Britney & Paris Continue Their Romp

I love Britney’s outfit…what a vivacious dress! She seems to be favoring Red Bull quite a bit on her recent jaunts…keeping those energy levels up!
Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears



  1. Katie says

    ok all i have to say is – i think all of you are britney haters and you need to get a life! All of yall are soo mean saying all that crap about britney when shes been through soo much. I think now that she’s not with kevin she’s alot more happier and she’s soo pretty now and i can’t wait until mid 2007 when her new album comes out and to all of you idiots out there she hasn’t had her boob job yet stupid people because if you actually know whats going on she has to wait to get her boob job until she’s done breast feeding or it will cause infection so the doctors and surgens are telling her to wait and then she’s coming back into showbiz and to all of you who think she’s not going to make it or can’t do it i got news for you NEWSFLASH SHE’S DOING IT! ok im out of things to say so i gota go but yall really do need to be more positive about what you say and no shes not irresponsible – she has friends that help her watch her kids duh! and if she wants to hang out with paris hilton damn it she can!

  2. alie says

    why have babys when all you want to do is get laid look like a slut. what kind of mother are you trying to be. speaking of mothers did yours dress like a slut when you were a baby?like mother like daughter.i know it’s probally not her fault that her baby girl turned herself into hooker looking junky but holy shit bitch grow the fuck up start thinking of your family rather then whats going between your legs.sorry to say but those are my thoughts.

  3. gracelyn says

    Thanks N, but we’re not allowed our own opinions around here!! (ha ha) I still cant figure out why these people take this shit so serious, I mean look at the comments at the Suri thread!!! Their like a bunch of wolves that will tear your head off if you dare have a different opinion or make a small mistake like poor Allyssa! But Im glad that some people can realize that this is about other peoples lives not theirs, so theres no need to make shit personal.

  4. N says

    Brooke… I never called “you” a grannie….. I dont know you. But if you feel that you are than I am ok with that. So…basically if the shoe fits wear it…. if not put it back on the rack and move on!

  5. N says

    CiCi….. believe you me .. I know what evil bastards men can be. But I believe it takes a lot for a judge to give physical custody to the man…. I think that is one thing in our judicial system that may be biased. It is very rare that a man will get custody. The woman in my opinion has to be way worse than what is being displayed by Britney. If need be Britney could get a note from her doctor saying she had an infection or a rash that caused her to have to go without panties…. its just unfortunate she’s not ladylike enough to close her legs all the time. Just an example…..

  6. N says

    Paula… shes going to lose her kids to a man that is out partying just like her? Neither one of them are looking good right now…. but believe you me a judge is not going to take her kids based on 1 or even 2 weeks of going out.

  7. N says

    Linda I dont know get real like I dont know you…. I just try to not be negative, judgemental, and close-minded.

  8. Cici says

    Obviously N and Gracelyn don’t know what evil bastards men can be when it comes to trying to get custody of children just to be assholes.

  9. Brooke says

    N regarding your comment I Know I’m not a Grannie & I Do have children & I Have been through A Divorce a couple years ago & Noones saying that Britneys necessarily a bad mom but to intentially knowing your going through a custody battle for your two small children to intentially Go Out Dressed with nothing underneath your Dress & Knowing the cameras will be on you , C’mon That is pure stupidity no matter who it is .

  10. Paula says

    #84, when people are in the process of a divorce and a man thinks he’s been wronged, he will try and prove without a doubt that the mother is unfit so he can take the children away from her. That means you have to be on your best behavoiur, which means not leaving your kids to go out partying, drinking, drugs, sleeping around and especially not showing your kitty to everyone on the internet. You have to prove to the judge that you are a respectable mother that only has the best interest of her children in mind. You can’t have a man in the house that you are having sex with while the children are in the house. You have to prove you have an excellent reputation and are taking excellent care of the children. Britney is giving ammo to her ex every day. How is she going to prove any of the above with all of it in the media? If she wanted to party she should have waited til after the divorce and custody hearing. So if she looses her kids to him or anyone else, it will be her own fault and no one elses. Even is she stops tomorrow, the damage has already been done. No one will ever forget it, not even the judges.

  11. Phoenix says

    There’s a custody battle going on here.

    What a good example for her 2 children she is.

    It’s not the time to go acting crazy and hang out with Paris for Pete’s sake !!!

    Wake up !

    Do you really want your stupid ex who never took care or your children to have custody for what ? You to go to parties, drink booze and get a good f….. ????

    K-Fed only wanted your money ! You stupid moron gave him that.

    He’s use to spend millions now. Do you really think he’s gonna stop ?? He doesn’t want his boys, he only wants the $$$$$

  12. N says

    And if she dresses ugly so what…. yall might dress ugly too…. All of yall are negative and judgemental. Hope that she is doing the best for her kids and herself….cause if she doesnt get her head together she cant be there for her kids. SO this may have been a week for her to do that. You all dont know. She hasnt been going out with these ladies for months….. For the past 2 years the only thing I heard about Britney is that she has been at home with her kids!……. 1 week is not a bad parent…..dressing ugly does not make her a hoe or slut…. not wearing panties makes her classesless nothing else. You guys are jumping on Gracelyn cause she is being postive towards Britney. Yall have issues!
    PS… say what you want about my blogs I dont give a F!Nobodys perfect…..

  13. N says

    Gracelyn I agree with you….. None of you live with Britney. You dont know where those kids are … they can be with Britneys mom…Kevins mom… etc. Mind your own business and raise your own kids. 1 week of partying and shes a hoe and bad mom… PLEASE…. She is allowed to have her own time. 1 week away from the kids is not going to hurt them. They may have been with Kevin…. Do yall know that? Judgemental Grannies like gracelyn said.

  14. Brooke says

    Check out no#62 comment & go to that website listed on her blog ,I Was shocked, I Don’t care if Its Britney Spears or any other new Mom of 2 small babies that simply is wrong to dress like that with no underwear & go out like that knowing you’ll be photographed ,It doesn’t make Britney Look very good . C’Mon thats just not appropriate When you Have 2 small babies to be out & about dressing like that partying! And I At first understood why Britney Was Divorcing Kevin But Now shes Simply acting Like him & Partying Like a teenager ,I Tottally changed my opinion of her, you’d think she’d be concentrating on her two baby boys & career more & not giving Kevin anythingto take her to court over but, now I’m not so sure shes the best parent for them full time.

  15. pagal38 says

    I Agree with the #5 comment on here It’s ok for a Mom to Get out & get time away now & then but with babies as young as Jayden & Sean To be out partying all the time which she seems to be doing lately doesn’t look so good.And Paris & Lindsey are young & have no children, Britney has two small babies & it just don’t look right. Right now her babies should be her no #1 Priority & Everyone in the Tabloids talked about Kevin But clearly Britneys Doing the Same Thing & Shes the Mom of these two small babies ,she should at least wait till their a little older .My opinion.

  16. Eve says

    is that like the only pair of shoes she has honestly gurl ur a star with millions of dollars change it up a bit those black shoes with the straps are getting old seriously!

  17. chrissy says

    i think that she needs to be home with both her son, i have a 13 month old girl and i want to be with her 24/7.she really needs to think about what she is missing at home.

  18. Shannom Harris says

    Gracelyn get a life!!!! and beat it the Babyrazzi’s page dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. KATIE says

    wow! everybody has really got it in for britney! why i don’t know it seems everybody is accusing her of being a bad mother. she’s usually always with her son anyway. so what if she’s been out a few nights having fun, she’s going through a hard time and wants to let her hair down, which seems understandable. what company she keeps is also up to her. and she look great after having two kids in two years.her babies are obviously being looked after by her family or whatever, it’s not like they’ve been left in a hotel room on their own or something is it! when you have kids you are allowed to go out sometimes too.

  20. carleigh says

    I am STAYING on this blog and I don’t care if you bitches like it or not..actually knowing that I am hated and annoy a majority of people on here actually makes me feel all warm and tingly inside…I’m special and I’m the one everyone’s talking about..damn I know what it feels like to be K-FED……….Babyrazzi’s most hated…Gotta love it. Everyone’s gotta have a goal and be good at something so apparently I am DAMN GOOD!

  21. Paula says

    I checked out the site on #62 and if you click on a close up, she appears to be on her period. All the bloggers are saying that’s what it is. So, nasty isn’t the word for her. Just can’t believe it.

  22. says

    ok to begin with, it doesnt matter if u like her or not, she should not be out partying when she has 2 babies at home. It’s just wrong. She looks dreadful in that green dress. Talk about slut. and her hair extensions look ridiculas. Paris and Lindsay are the worse company. I think that the only reason she is with them is to hide the embarssment about her loser ex and her. I dont noe but after seeing these pics i think that her kids might me better off with kevin. Oh, what she could do is let angelina jolie and brad pitt adopt them. I wish brit would take an example from them. Angie is the best celebrity mum and she is always with her kids. Brit has gone to the dogs. Get over what happened with u and kevin and go home 2 ur babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. sarah says

    Gracelyn,please check out the web site posted on #62. i am 100%sure you will change your mind about this nasty girl !!!

  24. Paula says

    Gracelyn you are the one that’s telling everyone to get a life and to get over ourselves. What’d you expect. I didn’t tell you to get a life or get over yourself. Everyone is stating their opinions of this bimbo and that’s that. I’m sure there are still some die hard fans out there. Some like her some don’t. But the ones that don’t shouldn’t be told to get a life.

  25. gracelyn says

    All i have to say to you Paula is your weird, when did I ever say I want anyone to agree with me? I state my opinions just the same as everyone else
    and screw anyone who doesnt like it!!! How is it you can state your opinion and not be ridiculed for saying what you think, but because my opinion isnt the same I must be wrong? Whatever, some of you people are just crazy!! I
    I dont understand why everything has to be an argument with some of you, maybe this is a website for children to blog, I dont know what the hell the problem is with some of you. But I might as well just end it here because Im willing to bet my life that you people aren’t going to get off my ass until my opinion is exactly the same as yours and I sit here and bash someone I dont even know! GOD forbid anyone has a different opinion than someone else!!!

  26. Paula says

    Yes, gracelyn, this is a blog where people put their opinions. What is wrong with you? What do you want? Do you want EVERYONE to say the same as you? That Britney is just having fun, letting her hair down, letting loose for a change? Ok, that’s what she’s doing. She’s having fun, letting her hair down, letting loose. There, I’ve said it. Now, this is what I say for me. She’s ruining her career, that wasn’t much anyway. She’s making a total fool of herself, she’s acting more and more like a bi sexual slut and she’s not taking care of two innocent little children that she so thoughtlessly brought into this world with a looser husband. Yes, that is her business, but if she puts it out there for everyone to see, then we are going to comment on it.

    You keep telling everyone to stop taking this so seriously that it’s all in fun, but what are you doing? You sound so serious when you say that, like she’s your sister or something. You are the one that needs to get a grip and stop lecturing. No, nobody cares, that’s right. So why do you care if anyone bashes Britney Spears? And there are a few in here that are saying the same as you, but there is a high majority that are saying the same as me. If you check out other sites, they are saying the same as me but worse. Britney is a huge dissapointment to a lot of her fans and they are going to to give their opinions. So get used to it, woman!

  27. gracelyn says

    Why dont you people just get OVER yourselves & your little know it all attitudes, and save your comments for someone who might actually give shit!!! If you notice there is more people on here saying the same thing as me, so why dont you lecture them for a bit!! Remember this is a blog and nobody really cares what your opinion is, so with that have a nice day & try not to take this so seriously.(after all this is meant to be fun)

  28. eeeewwwww! says

    Check it out!! What a peice of trash this girl is. No respect for herself or her children. She was always pretty bad but she’s sunk. #47 – these pictures tell a hell of a lot. Don’t need but one!

    go to –

  29. Lizzy says

    I have to say as a defender of Britney in the past, I am quickly losing any hope I’ve held for her. And she must have had a boob job – those are not products of a breast feeding mother – and my god i sure hope she’s not breast feeding considering the way she’s taking care of herself! Who’s taking care of little jayden anyways? When Sean was this age you never saw a pic of Brit w/out him. Someone needs a reality check – and fast!

  30. Eve says

    i think she is going through a hard time and is expressing her feelings in that way drinking her sorrows away i guess i think she needs it and she is still young and and is living a part of her life that kevin took away everyone should just back off and let her do her thing!

  31. KAY says


  32. Paula says

    And now she’s hanging with Lindsey Lohan. She’s just as bad a Paris. Guess because they are all the same age. I’ve been reading other blogs about Britney and it seems the only people that are taking up for her and her behavior are the young ones. The ones that either are too young to have children or the ones that have children and have always partied hard and don’t seem to think that staying out all night is a problem. Like someone said, there is no way to stay out all night, then give your child any quality time. You are just too tired. The way she seems to be slugging down those red bulls or whatever they are, she’s gonna run out of steam sooner or later. I would hope she’s not doing drugs but it doesn’t look good. I suppose she’ll never change. She’s getting deeper and deeper in the gutter. Instead of coming out on top with some dignity and respect for herself, she’s decided to sink lower into that cess pool she calls a life. And she needs to stop blaming it on “being country”. I’m from the same country she is and I don’t act like that. I do take a bath on Saturdays. lol!

  33. Sabrina says

    Britney’s green outfit is SO trashy! Can she hang out anymore? why not go topless it’s practically what she’s doing. No respect for herself, or anyone else!

  34. Nisa says

    My God, she has a two month old baby and she parties all night long for 5 days, I cant believe am saying this but I think K-fed is better than Paris any day, I mean atleast with him she showed more responsibilty as a mother, and what is with her throwing her private parts all over the place? advice, from her PR agent, ”do it, you will become a sex siren, Jolie style”

  35. Marti says

    Britneys’ boob job looks bad!!! Way too big and way too low. :-O She’s a young woman and that chest just looks entirely too *matronly* on her!

  36. says

    I don’t understand how she can leave her kids (or in this case the little baby JJ) at home with mannies…. I have an 8 month old and one on the way and I could never leave them to party every night! It would tear my heart out. Britney…. don’t you care for your children? Sure a mom needs to get out every once in awhile but you are abandoning them.

    Maybe they would be better with K-Fedex?

  37. #5 lvr says

    Britney looks like she is just tryin to get back @ k-fed she is such a slut!!!
    i hope her kids don’t take after her!!!!!!

  38. gracelyn says

    Actually I have three kids and I didnt say I do this but what the hell does it matter to any of you what Britney does or when she does it? You people take this site so seriously that its sad, you freak out if everyone doesnt agree to exactly what your saying!!! I cant believe the way some of you act about pictures, you think any picture tells a whole story? I guess theres really no point in trying to explain myself because you people obviously know it all!! And to you shannom harris, screw you! I still cant understand how you people get so involved in this like its serious, once again ,GET A GRIP!!! Its a blog for Gods sake!!!

  39. allison says

    get a life thew girl looks good and who the hell are you guys to say what kind of mother she is stop hatin and if you could hang with paris you would too get a life

  40. MissyMama says

    Gracelyn honey, if you think it’s ok to go out four or five times a week, and stay out until 5 or 6 am when you have two babies at home there is something seriously wrong. And no, we are not a bunch of old grannies, but responsible mothers who put the welfare and needs of their children before their own!

  41. HAHA says

    What the hell is up with the one-legged black leggings that they are both wearing?? That had better not be a new fashion statement in Hollywood!!!

  42. Ianna says

    Gracelyn, I hope you don’t have kids because you obviously don’t understand what it means to be a mother. It means making some sacrifices and being UNselfish, which means you don’t go out every night even if you want to! Do you think she can wake up and having meaningful time with her kids when she gets home at 5 am probably drunk and on drugs? Those kids are going to suffer the consequences of a mother who’s more obsessed with media attention than her own children. If she thought being a mother would be so great (as she’s said) — then she should probably try to actually be one!

  43. Ianna says

    Gracelyn, I hope you don’t have kids because you obviously don’t understand what it means to be a mother. It means making some sacrifices and being UNselfish. Do you think she can wake up and having meaningful time with her kids when she gets home at 5 am probably drunk and on drugs? Those kids are going to suffer the consequences of a mother who’s more obsessed with media attention than her own children. If she thought being a mother would be so great (as she’s said) — then she should probably try to actually be one!

  44. babyhates says

    “get a grip”……. WHATEVER !!!!!!!! This “woman” shouldn’t have given birth if she wanted to party and be a HOE. All the news reports that she’s BI, and a freak in her own home with her kids there should a sign that she’s a bad mother. No one ever said have your kids with you all the time, and that you shouldn’t go party BWTF, she looks DIRTY !!!!!! LOOK at her hair it’s greasy A WEAVE SHOULD NOT LOOK GREASE !!!!! The sad part is she makes PARASITE HILTON look pretty ! Britney sucks and FEDEX is doing LA LOHAN !!!!!!!

  45. MissyMama says

    I am just getting more and more disgusted with her….there are pictures of her from this weekend where she’s out and about with Paris waearing some sort of mini skirt, and no panties. What kind of woman doesn’t wear panties under her skirt??

  46. Joelly says

    What happened to “Boo hoo hoo, poor me I wish everyone would just leave me alone and quit judging me (and Kevin)”. Hmmmm, I actually thought she would come out of this with some dignity and maturity? No one says she has to be with her kids 24-7, but at least present yourself in public in a respectable manner if you don’t want to be portrayed as the white trash you are so bent on becoming Britney?

  47. Lou says

    I think Paris and K-Fed are in cahoots! She’s doing whatever she can to make Britney look bad, and Britney is sure to lose her children if she doesn’t pull herself together. This is pathetic!!!!! Someone needs to snap her into reality. She will be much more admired and respected if she doesn’t flaunt herself after the divorce, but does what she should and dedicates herself to her children and career. She’s not serious about either. What a joke.

  48. gracelyn says

    Judging by most of these coments this place must be flooded with a bunch of old grannies!!! She deserves to go out whenever the hell she wants, you guys have absolutely no idea what her life is like, so what if she is out three or four times a week that doesnt mean that she doesnt take care of her kids! People are so judgmental if someone doesnt live their life or raise their kids the same way you do you say they’re wrong! Im sure that shes not any nastier that most of you. Say whatever you want to me ,but Britney should defenately live her life however she chooses just as Im sure everyone here does, so get a grip!!!

  49. Erin says

    I saw on Access Hollywood (or some show) that they didn’t get home until 5 in the morning. Sooooo sad! I feel so bad for her babies! She needs to stay home with her kids. I don’t know who should get custody – her or K. Fed, they both suck at parenting.

  50. jenna says

    Why are they on BABYrazzi? Get off, this is not People, if I wanted to see Paris I would go there. Babyrazzi should be at least one Paris-free site.

  51. babyhates says

    This is too funny just because the day she dumbs FEDEX she looked all clean and good…. did you really think it was gonna last ? She has no style and just looks dirty ! how many nights did she not wear that nasty “little missy” shirt ??????? I use to say it was K-FED but she’s just nasty !

  52. sasha says

    Britt is a nasty mom. Her poor kids. Money does not buy happiness. Her hair is always looking bad too. she does not want those kids whats sad is their dad prolly dont either.

  53. Shannom Harris says

    What happen to you britney? Paris is the WORSE COMPANI FOR YOU AND YOUR KIDS!!!!!!

    Be a good mother dude!!!!!!!!

  54. Shannom Harris says

    Wthat happen to you britney? Paris is the WORSE COMPANI FOR YOU AND YOUR KIDS!!!!!!

    Be a good mother dude!!!!!!!!

  55. Did ya hear? says

    Britneys gone bi and Paris is her boyfriend!!!!

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that!!;)

  56. Diana says

    Jill – I think what you wear portrays the person that you are, and if you dress in the way that Britney dresses in, even if she isn’t a tart, it portrays her as being one. It is just sad that she is being led astray in such a way. There are ways of dressing and looking decent, however, Britney just doesn’t look nice in these pictures at all. I feel very sorry for the girl.

  57. jill says

    good for brit, as long as her kids are taken care of in the day i think its fine if shes goes out in the night…and who cares what she wears??

  58. Pleeeeezzzeee!!! says


    SHE’S GETTING FAT AGAIN. That flat belly isn’t so flat anymore. The pictures we saw before must have been right after she lost the weight and before she started her partying rounds. And I guess if there was any question if she breastfeeds, that went right out the window. When would she have time or be able to pump either. Yea, going straight down the tubes. But, look on the bright side Britney. You had it all at one time. What goes up must come down.

  59. Pleeeeezzzeee!!! says

    Would somebody tell Britney she has her dress on backwards! Maybe she was too drunk to notice before she left the house.

  60. Carole says

    Holy cow! Are you kidding me? WHERE are her PR people…her mother…her divorce lawyers?????? I will just betcha a few of those folks are having fits over all the photos of Miss Britney in PARTY MODE. HELLO, Britney? By ANY CHANCE do you remember the “driving with baby Sean on your lap”, the “backwards carseat”, the “almost dropping baby Sean while balancing a drink pregnant with #2” photos not to mention the trips by police to your house to check out just exactly WHAT was going on with baby Sean? And, now the “partying” photos…….all this is putting together a nice little lawsuit to gain custody by the husband that YOU flaunted to the world! Gee whiz….and you were an idol to the teeny boopers! WHAT is this world coming to?

  61. tam says

    Ok, britney is so brutal.. whats with all these outfits her boobs look like they are going to flop out and be exposed to the world lol.. and does she ever spend quality time with her two babies? she seems to be partying every night now!

  62. says

    Eeewww. That’s all I have to say about these pictures. She’s trash, we all know it. Looks like we were wrong all along: It wasn’t FedEx that brought her down, she was doing it to herself all along and still is. She’s so gross I can’t take it. Why is she even considered a star? Can someone please remind me??

  63. Susan says

    The webmistress “loves” Brittany’s dress? It’s “vivacious”?

    It’s clear why she keep her identity a secret. You’re going down too, dear.

  64. jackie says

    All of you are forgetting that Britney is sniffing some drugs and reality is not any where near her or Paris. Look at her eyes especially in the third picture, I guess Paris has hooked her up with a new supplier, she will be shocked when they finally give her the bill.

    I am wondering where her two month old son fits into all this, I feel sorry for those kids, with a father like Fedex and a mother who is losing it by the day, I think a judge should order that they are fostered, before this i thought may be Britney would wake up before it is too late and look out for the kids, but now she is no better, it not worse than fedex, where are her parents anyway?

  65. Ramona says

    Word Britney: anyone who won’t tell you when the front of your dress is caught up in your panties is not your friend! Ditto forgetting to wear a blouse. NOT YOUR FRIEND! Friends don’t let friends display their genitals!

  66. Blair says

    Since when have these two ever been friends? Now they seem to be out every night. Real smart for someone about to be in a nasty divorce and custody fight.

    Go home Britney!!!

  67. Paula says

    That’s too funny Shea.

    I wonder if she isn’t trying to give K-Fed enough evidence on her to take the kids away? Maybe she wants him to have them but doesn’t just want to give them up. If a judge says K-Fed can have them she’ll be poor Britney had to give up her children. More publicity, and then she won’t have to feel so guilty because it was ordered. When I got my divorce I kept my kids really close to me so my ex wouldn’t have any excuses to take mine. Poor kids. And for those of you asking where her mother is….I don’t think she has much say so in what Britney does. She’d do it anyway like she’s always done.

  68. Shea says

    this is how the nite with paris and britney went:

    PIC 1:
    OMG paris is dress to slutty? (britney)
    Nono brit, that dress is so HOT! ive seen so much more sluttier dresses on you! (paris)
    Oh i SWEAR yall i wont be getting drunk tonight…i just cant. I got 2 babies i gotta take care of paris! (britney)
    Your hair looks cute britney…for once. (paris)

    PIC 2:
    Quit hanging on me britney! (paris)
    I had alittl too much, lets go somewhere else, I need to just drink redbulls. (britney)
    oh my god, no you wont… dont have your kids in your arms (paris)
    The more drunker i get the better i like this dress paris.(britney)
    Shut up! (paris)

    PIC 3:
    Kids, paris? What kids? I lost my headband! OMG i gotta find it ya’ll!. Paris WHAT kids are you talking about?? That was all a dream. (britney)
    Britney, YOU have kids. REMEMBER? OMG fuck your headband!! GET off me! I cant be seen with you when Your weave is showing OMG, GET AWAY! OMG get off the floor. (paris)
    I cant help it im too drunk…help me paris, please. You know …WE can make alot of money if WE make a porn tape…. (britney)
    yea right …i only fall for that line ONCE!! (paris)

  69. Faye says

    Miss Brit needs to lose this new BFF. Paris means trouble for anyone involved. Brit needs to have some fun, this is understood. (Can you recall the freedom we each felt after a horrible marriage!). Just pick better friends. Fed to Paris? Which is worse?

  70. Lucia says

    great Brit….keep giving that looser husband more amo for him to take your kids away….”Britney…unfit to be a mother!!! Partying all the time and spending no time with her children…custody awarded to KeFed!” real nice work Brit. What the heck is the matter with this girl! she should be with her kids, working on getting her career back on track and getting some seriuos counseling for her failed marriage! I feel SO BAD for those kids! I hate that these loosers have kids for the pap attention and then discard them like yesterday’s newspaper…..

  71. Nisa says

    I think Britney is going to fall, and real hard she will, where is her mother any way? Isnt this the time she is really needed? Those PR People are crap! After K-fedex she has enough negative publicity to last ehr a life time for chrissakes, she doesn’t need artifical recovery, who is with Jayden James any way. I really feel sorry for that girl, she should be home reading ” the rise and fall of witney houston”.

  72. Embarrassed for Brit says

    I hope she’s not one of those mothers that can’t bond with her children because of what her husband is. I think she’s too immature to be a mother. She’d rather party than be with her children. She hasn’t grown at all in these experiences she made for herself. Now the children are being raised by nannies and she’ll bring them out every now and then so the paps will get pictures of her and them together. Yea, Brit. That’ll make it all better. She got her attention while she was pregnant both times. She got her attention when she married a looser too. Now, she needs more attention hanging with Paris because we all know that Paris always have paps chasing her. She’s just getting wrong kind of attention. She’s washed up and knows it. This is the only thing she can do to keep the attention on her. What a shame.

  73. coco says

    desperate times, call for desperate measures. brit is desperate for any kind of publicity. fire her pr peeps! where’s her loving family support? shame on her and them. she’s prolly still angry at her ex-husband and ashamed of her actions (marrying him, making the stupid reality tv show) and taking it out on the kids by partying up a storm and not being around for them.

  74. Ianna says

    I just have to finally say it — when is this girl EVER with her children?? She has been all over the place since her baby was about 6 wks old. I would never be out all the time with children that young at home. I’m all for moms getting out every now and then but this is seriously ridiculous.

  75. Paula says

    Ok. I guess this is all Britney’s going to be good for now? Negative publicity. If this is what she has to do to get back to the top she is seriously kidding herself. What is the matter with this girl? Is this all she has left? And don’t say she’s letting her hair down after all she’s been through. She has two babies at home. Obviously she’s not ready to be a mother. Sorry ladies but this is over the top.

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