Britney & Sean Being Adorable

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

I so prefer these sweet shots of Britney and Sean to the ones out recently of Britney and Paris…and now of Britney and Paris AND Lindsay Lohan. I really don’t understand Britney these past few days…I guess she just had a lot of pent-up partying in her!

Britney Spears

Random note that I had to share…those silver bottles with yellow and turquoise labels behind Britney and Sean’s heads in the last picture of the two of them are Comptoir Sud Pacifique fragrances and they are soooo scrumptious! I have loved their Vanille Abricot scent forever! (Honestly just had to share…I receive absolutely no financial compensation for sharing!) A lot of celebs, including Nicole Kidman, are fans of Vanille Abricot too.


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  2. rae says

    boo hu we should all fell sad that she spent two years having kids. ya right what she needs to do is grow up and be a parent .she really shouldn’t go out parting right now or a court just might be dumb anough to give fedex her kids . but then mabe thats what she wants. then she really can go partying.heck who has her kids anyway when she isn’t there? so mother she turned out to be .

  3. 865 says

    TO Missy Mama
    Will you please shut the hell up!!!!!!!!! i mean i agree that she should wear underwear but all this stuff you saying about where is her mom she is an adult!!! if she had just turned 18 i could see your point more but she is 25 years old for crying out! Think before you speak.

  4. jena says

    hey sean is so adorable i wonder what jayden looks like
    please put pics out u did when sean was born wat about jayden?

  5. Kiss says

    MissyMama, i seriosly doubt she planned on the photogs taking pics of her privaes…..considering she has been pregnant so long she needs to take some time to enjoy her birthday…..and if only whores go pantiless then there are a whole lot of whores out there. it is not her fault she is famous and has idiots with cameras following her all the time

  6. Trisha says

    I just wish that Britany would spend more time w/ Jayden, i mean we havent seen one pic of him w/ her…..what is her deal???

  7. Linda says

    asked my husband as well…..same answer… “how can you be proud to have that on your arm!!??”

  8. N says

    the grinch is coming… I only saw 1 picture with her legs open… the others her legs are closed the skirts are rising up as she gets out… she just needed to pull her skirt down as she was getting out. But truthfully i dont even know why I am replying back to a child…. which you have to be with that just go stick your head in her crotch comment…. Since that seems to be on your mind why dont you do it!

  9. Paula says

    I asked my husband about the panty thing also. He said only women that want negative attention do that. He also said a woman that does that has no respect for herself.

  10. thegrinchiscoming says

    n in case you did’t do your research right she did open her legs. there are atleast 3 shots with her legs open. just go stick your head in her crotch and shut up.

  11. MissyMama says

    I asked my husband last night what he thought about a women running around without any panties on. His response?? “I thought only whores did that”.


  12. Tina says

    If you don’t want to wear panties, that’s fine, just keep your skirt down. When you don’t it’s call indecent exposure. People get arrested for that. Who in the world besides some man would want to see a nasty coochi. Eeewww! Just think of having to sit behind her. What is she leaving behind. Disgusting.

  13. N says

    The “mistake” was not in reference to her not wearing panties. I was talking about mistakes in general. I truthfully feel that if you can wear those little tiny a** thongs that cover nothing…. then why cant you go pantyless? Some of the thongs that women wear out here are like not wearing panties at all. I just dont feel her not wearing panties is a big deal. I wouldnt do it …but If someone else decides to Im not going to knock them for doing it. I am a woman and I have the same thing she does…. so it really doesnt offend me. Its classless yes…. but it doesnt offend me. But thats me!

  14. nikki says

    Carliegh …get a life !like ya your Babyrazzi`s most hatted but it dosn`t make you like cool or popular in here it just meens nobody likes you!
    so like ya and K-fed does get a bad rap and does bad rapp but like get a clue sherlock !!!don`t think your all that CUZ YOU NOT!!! duh!!
    get a life i here there half pirce at Mal-mart!:)

  15. MissyMama says

    #26 – I can’t speak for anyone else on this blog, nor do I personally know any of them, but any decent woman wears panties when wearing a skirt or dress and knows enough to keep her legs together when entering or exiting a car.

    Britney is out wearing skirts and dresses so short that when she leans over her ass hangs out. And it’s kinda hard not to look when it is all over the place day after day. You really don’t even have to look at the uncensored versions!

    And, N…a mistakes is when you don’t do something on purpose, once. Forgetting your panties day after day isn’t a mistake, but a choice, and continuing to let your snatch be photographed is pure sluttyness.

  16. N says

    You women are jealous haters……How is she a whore… I thought to be a whore you had to sleep with a lot of men…not dress badly! Yeah she cant dress… she’s not the only one. Gwen Stefani cant dress either. So what she doesnt have on panties…. DONT LOOK! When did not wearing panties become a crime! AND she did not open her legs…..the skirt was hicked up cause she was getting out of the car! SO I am assuming that every one on this blog has never made a mistake in their life!

  17. scarlet says

    BRITNEY IS A NASTY *HORE..I can believe she when out in public with no panties on showing here nasty snatch…TRULY TRAILER TRASH..I just saw the picture of Britney exiting out of Paris Hilton car..Britney wearing a short skirt opening her legs with no PANTIES…Showing her dirty hairless snatch for the world to see…Boy the papers are having a field day with this picture…NASTY, DIRTY, TRAILER TRASH…Clean up your act *hore..I will send you $10.00 for some panties …

  18. Lolitha says

    whats wrong with Paris, i mean Britney is not a baby she can make up her mind about things,maybe they are dating.nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. carleigh says

    I am STAYING on this blog and I don’t care if you bitches like it or not..actually knowing that I am hated and annoy a majority of people on here actually makes me feel all warm and tingly inside…I’m special and I’m the one everyone’s talking about..damn I know what it feels like to be K-FED……….Babyrazzi’s most hated…Gotta love it. Everyone’s gotta have a goal and be good at something so apparently I am DAMN GOOD!

  20. MissyMama says

    ok, seriously…I went to that dlisted sight and WTF is wrong with her bagina? And out of curiosity, why is it all the rave to shave the nether regions completely leaving it to look like a 8 year olds privates?

  21. **** says

    i just saw that site #7 wrote about my godness what the hell is that. those pic. are gross all nasty rashed and crucked. gross i have to barf . check them out. she’s a nasty b****. dlisted it the site check out the bagina

  22. MissyMama says

    Ok, where is this girls mother to tell her to get her head out of her ass? Partying EVERY night, not wearing any panties and letting the paparazzi snap shots of her privates to be displayed all over the internet. Wow Brit, great comeback!

    I’m sure your boys will be so proud.

  23. Lifes a Bitch and So Am I says

    Would someone please buy this childs mother some panties?!? Maybe I’m getting old but when did it become o.k. to go out wearing super short skirts w/o underwear? Enough with the crotch shots already.
    Not attractive!

  24. Nicki says

    Oh my……………..”she seems to have (at least SP) with her a lot more than most celebrity moms”???????
    We have seen her ONCE with Sean Preston since she started her 3 week party binge. I’ve seen her naked crotch more than I have seen her with her little boy.
    She choose to get married and have babies. She needs to be responsible and take care of her babies. She must be lots of fun at home, hung over and trying to pick out her next riduclous outfit for that night parting.
    All three of these clowns were out again last night.
    Those poor babies won’t know who either of thier parents out at this rate. She needs serious help, and not from Parisite or Blohan.

  25. Dana says

    I also hate Paris, and think Britney shouldn’t be hanging out with that trash, but she’s in her 20’s, spent her last few years having babies and now she’s going through a very public divorce. I think she’s allowed some time to party and just let loose. Clearly she’s still making time for her kids, and she seems to have them (at least SP) with her a lot more than most celebrity moms.

  26. Dana says

    I also hate Paris, and think Britney shouldn’t be hanging out with that trash, but she’s in her 20’s, spent her last few years having babies and now she’s going through a very public divorce. I think she’s allowed a week of partying. Clearly she’s still making time for her kids, and she seems to have them (at least SP) with her a lot more than most celebrity moms.

  27. Gillian says

    That baby is the same age as my baby and must have no routine at all!! As for the other wee boy??? Who the hell has him when she is out with those two idiots??

  28. Lizzy says

    Ugh – just when I thought Britney was starting to make some good decisions for her and the boys she starts hanging out with these fools. I hate the fact that since she has ‘regained’ her figure we see her less and less with the babies and more and more partying. Come on Britney- don’t let us down!

  29. Ang says

    That’s too funny! The first thing I noticed in that picture was the Sud Pacifique bottles too! I think once you’ve smelled them, you’re hooked! Vanille Abricot is my fave too, smells like one of the Strawberry Shortcake dolls from when I was young.
    Oh, and I don’t like all of this Britney partying either. Looks like she’s on the LL road to shame.

  30. Jenn says

    GOD HE IS TOO CUTE!! Okay, I am not a big fan of his daddy, and personally dont think K-dork is a cute guy, but this little one sure looks a lot like daddy, with like a smidge of mommy.

  31. Brittaney says

    he is so cute. He has the same car seat as my son. She needs to show off the new baby. Sean and my son Logan were both born on 9-14-05 only about 1 hour apart

  32. Nicki says

    Sean Preston is so cute.
    Nice shots of Britney and her lil boy, but why did they cut Paris out of the shots. Paris was even holding Sean in on of them.
    Britney needs to get away from both of those two party fools.

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