Kate Winslet Keeps Joe Warm & Cozy

Gorgeous Kate Winslet, 31, keeps little Joe warm as she strolls through New York. Joe will turn 3 on December 22nd! Kate is also has a 6-year-old daughter named Mia.
Kate Winslet

I have been in the market for a “blankie pod” thing like the one Kate’s son is all cozy in in this picture…so I am going to try to find out which one this is…it looks very warm and comfy!


  1. says

    I think She is so energetic and amazing woman I like her when I first look in there movie “Titanic”. All incident in there like as reality and her play there is the best together Leonardo De Caprio. Although, some incident in Titanic not good in my culture but I like so much that film. May I became your friend and please replay my comment ??? Bye and God Luck

  2. carleigh says

    I am STAYING on this blog and I don?t care if you bitches like it or not..actually knowing that I am hated and annoy a majority of people on here actually makes me feel all warm and tingly inside?I?m special and I?m the one everyone?s talking about..damn I know what it feels like to be K-FED???.Babyrazzi?s most hated?Gotta love it. Everyone?s gotta have a goal and be good at something so apparently I am DAMN GOOD!

  3. NO NAME says

    I love to see celebrities like Kate who are “hands on moms”. Of course she could afford nannies for her children but she and her husband have opted to raise them theirselves. Kudos to them! Kate is just as gorgeous today as when she played in Titanic.

  4. jackie says

    I like Kate Winslet, she seems to have it all down, though she admits the hollywood emphasis on skinny and looks at one point got to her, I am glad she didn’t give in. She is a good mother and very down to earth, she should write a book and give Britney an autographed copy and sit with her while she reads it, then she should give her course work and return every day for a year.


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