Britney Explains Her Need To Party!

Britney Spears

Here Britney was snapped wearing a “Miss December” necklace (she turns 25 on Dec. 2nd), as she hit L.A. hot spot Hyde Lounge on Monday. She reportedly met up with new BFF Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

Britney, who has two young sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James,
has been telling her friends: “I gave birth for two-and-a-half years, and
now I want to party.”


  1. Hannah says

    Britany You need to grow up and look after your two adorable Baby boys! You being away from them isn’t good, they need there mother not some nanny looking after them! Its fine to party once in awhile and get a break from parenting but your taking it way to far!

  2. Lana says

    Hey-hey, guys!
    Slow down!
    What do you actually expect from 25-year-old girl? Of course she wants to be with her friends and attend parties. I dont believe that people who gave any comments here just sitting at home and playing with kids in front of fireplace. I know too many families who are doing much-much worse than Spears. Plus this press-attention is everywhere.
    I agree that her decision about marriage with this ass-licker Kevin was no the best. Yea! Two kids in two years – it is a a really big deal. But put yourself in her shoes.
    Everyday and night since they have been married he told her nice words about love and kids, etc.
    When you, men, say that crap to us, we wan to believe in it. Of course she wanted to be much more close to him having KEVIN kids. And what he done? hanging around with these girls and have sex. Thats weird and unfair.
    So now its her turn to have fun.
    I agree about commenys of these pictures with Brit on it without undewear. Plus Paris is not a very good company. Look what she is doing with her sister.
    But cheer up! Our girl Brit is never come back the way she used to be. now it will be new Britney, maybe much better.

  3. Jim says

    Britany, you are so slutty and you look horrible, i mean you are no role model for sure , going around half dressesd, i am only 30 but i made sure i would not get caught up in that kind of world like that, i want a woman you is down to earth and dress modestly and dont party while her kids are home with the nanny, Grow u girl and clean yourself up for a change.


  4. Jen says

    You are definitely not more “mature now”. GROW UP you have kids now!! You loose the right to party when you become a parent.

  5. CRYSTAL says


  6. says

    you know what I think that Briney has had it post mortum depression, the divorce and 2 babies it has been practicaly 2 and a half years of precnancy for her.
    Parting night after night hasbeen the oder of the day for Britswhy stop now if the nanny dont do there job then they should get fired.

  7. says

    you know what I think that britney has hard it the post mortum depression, The divorce and now 2 babies it has been practicaly 2 and a halfa years of pregnancy for her.prting night after night has been the oder of the day for brits why stop now if the nanny dont do there job then they should get fired

  8. Trisha says

    well i think that no matter if she was pregnant every year, she shouldnt just aband her kids w/ the nanny……..if she wants to party all the damn time then she shouldnt have had kids….all this is just like her initals….BS!!!! not for Britany Spears, for bull shit

  9. get real says

    Thanks for the answers guys, I agree with most but i do not feel their is a special maternal or nurturing trait women have biologicaly. I believe it is socially constructed from our society. any thoughts? same for guys, they are socially trained to not be nuturing. This can be reversed though

  10. MissyMama says

    KellyMay – it’s too funny. I weaned my 2nd son almost two months ago and whenever I pick him up, his left index finger goes into his mouth and his right hand goes straight down my shirt LOL. I guess he hasnt forgtten yet!

    He calls everyone mama. My 1st son was home during the day with my husband and his first word was dada, even though I breast fed him, we were both dada.

  11. says

    Oh Missy how could I forget about breastfeeding! My son certainly didn’t squeal and smile from ear to ear when daddy walked in the door like he did when momma came home!

    I like reading these answers!

  12. MissyMama says

    Get Real – answers to your questions:
    1. Yes. The only thing a father cannot do is breastfeed.
    2. My husband worked nights, and I worked days with our first. He stayed home and cared for our son during the day. So yes, if he wanted to stay home again he could. (mind you that we BOTH worked 40+ hrs a week during this time, and still do).
    3. The only difference I can come up with is the bond a mother and child have during breastfeeding. A father cannot duplicate that.
    4. I beleive that motherhood is much more instinctual for women than fatherhood is for men.

  13. says

    1) Do you feel that Mothers and Fathers Can care for children in ALL aspects equally? why or why not.
    A- No I don’t. My husband and I are two different people, different ideas and different personalities. We have two children that are made of each of us. We work together to do what we feel is best for our family and both hold strengthes and weaknesses in different areas.
    2) If your husband said he wanted to stay home full time with YOUR children, what would you say? this would mean you would need a 40+ hour a week job or career.
    A- I would love it!
    3) Do any of you think there is some difference in the way a mother or father is capable to bond with their child?
    A- No. The definition of bond is anything that ties, binds, or unites. So whatever enables that to happen is totally dependant on the person’s involved.
    4) Do you think women have some special part of their brain, or something in their dna etc, that make them know and want to take care of their children that men don’t…
    A- I don’t know? I have always been very maternal, and have many friends whom are the first to admit they find mothering difficult. I have met many fathers whom take their role very seriously and have met many that don’t!

    I am interested in your insight 😉

  14. N says

    Linda…. You need to learn how to read. I wasnt commenting on what she had to say about your or anyone’s parenting skills. I was trying to get you guys to maybe see her point of view. I think a lot of you are close-minded by the remarks that are being made.

  15. jerilynn says

    I Just have to say I Lost all respect for britney ,i am a single mom 25 yrs old with a 6 month old and i for one especially if i was famous and knew cameras would be everywhere would not go out intentially without anything on under my dress intentially especially going through a divorce custody battle as she is with kevin. its one thing to need to get out yes but to show everything to the cameras pantiless to that extreme c’mon , britney will lose the respect of a lot of her fans and who knows what will happen with the divorce custody battle, thats just not the behavior of a good mother pleaseeee!!!!!!!

  16. Linda says

    #1,,, yes I think they can….equally yes..yet in different ways.

    #2..that would be absolutly fine with me as long as one of us was there. stay at home dads do exist. I trusted him to be the father of my children… it’s a givin I would trust him to care for OUR children.

    #3..special part of the…dna?…no..but men &woman are are more factual.. women more lead with emotion….don’t take that wrong ladies… women are nurturers…that’s what having children together is…qualities of BOTH!

  17. get real says

    Well guys i know i promised you all that my last comment would indeed be my last, but i thought i need to ask this question so i can come up with some conclusions about you all, or so i can disprove some. If any of you care to, please answer these following questions clearly, honestly, and to the point. And by the way, they have nothing to do with britney! 1) Do you feel that Mothers and Fathers Can care for children in ALL aspects equally? why or why not. 2) If your husband said he wanted to stay home full time with YOUR children, what would you say? this would mean you would need a 40+ hour a week job or career. 3) Do any of you think there is some difference in the way a mother or father is capable to bond with their child? 4) Do you think women have some special part of their brain, or something in their dna etc, that make them know and want to take care of their children that men don’t…answer these questions if you care to, or if you have time. If no one feelings will not be hurt. I am just really really interested in what your thoughts are on this one. Please be honest..thanks!

  18. Nicki says

    notabritneyfananymore ~ There at least 3 shots, different days of her with no panties on and full on bare naked crotch shots , so it wasn’t once. Do you not read the posts here, or anywhere for that matter?

  19. says

    I find it comicable that you GET REAL do not respond to me! A career womn whom values her children! SHAME ON YOU!
    Guess what I work because of finances! I would prefer to stay home at this time because it is crucial according to psychology! I question your education!

    Girls I feel so sad for this woman! Very sad for her children! I love what God has given me the drive to do, most important being a mom a role model to my beautiful children, being a wife which in itself is fulfulling! WOW a concept you obviously have not entertained! Off you go misinformed little girl, I wish your babies the best! I truly do, if you beiieve as stated!

    I know who I am, I love my children very very much! They know that as I continue to show them daily! I struggle because I am not a midwife as of yet I am a nurse! I fulfill that need as a mother and pursue my future career, I am not threatened by the woman I am now but yet empowered by what I will become! Children witness so much more then we realize, Get real love those babies, get over yourself, your babies don’t care they want you!

    Power hungry woman do their children no justice! I was once the woman who questioned why I was married. I reflected on the vows I made, and asked my husband to do the same! I am still to this day amazed by what that means, I am thankful that my spouse took it as serously as I put it, my partner in life strives for the best thing possible for me and our children! That is what marriage is!

    Get real, I do not know if you are married but I think it is much easier to do it together then it is to do it alone! I also believe that your perfect mate is out there somewhere to find you…..

    Positive, half cup full approach most definitely!!!!!!

  20. notabritneyfananymore says

    I Just want to comment on the pictures I Just saw on a site of Britney out & about with nothing under her dress what is she thinking? shes in a custody battle and to go out and let photags take pics with you practically nude knowing everyone will see them including kevin and his lawyer what is she thinking?

  21. Nicki says

    OK I need to correct my post-“But in the same note it is the most rewarding because they will always remember (even if it takes 20 yrs) how much you were there for then, and by then believe me ALL the good times, silly fun, is what they remember”

    And that goes for all the working Moms, after I reread it it seemed like I meant only if you were a stay at home .
    I didn’t mean that at all, I guess I was trying to say As long as you love your kids, working or stay-at-home, give them boundries and show them all your love and they will (someday) apprieciate it, and thank you for it.
    I will say, jmo, A (one) smack on the diapered butt is OK, when they are in danger (running into the street, etc) but after 3 I don’t like it. (And hopefully by 3 the diaper is off and they know most of the general boundries, but I know not always.) Just had to clarify, I hope I did to all Moms, working or stay at home, (get real needs to do that-get real).

  22. Nicki says

    Wow, get real should try that!
    Most women who work do so because of finances, and make the most of the time they do get to spend with thier children, and enjoy it. If a Mom has to work to help with the income, I think most feel a little guilty about not always being there. (not saying they should)

    But what better joy than to see your child roll over, sit up, laugh heartily, get excited about anyting, for the first time. To crawl, discover this and that, get excited over a silly face you made, start walking, take a nap on the dog, start to bounce to thier favorite songs, for the first time.
    It is the most challenging job, potty training, enforcing rules in general like bedtime, no candy at 6pm , ALL the NO’s that have to be said, and just feeling like the bad guy when your 3 yr old says, “I don’t love you” when you tell then they can’t do or have something they want.
    But in the same note it is the most rewarding because they will always remember (even if it takes 20 yrs) how much you were there for then, and by then believe me ALL the good times, silly fun, is what they remember, and the fact that you were there with them. Sometimes you won’t even remember some of the stuff they are fondly looking back on, but to see them smile like they do about it is all worth it. And to hear “Thank you Mom, (even if you work or stay at home) for all you did” means more than air itself.

  23. Paula says

    She never did answer why she had children. She has everything backwards to say the least. I’ve been checking for credibility of what she’s says about harming yourself and your children if you stay at home with them but can’t seem to find it. Am I looking in the wrong places? I see pros and cons of working moms vs stay at home moms. But it doesn’t say anything about having devastating effects on them if you stay at home with them Why have kids if you really don’t want to mother them “Get Real” or was it just what Britney did, something that everybody was doing at the time? Or did you do it and just got tired of them? Or are you just a selfish persona always used to getting your way? Or did you do it to try and keep a man? That never works. Maybe you should consider putting your child (children) up for adoption so you can get on with your degrees, social life or whatever. It would probably benefit the children to be in someones home where they feel wanted.

  24. Linda says

    Kellymay… please don’t feel as though you need to explain yourself to this pathetic sole, God bless you & yours…as an RN in the ER i’ve seen what happens to children on the care of not so trustworthy people… the care you give your children is priceless….they will reap great benefits in the end!!

  25. get real says

    I will do everyone a favor and make this my concluding post on here:). Obviously this blog has gone wayyy off topic. If any of you are a full time stay at home mom, please do me a favor. Educate yourselves on the devastating affects that staying home with your children can have on you and them. At least be open to it, i can see some benefits to staying home with your children but for me, and maybe for britney they don’t outweigh the negative aspects of it. I will not post any more comments on this blog after this one. So go out and ask for information, or find it yourself on the numerous studies ect. You might be suprised and actually change your mind a little. You may think the best thing for you, your children, your family etc is staying home with them. You are not setting a good example for your male or female children. By the time they are grown to have children of their own I am willing to bet that stay at home moms will be non existant, or at least i hope they will be. Prepare your children for a sucessful future with the right values that affect thier identity and life. Women and men are the same, no one sex is better than the other at raising children. They never have and never will be different. A man can cook, take care of kids, clean, etc. Just the same as a woman, please get educated on the negatives of staying home.Thanks!! have a good night everyone

  26. Linda says

    a degree?? I’d have to see it to believe it…. you couldn’t even spell XANAX… a percription you stated you were taking… was it not printed on thr bottle??

  27. says

    Your attitude speaks for itself Get real! How truly sad their mother feels more for her career then her children. You WILL reap what you have sown! Today I had a ton of fun playing games with my 5 year old (whom could get dressed faster and he won), we cleaned our home with a lot of shared laughs so tomorrow we can share the day with my daughter whom is home for a PD day putting up our Christmas decorations.

    My education matches if not excedes your own but my children are my true light, my career is on a back burner because they are my priority! I know that too soon I’ll have more then enough me time to do what I chose but right now I can never get these years back, beyond my children I treasure the man whom I had children with again my career will never hold a light to them. I love delivering babies, witnessing miracles but it does not compare to anything I have right here!

    Get real if this is what makes you truly happy then so be it! I cannot understand that one iota!

  28. Linda says

    get real …you never asked if any of us had a career.. you assume because we support stay at home moms …we are one.. I support the PERSONAL CHOICE…… I have been an RN( with a masters in science) for 10 years!! I tried to see your view are ignorant.. you’ve been assuming all this time i am a stay at home mom… I am a mom!!! supporting other moms & their PERSONAL CHOICES!!

  29. MissyMama says

    Get Real- you are obviously a work-a-hoic and I feel sorry for you.

    And as for your comment that stay at home moms need to go to college or get an education, there are plenty of women out there who go as high as having their doctorate degrees who decide that they are more fulfilled staying home to raise their children.

    Your pathetic.

  30. KK619 says

    Get Real – You are so full of shit with everything you say. You say that “life is too short to not go out and live”… ok you are saying that the best way to ‘live and enjoy yourself’ is to have a great career?? You are so unbelievably wrong!! The best way to live and enjoy your life is to spend time with your family and friends as much as possible. Work is something that people do because they have to, its not a way to define your life. I think that you need a reality check to realize that work is not everything in your life. Its like the famous saying goes “if you were to die tomorrow, your employer could replace you in a matter of days, but your family and friends could NEVER replace you”. Spend as much time with your family as you can, in the end they are all you have!!

  31. get real says

    My last comments are to prove the point that britney spears can go out and party, without feeling bad for “her two babies she leaves at home”. It is very empowering to have a career, all of you should try it. You all say how hard it is to stay at home with your kids..please. Why don’t you try going to college? lol, I went to college 4 years for a BA and another 3 for a J.D. I did more work during that time than is possible while rasing children. Debate that if you like, but i am telling you it is true. Women who chose to stay home to raise their children are lazy, and in fact your brain cells are probably wasting away as we speak. Same goes for stay at home fathers! Do not get me wrong. Both parents, assuming they are over the age of 18 need a job. Not only a job but a career. You can have a family and a career, you can have a husband, kids, etc while working 40 + hours a week. Education is so critical to every grown persons existance, I hope you all are not either wasting your education and/or not getting one in the first place. Life is too short to not go out and live, and make something of yourselves..maybe its not too late for all of you to get up and do something

  32. crayola says

    i only have one thing to say after visiting . She needs for someone to donate her a shit load of ass cleaner, a brilo pad and undies. yukkkkkkkk!!!!!!

  33. crayola says

    i only have one thing to say after visiting . She needs for someone to donate her a shit load of ass cleaner and undies. yukkkkkkkk!!!!!!

  34. Linda says

    N… perhaps you should have read between the lines… her last comments have been about parents on this site …if you would read a little closer … everyone is just simply defending themselves against “get real’s” bashes.. good ole’ Britany & her lack of values have not been brought up in a while if get real is entitled to her views… as are aii the others!!

  35. Damaris says


  36. N says

    Dont say anything at all if you cant say anything nice…I think thats what most “decent” and “old-fashioned” parents teach their children…. Im not sure ….. But I assume that alot of the women on this site “think” they are good parents.

  37. N says

    I see everyone is getting on get real’s back so I am going to comment….. Im going to start with a quote from Missy: “Why can’t Get Real understand that everyone lives their life differently, & that what works for one may not work for another? “…… SO with that being said…. Missy take your own advice and let Britney live her life. I think thats what Get Real is trying to say. None of you know Britney. None of you know what she is going through. How you handle a situation may not be how she handles it. Basically dont judge. You’re on the outside looking in.
    A “decent” person would just hope that britney gets herself together. Calling her names is “childish”….. for all you parents on this site that are so up on your parenting skills.

  38. Paula says

    I’ve always said “Don’t do what you Don’t want your kids to do!” Get Real, please answer me one thing. Why did you have kids? I’d really like to know. Seriously. Were they accidents? Not trying to be mean, just want to know.

  39. KK619 says

    I agree with you Linda, I think that Get Real is a single mom who does not have the privliedge of being able to stay at home with her kids. To all of us who DO have the pleasure of being able to stay at home with our kids, ALL THE POWER TO YA!!! You are the farthest away from ‘being lazy’ as you possibly could be!!

  40. Linda says

    Get real… you truly have no right to judge a person on their personal choices.. why are you so angry at the thought of a stay at home parent… is this because you don’t have the pleasure of making this a possability in your life? “Get help”… for what? wanting a parent to nuture & love a child at home as opposed to a daycare?… if your life situation put you in situatin that this is not possible… don’t judge people that have this pleasure!

  41. MissyMama says

    Get Real – a lot of women enjoy being stay at home moms and spending all their time with their children. It’s obvious by things you have said, that you must not enjoy spending anytime with your kids. Between working all the time and possible partying.

  42. Missy says

    KellyMay, very nicely said! You choose to work because you love your job. That is more than most people can say. While I am home with my kids I am finishing up my degree so that when my kids start school I, too, can have a job that I love. Why can’t Get Real understand that everyone lives their life differently, & that what works for one may not work for another?

  43. Missy says

    KellyMay, very nicely said! You choose to work because you love your job. That is more than most people can say. While I am home with my kids I am finishing up my degree so that when my kids start school I, too, can have a job that I love. Why can’t Get Real understand that everyone lives their life differently, & that what works for one may not work for another? If the rest of us can understand that

  44. says

    Get real, that was an incredibly low blow to so many amazing woman that chose to stay home and give their children one of the greatest gifts we can as parents. Granted there are a lot of moms that stay home and don’t do the job justice but in the same breath so many whom claim to have a great fulfilling job but do the same, it’s comes down to a personal choice in what is best for you as a mother.

    I have a professional job because it’s my love just as much as my children are. I am fortunate because births usually don’t pull me away for long (and 75% happen at night with a resulting 24 hour adrenaline rush for me so I function fine the next day). I schedule my prenatal visits during school times and spend the rest with my chidren. Why do you ask because I WANT too! That is the difference between you and me, my children are amazing blessings in my life and have taught me so much. I feel sad that you are not or will not reap the full rewards of being a mother, and guess what it is the most amazing feeling in the world. So I guess if your children are not worried about you leaving or don’t seem to care then perhaps you should start! I truly feel sad for the attitude you hold, it is our job as a parent to emulate to our children what we want for them to be as adults. The image that Miss Britney Spears is portraying certainly is not the image I want for my child!

  45. Missy says

    GET REAL—–GET A CLUE!!!!!!
    I by no means consider myself lazy for being home with my two boys, or anyone else who stays home. Are stay-at-home dads’ lazy too? Where is your reasoning with that one?
    I chose to give up a career & my husband & I are fortunate enough that we do not need two incomes. What about you? You sound like a jealous working, single parent with low self-esteem, which is why you must degrade those who choose a different lifestyle than yours.
    I cannot even sum up what I would like to tell you!!!!

  46. get real says

    kk619, I can tell from your comments what your IQ level is. Nice choice of language as well. I wonder if you talk that way in front of your kids, do you call them cunts as well?? Please..that was pathetic. Anyways, missmama or anyone that read her comment and does those things day after day. Please get help soon. Tell your husband to quit his job and have him stay home and do all the “cleaning,dusting ect..” Then you can get a real job, I stress REAL

  47. Linda says

    statistics show… being a stay at home mom is equivlant to having 2 full time jobs!!! I stayed at home until my kids were four & going back to work was relaxing!!!

  48. MissyMama says

    Stay at home moms lazy?? Bullsh*t!! I know plenty of stay at home moms….it is 24/7 work. When your not running around chasing a kid, changing a diaper, feeding them or putting them down for a nap you are washing dishes, doing the laundry, vacuuming the house, dusting the house, putting clothes and toys away, not to mention the trip to the grocery store etc.

    My god your ignorant!

  49. Linda says

    ok ..kk619 that was a little harsh.. i don’t agree with get real’s “views” but come on!! we are not all alike thats what makes us real being a mom .. you can’t possibly agree with this girls choices.. how proud would your child be of you if you made some of her choices?

  50. KK619 says

    Get Real – You call Stay at Home Moms lazy??

    Ok Im sorry here if I offend anyone when using this word (I know some people get very offended by it). But it is the only word that pops into my head after reading that last comment by Get Real. You are a CUNT!!!!!!!! Thats all you are, you do not deserve to have children, I am sure that they will let you know that when they are older and hate you!!

  51. Paula says

    If she doesn’t want to wear panties that’s fine, but at least keep your legs closed like your mother taught you. And if you can’t keep your legs closed, wear something a little longer. In my opinion, I’d have to be pretty smashed to show my cooti and then I think I’d know better. She knows what she’s doing. She’s wanting the paps to take those pictures. It must be the in thing or something. GET REAL, please don’t feel sorry for me. I can sleep at night, guilt free without wondering if I was a good mother or not. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes but Britney is pushing the envelope.

  52. Linda says

    i don’t hate her… she’s making very poor choices.. when the press picked on her every move i felt bad for her.. her baby fell & they acted like she beat him… that was just unfair… now it seems she deserves this bad’s just not how you act with small children.. thin of it this way.. a parent leads by example.. you really think these are the best examples? it all comes down .. it was her choice how she was to be seen in the public eye during a diorce..obviously people are not backing her.. if she conducted herself differently they would have!!

  53. get real says

    Would you feel better if she walked around with a floor length dress on???? she can wear what she wants, just because she looks good is no reason to hate on her.

  54. Linda says

    Get real….. that’s just it ..she does not look good … if she conducted herself as a decent loving mother … we’d all be on the Britany wagon,,, but the bitch fell off!!! obviously she took a major bash in the head!!

  55. get real says

    Ok everyone, I will keep this shorter than the others for those with intellect too low to read my “essay” comments. Bottom line- NO ONE has the right to judge her. You don’t know her, you can’t tell how drunk she is, you don’t know how much time she spends from her children just by looking at photos and comments in magazines etc. Old fashioned moms are non existant, or at least they should be. This is the year 2006, almost 2007. Things have changed, women have jobs, not only jobs but careers. If you are a stay at home mom i have only one word for you. LAZY!! You know nothing of real life or the real world by staying home with your children. I feel sorry for all of you that you chose this path. Why don’t you make your husbands/boyfriends etc. stay home and you can get a job. People, especailly women seem to think life stops when you have a child, for the next 18 years. I truly feel sorry for all of you, now i understand why you have such strange views on motherhood and life in general.

  56. get real says

    Ok everyone, I will keep this shorter than the others for those with intellect too low to read my “essay” comments. Bottom line- NO ONE

  57. get real says

    Ok everyone, I will keep this shorter than the others for those with intellect too low to read my “essay” comments. Bottom line- NO ONE

  58. MissyMama says

    Ok, I too have to butt in here…Get Real-Lord how I pray you do not have children.

    I am a professional working mother and my husband works full time. When we get home at night we LOOK FORWARD to spending those few hours with our children before they go to bed and the couple hours in the morning we get before heading off to work. We also look forward to our weekends with our children, spending quality time with them.

    I agree that every parent needs time away, but not 10 + days out partying ALL night. Going out for a “mommies” night once or twice a month is reasonable and most mommies are responsible enough to not get so wasted that you can’t deal with your child (children) in the morning.

  59. BritishMumma says

    It is a good job the majority of mothers posting on here think the same and that people like ‘get real’ are in the minority otherwise we would have a hell of a lot of screwed up kids in this world…

  60. Linda says

    Get real….. that’s just it ..she does NOT look nice …. if she acted like a loving caring mother we’d all be on the Britany wagon… but the bitch fell off!!… I think she must have bumped her head!!!

  61. Mumba says

    Do you have kids Get Real? Sorry if you have already answered that question but I really havent the time to go through your essay comments…

  62. Tina says

    #66, it’s not the same thing working at night and going home to your kids in the morning. Have you ever drank at night and stayed up all night? It takes a lot out of you the next day. Your hung over, you have a headache and are probably nausiated and you just want to sleep. We’ve all been there. When do you think you’ll feel like fooling with a crying baby, one that has teething pain or colic? Bad mixture. One nite isn’t bad, but for almost 2 weeks. When is it going to end? And there are other ways to deal with a breakup of a marriage. And hanging around Paris Hilton isn’t one of them. There are a few celebrities that have broken marriages but aren’t out doing what she’s doing.

  63. pagal38 says

    Ok I Have To Comment On This , iI Can’t beleive she would say she spent 2 years being pregnant now its her turn to party! Oh my word ,I’m A Mom & I’m all for a Mother getting a little time out maybe go out a night to get time to herself but now to say she wants to Party , Jayden was just born not too long ago & I Will say after giving birth to my children As a Mother I Didn’t feel it was time for me to go out & party all the time ,I Agree with the one comment on here Brits a Mom now & to a certain extent Be a Mom & Grow up, That just sounds so immature to say I Want to Party! After giving birth to her second baby not so long ago.Your a Mom now Britney Act Like it. Hanging With Paris & Lindsey Lohan who we all know as party girls doesn’t help Brit , & Shes a mom of 2 very small children so I Don’t think it looks good . Right now those babies need their Mom & Brit should concentrate on them more & worry about partying as they get older maybe, My Opinion.

  64. pagal38 says

    Ok I Have To Comment On This , iI Can’t beleive she would say she spent 2 years being pregnant now its her turn to party! Oh my word ,I’m A Mom & I’m all for a Mother getting a little time out maybe go out a night to get time to herself but now to say she wants to Party , Jayden was just born not too long ago & I Will say after giving birth to my children As a Mother I Didn’t feel it was time for me to go out & party all the time ,I Agree with the one comment on here Brits a Mom now & to a certain extent Be a Mom & Grow up, That just sounds so immature to say I Want to Party! After giving birth to her second baby not so long ago.Your a Mom now Britney Act Like it. Hanging With Paris & Lindsey Lohan who we all know as party girls doesn’t help Brit , & Shes a mom of 2 very small children so I Don’t think it looks good . Right now those babies need their Mom & Brit should concentrate on them more & worry about partying as they get older maybe, My Opinion.

  65. Tina says

    Get Real, you started this part of it. I can get along with anyone. Like I said, the father isn’t around, is he? I agree fathers are a part of a childs life, true! But he is not around, remember? No, we do not know her, only what we see on the media, and it doesn’t appear that she is taking care of herself or her kids. As far as being consumed by 1950, 1900 views of being a mother, I don’t think thats bad. Thank God there are still old fashioned moms in this world. I’ve know several women that like to go out and party and are hardly home with their children. Guess what, the kids are teenagers now and running wild, some are in juvi. And these are professionals and stay at home moms. The kids have problems from not having parents around when they needed them. And excuse me, there are a lot of single mothers out there, and no, the fathers don’t exist. So if the mother is out partying, I guess the babysitter will suffice? Is that what you’re saying? The moms need to forget the responsibility of the child to take care of herself, right? How selfish. And as I’ve stated before, party if you must, just do it responsibly and don’t forget about you child at home.

    As far as K-Fed getting them and raising them, I don’t know him. Who knows, he might be good to the kids, I don’t know, but we’ll probably soon find out because I’m sure his lawyers are watching Britney really close now. Now, if he was out showing his genitalia to everyone in the world, I’d wonder about him too. It’s one thing to party, but this girls is appearing to drive drunk, and we’ve seen her goods a number of times and not only on one nite, and in my opinion she’s really not thinking too far past Paris Hilton to see what damage she’s doing to herself. But of course if you think all that is ok and makes her a great mom, then I guess that’s your opinion and I’m not going to try and change it. I’m sure Britney will change your mind one day soon anyway. I think you are one of those partying moms and that’s why you take up for Britney doing it. All you moms like her have to stick together to support each other.

  66. roselyn says

    its not like she is not at home all day. she just goes out in the evenings when they are asleep so i dont know what all this fuss is about. it might be the way she choses to deal with the break up of her marriage doesnt mean she does not love her kids.Example if a woman gave birth she would have to return to work and what if she works at night, it does not mean she doesnt want her kids so just leave her alone.

  67. get real says

    Hello again everyone:). I think if there should be a rule that mothers should not party or ever leave their infants side there should also be another rule. No woman should have a child, if she is consumed by views that are pre 1950..maybe even pre 1900 by the way you sound. Do any of you have jobs? Professional jobs? Doctos, Lawyers, anything? I hope you do, if on the other hand you don’t..and you sit at home all day with your children than you all need help, and help soon. More help in fact than britney spears needs (which is not much). You all talk about how she is hungover and talk about her nannies and such. It is quite scary because you do not know her. I do not know her either but I am speaking for all of the women that you give a bad name. You are the women who speak of children like the father does not exist, you talk about how mothers need to bond with their baby, and “oh no who will wake up in the middle of the night to take care of the baby”. Let me would all be upset if britney gave kfed or what ever the hell his name is their children to take care of. I do stress THEIR children. They are not just her responsibility. A man is just as capable of taking care of a child by himself as a woman is. And please for christ sakes stop talking about how bad she many women do you see walking around that look that good? You trash on her because of her outfits..and question if she has on underwear??? Please…stop hating on women that look nice…probally that look better than you. Can’t we all just get along?;)

  68. celeste says

    oh my god what is she thinking showing the world her nasty vagina. i mean come on doesn’t she feel cold down there. all we needed was for her to open up. gross i now have nightmares. help help i need to throw up.

  69. RK says

    Carleigh why don’t you and your 3 “friends” e-mail each other ? You need a lot more than Zanax, maybe electroshock therapy. By the way, since you think you know it all, it’s spelled Xanax.

    Life happens for a reason and you are not meant to be a mother. Feel sorry for the kids you have. If you talk in your house like you post on here no wonder your ex-fiance took off. Should of taken your kids with him.

    I don’t feel the least bit sorry for you. What goes around comes around and you deserve what life throws at you. Grow up and get over it. There was a reason you lost that baby. Deal with it and stop taking out your anger over you fucked up life with people you don’t even know.

    Obviously you don’t have a family that cares about you and you sure don’t have much respect for yourself because if you did you wouldn’t be on here putting everyone else down. You are so insecure it’s pathetic you.

    You are very evil, mean, nasty, think you know it all. Please e-mail or IM your 3 “friends” and give the rest of us a break. You make me want to join you ex-finance on the bar stool after reading your posts. He sure as hell doesn’t seem to give a shit about you and who could blame him.

    Go find a good psychiatric website, there are plenty of them.

  70. Eve says

    i think she looks like a cellulite whore tryna walk around in skimpy clothes ewww lose that style she aint 100 pounds nemore yuk cover up!

  71. Tina says

    Thanks KellyMay. Just makes me furious to think a person would say those things. With parents like Get Real and Britney, no wonder some children turn out the way they do. Poor kids don’t stand a chance. What do people like that have children for anyway, if they don’t want to be home with them? Just baffles me to no end. And their are so many good people out there that can’t have a child.

    In my opinion, I think Britney had the first baby because of publicity and she thought it was a way to hold onto K-Fed. The second time she got pregnant was probably lack of birthcontrol. Oops I did it again! Obviously she didn’t really want this child and the new wore off of the first one. Well, if she wanted attention she sure is getting it. I was watching The View this morning, which I don’t watch normally. Remember how they threw a party for Britney after her divorce announcement? Now they are just sick over her and want Victoria’s Secret to send panties. Rosie wants her to come live with her so she can straighten her out, failing to mention teaching her to be a mother. Every talk show on tv is talking about her. What in the world is she thinking?

  72. Paula says

    Get Real – I agree with what everyone above said. You know, having a child is a privilege. It’s something a parent should take pride in and take care of, from the moment of conception up until the day they bring them into adulthood and they leave the nest. Even then you should take care of them. A mother wants to be home with her child, to be there for it when it wakes up in the middle of the night, take care of it when it’s sick and teach it things to help it grow into a well balanced person. A parent takes enjoyment from watching for the first smile, the first time a baby rolls over, the first tooth, the first word, the first steps. A parent doesn’t want to miss any of the firsts. Moms and dads have to leave their babies at daycares or with sitters because of work, and can’t wait to get home to them and spend quality time with them. Yes, parents need to spend time with each other or friends and have a social life, but they can’t wait to get back home to them. They miss their children. And they don’t want to miss any parts of their lives. They grow so fast. Britney should party, but party responsibly. And not every nite of the week. She’s out drinking and whatever else she does until 5 or 6 in the morning. Do you really think she feels like being with a crying baby or a toddler that wants attention from a mother he hasn’t seen in days? She’s hungover and just wants to sleep. Then after she wakes up, she’s gone again. Now correct me if I’m wrong but when do you think she gets to spend time with her newborn or her toddler? Babies that age need cuddleing and the nanny is the only one doing that for it. And, can she really trust someone to take care of her baby like she should be doing? She doesn’t know how the nannies are treating her children while she’s gone. She’s not there long enough to be able to keep an eye on that kind of stuff. She isn’t being a responsible parent. And her husband isn’t there, so when one parent isn’t there the other has to take up the slack. She is missing so much with her children right now. And she just doesn’t seem to care.

    Maybe you feel like it’s ok because your parents weren’t home and always out partying. I hope you don’t have children because you don’t know what it means to be a mother.

  73. says

    Gracelyn, I’m still here 🙂 I too have not seen any posts from Kelley, I will try to touch base with her tomorrow, Thanks for your kind words! I’ll let Kelley know she’s missed as well. I hope everything is alright?!?
    ! I deliberately did not post on this post because I believe if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all…. after this last post I can’t stay quiet any longer! I was Britney’s fan up until last week, and as a mother of two myself by 24 years old, I am disgusted by her behaviour! She is affecting her children, she chose to bring them into this world and she should be accountable just as Kfed should be too. Going out is one thing but staying out all night and likely sleeping during the day to just go out again that night is just wrong!.

    Get real, you really need to get real! Linda you summed that up beautifully!!! I have left my children for the occasional night and twice for 3 days to spend some alone time with my hubby, which was solely for our realtionship. I missed my babies dearly and it was obvious upon our return they missed us just as much. Children are in our lives for a mere 18 years, it is selfish to take this time from them but I guess if the time you spend with them isn’t quality then your probably doing them a favor. Get real you make my stomch turn!

    I saw the vag pics, Britney has had I think 3 or 4 flashes this week, one completely naked and the most recent as of yeserday it did appear she was wearing flesh tone panties, either way WHY?!?

  74. Tina says

    Get Real – what kind of parent or you? You must be Britney Spears herself. I agree, you don’t have to stay home with your children 24/7 and it is part the father’s responsiblity to help. But, these babies are small and need to bond with their mother and the only way to do that is if she is home. Britney hasn’t been home from the looks of it much at all. And the father isn’t around. So when your child wakes up at night crying and wants it’s mama what do you do? The nannie or whomever has to tell it she’ll be back after she’s done partying. I don’t think being a good mother is “babying” your child. That’s stupid for a person to even say that. No a child won’t die from the parent partying too much, but they’ll grow up feeling that the parent wasn’t there for them. Too busy partying it up. And, when you decide to bring a child into the world you have to make some sacrifices for that child. Take responsibility and at least make them feel they are wanted. A psychologist/doctor will tell you it’s healthy to be away from your children, but not abandon them. 10 days is a long time to be away from a 2 month old and you are disgusting for saying that. I only hope you don’t have children because with your attitude they will grow up with no guidance because mom was out partying. Not to mention when they become teenagers and tell everyone my mom partys all the time and then become adults and have to sit in a psychologist office because of issues of no mother around. What a dipshit you are. Pisses me off just reading your shit. And how can you say anyones body looks bad when you’ve never seen any of us. Britney Spears is nasty showing the whole world her cat that looked like she hasn’t bathed it for days and you think that’s ok. WTF. ****you!!

  75. KK619 says

    #50 Get Real – I like how you made the comment “Her body looks better after having 2 babies than any of yours did prior to having babies”. I just f*cking hate it when people like you make comments like that on the internet. You DO NOT KNOW US!!! For all you know one (or two) of us could be Miss America, or a bikini model, or even a fellow celeb. How dare you assume that we are all fat pigs on this blog. You know, YOU ARE ON THIS BLOG TOO LITTLE MISS GET REAL!!!

    I think your the one who needs to “get real”. We all know that it is healthy for Mom to leave the kids once in a while, but any new mother who leaves her 2 babies at home for days on end to party with her friends like Brittney has been doing lately, is definately not mature and responsible enough to raise kids.

  76. Linda says

    # 50 R U a mother? If so along with money for your childrens education…. put some away for the shrink their going to need. I agree with “alone time” but 10 days when your child is an infant!!! How proud he will be when he sees his “mommy” drunk flashing her ass around!! he’s only a BABY get real!!!!

  77. get real says

    Alright people lets wake up and realize it is the year 2006. All of you that are posting “she should have partied before she had two kids” need to have a reality check. Life does not stop after you have children, yes you can leave the house without them, yes you can party with friends or whoever without them. I don’t care if it is 10 minutes or 10 days that you party, that is each parents choice both mother and father. No one has the right to judge another persons parenting. Also, no one mentions the father. It is just “she needs to be home”, “who is taking care of her babies” bla,bla,bla. If mothers need to be home with their kids, so do fathers. But once again. NO ONE needs to be home with their children all of the time, that is sick. Babying your children regardless of if they are 10 days, months, years is disgusting and unhealthy. Ask any psychologist/doctor and they will tell you, too much is too much. They will not die from their mother or father “partying” too much. Get a life everyone, you don’t know her, you don’t hang out with her, you don’t have her money or *gasp* her body (which i might add looks better after having two kids than any of your bodies looked pre-children). Like i said, year 2006=women do not have to stay home with children that are 50% the fathers responsibility and have dinner on the table by 5. We have jobs, friends and yes *gasp again* social lives. Thanks!

  78. Linda says

    once upon a time I felt sorry for Britany due to the negative press she always got….. now it’s well deserved. I have learned Britany & Carleigh have one thing in common… they both need to grow up!!!!

  79. randie4123 says

    britney if you wanted to party u should have wated im 17 and have a kid and go to school and i am doing better thatn u are i had to drop parting for my son and i am dedicated to taking care of him

  80. KK619 says

    AHHHH!!! *** I just went to dlisted and checked out those pics. Lovethebabies, there is NO WAY that she is wearing beige undies, shes clearly wearing none under that skimpy dress. Shes so nasty, Im going to have nightmares, ewww!!

  81. **** says

    go to the dlisted site. then click on the britney spears to your right where they have all the celebrities and search bagina. then tell me they are underware.

  82. Lovethebabies says

    hey, i just saw the ‘vagina’ shots – no way, she is just wearing beige undies. They are definitely undies!

  83. eve says

    i hate to say it but she looks like a crack whore she in bad shape in every way she will never make a comeback loooking and acting the way she is!

  84. KK619 says

    I dont know whether it is 100& true or not, but I just read on another site that K-Fag actually was having an affair with an ex-porn star for a whole month before Britt filed for divorce. Hmm I wouldnt put it past him, I bet it is true, but you never know I guess.

  85. sillkygirl says

    Can anyone say white trailer trash! She nor her loser husband K-Fed should have custody of these kids. They are both into themselves and partying to much to be any type of responsable parent. Both are repulsive disgusting losers.

  86. says

    WOW, you’d think Carleigh was a secret celebrity among us, with all the attention she’s getting. Personally, I’m on here to see celebrities and their kids, form an opinion, express it, and read others’ opinions, not their daily problems or cat fights!!
    I am curious to know how many people here were actual fans of Britney Spears before she went psycho?? WHY oh why is she so popular? I find myself even interested in her pathetic life, and I can’t explain it….never liked her music, don’t think she’s particularly talented in anything, and she’s clearly ruining her life for all of us to see. Trash, trash, trash. Why do we care??!

  87. Comment says

    #36, I think you’re wrong about that not being Carleigh. It sounds just like her to me. She seems to think she owns this site and will pick a fight with her opinion real quick with a person. And can spew venom. As far as joining in, that’s the wrong attitude. It’s fine to have an opinion but it can be said in such a way that doesn’t offend anyone or start fights. Calling people names and hating just because someone diss’s your favorite celebrity is not the way to go. Some people get really offended if you say something they don’t like about a favorite celebrity and then they come after you. They can’t just let you have your say and remember it’s the way you feel. They have to call you out on it. Thus, the arguing starts. But if you’re here to spew nasty comments to people and that makes you feel good, have at it, and good luck.

  88. jenna says

    i saw britneys va-jay-jay on the superficial the other day
    and im still having nightmares about it. How old’s her other
    kid? like two months old? dont they eat/sleep/take a crap
    every 30 minutes? unbelievable.

  89. gracelyn says

    I dont think that carliegh is the one writing those posts, if anything its little miss skank shannom harris whose doing it, you can tell by the way she uses punctuation on on of the other threads!!! What happend to all the good people that used to be on here like kelley & kelly may? This site is just used for people to spew nasty comments about everyone, so I figure I may as well join in!!!

  90. stacey says

    most mothers give there children a good 18 years before having a life of their own…..hmmmm 2 years, now she wants to party.

  91. Emily says

    If Britney were going to release a statement explaining herself, at least she could have done SOMETHING to get herself out of the hole she’s in. People already think she’s unfit, but she should have come up with something better to say to them. She couldn’t have helped herself much, but now she can’t help herself at all. She’s done/said too much… And I’m really disappointed; I’m 21 and I was 13 when …Baby One More Time came out, so I’ve been a fan the whole time. I’m one of the ‘impressionable teens’ that these stars affect. And now I just feel bad for her, for whatever reasons prompted her new behavior.

  92. @@@ says

    carleigh decided to tell the public about her miscarriage at six weeks, how her fiancee has left her and is now drinking bla bla bla….she then turned her usual nasty self and now she seems to have lost the plot!! if you go to the pics of seal and heidi with their newborn son you can read it there….carleigh tells how she is now on medication and i think from the ramblings on this site she needs to get her dosage corrected!! sorry to say but the nasty cow has asked for all she is getting

  93. Mumba says

    She had a chance to redeem herself when she ditched K-Fed but she has screwed up BIG TIME now…

    I cant believe she is spending so much time away from her newborn, some people cant even have kids, every single one should be cherished.

  94. nonni says

    carleigh – you should really take a good long look at yourself..if you are as unpopular in your everday life as you are here on the internet, then maybe you need to make some changes…i’m sorry if its true above that you suffered a miscarriage, but really, you often are nasty to others here online without even considering whats going on in THEIR personal lives, its not fair if you want one rule for you and another rule for everybody else…turn your computer off for a few weeks and sort your life out …for your own sake..

  95. KK619 says

    Carliegh – if you were as upset as you said you were the other day in another post because of your miscarriage and your problems with your boyfriend and all this other shit, then you wouldnt be on here day after day after day trying to start fights with people that you dont even know. You need to go take care of your problems rather than living the low life of starting fights on the internet.

  96. beacher says

    carleigh , you are sooo yesterday

    nobody cares

    PS. Britney, grow up and go home. You’re a mother now.

  97. carleigh says

    I am STAYING on this blog and I don?t care if you bitches like it or not..actually knowing that I am hated and annoy a majority of people on here actually makes me feel all warm and tingly inside?I?m special and I?m the one everyone?s talking about..damn I know what it feels like to be K-FED???.Babyrazzi?s most hated?Gotta love it. Everyone?s gotta have a goal and be good at something so apparently I am DAMN GOOD!

  98. thegrinchiscoming says

    I’ve been giving birth for 2 years and now…

    WHAT A HO.

  99. Paula says

    I just view the un censored pootacky shots on perezhilton. It even shows her c-section scar. Just appalling! There’s one she looks so wasted she can’t walk. I knew she’d do something stupid because that’s what she’s known for but she even exceeded my expectations of her. I also read where she missed an appt. in Miami. Not professional, but of course she’s busy partying so she can’t make music. She’s washed up big time. Hope she saved some of that money she’s made. She’d gonna need it to survive. She might end up for real in a trailer park in Kentwood, La. I’m ashamed to say she’s from my area.

  100. MissyMama says

    Where is Social Services when you need them. I am surprised K-Fed hasn’t pulled this welfare check card yet.

    And I’m sorry, how can you stay up until 6 am night after night? I think only with the help of some illegal narcotics.

    She looks like she hasn’t even showered, she’s a trainwreck. She looked so clean and kept when she first made her big debut in NY, I actually had a little hope for her….shame on me!

  101. Paula says

    Now someone has to tell her kids that she wants to party and she doesn’t have time to be a mom, because she was pregnant for so long. How irresponsible and selfish can a person be?

    She’s probably auditioning for a segment of Girls Gone Wild. Yuck!!

  102. Ms D says

    She’s a disaster, and seems to be getting worse all the time, IMO.
    I agree with almost everyone here. She does seriously lack something–and that last comment of hers was just about the dumbest and most immature thing I’ve ever heard her say.

    SHE wanted to be a “young mother”..then BE ONE, Britney! Having ‘fun’ once in awhile is fine and sometimes even needed..but she chose to have those babies..which her new playmates don’t have..and unless she wants K-Fed to have a pretty good chance at those kids, maybe she needs to re-think her priorities.

  103. Gwennie says

    “I gave birth for two-and-a-half years and now I want to be an irresponsbile mother who dresses like a cheap whore”. THAT’S what she SHOULD BE telling her friends.


  104. **** says

    check out the site on dlisted, the bagina of britney gross gross gross it showes who she really is.

  105. Mumba says

    Hope her kids get taken into care…

    Harsh.. but I think she needs to look after her children, no one forced her to open her legs to K-Looser…

  106. MissyMama says

    I was looking at Just Jared, and there are pictures of K-Fed there at Shars house for what is said to be Thanksgiving. If it’s true, good for him to be with a least SOME of his kids having a normal (i use that word loosly) Thanksgiving with family. Where was Britney for Thanksgiving??? Partying with Parasite. Yeah, so Jayden had his first Thanksgiving sitting at home with the nanny. Great parenting Britney.

  107. Nicki says

    At this point it wouldn’t suprise me if we end up hearing she conducted her nanny interviews with fellow club patrons.
    I hear her birthday is coming up, hopefully all her new friends buy her Bras and panties in quantity.

  108. says

    Those poor kids. One day these little guys will realize that altho’ their Mom really “wanted” them she also doesn’t want to spend time with them. How many diapers does she change? How many naps does she rock them to sleep for? How many meals each day does she feed them? I’m guessing that these poor little boys are spending all their time bonding with the hired help. Poor little gaffers. They’ll never really bond with Mommy or Daddy, will they? At least they have each other.

    Yeah…. I used to be on Team Brit too…. but lately…. ugh. 🙁 Maybe she can shake this out of her system soon and get back home to her babies. Sorry Britney… I know you’re young but you’re a Mom of two babes. It may seem totally dated but home is where you belong!

  109. Missy says

    Is she still wearing her wedding ring? This woman, & I use the term loosely, needs to pack up her boobs & go home to her kids. Enough partying for now. MissyMama, you are completely right….K-Fed is just getting more ammo for his custody battle. I used to think that their boys would be better of with Britney but I was wrong.

  110. **** says

    What is that shit on her head? Did she forget to take the shower cap off? UH lend me that hat to barf in she looks gross. Bitch enough partying stay home where the buffalos rome. your kids need their mom now more than ever.

  111. Lucy says

    Is it just me or is she still wearing a wedding band. Maybe she wants to party but why associated yourself with Paris and Lindsey, hey isn’t there a custody battle going on. Nice way for Fed-Ex to use that against you.

  112. KK619 says

    I agree with BabyHates – I was on Brit’s team as well, but now I am starting to really hate her. I think its totally fine for a mother to go out and party once in a while without her babies, but she is just gone way too far this time. Even just saying that she has been pregnant for 2 years now she wants to party, that is just ridiculous!! You are supposed to do that BEFORE you get pregnant. Partying sometimes yes, but feeling like it is her ‘right’ to party now is….. just wrong!! Shes so stupid lately!!

  113. MissyMama says

    Just to keep facts straight, she is on day 10, yes day 10 of her “need to party”. Yes, every parent should be able to enjoy a night out occasionally to “party” or be out with friends. But to party continuously for 10 days straight, staying out until 5 or 6 am each night? WTF?!?!

    All this is doing for her is giving K-Fed more ammo in his claim for the kids.

    Someone needs to step in here and tell this girl to get a grip.

  114. Julie says

    She certainly lacks maturity. Some limited time away for herself should be fine….but nearly a week long party, looking hungover and missing her unmentionables in photo after photo???!!! Grow up and face your responsibilities, Britney.

  115. MissyMama says

    Geez Britney, learn how to talk. You didn’t give birth for 2 1/2 years, you were PREGNANT! God, if birth lasted that long we’d all be extinct.

    With all your money and free time away from your kids you think you could stop by Victoria’s and pick up a bra and some panties.

  116. babyhates says

    No one forced her to have 2 kids within 2 years ! That was her ISSUE !!!!!! Okay I was on the Brit team NOW am done with this HOE !

  117. elizabeth says

    Britney wants to party???Hummm and she says that she is a better parent. Please Britney grow up. You have two kids and you want to party. If you still wanted to do that then you should have waited to have kids. Being a part-time mom is not going to cut it. Grow up for God sakes. You look so pathetic in all your recent pictures. Buy some new clothes.

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