Kate Beckinsale & Lily Out For Italian Ice

Kate Beckinsale, 33, and daughter Lily, 7, visited an Italian Ice Shop in Santa Monica together on November 19th.

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale



  1. carleigh says

    I am STAYING on this blog and I don’t care if you bitches like it or not..actually knowing that I am hated and annoy a majority of people on here actually makes me feel all warm and tingly inside…I’m special and I’m the one everyone’s talking about..damn I know what it feels like to be K-FED……….Babyrazzi’s most hated…Gotta love it. Everyone’s gotta have a goal and be good at something so apparently I am DAMN GOOD!

  2. says

    Wow, I’m impressed Kate can hold her six year old in one arm, let alone do it in high heels and eating ice cream!! She looks amazing and her daughter is adorable.

  3. Lacy says

    kate beckinsale is beautiful and does not look her age, she looks 20-ish. her daughter is so cute, it’s good they take time together. i think it is so cute she still likes to hold her little girl even though she is six. you can tell she still sees her as the baby she brought home from the hospital.

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