Pregnancy Rumors Continue For The Gorgeous Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

Nicole looks very cute here at the London premiere of Happy Feet on Sunday. I enjoyed Happy Feet with my son a few days ago and I think it was a great kids flick….not as magical and touching as Pinocchio by any means, but after having seen Madagascar, and Over The Hedge in very quick succession it was quite a charming animated romp!

Back to the point…she is reportedly pregnant for the millionth time! I hope that the reports are true if that is what she has been hoping for. Take the following story with a grain of salt I suppose!

Movie star Nicole Kidman is expecting her first child in the Spring.

The Aussie, who wed country singer Keith Urban six months ago, proudly showed off her bump this weekend. She is expected to make an official announcement shortly.

A source said: “Miss Kidman certainly isn’t hiding the changes in her body now and seems to be very comfortable with them. Any woman seeing her now up close can’t help but notice she is a mum-to-be.”

Nicole has been staying at the Dorchester Hotel in London while filming Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass at Shepperton Studios.

The insider said: “She has been staying there on and off for a while. When she was first there a few weeks ago, she was more active in terms of exercise.

“This time, though, she is taking it easy and just has gentler treatments more in keeping with her new condition.”

Nicole’s news comes just a week after ex-husband Tom Cruise tied the knot in Italy with Katie Holmes.

While they were married, Nicole, 39, and Tom adopted two children after apparently failing to conceive.

Tom, 44, is currently on honeymoon in the Maldives with Katie, 27, and their six-month-old baby girl Suri.

Hubby Keith, 39, was not with Nicole yesterday because he is in drug rehab in Australia.

The singer, who had twice been in clinics for drink and drug problems, had promised his green tea drinking bride that he would keep sober.

He said of his addiction before they wed: “I don’t know you ever beat it. It’s a struggle because I hate the straight road. I dip my toe in the water. That is where trouble begins.”

Keith has vowed to stay in rehab until his problems are solved. Confidantes of Nicole say she saw Keith’s addiction as a chance to be his saviour.

The couple met in 2005 and wed last June in Sydney.

Yesterday Nicole was at the Empire in Leicester Square for the premiere of Happy Feet in which she does voiceovers with Hugh Jackman, Robin Williams and Elijah Wood.

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  1. lexi says

    I am a huge fan of Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban & Hugh Jackman. I saw the movie Australia when in London and loved it. As for all you negative people regarding Nicole taking custody of the other children. If you read articles it is Tom who does not want Nicole to spend time with them not the other way around. So quick making Tom Cruise out to be such a modest individual. Because he is not he is a controlling freak and was like that during the time he was married to Nicole. Notice now who has custody? I believe that Nicole did not want to join the scientology and I don’t blame her. I wish her the best with Sunday Rose and future little offsprings and her marriage to Keith Urban. I think that their marriage is a good one. And having Hugh & Debbie Jackman as their friends helps as well. But I would love to know if anyone has any info on this. As to where in Australia did Nicole & Keith Urban have their honeymoon?

  2. cricket says

    If she wants kids so bad why doesn’t she try paying some attention to the 2 she already has instead of always whining about how she would love to be a mum.I thought when you adopted children you became their mother. If Keith is going to have a chance of recovery he needs to get rid of Kidman.She’s so high maintence and self centered she’ll drive him back to the bottle in no time at all.It only took her 4 months this time. Best wishes to Keith I hope every thing works out for him.

  3. Paula says

    KellyMay, we took out kids to see Happy Feet and left early. A lot of mothers were leaving. It was just too long and drawn out.

  4. sw says

    Where are her children???? Are they always with Tom and Katie now? You used to see Nicole with the kids all the time and never saw Tom with them and now its the other way around. Is it because of Urban’s rehab issues?

  5. Lisa says

    I think that Nicole would make a beautiful mother! She’s been wanting kids since she was married to Tomkat!
    ~~~GOOD LUCK~~

  6. jane says

    carleigh – you are infesting every single blob with your self obsessed rant….get over it…and presume to tag me as a ‘bitch’, i am nothing like the person you come across as being on this site…

  7. carleigh says

    I am STAYING on this blog and I don’t care if you bitches like it or not..actually knowing that I am hated and annoy a majority of people on here actually makes me feel all warm and tingly inside…I’m special and I’m the one everyone’s talking about..damn I know what it feels like to be K-FED……….Babyrazzi’s most hated…Gotta love it. Everyone’s gotta have a goal and be good at something so apparently I am DAMN GOOD!

  8. jenna says

    all these papprazzi people always say that people are prego, and it turns out that they had a bagel for breakfast
    and its showing through their skin and bones.I dont’ believe anything anymore.

  9. Steph says

    If she was indeed pregnant, it would be the best news ever! I wish her and hubby Keith all the very best! And i do hope the good news and the prospect of this up-coming little bundle of joy will give him all the strength and courage he will need to successfully complete his rehab treatment and keep out of drinks and drugs in the future! All the very best of luck to them both!

  10. !!!!!!!!!!!1 says

    I kinda feel for nicole, I like Keith but I think his addictions are such a part of him that I cant completely rule out the possibilty of rehab in future! I hope she is preggers so that she gets a kid to keep her company. I what she thinks about dear Tom.

  11. says

    Hmm I have been debating about seeing it!
    How old are your monkies 2kids? Mine are 7.5 and 5, maybe we will wait for Charlottes web in a few weeks.

  12. AnnMichelle says

    Congrats to Nicole and Keith!! Hopefully he’s getting the help he needs before someone else needs to depend on him!! I wish both of them the best. We’re all pulling for you Keith & Nicole!!

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