree with you comment where you compared a religion to a cult. It’s not the same so can’t be compared. I mean really there are tens of millions of Jews, but only a limited number of the Sci cult. So your compairison doesn’t work.
    Thanks for answering, I apprieciate you taking that time and posting the link to People.

  29. minkysmom says

    first, only carpets are “oriental” the proper term is ASIAN and second, Suri was gorgeous in VF, but in these pics, she’s just not that cute.

  30. pagal38 says

    I Have To Say Suri Is soooooooo incredibly Adorable & Tom & Katie They Make Such A Goodlooking Couple! Great Pics!

  31. Good says

    Well put Anne the fan, With fans like this Tom will be around for a while to come. These comments are very interesting and I’m more fascinated and want to know the people leaving the comments than the celebs themselves

  32. Anne the fan says

    There is an annoying tendency for Americans to think that what America thinks and likes is what the whole world should and indeed thinks and likes, am sorry to disappoint you ‘the truth’ but the rest of the world still loves Tom Cruise ( there is a whole Tom crise day in Japan), am not his PR machine, I am just a fan and yes parts of Europe and America may be so fickle as to hate some one because he jumped on a couch because he was in love, but the rest of the world, japan, china, india, Africa are not. You are deluding yourself if you think that a huge star, who is the highest earning and rchest actor in hollywood (frobes magazine rich list 2006) can fall over night.

    Tom has built his empire for over twenty five years and it will take more than rumblings of an old man to bring him down. For all these years, Tom has played this game, and actors come and go but Tom cruise remains, he never takes on a wrong movie and plans his life meticulously to the last detail.

    It may surprise you but the rest of the world holds similar views on anti depressants but because of the strength of their manufucturers they will keep you hooked onto them and brain wash you forever, that is capitalism at its best.

    What baffles me is that even a scumbug like O.J (as Jen potints out # 103) and white trash like Britney, paris and lohan have not been given shit that Tom has taken and they have done far worse things than him, I mean how can you write about how you would kill your wife!!!!!!!!.

    But heed me well all you Tom haters, life is a game, we all play but some people score and others don’t, Tom is playing the game of life and from where am standing he is winning. Yes he has made his bed, and that bed is a hell more confortable than yours if you have nothing more to do than take a swipe at him and his family. I think it really hurts to hate him, he is slick and has loads of experience in this game.

    Iam not his PR machine, stars are meant to have fans and a fan I am, just because you hold your view, I have not branded you a phrmaceutical PR out to salvage your drugs or even Redstones/ paramount PR. So may be you don’t like him, cool, not every one is always liked but to bash him and his family is just pure undiluted jelousy, delusion and bitterness.

  33. !! says

    #106, I think you should move on and leave the fans to it because Hate and jealous is too great a burden to bare.It injures the hater more than it injures the hated

  34. The Truth says

    Don’t worry about Tom’s bed he will happily lie in it with his loved ones, his new studio and his estimated $500 – 600m fortune and will not give as a second thought about you. BTW the US is in love with US and I don’t know if you know this but the US is hated by everyone in the world.

  35. The Truth says

    #104. LOL! It’s so hilarious how all TC’s fans are desparately trying to salvage what’s left of their hero’s reputation.. Awwwwwww that’s soooo sweeeet of you. Oh well, reality check guys: tom’s glorious era has now come to an end. Yep, it’s over! You should now get over it and move on with your lives guys rather than lamenting yourself contemplating what could have been..

  36. What's ur problem says

    #102, I was answering a Q put by Nicki so what is your problem. I didn’t say that Tom was gold or try to repair anything. All I was doing was posting my comment to a Q put by someone here. After all this is a blog and in a blog there are people who have different opinion about people and I was trying to make my point. Just because I’m a fan it doesn’t make me his PR people. And yes Tom still has fans.

  37. Jen says

    You know what guys every time I come here, the last few comments always get nastier and personal. None of us know this people personally so we don’t know what their life is like and I’m sure Katie or Tom who has a new baby, new family, a new studio and a movie to do, will never see this comment, but I still feel for them because imagine having people who don’t even know you thinking the worst all your life, specially for Tom because he is a global star who is super famous and his every move is followed and analyzed for the little mistakes he does (couch jumping, having a different religion or believes), unlink some of the other celebs we see today who do things worse like, abusing kids, drugs, alcohol, and even OJ doesn’t get the shit Tom gets and when I see and hear this as a parent it worries me for the future of out children. I would have thought people commenting at baby site should know better than using the words some of you are using in here and calling an innocent baby names, for goodness sake some of you are a parent! No wonder the world is such a mess right now. BTW I’m Greek orthodox.

  38. The Truth says

    #100: Some people have way too much time on their hands. Then again, I guess Tom Cruise PR machine is arround the blogs full swing in an desparate attempt to repair tomkat’s image and regain public’s sympathie. It’s so hilarious to watch! But sorry guys don’t bother ‘coz it ain’t working. TC’s reputation is stained for ever over here in the US. Nothing you will do will change that. Tomkat has made their bed, now they must lie in it, simple as that.

  39. Ali says

    #99. buttons , It so funny how you don’t have time for people like that but you’re here spending your time on them anyway. Suri sure has her dad’s eyes and smile and she has Katie’s lips and hopefully noise too. I agree with some of you they look blissfully happy. All the best to the new family.

  40. Who's business is it anyway! says

    #97. Nicki, Just because John Travolta and Kristie are Scientology it doesn’t mean they are close friends with Tom Cruise. I’m a Jew so does it mean I should be good friends with all Jewish? I’ve been a fan of Tom since Top Gun and I’ve never seen pics of Tom and John out socializing, I’ve seen a pics of them with other Scientology at a Scientology celebration and Kristie attending one of Tom’s premier but that is it. Plus David Beckham and Tom have been friends every since Tom and Pen Cruz met them in Spain over 3 yrs ago and Tom even flew to Spain with his kids who are a fan of David to watch Real Madrid play and there is a pic of Victoria and Katie out shopping last year when she was pregnant with Suri, after being introduced by Tom, so I wouldn’t say they met a week before the wedding.,26335,1175376_13,00.html
    Jim Carrey and Tom are friends too, Jim even defended Tom at last year MTV award show and Jim brought his girlfriend to the wedding so what? I think this wedding was about family and close friends most of them who supported Tom and Katie during the media backlash last year and some of the celeb who attended are truly his friends (Not sure about JLo but I read some where that her husband was the one Tom knows) and we all know Tom and Will Smith have been friends for a while, and some of the people who attended the wedding might not be actors but they are powerful in Hollywood, TV or Media,
    Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of movies like Top gun, Pirates of the Caribbean, all CSI programs… , JJ Abrams creator of Lost, Cameron Crowe, Terry Semul who is a yahoo chief executive, Dan Snyder who is Tom’s business partner and owner of the Washington Redskins football team , Paula Wagner (C/W production), Rick Nicita Co-Chairman of creative artists agence, James packer the Australia media mogul, Kathleen Kennedy who is a producing partner of Steven Spielberg, Sky Dayton earth link founder and most importantly Tom and Katie’s family attended the wedding. For anyone who is interested I found this info on people magazine.

  41. buttons says

    Suri, absolutley does not look like Tom or Katie. It would be ok to look like Katie because she is beautiful, but lord have mercy if she got Tom’s extra large snoz, I mean ski slope, oops I meant to say nose. I wonder what is the youngest age they can do nose jobs on children? Well I guess we don’t have to worry about that since there is no way she can be Tom’s since he is sterile. Two other wives and no children. Hmmmm, I wonder adoption or artifical insemination is how Suri came about. She definatly has a ethnic look to her. But……………she is a adorable baby! I like her chubby cheeks. Just made for kisses. To bad she doesn’t have different parents. Both cult freaks and I have no use for peopel like that,.

  42. Fancy says

    Lola, those must be some good drugs! I have NEVER posted anything negative about any baby or child and never will. Suri included.
    As for rage re: Tom and Katie, since when is any non fawning post rage? If I’m not butt kissing strangers and buying into the line of bull they’re spinning then I’m being a bad girl? You sound very young and as though you prefer to live in a world where everyone takes what they’re given and is happy they got it? Where no one ever asks questions? Where a few months of personal happiness are worth everything. Well, great enjoy your life.
    Also do yourself a favor and read post #15. Take it to heart.
    As for me, I’ll keep asking questions whether anyone likes it or not!

  43. Nicki says

    84. SUSIE
    Calm down, I NEVER EVER said anytinhg bad about Suri. I think she is a cute baby with an adorable smile.
    John Travolta and Kristie are LONG time Scienctologists, it would only be obvious they would attend(plus John has 2 of his own planes). I think both have been in (the cult) longer than Tom. WTF, Jenny Mc..and Jim Carrey, Posh and Becks, who by the way started hanging out together about 2 weeks before the wedding. His new found friend Brooke. Oh Please…
    Don’t you EVER call me a sick pup again. I have NEVER said anything bad about Suri or Katie for that matter. I despise Tom, probably always will, but he is fair game.
    Suri is very cute and has an adorable smile, Katie looks happy, and I wish them both the best. Katie looked beautiful in all her dresses, and she did look very happy.

  44. says

    Shame on you people who could say such horrific things about an innocent child. Whether you think she’s cute or not, have a bit of grace about yourselves. People making comments like these make me want to stop coming here. Speculate all you want, but keep your filthy comments to yourselves.

  45. Lola says

    Jane and fancy, you are entitled to your own opinions but boy, you guys are so enraged about this couple for some strange reason, but you know, it is their life and they look like they are enjoying it, I dont like hating people who dont know that I hate them and seem happy for that matter, even if the marriage ended today, atleast they were happy for a while and they wouldnt be the first. As for their c-lister friends, one cant have 150 a- lister friends in hollywood, that would be a lie, so if Tom chooses c- listers may be they are the people he gets along with, in life we make very few genuine friends and if you choose them according to their star ratings, then we wouldnt have any so if he likes will smith, let him.

    For those guests he didnt invite, it was his choice and not you to choose for him whether ti invite travolta or Alley, in all pictures, the room looks full, I dont see any empty seats, so may be they fell out, we can never know because they dont announce on telly.

    fancy and co, do you think saying that Suri is ugly will make her so? Even from an observer, she seems to be a captivating baby with a great sense of humour, I know you may find her plain, but they way you rant it is as if you just wish she was plain, cross your fingers may be she will become plain in future.

    Babys sweat a lot and their hair falls off that is why her hair is like that. I hope their marriage lasts long and they have many more babies and for those of you who say she was more than 7 months, there is your proof, she has no teeth and please dont be desperate enough to say that they were plucked out.

    Finally whatever they believe, it is their choice, the last I knew, this country was free and civilized with all people tolerating each other.

    Preach love people

  46. says

    I agree Suri is being sily in some pictures, I can remember the same little faces on my own children. Suri is a gorgeous baby and appears to have a really fun personality some babes always look so sad! I see that her hair is thinnning out some, I always found it funny the babes fell out and mine finally starting growing back in at about 6 months postpartum! Odd how that works!

  47. !!! says

    Suri looks “evil”…like Linda Blair from the Excorist…like her head is going to spin around and spit out pee soup.

  48. oriana says

    She is a beautiful baby, not like that Alien looking Zahara with her hateful look on her face all the time!

  49. Tina says

    All you people saying ugly things about Suri almost sounds like you wish something was wrong with her. What is wrong with you people? Would it make you happy if something was wrong with her?

  50. name game says

    Suri is making funny faces which shows that she has a lot of personality and is not simply stoic like some little guys.

  51. DJ says

    I think Suri is precious = she looks like a doll and she looks like a verycontent baby. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I think some comments are out of jealousy.

  52. get real says

    That child looks scary…i can’t put my finger on what it is..but something is strange with her.

  53. MissyMama says

    **** – Wow, that is harsh.

    I think she is adorable. She has a sweet face and resembles Tom a lot! Poor kid….

  54. Fancy says

    I guess that means no one here really knows anything yet? Well, please post if you come across any info. I will do the same.

  55. **** says

    i hate to say it but the baby is ugly she looks like she got burned. no wonder they hid her from the public for so long.

  56. SUSIE says


  57. Nicki says

    73. Fancy ~I agree with this. Why were
    both Travolta and Kirstie Alley no shows at the wedding? Why were 80% of the wedding guests c-list filler celebs w/little or no close personal relationships with Katie or Tom? Inquiring minds want to know!

  58. sillkygirl says

    I wish we could see Suri in some clothing with color instead of white. Looks washed out. Boo Boo, I to wonder when the divorce will take place. I heard some website had started a divorce countdown like they did when Britney married her loser K-Fed. They kids always lose in these suituations. I am sure Katie will lose majority custody of Suri if that happens just like Nicole has. Very sad. Makes you wonder what kind of kids the Cruise children will be when they reach adult hood after so much brain washing Scientology crap. Probably be whacked out freaks like their Dad.

  59. booboo says

    Wonder when they will get divorced? Look at the picture of Matt Lauer’s wife Annette. I think she is really Suri’s Mom. They both look oriental.

  60. Tia says

    Fancy, I didn’t say I know I said it was confirmed by the officials at the airport…E! news had a special on tomkat wedding and they reported Tom, Katie and baby SURI and three bodyguards arrived by private jet at the international airport on Hulhule island.

  61. pat says

    Fancy do you spend you time worrying about what Tom and Katie are up to or something? Because you seem to get down in to their business a little to deep:) And from your comments you don’t seem to like them but for someone who isn’t a fan you do seem to follow their every footsteps.

  62. Fancy says

    See Tia, they are not the only people who know, you knew about David M. But how, are you an airport official or did you read it someplace?
    Lisa, people keep saying this is a baby site and yet it seems to me if the photo’s are posted and the topic is raised fair game. Many of the photos posted on this site don’t even have children in them! Though I will say I found the site when I was looking for photos of an old classmates kids and another classmate suggested it.
    Anyway what’s it to you Lisa if I’m curious??? I don’t care if you’re not.

  63. Lisa says

    Fancy, why do you care so much? who really cares. This is a baby site and we want to see their babies/children and comment and that is all.

  64. Tia says

    Fancy if you care to know that much info then why don’t you call their PR peopel or even better Tom and Katie because those are the only people that knows that stuff. About the best man he didn’t go with them since the officials at the airpot who check their passport has conferimed it was Tom, Katie, Suri and 3 bodyguards.

  65. Fancy says

    Enough with the wedding pics already, I want to know, did that ghastly gnome David Miscavage go on the wedding trip? Why were both Travolta and Kirstie Alley no shows at the wedding? Why were 80% of the wedding guests c-list filler celebs w/little or no close personal relationships with Katie or Tom? Inquiring minds want to know!

  66. jenna says

    now im convinced they photo shopped the VF cover
    pics of that kid; she’s cute and all dont get me wrong
    but she looks different in every picture. the 1st pic is
    awesome. I hope they really are a legit and happy couple.
    idk, after seeing the 1st pic they swayed me
    from bashing the whole TomKat thing; Idk, time will tell I guess.

  67. april says

    well said # 68, i totally agree, she is far from the prettiest baby on this site let alone the world, but like all babies she IS adorable…. everyone is just calling her beautiful and gorgeous bla bla bal cause they are star struck, if i saw suri down the street, i certainly wouldn’t look twice!! ps. can someone please block that insane carleigh, her ranting is putting me off!!

  68. Laurie says

    People can be so patronizing sometimes. Blattantly saying that little Suri looks beautiful whereas it’s obvious that she clearly doesn’t. Yes she does look like Katie (not sure about Tom, can’t see it) but I’m sure even Tom and Katie themselves will admit that she is not the prettiest baby in the world. And that’s OK. Nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t change the fact that little Suri is adorable and lovable all the same. So people stop the sillyness, i think Tom and Katie don’t need all those hypocrits going “awww she is sooooo beautiful” when they well know that it’s not true.

  69. **wow** says

    lol, #66, she does look constipated in that pic where she katie is standing her on the table!! very funny

  70. jane says

    Lady – firstly if i wanted to be ‘mean & spiteful’ i would of called suri names such as ‘retarded, alien looking, deformed’ etc as OTHERS have above..i didn’t, i merely said the kid ain’t a looker..and i don’t think she is..secondly, i have no problem with age differences, its just in some of the pics he does look old enough to be her dad, ooops, hang on, he IS old enough to be her dad isn’t he…and he looks fat, puffy and bloated to me..and i bought the hello magazine, as i do every edition it comes out, i didn’t buy it as a ‘collecters item’ as you said you did, i think thats bloody weird!! i am opinionated -yes- but spiteful and mean to children – not on this particular occasion…look hard at the kid, she looks constipated!! and what about the nose??

  71. Lady says

    I didn’t see your post on #63 before I commented, now you just been spiteful and mean to a child who has done nothing to you and I don’t wish to discuses any further with you.

  72. Lady says

    You see how am to know you’re talking about the magazine? Anyways I also have the magazine and they do look great….just makes me wonder if you feel that way about them why buy the magazine? BTW Tom looks 10yrs younger than his age…what is the big deal of a 16yrs difference between a woman and a man and there are lots of actors who are married to someone who is half their age, e.g. Nicolas cage, Demi Moore, Michael Douglas, and there is a 12yrs difference between Brad and Angelina.

  73. jane says

    oh yeah and as for the VF pics Lady, they obviously DID backfire as now we have been able to see candid snaps of Suri we all can easily tell that the VF pics where airbrushed and photoshopped…don’t blame ’em though, she certainly isn’t a ‘looker’….

  74. jane says

    your right lady, connor and bella AREN’T in the pics on this site, they ARE in the full lot of pics in the magazine spread, to prove i am not ‘commenting blind’ in the dec 5th edition of the UK Hello magazine – pages76, 86 & 91! please feel free to verify this yourself…i have no reason to be jealous of the cruise freak show…i do however, have a right to my own opinion, I am not that arrogant or ignorant to ‘comment blind’ as you suggested i did…it seems though that you are! please feel free to apologise when you are ready…have a nice day lady..

  75. Lady says

    #60 jane, Connor and Bella are not even in this pics. Just shows you people like you are jealous for no reason and comment blind.

  76. jane says

    tom looks like a fat old man next to his grand daughter and asian great grand daughter….katie is hunched up in most photo’s and is half the size of tom’s other daughter isabella….apart from connor who is actually turning into a good looking young man, its just a family of freaks to me…

  77. Nina says

    I dont know what you ladies are talking about. This kid looks absolutely nothing like Tom or Katie. First off she has asian eyes (try looking up asian eyelids on google or wikipedia for pictures) she has a totally different shaped face and whose nose is that supposed to be? Sorry, i dont buy it .. also i love how her hair is brown now and not black like in the Vanity Fair spread (which she looks totally different in, as well).

  78. Lola says

    Suri really looks like Tom, I didn’t think she looked like him in the VF pictures. I think she is a lovely baby, I wish she grows to look more like Katie. I know they are actors, but so what? Can’t they be happy, does it mean that whenever they are happy, they are acting and indeed they are supposed to be sad? thats BS, Good luck to them I bought a copy of the magazine and I can’t stop looking at it, in the UK it is easier to get it, I am also still waiting to get a copy of people magazine because it is hard to get it in the UK.


  79. Cam says

    Laurie, from the wedding pics and candid photo of Suri we’ve seen so far, Suri indeed looks a lot like her dad and I don’t think they have to try to make her look like him.

  80. Cam says

    Laurie, from the pics we’ve seen from the wedding which are NOT “photo shopped” you can see Suri does look a lot like her dad so they don’t have to try to make her look like him.

  81. Laurie says

    #48 the whole vf-pictures-were-photoshopped-to-hid-some-of-suri’s-features-defaults-and-to-make-her-look-more-like-tom controversy comes to mind.. not sure that’s what she meant though.

  82. Laurie says

    #48 the whole vf-pictures-were-photoshopped-to-hid-some-of-suri’s-features-faults-and-to-make-her-look-more-like-tom controversy comes to mind.. not sure that’s what she meant though.

  83. Cam says

    If they’re happy and then I’m happy for them. This is a very exciting time in their life’s and all the best to them. It looks like though they’ve gone all private now that they’re married because no news of them since the wedding and I’m happy about that.

  84. SallyAnne says

    #50 pat, what is shown in these photo’s is two actors playing the parts of a happy newly-wed couple. Everyone acts great, and they are now away to plot their next PR move ;-). Pat and co., don’t be so easly fooled and gullible.

  85. Lady says

    #48 the 35 page magazine is indeed available in the US and Europe. And People magazine already did 14 pages on the wedding with new pics so I wouldn’t say its not covered in the US. Also what do you mean VF back-fired? It actually did very well and its their biggest selling issue to date and showed Tom and Katie in a good light.

  86. pat says

    What is shown in these photo’s is a beautiful family. Everyone looks great, and they are now away on their honeymoon. HAPPY. Give it a break and pick on someone else for awhile. I would like to know if the people that make the comments with the four letter words have at least a high school education or did they stop in grammer school after they mastered these words? Maybe one day they can comment without sounding like a fifth grader.

  87. Andrea says

    You may be onto something Stephie.. I just read the following: “If a mansion in Beverly Hills and an eight-bedroom retreat in Telluride, Colo., aren’t enough, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes can get away to the “exclusive community” of Dormans Park, 30 miles outside London, where they’ve bought a six-bedroom cottage for $4.75 million, Us Weekly reports …”

    Yep, Tom and Katie look well on their way to spend some time in Europe..

  88. Stephie says

    I wonder how come Tom Cruise had the offical 30+ page spread of his wedding album pictures released in a non-US paper? Is he making a statement towards the US media? Is it his way of showing his disapproval of the way he has been treated in the US press? Has the VF spread of Suri back-fired so much that he called it quits with the US papers? Next thing we know he might be deciding to go and live abroad with his family, where he still has some reputation left. I wouldn’t blame him if he did for the sake and sanity of his family and kids.

  89. Lady says

    Tia, the mag is available in the US, I just got it at a place which has international mags and papers ($6.99) It is simply gorgeous, a collection item really.

  90. Sian says

    Sorry to have to say but although she seems cute and adorable, little Suri is not a pretty looking baby. That doesn’t mean that she won’t blossom into a pretty little girl and then beautiful woman later on in life, but for now she is definately not what i would classify as a pretty looking baby. Her face looks weird and slightly retarded-ish but chances are she will grow out of it and into her full facial features to become as beautiful as her mom Katie.

  91. !! says

    The first pic shows they’re blissfully happy. Katie’s dress is so beautiful and Suri is indeed adorable. I wish them all the happiness in the world and I do hope they last longer than the average couple in Hollywood.

  92. Tia says

    These pics are so beautiful! thank you webmistress!! Suri is just so adorable and looks a lot like her dad specially when she smiles. Can you buy HELLO in the US?

  93. Helen says

    Well well, That is British tabloid the sun who reported that and its not true. Tom and Katie have been on their love boat every since they touched medieval and no one seen them or heard from them. Also the officials at the Medieval airport have confirmed Tom, Katie, Suri and 3 bodyguards have arrived in the country so don’t just post any gossip you find on the web.

  94. well well says

    Trouble already in TomKat’s Paradise?

    It’s been less than two weeks since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ Italian wedding, but it seems that trouble is already brewing in the couple’s marital life. It seems that the couple have not only started fighting after the wedding, but were also having a go at each other before they tied the knot. As for what caused all those problems, it seems that the first thing the couple fought about was where they would be spending their honeymoon. They apparently changed venues five times before settling on the Maldives. The next thing that caused trouble in paradise was Tom whisking his new wife away straight after the reception – when the 27-year old Batman really wanted to spend time with her parents. After that it was the Best Man and bodyguards that had Katie upset, for the entourage was not only present for the wedding, but also tagged along for the couple’s honeymoon. A source revealed that though Holmes had had the wedding of her dreams, she certainly hadn’t been prepared for what was to come. “Katie had a dream wedding, but she wasn’t expecting what followed,” The Sun quoted the source, as saying. Cruise and Holmes swapped vows in a Scientology ceremony on November 18 at a 15th century castle on Lake Bracciano, Italy. The wedding was attended by 150 of the couple’s guests, including Hollywood heavyweights Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy, Victoria Beckham, Leah Remini, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony among others.

  95. Andrea says

    Some people are just so easy to fool it’s unbelievable. A couple of well-acted well-staged pictures and that’s it , you’ve got everyone going “awwwww i’m converted now” / “they look so happy and in love”. You believe that, you believe anything. No wonder why actors usually make excellent politicians because they are able to act their way through the top by fooling the public into believing anything they want them to believe.

  96. Cindy says

    What a beautiful baby!! Lol..I still cant get over how much hair she kids were three before they had as much.

  97. Lolitha says

    Suri is starting to look like a boy, she has static eyes.whats wrong with katie she continues to look fake.

  98. sillygirl says

    I think Suri is very cute, but not being prejudiced, she does look oriental. Nothing wrong with that, but if they adopted this baby, just be honest and admit it. Nothing to be ashamed of in anyway. She is a beauty regardless.

  99. carleigh says

    I am STAYING on this blog and I don’t care if you bitches like it or not..actually knowing that I am hated and annoy a majority of people on here actually makes me feel all warm and tingly inside…I’m special and I’m the one everyone’s talking about..damn I know what it feels like to be K-FED……….Babyrazzi’s most hated…Gotta love it. Everyone’s gotta have a goal and be good at something so apparently I am DAMN GOOD!

  100. Nicki says

    Beautiful pictures. Katies’ dress is stunning. She looks every inch the happy bride on her day! (oh the top 2 pics of that dress) I loved her wedding dress too.
    I think Suri is very cute, and she has an adorable smile. I didn’t like the VF pics, they were too made up, IMO.
    She looks like she has a great personality, look at the last pic, with her nose scrunched up. Very cute, (I think Conner or Bella said something to her and was joking around, like a real family). Katie looked extremely happy, Suri very cute, and just had a great time with the wedding.

    That said, I don’t care one bit for Tom, but I will say the first picture they all look great, nice picture.
    I think Bella and Conner are good siblings to Suri.

    On a sour note, I read, on a gossip site mind you, that Tom had gained 20lbs, he says nervous eating, (I did see the pics where he was heavier) and Armani had to sew in or get him, after taking the pants out some, a girdle. Don’t know if it is true, but he does look thinner in his dark BLUE tux.
    I do like the first picture, even with Tom in it.

  101. Fancy says

    Yeesh, the little weird bangs are from postpartum hair loss, which many women experience 4-6months after having their baby esp. if there’s a big weight loss as well. No one would cut bangs like that, they are not french bangs which are quite different. Anyone who has had this happen will recognize it right away. I’m a little surprised she didn’t have them woven in for the wedding but obviously she decided to go natural instead.

  102. Mimi says

    The hair on Katie’s forehead is basically new hair. After giving birth, you lose a lot of hair due to hormone changes. When they grow back, you end up with these hair on your forehead that looks like hair bangs that got botched. I had the exact same thing happen to me.

  103. Litz says

    I think Katie did not cut those bangs because her hair line would have been too deep and looked rediculous, I find them rather endearing, but why did Tom remain with that hair? I have just looked at an old picture of him with short hair and he was soooooooooo cool, I hope Kate is not giving him bad advice.

    Suri now is a doll. I like looking at their wedding pictures, it is the best celebrity wedding I have seen in a long time, but Tom being him had to make a show of it. I aso like connor carrying Suri.

    I have bought my self a copy of HULLO magazine today, the pictures in there are great. I love Suri with Armani, she looks so happy, she looks more like Tom than Katie these days, whether Tom and Katie look alike..hmnnnn.. I dont think so, it is just that the child makes them look alike since she looks like both of them. I know that happens to many couples.

    For those who were saying Suri was older, notice that she has no teeth like any other 7 month old baby, but knowing you, I would not be suprised if you wrote that they pluked them out and you know the dentist who did it and how much they paid him. ha ha ha…

  104. Paula says

    Hhhmmm. Maybe it’s me, but I don’t see a resemblence to Tom and Katie. Anyway, I think they look blissfully happy, just as all newlyweds should look. And Suri is beautiful and it’s such a joy to see a smiling baby for a change, not one that’s scowling and looking in a bad mood. She looks like she loves her mom and dad. And as far as this being real, we’ll have to see just like with all married people. There are no guarantees for anyone. Let’s just hope it is. Love these pictures!!

    The bangs on Katies forehead are the new french look I think. At least that’s what I read somewhere.

  105. Litz says

    I think Katie did not cut those bangs because her hair line would have been too deep and looked rediculous, I find them rather endearing, but why did Tom remain with that hair? I have just looked at an old picture of him with short hair and he was soooooooooo cool, I hope Kate is not giving him bad advice.

    Suri now is a doll. I like looking at their wedding pictures, it is the best celebrity wedding I have seen in a long time, but Tom being him had to make a show of it. I laso like connor carrying Suri.

    I have bought my self a copy of HULLO magazine today, the pictures in there are great. I love Suri with Armani, she looks so happy, she looks more like Tom than Katie these days, whether Tom and Katie look alike..hmnnnn.. I dont think so, it is just that the child makes them look alike since she looks like both of them. I know that happens to many couples.

    For those who were saying Suri was older, notice that she has no teeth like any other 7 month old baby, but knowing you, I would not be suprised if you wrote that they pluked them out and you know the dentist who did it and how much they paid him. ha ha ha…

  106. Dani says

    #15MM&I: Too, too effing true! However those who actually know one or more of the principals here would tell you prettiness and $$$$ cannot make Tom less of the ass he was before Katie, will be during Katie or shall remain long after Katie’s gone.
    Never doubted she was actually pregnant, but how , now there’s the question. . .

  107. Robin says

    I GOT it – Suri should have been a boy! she looks JUST like TC and would look normal in some pants and a baseball hat. She just doesnt look right in a frilly dress!
    and speaking of sex changes – holy cow that woman in picture #3 has some crazy hairy arms! YIKES!
    and I bet Katie is kicking herself for letting her bra strap slip while taking a picture with none other than ARMANI

  108. TamTam says

    I agree with #15 – I have thought all along that Katie was chosen because of her strong resemblance to Tom – I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who noticed that. That makes it easier for them to attribute Suri’s features to either of them – pretty ingenious, I just thought that more people would have noticed before now!!

  109. dori says

    I know what that shit is on her forehead it is her pubic hair. maybe she had it transplanted to her forehead for the wedding. You never know what these aliens are up to. Maybe tom likes doing the forehead.

  110. star says

    i also agree with #10 the baby looks wierd maybe thats why they were hidding her this long. I don’t know someone better look into their family tree because tom and katie sure do look like they are brother and sister. And what is up with that shit on katies forhead? is that scientology shit or alien shit.

  111. tam says

    SURI is so adorable to me! She is a mini tom… she is so beautiful!!

    katie looks great too! so thin now!

  112. Anne says

    I love this family so much and wish them all the best, Suri is no average baby, I think she is a beauty and is one of those babies I would turn to look at and coo in a supermarket.

    I think for better or worse these people love each other and deserve happiness, I cant wait for for them to come back from the honeymoon so that we have pictures of them. Web mistress these are your best collection so far.

    Nisa where did you see Connor carrying Suri? I would like to see that. Thanks again for the wonderful pics

  113. Helen says

    I am speechless. Those are nice set of pics and I love katie’s dress! Suri is adorable and looks a lot like her dad! I do think Tom and Katie are so in LOVE otherwise they would have split up by now because all they got was so much riducle from the media every since they got together and at one point it would have been a lot easier for both if they were not together but the only reason they stayed together is because there love is strong for each other.

  114. carleigh says

    Precious pic’s of Suri and they do look “real” and happy and Katie beems as a I said I’m a convert now..darnit! Still don’t “like” Cruise control but love the family togetherness and the looks of love and stuff.

  115. me_myself_and_I says

    OK, let’s all get real: no one seems to have noticed that Kate looks enough like Tom that she could be his sister. So, Suri looks like both of them, no small surprise. And she’s no more or less attractive than 90% of the babies produced. As for “real” or not, is anything manufactured in Tinseltown “real” and who really cares because everyone is interested in the entertainment factor, not the reality. These people aren’t your friends or relatives – people you have a genuine love for and interest in. They’re comparable to animals in the zoo – to be viewed and commented upon, nothing more. That’s the extent of their contribution to life – any “torment” caused by that fact is well compensated by the outrageous amounts of money they’re paid. I don’t wish them ill, but whether or not they’re happy in life is of no consequence to me or anyone else posting here, if we’re all being truly honest. We’ll be just as fascinated by the antics whether or not the outcome is positive, so let’s just enjoy the show.

  116. Cam says

    OMG! Thank you web mistress for posting these pics here. I got the HELLO! Mag today and they looks so happy and natural and apparently its Armani who released some of the pics to mag and he had his own photographer at the wedding.
    #1 I do think they’re for real and I hope they’ve a life time of happiness.

  117. me says

    suri looks kinda strange to me in the last few pics..and NO i won’t go to hell for saying that before anyone starts on me….i just don’t see the ‘beauty’ you all gush about…she is just another average baby to me…one that has mega famous folks, but thats about it….

  118. Danielle says

    What beautiful pictures! Suri sure is pretty!
    In the first picture I find Suri looks like Tom, but in the second I can see alot of Katie as well 🙂

  119. Danielle says

    What beautiful pictures! Suri sure is pretty!
    In the first picture I find Suri looks like Tom, but in the second I can see alot of Katie as well 🙂

  120. NISA says

    These I must say are gorgeous, you missed the one with Connor carrying little Suri, it is my favourite, she is so good natured, I haven’t seen any picture of her upset, I too love the one with Armani, Suri does look a lot like Tom, Chrystal I know it is their life, but these two are the most entertaining people in hollywood so it is kinda hard to leave them alone.

    I am starting to think that may be, just may be, they could be real, I am sure the baby is real. they have taken a lot of trash from the public, I hope they don’t read it.

    Thanks web mistress. I love the pictures and however tempted you are, please don’t post the pictures of Britney without her nickers, they will spoil the site.

  121. Christal says

    I have to admit, I love these pictures…and whether they are for real or not, it is no business of ours…it’s their life and they look happy!

    It is so nice to see Katie and Tom with their child, just looks so natural!

  122. Fancy says

    Jackie, IMO Katies’ sincere and Tom is a total scumbag.
    Love the photo of Suri with Armani. It just cracks me up.

  123. JACKIE says

    O.K I admit Suri does look like Tom and alot, the last two picures are my favourite, she looks so cute, I retract the things I said after the VF pictures, web mistress these are truly lovely, I can’t stop looking at them, which guest had these?.

    O.K let us take vote, do you think these guys are for real? I now don’t know what to think, I was sure they were a sham I even bought s free Kate t- shirt, but now I really don’t know.

    Thanks Web Mistress.

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