Heidi Klum & Seal Welcome A Son!

Heidi Klum

Heidi certainly had a miraculous and blessed Thanksgiving!

German supermodel Heidi Klum has given birth to a baby boy, her husband, British pop singer Seal, said on his Web site.

Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel was born in LA on Wednesday, weighing 8 pounds, 11 ounces, he said.

“To our children, a brother. To our parents, a grandson. To my wife and I, a son. To our family, a blessing,” Seal wrote on the site (www.seal.com). “He is healthy, beautiful and looks just like his mother.”

Seal also shared:

Mama and baby are doing great. She is so good at having babies, I
feel so blessed and fortunate to have a wife like her, they are both
so beautiful. Leni and Henryboy were both so excited seeing him
yesterday. It’s amazing how much he looks like Leni when she was
born. I mean, he is completely different looking from Henryboy so as
Lauren put it, he will surely look more like HK as he grows. He is
so precious and really hasn’t been that noisy on his first night
spent on earth. Wow! what an amazing experience to have been a part

Klum, 33, and Seal, 43, were married in May 2005. They have a 1-year-old son, Henry. Klum’s daughter, Leni, 2, is from a previous relationship with Formula One race car manager Flavio Briatore.


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  1. Mildred Wogbash says

    I certainly hope the second baby is less hideous than the other one. I really blame Briatore and Kiedis for tutrning Heidi off white men.

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  12. BC Girl says

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  13. Beverly says

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  14. Jeni says

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  19. Laughing Out Loud says

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  21. Jeni says

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  22. FYI... says

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  23. Cindy says

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  24. Shea says

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  25. FYI... says

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  26. Shea says

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  27. FYI... says

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  28. Shea says

    problem with using another computer which i have 3 in my house, is that handles dont just pop up if you use another comp. you have to put your name in. i didnt realize that and i dont care if you think that it was me changing handles becuz i owned up to it and apologized to tina. if you actually read the posts you can see it was a mistake, and those posts were TO tina, not me trying to use another handle. call me what you want, however all i see is you using my handle and many others. your a psyhco and now we all know it by your lovely posts. so keep going, these ladies that are sane, know it isnt me.
    also you must have a pretty pathetic life if you have the time to go to past posts from forever ago and look me up, kinda sad and whats the word ive called you in the past??? oh yeah desperate.
    so have a good one, psycho.

  29. FYI... says

    Shea You accuse others of changing their handle and yet you have been caught many times using the handle Tina (Melissa Echridge post and Kate Hudson Post). I guess that makes you a hypocrite.

  30. BC Girl says

    I agree with you on that one Shea!! Whoever this ‘handler’ is, Im sure that she has no friends in the real world, because anyone who acts like this cannot expect for a single soul to think anything good of her. Its like you said, calling someone stupid, or an idiot, or something harmless is fine, but when you start talking about the stuff she is saying, that is taking it too far.

  31. Shea says

    sorry about my last post it had more misspellings then usual, i had squirming baby in my arms lol.

  32. Shea says

    BC Girl im not the one calling you those things, it might be my handles but not me. i might call peope isiots or stupid if it calls for it but never those kinds of things.
    like i said this person needs to justify getting her ass kicked by using my name.

  33. BC Girl says

    Ya.. someone on this site (not too sure who it is) has some serious problems and seems like quite the psycho…

  34. Paula says

    168 is the real Shea, if it really matters anymore. The other one is a Shea impersonator with the real problems.

  35. BC Girl says

    You sound like a real winner Shea, I feel sorry for anybody who actually knows you in real life. You are a sad excuse for a human being and a waste of fresh air.

  36. Shea says

    this is the real shea and i think you are the douche bag bc girl. you are a fucking loser. i dont want you on my side you fucking skank. you are the one making a fool out of yourself….but then again look at the source. i dont get pissed about anything you bunch of sad pieces of shit say. you get a kick out it? i wish someone would kick you in your horse face

  37. BC Girl says

    Ohh your a real funny one hey Shea. Just to let you know, I had called you a douche bag because of what Shea (The impersinator) said to me.

    I was actually somewhat leaning more on your side in this blog, but after that comment, not so much anymore. The only reason why I keep coming back to this blog of Heidi and Seal is because it is hilarious talking with you and the others that are on here, I get a kick out of it. But you, I think that you actually get really pissed and angry at what people say on here. Do you?? I hope not!!

  38. Shea says

    BC Girl I SERIOUSLY doubt that you know the first thing about a “douche bag”. I think I can smell you from here. Close your legs.

  39. Shea says

    this is the real shea…the last post i wrote was post 143. actually it doesnt bother me at all….go for it…we all know whos doing it. so go on……i already know your stupid and a loser, now your just justifing it for me.
    people that use others handles for their sick little games are pathetic. funny thing is…i dont care what name you go under. i say what i come on here to say, not having to hide under anothers handle. i dont have to make myself look better by going under different handles and making fun of the person that kicked my ass in a discussion, like you are.
    so have at it, lol, loser.

  40. BC Girl says

    Wow… you sure are a real douche bag Shea. Is this your ‘other’ personality coming out now??

  41. Shea says

    BC Girl I sure don’t need the likes of you feeling sorry for me! You dumb sack of shit. You seem to be as dumb as a bag of sand. You act like you know me personally too. You don’t know shit about me and I suggest you keep your feelings about me to your own dumb self. Fucking cumbag.

  42. Shea says

    I am just so confsued. And so lonely. And so angry. I wish my life was different. I wish I could be nice to everyone on here. But for some reason I can not stand to let a post go by without starting some shit with the person who posted it. I can not be the mature one and just let things go by. I always have to get my say in. And I have no clue why I go around from blog to blog telling people that I’m a police officer. What in God’s name am I thinking on that??? I mean isn’t it like against the law to impersonate a police officer????

  43. Shea says

    No I say “carpetmunching” quite often actually. Go back and read some of my posts on other blogs. That is one of my words. And trust me, NO ONE would pretend to be me. Look at me for crying out loud! I’m a pathetic train wreck. Who in God’s name would ever pretend to be me?????

  44. Paula says

    Yes, I’m sure it is. Like I said, the poops gonna hit the fan, when she comes back.!! LOLOLOL!!

  45. BC Girl says

    Ok now we know that this must not actually be Shea, from Post #157. What kind of a person would say that?? Its obviuoslly someone pretending to be Shea.

  46. Shea says

    No, I really am the real Shea. I have just taken a lot of meds today and I came to the realization that I am a pure crazy bitch on here. I just need to chill out. I can just get on here and be mean to others and be a bitch and pretend to be a police officer and so forth. I can talk about my gay wad brother and also my own issues with sexual idenity. I just wish life was simpler for me!

  47. Paula says

    Ok. I know this isn’t Shea. As long as I’ve been reading this blog, she’s never apologized for anything and certainly wouldn’t admit to any of this stuff. Wait till the real Shea reads this. We’ll hear and explosion for miles around. It’ll be on the news. LOL!!

  48. Shea says

    I was just trying to be funny. I didn’t really mean a best friend forever. I just meant a best friend on here. I need someone on this blog who can be my best friend and try to help me not be so angry and lonely all the time. I am just so sad. I want attention so bad. No one pays any attention to me in the real world. Thank you for feeling sorry for me. I feel sorry for myself all the time. I wish I could have been a police officer. I know I would have been a good one.

  49. BC Girl says

    Shea, if what you are saying is true, I feel very sorry for you and wish you all the best. But are you seriouslly asking the people on this blog if someone wants to be your best friend forever?? Thats a little strange…. sorry

  50. Shea says

    This is really me. I am trying to make ammends folks. I said I was sorry for all the shit I have stirred up on here. I just do this for shits and giggles. It was all in good fun. At least I made you laugh. I can’t get a job due to all my psych issues and I am terribly lonely. I can only watch so many episodes of COPS before I go even further insane. SO, I get on here to stir up shit. I know I’m a pathetic loser, but I really can’t help it. Anyone want to be my best friend for ever?

  51. Did ya hear? says

    I knew she’d break one day!!! No, seriously. This isn’t Shea. She doesn’t use such proper grammar.

  52. Shea says

    I just want someone to be my friend. I am very lonely and very angry at everything. At least when I get on here and stir up trouble, I get attention, which is what I so crave! I wanted to be a police officer all my life, but I could not past the psychological part in order to get the job. I am not really a transsexual, I was just trying to be funny. However I know I am pathetic and I am so loney.

  53. Shea says

    You know, I just realized that I am an idiot. I do need help. I have some severe mental health problems. I need to be locked away. I am not really a police officer, I just play one in my head. I know I have caused a great deal of problems here. I am sorry. I am just a pathetic waste of skin. I have no one else who will listen to me and I am so angry at the world that I have to get on here and cause trouble. It is the only joy I get out of life. My medications no longer work for me. I wish I could be sane, but I have been on serious psychotropic medications my whole life and they just do not work. I am seriously mentally ill. Please forgive me for all my nasty posts. I am just a pathetic lonely transsexual. Love, Shea

  54. .. says

    145 all you have to do is read past posts on past blogs and you’ll see Shea doing the same thing all over the place. She can really get nasty.

  55. Lynda157 says

    thanks for the link 142. I’m kind of new to this site and never saw that whole disgusting gay/lesbian topic before. gross! I saw what Shea wrote about me lying that my husband was a police officer and I was going to say something to her, but after reading what she wrote, I realized it would be pointless. There is no arguing with this women because no matter what, she always has to be right and get the last word in. What made me kind of giggle was the fact that she accuses everyone else of changing there handle and yet in the “gay” post she totally screws up and gets caught using the handle TINA and tries to blame her comupter for it. Pretty stupid! Anyway, after reading that link, man you are one screwed up individual.

  56. Kathy says

    I think you are all wrong. I think there is at least 2 people using everyone’s handle. You all blame it on one person but it seems to me it’s more. I’m sure everyone is getting a kick outof it since it’s still going on. It’s amazing that grown women with families can act like that. If it is grown women doing it.

  57. Shea says

    BC Girl , I never said you were anyone else. I can see how my post would of confused you, I reposted your post from 115. It wasnt that i was saying you were those people. I can tell that your not from the way you talk. I was just saying I wasnt the ONLYone adding fuel to this dicussion. I know theres more then 2 people on this site…… but we all know whos who, no matter what name they go under. I hope this person gets the help she/he needs. Telling someone to shoot their loved ones is bull$#!t and scary.But im sure in her/his warped mind its just hilarious.

  58. God Bless Us.. Everyone says

    I see a new tone to the posts here. Makes my heart glad . I prayed that some of you writing the vicious comments would see the error of your ways.and stop. The world needs more love not hate. Peace be with you. 🙂

  59. BC Girl says

    Shea – Just to let you know, I am not those other people. I also agree with you, that all those other names are the same person, but they are definately not me. If you go back and look at all my posts, do you see me having the same puncuation and use of words as TAG and all of them other names. NO!!! I really dont like some of the stuff she has said either, I dont know what she is trying to prove by being so nasty and psycho in some of her posts, its definately not me. I think you just need to realize that there is more than the 2 of us on this blog, there is definately at least 5 or 6 people that have been responding to this conversation within the last couple days.

  60. Jeni says

    You all really need to let people work things out on their own. I agree with Shea. Stay out of it…It’ll go away on its own. I cant believe that person wrote that kind of stuff up there, and then blame shea for being how shes being. Shame

  61. Shea says

    olivia….(yeah right) really if I were you I wouldnt talk about being a hypocrite. All you just did was ADD to this juvenile discussion, Then call me a hypocrite. also wheres your kids at when your on here all the time like all us whack-o mothers?? ill stop when i want to, if you dont like it dont read it. IS IT THAT HARD?? also whats the point of saying “get a life” …no matter how small, boring or exciting anyones life is …they have one. wow you actually wrote something on the topic LOL. sorta becuz you had to since you told me I should stay on topic huh?

    BC Girl ….”Did Ya Hear & TAG – you are obviouslly the same person… You can tell by your puncuation and use of words, like “SHUT UP” and “you cant have the last word” or some shit like that”……………..hmmm wasnt that you saying something about this???ADDING to it…………… im not gonna stop saying what I wish. all you just did was add fuel to this stupid agruement.

    so its ok for all you people to say what you wish …on whatever you wish….but when someone else says something that you dont like you THINK you have the right to tell them not to?? thats what i call a hypocrite….
    W/e…… get over it ladies.
    WE ALL have gotten into agruements on this stupid blog but yet we all come back…..Its NOT just ME….If this stupid person can tell me to shoot my friends family and coworkers, i think im entitled to say something back to this psyhco!

  62. BC Girl says

    Hmmm God Bless Us… not everyone wants to hear that kind of talk!! I think you need to keep your ‘god bless us’ talk to yourself. Sorry, not meening to be rude, but not everyone agrees and believes in praying and blessing and god.

  63. God Bless Us.. Everyone says

    Let us all join and unite in spirit at this special time of the year.. Christian or other… let the spirit of Christmas enter your hearts. Count your blessings and hold your loved ones close.. Be kind to your neighbor and those strangers you meet. Be it here or in your lives.. No more cursing, no more threats.. God bless us all.

  64. BC Girl says

    You are both saying that you will stop when the other one stops… what if I was to dare both of you to stop??? OKAY…. I dare you both to GROW UP AND STOP BEING SO FRIGGIN’ IMMATURE!!!!

  65. Olivia says

    I only use one handle and I do believe this is the most juvenile thread that I have EVER read on this website. ALL of you need to grow up, especially YOU Shea. You seem to get in alot of fights with people on this website, but this one really takes the cake. You tell people to stick to the topic and yet the majority of your posts have absolutely nothing to do with the topic. That is what we call a hypocrite. All of you need to get a life. You obviously have way too much time on your hands. Shea and friends, go spent some time with your kids (or maybe they’re better off without the influence of such juvenile, whack-o mothers)

    Now, as far as the topic goes… I wonder when Heidi and Seal will show off their NEW bundle of joy! I can’t wait to see him!

  66. Shea says

    yup i do gotta have the last word…oh btw all…leanne is ANOTHER handle that this person uses.

  67. LeAnne says

    And we all agree Shea has to have the last word. Congratulations Shea!! You’ve just won Fool of the Year Award! And your prize is: Being the biggest Idiot on Babyrazzi!! Yey, For Shea!!! What a putz!!

  68. Shea says

    Janet and Cindy…i know shes used “imo” way back. since this started shes been using handles that “fit” the situation. cindy i totally agree with 125. she thinks its us, when its really HER. hopefully she’ll take her beating and bow out somewhat gracefully! but who knows shes a psyhco!

  69. Shea says

    what did i win? only the people that thought this was a contest was you and your nasty posts. i hope the web mistress takes all your posts off. i dont “mind” it???yeah i love people telling me they will, quote, ” ok if you ALLOW me to have the last word, ILL eat your pussy!” your a psyhco! your a menece to this site and to everyone that comes “across your path”. hmm another handle, besides the ones you use thats OURS, whoa huh? wow and you say im a idiot???? Get over yourself! i just love post 127 how you say post 122 and 110 are the same person….duh, we know its YOU! all these different handles have been you, so dont try to cover anything up. your right in one thing…i wont stop until you stop your nasty posts and stupid comments about OTHER posters. you never say ANYTHING about the topics and i dont think im the only one that is sick of it, as you can see.
    i hope carleigh hasnt left. she was funny and had good points as well as bad…as ALL of us do. her personal problems, i agree, should not of been posted, however you made it all about YOU and YOUR opinion ISNT all that matters. NO MATTER HOW MANY HANDLES YOU USE! respect others opinions, and maybe they will respect yours…thats the lesson i hopefully got across to your pea sized brain. talk about the topics not about posters maybe i wont have to knock you down acouple notches.
    yup your right my names tina????? wrong. now go through the other 500 women names to figure out my real name dummy.

  70. Did ya hear? says

    Oh, and Carleigh hasn’t left unless it’s someone else using her handle. She’s on one of the Britney blogs.

  71. Did ya hear? says

    Number 122 and 110 are the same person. All the other ones don’t use such nasty language. But obviously Shea doesn’t mind it. She keeps egging them on. So good luck to you Shea in whatever you decide to do. This is never going to end until you do. Buh Bye!

  72. whoa... says

    okay, I’ll admit I’m just one of the people who like to get Shea going…..Just one! I know which posts I have wrote, but there is someone else (or more) besides me and that other person(s) is taking it too far. #110 was kinda bad, but I ignored it, but I can’t ignore # 122, That was just wrong. Calling someone an idiot is one thing, but you crossed the line. (It’s probably Carleigh. I find it hard to believe she has totally left.) Anyway, Shea you are a total idiot. Thanks for proving that many many MANY times. Go ahead and “brag” how you won! (Great bragging rights…”Biggest loser!”) Bye, bye Shea! I’m sure our paths will cross again!

  73. Cindy says

    Seal is going to be on Jay Leno tommorrow night.. Hopefully he will give some news on little Johan who I am excited to see with his family… Troll#122.. I can see why you use so many different names.. I’d be totally emabarrassed to have anyone possibly really know me. You write like a moron, you threaten like a psycho and you dont make sense in anything you say about.. YOU have a problem..its not the people around you.. Its YOU.. The first step in recovery is recognition.. Get educated, get psychological counseling..YOU need it bad!! REAL bad!!

  74. Janet says

    Of course you people know that all these posts or at least the mean ones is imo… She’s another Alice and is using everyones handles. Notice she hasn’t been on lately other than in disguise.

  75. Shea says

    Why should I be the one to shut up??? Just becuz YOU , “Did ya hear? “…..”whatever”…..”like i said”…..
    “youknow”………. “Lynda157 ” …..”KK619″…. “hey” ….”!!”….
    and “TAG” (amoung the 100 others, who we all know is the same person….says so???) I dont think so. I have the right to post whatever I wish just like everyone else. I dont take too kindly to someone telling me not to, thats why i keep posting. NOPE im not gonna stop….WHY dont YOU stop? Becuz you CANT. You think your “above” everyone elses opinion, and your too stupid to relize that your NOT. You wont stop becuz you DO think of this site as Total entertainment. WE dont use anyone elses handles….we dont tell people to shut up becuz we dont like what they say….. If im such a psychopath …then why are you continueing to say anything?? your so desperate its hilarious….so keep laughing…funny how your not using “tag” anymore…..you nasty pathetic desperate excuse for a woman. BELIEVE ME….no one will get banned…Ive asked…theres nothing she can do…or so she says. so this stupid person that said what she said in post 110, will continue…UNLESS we do something about it. When she stops I will its that simple. But we all know she’ll continue to be nasty and stupid…like all her other posts are, thats the only way this person knows…. Hope you enjoy the show.

  76. Shea can't stop... says

    …she is an idiot and is making a complete fool of herself. All she has to do is not respond and it will all end. Period. The woman is a psychopath and should not have a badge. I’m getting a total kick out of how stupid Shea is. Total entertainment! Like I said, if you all want it to end…tell Shea! All she has to do is shut up!

  77. Paula says

    It probably wouldn’t matter if they were banned. They would just use another email. Shea, just stop, nobody wins in this situation. Everyone is making a fool of themselves.

    On topic now. I can’t wait to see Heidi and Seals little one. I bet he’ll have a lot of hair.

  78. Cindy says

    I think we need to get the web mistress and track the emails of the foul mouthed classless women who are spamming on this site. I think its only perhaps one or two people using many different names on here.But they should be banned. Theres no excuse for the profanity thats been posted here daily. None of it having anything to do with Heidi or Seal. Those responsible have too much time on their hands, too little education and not a drop of consideration for the legitimate people who enjoy contributing pertinate posts to the subject of the blog.

  79. Shea says

    Lynda157: LOL wow are you sure your married to a cop?? LOL LIAR.
    oH yeah i know you guys are all the same person, your all too stupid NOT to be.
    Kinda funny how all these com eup about the same time…with the same words and the same way you say them all. you dont fool anyone and if you havent learned by now…im not gonna shut up, no matter how much you scream it lol. Seems im getting to at least 3 of your personalities LOL. LOSER

  80. Did ya hear? says

    OK. SORRY BUT I AM NOT THE OTHER’S. I AM ME. BELIEVE IT OR NOT. Looks like Shea even thinks you the others too. she can’t believe their could be others the dislike her like carleigh couldn’t. im outta here. ya’ll just play your stupid childish games. bc girl how do i know that you aren’t the others. stupid.

  81. BC Girl says

    Did Ya Hear & TAG – you are obviouslly the same person… You can tell by your puncuation and use of words, like “SHUT UP” and “you cant have the last word” or some shit like that.

  82. Lynda157 says

    Geez….just shut up Shea! Is that too fucking hard for you to get thru your stupid mother fucking head you psycho bitch from hell! SHUT THE FUCK UP SHEA YOU FUCKING IDIOT!

  83. Shea says

    Your NASTY. I cant believe you are so desperate that you resorted to that. Your NOT funny and you keep talking like you think you know everything. well …you dont. So go eat your TWINKIES and leave the talking to the adults , since you CLEARLY are a child.
    LOL can you say shut up anymore times???Why cant YOU just not say anything else??? CUZ you cant lol, you gotta keep going and going until you make a COMPLETE fool of yourself! your almost there! LOL you sound like a 12 yr old desperate child. which you probably are anyways.

  84. Did ya hear? says

    Eeewwww. Now look what you did Shea. Got a pervert on the line here. So stop answering it. I remember when you couldn’t stop answering scarykary. You just wouldn’t shut up, and she got the best of you so just SHUT UP!!!!

  85. BC Girl says

    Hmm TAG – You just took it wayyyy to far on that one. Why would you even say that?? Thats just wrong and nasty.

    Not funny at all….

  86. Shea says

    of course you would agree with post 106, and 105 and 108 and 99 and 96…omfg the list goes on and on …its you! You dont fool anyone no matter how you try to make yourself look. WHAT control have I lost…im really wondering! Becuz im writing on a blog??? Ill stop when you stop …how about that. YOU be the bigger person! LOL It must get really tirering to keep your handles in check….”omg I gotta back MYSELF up AGAIN….” your a loser.
    as for my job……you wouldnt know what it would be like to be a police officer so dont even try to think you do. WOW 4 more handles…desperation is flattering. and your acting really desperate now. COME on you can do it…..think of some more NOT so witty handles for me and everyone to laugh at.

  87. Did ya hear? says

    Shea’s one of those police officers that go in the back and beat the inmates because she can’t control her personal life. Oh, that is when she’s not on the computer giving her opinions on a baaaaaby site. lololol!

  88. you know.......... says

    jeeze shea, there are more people out there than just the one you think has all these handles. Are you going to say 105 and 106 are the same person. paleeze! and I agree with 106, just what kind of police officer are you? and i do agree you probably have a desk job. and you said you work at night and you seem to be on here all the time so obviously you live in a tiny town where there is nothing goin on to be on the computer all the time. stop answering all these stupid posts or it will be known to all that you just have to have the last word. Dang, glad you aren’t in Iraq. you’d already be discharged with a section 8.

  89. Lynda157 says

    OMG Shea. Why don’t you just stop responding to them? Everytime you reply, you’re making a fool of yourself. You are just feeding their fire. If you don’t say anything, they will have nothing to say and all this very immature behavior will end! Can’t you be the mature one Shea and just ignore them or are they right and you have to get the last word in–no matter how stupid you look.

    My husband is a police officer. He deals with idiots all day long and has to show amazing self control and not lose his cool. You have obviously lost all of your self control with these idiots on the internet. What do you do in real life if you can lose your cool so easily on the computer? I have to believe that you have a desk job and are not out on patrol. You seem too immature, supid and have no self control to be on the street. An officer who lacks common sense and judgement in their personal life lacks common sense and judgement on the job. I’m sorry if I sound harsh, but to think that my husband’s life could be in the hands of a police officer like you makes me very nervous and sick to my stomach! Grow up Shea, please.

  90. BC Girl says

    I think everyone needs to grow up. Especially Shea, you say that you are a police officer, I must say that I am embarassed that someone like you (so immature and obviouslly not the smartest person in the world) patrols our streets on a daily basis. Go back to work and stop arguing with strangers over the internet!!

  91. Shea says

    hmm another handle lol! like i said DESPERATION should be your handle. I wasnt defending myself. Funny how YOU did not dispute the fact your mothers a streetwalker. well maybe cindy has it right…”waste of space” should be your handle. as for me giving out info….know my name? nope, you sorta need that. your a idiot and i can NOW say that with no regrets LOL. so keep going, make yourself even more of a idiot.

  92. you know.......... says

    Shea has a gay brother, she’s a police officer, deceased father, has kids, quit giving out so much info on yourself stupid. What kind of police officer are you that you don’t know not to do that. You are setting yourself up for just what Carleigh did. Why do you feel the need to defend yourself to people on the computer?????????????????

  93. TAG.... says

    You’re it again, Shea! Come on! Get the last word in. Prove to everyone that you are a total idiot and can’t keep your big ass mouth shut! It is totally mentally and physically impossible for you not to say anything. Do it Shea, say something. I’ll stop if you do, “Officer Shea”

  94. Cindy says

    #99 you are a fool..Thats about as nicely as I can describe you. Along with all your other alias’.. You are LITERALLY a waste of space…..Now back to Heidi, havent heard anything more than that she had to have a non elective c section.. Seal flew to Hong Kong for a one night gig over this past weekend so he mustve felt she was ok to leave. I’m sure she has plenty of help but an unexpected c section has to be a real recovery for her. I hope we see a picture of them all soon with the new baby.

  95. Shea says

    “im it” ??? I chase criminals not idiot bloggers. yup im a cop…you sound jealous! Dont say your not cuz you sound like it and you wont change anyones mind on that lol.
    you also sound desperate…..again….come up with some better stuff your getting boring lol. please refer to my post #97. I guess you didnt get it the first time….AGAIN.
    My father is deceased. But since you say he got me my job, I would of been proud to have him see me where I am. so go on…try to say something else witty…..or try to (and failing to do so, like now) you need pyschological testing if you thought anything of what you said was remotely funny or interesting. But thats ok, your momma got you YOUR job as her back up for your street corner. im sure you make her proud.

  96. My subject is... says

    Shea..TAG! YOUR IT!

    (Believe it or not, ladies, Shea is a police officer! They obviously don’t do any pyschological testing in the little back woods town she lives in. Her daddy probably the sheriff/mayor/mailman-that’s how she got the job)

  97. SHUT your holes! says


  98. shea says

    Like her posts had anything to do with YOU???? why did you respond to her post if i cant respond to yours??? thats why I called you dumb. LOL im laughing becuz i can see that you dont know HOW dumb you really are sounding. Its ok for you huh but not for anyone else that has a differetn opinion then yours? W?E your dumb ….i think that word sums you up to a T.

  99. KK619 says

    Ok Shea… Whats with all the LOL’s and the OMFG’s??

    Im very hurt that you called me ‘dumb’ ‘freakin idiot’ and said I ‘cant read good’….. Hmmmmm… Maybe next time you can come up with some better ones??

    And no, I never said this was ‘my site’. I was simply telling you exactly what you told us in your previous post. Dont reply to posts that dont have anything to do with you. Like when you said we should not have replied to Carlieghs sad little pathetic ‘poor little me’ post about her miscarriage and so forth because it was not addressed to us. Same goes to you, thats what I was saying.

  100. Shea says

    Hmmm i cant really say to who this is for since you used all sorts of stupid names. But you know who you are im sure.

    Lost? lost what exactly?? you stupid pathetic attempt to stop someone from telling you off?? desperation isnt flattering love. For one im not going to stop writing becuz you say i cant….thats just plain dumb. second this is not a game, to me anyway, maybe you need to grow up alittle bit. Also i was asked why i was saying anything about what carleigh had said….i asked you why you thought you had a right to either??? If you would actually read the post you would of read that. But since you cant read very good i guess i just have to explain everything twice for ya…….or 3 times or 4 times….who knows when you’ll “get” it.
    yeah,….. dont try to tell this person to shut her mouth, ….she just EXPECTS others to shut up at her command LOL., thats how dumb she is. YOUR conversations??? LOL OMFG so this is YOUR site huh?? LOL OMG your a freaking idiot!!!! Yup whatever you say LOL. OMG LOL i cant stop laughing LOL you are too dumb for words to even describe!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go on, try to tell me shut up….OMG im shaking in my boots……LOL dumb

  101. KK619 says

    Shea – You said “You all make it into other things than the ACTUAL topic”….. Hmmm check out your posts for the last few days. Especially #83, you could write a book in the amount of time it must have taken you to write that. You are ranting on and on about us staying on topic, maybe you should take your own advice and stop writing novels about pointless stuff on here.

    Also, you ask us why we even replied to Carleigh’s post when it had nothing to do with us. She was writing it to ‘her gals” (*puke*) so we had no right to reply. Well Shea……. same goes to you!!! This whole argument against Carleigh started long before you finally replied in post #75. This had absolutely nothing to do with you, so how do you think you had the ‘right’ to reply in our conversations??? You are such a hypocrite!!!!

  102. Hey... says

    92 who died and made you babyrazzi queen….Carleigh? I’ll say what I want, when I want and how I want!

  103. God Bless Us Every One says

    Girls..take it elsewhere..that means YOU #88 and #90….Shut your provoking mouths..

  104. Too bad... says

    You lost! So predictable, Shea. I’m glad you can admit to being a total idiot. Recognizing that you have a problem is the first step to recovery, ya know! TAG! Your turn! You make it so easy Shea! I’ll stop, if you stop FIRST….starting NOW! Betcha can’t!

  105. Shea says

    I guess i must be a complete idiot….If YOU say so. “get in the last word?” im not the idiot , babe. AND OMG its ANOTHER handle…..so adult of YOU. Maybe if you would stop others would stop too.

  106. Quick! says

    Get the last word in Shea. You know you can’t shut up. OMG you are so-o-o-o-o easy to get going. You crack me up! O.K. Shea, I’m going to predict that you’ll respond to this post and if you do, you’re admitting that you’re a complete idiot. If you can keep quiet and not say anything, i will admit that you are a mature adult, but you got to keep quiet for a whole week! If you don’t, you lose! Can you do it Shea, huh, huh? Can you go a whole week without getting the last word in? Deal or No Deal? Let’s see….

  107. Kathy says

    Yes, please stay to the topic. It gets tiresome trying to read all this crap to see if anyone has anything valid to say about the topic, which hasn’t happened in the last 10 posts. Argue somewhere else!!

  108. Cindy says

    No one is interested in what you have to say. This is a blog about Heidi and Seal. I come here to read about them. I’m sure everyone else does too. Not to be disappointed and see”books” written by near illiterates. Shea, Braydie and Carleigh, you all need to get lives.. Or..are you all the same person?..Please dont answer that..I dont want to hear what you have to say..If you come here please stay on topic.

  109. Shea says

    like I said ……I agree …….!!…….ha….my my my…..KK619…..whatever…….Hmmmm…omg YOUR SOO original with your handle! oh wait, no your not. Your SOOO original with your phrases…oh wait, nope not on that either….since IM the one that said YOU sounded like a broken record…..Mute button? bitch, writing has NO sound. your “hear”?? wow, take your meds, your hearing things, as much as your making up different personalities!!

  110. Like I said... says

    Not an original thought in poor Shea’s head. My, my, my…she sounds like a broken record. Does she have a mute button? All I hear is blah, blah, blah, blah!

  111. Shea says

    nope im still here without a origional thought in my head….and you say carleighs the bitch, my have the tides turned?? I didnt defend anyone. I was stating my opinion but since it was different then yours i guess IM the ONE in the wrong huh? lol i could change my name to whatever i want !!, my my my, whatever, ha, OMG the list goes on and on and on. At least say what you want under one handle, you sound like a broken record. I dont know what your talking about in post 81, are you talking to me or someone else. Kary who? maybe your the one that should write better posts, not anyone re reading anything. Like i said before that no one answered, was carleighs post directed to any one of you?? If you know you dont like her and she says to all my regular gals, which Im not but you thought you could write something, why do you think you have a right to say anything? I love how ill answer your stupid questions but you seem to forget all mine? Is it becuz you know im right? i dont want to you know, “get told” what ever that means…is that your way of saying told off? whatever… anyways, i gotta laugh when you say “nicer place” with out some of the regular girls on here posting….on EVERY post theres a bitchfest of some sort, most of the time it doesnt concern carliegh, bradyie, or myself. It does however concern, alot of …i agree, ???, imo, whatever ,handles. kinda funny isnt it??? i have never stated any of my personal problems, nor would i with all you hateful bitches. AWWW keep thinking your not bitches LOL …..your no better then anyone else on this site NOT about babies. you all make it into toher things then the ACTUAL topic. makes me laugh! I just love how you said “if she would of been nicer to me i would of been nice” You all make whatever anyone says that you dont agree with something that not nice enough for YOU.
    YOUR opinion isnt the only one that matters, no matter how bad or good it is, others have a opinion of THEIR own. It should be respected, like you want yours to be. Like i said before, GET OVER YOURSELVES. OOO maybe ill write some posts under a different name so i can have some “backup” too LOL.
    the 3rd wanna be bitch sister!

  112. I agree says

    Yep…you got it right “!!”. I’ve been on this site since almost the beginning and yes, Carleigh and Braydie have dominated it with their “know it all, to hell with you” attitudes! Shea, on the other hand, is a wanna be! Doesn’t have an original thought in her head! Shame! Hopefully, they’ve moved on! Babyrazzi is a nicer place without the bitch-sisters (and their personal problems).

  113. !! says

    Did a little “research” today and Carleigh and Braydie have been terrorizing this site since it began. So Braydie this site was never “as you put it” the ?im there for ya?, or the ?let it outs??this used to be a great place to come and get advice on babies, learn about others opinion?s or just vent. It could have been a site like that but It became a site where you and Carleigh have dominated. Always telling people off and making them feel bad. Shea is another one that doesn’t mind being rude and Kary got her told. It was funny too. I could hear the frustration in her posts. Kary must have sinced moved on as a lot of other people do due to the meaness on this site. I’ve read through posts on Britney Spears that just never ended about her child in the sun. You and Carleigh need to re read your posts and then sit down and look in the mirror. You Braydie weren’t liked anymore than Carleigh. You left, thank God, and Carleigh just stayed and took over the reins and tried to make it her site alone. Well, now, people have had enough of her as they did you. So, no I don’t feel sorry for her and she did state in a post that having a c sectionhad made her not want to have anymore children, so it’s probably for the best she didn’t have the last one. It’ll save her the pain of it all. So everything happens for a reason.

  114. KK619 says

    I agree with Whatever, My My My and Ha….

    The only reason why Carleigh told us that story about her ‘miscarriage’ is because she wanted the attention, and drama. Carleigh has and always will be, a bitch!! She deserves no sympathy from me (or anyone else who she was a bitch to) for anything. Its like they said, if she were nicer to me and everyone else, then yes I would have had some sympathy for her. I personally think she made it up anyways, who in their right mind would go to a forum loaded with strangers to ‘talk about their problems??’… Especially a site like this, where you know nobody wants to hear that crap.

  115. Ha... says

    “Carleigh reaching for alittle understanding…” Carleigh was reaching for alittle attention and she was using her “miscarriage” as an excuse for being a bitch; but it backfired on her because she was a bitch before all this happened and no one wanted to hear it! Perhaps if she was a nice person to begin with, she would of gotten some sympathy. What goes around…comes around. Carleigh doesn’t think twice about hurting anyone on here. It was no shock how people treated her in return. And as far as Braydie goes…she keeps quiet all these wonderful months and then just shows up to tell us off for being mean to poor Carleigh. Braydie loved to tell everyone “keep to the subject”…but she never followed her own advise. Shea, you say you don’t know Braydie, then why are you so quick to defend her?

  116. Shea says

    Nope, i have never said anything to bradyie or had anything said back to me from her. NO one was included in this conversation, it was actually directed to a group of people, why do you think you have a right to say anything?? was her post directed to you? nope. Im not going anywhere, i dont get hurt or upset by what people say over a computer, but others do. Carliegh was reaching for alittle understanding from someone. Was it that hard for everyone to just not saying anything unless you have some compassion? Nope i agree with bradyie, you saw the opening to hurt her and you all did.
    ill be staying thanks and you 2 !! and my my my or “whatever” your name is should get over yourselves.

  117. !! says

    Oh yea, I forgot about Shea, you know Braydie. So don’t lie. You and Carleigh and Braydie would gang up on people. Because you are all alike. Might even be fair to say you are the same person. And Braydie said if you’ll read, that she had better things to do than post on here. I was just telling her to do what she said. And Shea, you are always telling people this is just a computer so why are you getting so bent out of shape. And I don’t even recall you being asked to join this conversation. So why are you getting in the middle of it. That’s the trouble with this site. Two are three people can be having a debate or conversation and nosy people like you and Braydie have to join in. Why do you want to get involved other than you like to argue? Braydie left because she brought her personal problems on here and noone wanted to hear and she got mad. No one wanted to hear them because before hand she was such a bitch. People would be more helpful to them if they weren’t such bitches to other posters before hand.

  118. whatever... says

    Shea! If you don’t know who Braydie is then you haven’t been on here that long. Everyone knows who Braydie is. The original “Queen Bitch of Babyrazzi” before she too had “personal problems” (which she so frequently posted) just like Carleigh. Obviously we do know her so just keep your little opinions to yourself. As far as name calling, shea, I know you too! Youre one of the biggest name callers on this site. You like to call everyone a “fat cow” (which always makes me chuckle because only an immature idiot could come up with a high school “slam” like that- you would think a police officer would know more names than that! I’m sure you’re called them everyday.) Anyway, Carleigh brought all this crap on herself. She was merely told (by many) to find a website more suitable to her many mental and emotional problems than Babyrazzi. she was the one that got out of control and obviously needs to find some help. Hopefully, she and Braydie are gone for good! Babyrazzi will be a much better website! Now, if we could only get rid of you…………….

  119. Shea says

    !!…… this is to you…i dont know who braydie is but i dont see anything “bitchy” about her last 2 posts on here. I agree with her. For you actually telling someone to ” go find something better to do and stop posting here” i dont see your name on this site and last i knew it was a open forum. You have nerve telling people not to post something on this site. I never read bradyie didnt like the site she just said she wasnt coming back. since i havent seen her here before im guessing she DOES have better things to do lol. I havent seen her on here before and ive been on here for awhile. I dont agree with you or with my my my….(for one, you 2 should get better screennames, just becuz you can change them doesnt mean you should to whatever the situation calls for…thats stupid) if you dont see how wrong it was what you guys did to carliegh, then I think your the ones that shouldnt post anymore.
    say what you want about me, which im sure your gonna call me a bitch or part of their bitch trio or some shit, but remember your the ones calling names and saying bad things to other posters. so have a great time thinking of something not so witty to call me and have have a great nite.

  120. My my my... says

    Look who’s back and causing trouble already….Braydie. Perhaps even a bigger know-it-all bitch than Carleigh. Great! I’m sure Carleighs happy. Shes got “bitch back-up” now. Go back to whatever rock you crawled out from Braydie and please take Carleigh with you…and make sure you take her Zanax with you. Her boyfriend left her for a bar stool, ya know.

  121. !! says

    If you don’t like the site then why even read what you’ve been reading and waste your time? You can take up for Carleigh and yourself but both of you are just alike. Bitches that think you know everything. Now, go find something better to do and stop posting here.

  122. Braydie says

    OK… and exactly what am I doing now…telling you to call her names ??? What kind of life do you people have if you have “time” to go threw all MY past posts? Also, YES this site has changed, ALOT. leave for awhile then come back. You’ll see the difference in the site. Take a look at myself huh? becuz my fave wor dis dumbass?? hmmmmm….I think what your all calling Carliegh is ALOT worse then dumbass. Also i have never, NEVER said to anyone that has been pain on here that has shared it, what you all are saying to Carliegh….no matter how much I disliked them. So, I dont have no regrets about anything I’ve said on here or said to another poster. Im pregnant right now, and I couldn’t of imagined losing this baby when I was 6 weeks. I remember when I found out I was pregnant ….I was too happy for words, and then to lose it….I would of been crushed…Just like carliegh. I wont be coming back to this site, you all should be ashamed for your behavior toward someone that lost something so wonderful. I have better things to do then read this bullshit. Have a great time bitching at eachother, Dumbass’s.

  123. !! says

    Braydie, you have no room to talk. I’ve gone back looking at posts of yours from way back and you were one of those “bitches” that was telling people to grow the fuck up and was always fighting with someone. You, Carleigh, and Kelley were always fighting with Alice and a few other ones. Alice was a bitch but you should have just ignored her posts like you’re telling us to do. A person can only take so much even on a blog. Your favorite word was dumbass. So, you need to take a long look at yourself. No, this site hasn’t changed. It’s still the same as when you were posting regularly on it, so don’t go making it into something it never was.

  124. Braydie says

    Hey carleigh girl~~~ Im SOO sorry to hear about your loss. Any pregnancy, no matter how far along you are is upsetting when you have a miscarriage. Alot of you ladies were there for me when I was having a rough time and I see alot has changed since I’ve been gone…..no longer is the “im there for ya”, or the “let it outs”…this used to be a great place to come and get advice on babies, learn about others opinion’s or just vent. Now its just ….you suck, your a bitch, what comes around goes around, grow the fuck up, I can’t stand you” …to name just a few.
    Why is it that bad for someone to come on a blog shes been coming to for a long time and let people that like her know whats going on in her life? IM interested whats going on in her life, I care. Alot of others also care. If you people that dont like carliegh because YOU dont agree with her opinions, dont want to hear her personal problems, dont read them. Its really THAT simple. She sent that post out ” To all my regular gals on here ” not you all you bitches that think you can cut her down because now you finally have the chance, because she gave you something to bitch about?? On EVERY thread theres a fight going on about some stupid shit on one thing or another that DOESN’T concern the topic’s, but yet IF its your topic you started its just fine, AS LONG as carliegh doesn’t say anything RIGHT? You all a bunch of people that should be ashamed for talking to a person that way when she wasnt even talking to YOU. If your not one of her gals then you had NO right to respond in any way. maybe she doesnt have anyone but the people she talks to on here? Even if someone would of “made up” a story like that, you dont know and it just shows what kind of people YOU all are. Hurtful, shameful, uncaring bitches. NO matter how much you hate someone, there is NO NEED to talk to anyone in that kind of way after suffering a loss like she has. Some of you say carleigh is a bitch, well take a LONG look at yourselves.

  125. Hmmm.... says

    Do you think she made the whole story up for attention and an excuse for being such a bitch? Wow. I hope I’m wrong casue that would be really really pathetic. the girl needs help.

  126. RK says

    Carleigh why don’t you and your 3 “friends” e-mail each other ? You need a lot more than Zanax, maybe electroshock therapy. By the way, since you think you know it all, it’s spelled Xanax.

    Life happens for a reason and you are not meant to be a mother. Feel sorry for the kids you have. If you talk in your house like you post on here no wonder your ex-fiance took off. Should of taken your kids with him.

    I don’t feel the least bit sorry for you. What goes around comes around and you deserve what life throws at you. Grow up and get over it. There was a reason you lost that baby. Deal with it and stop taking out your anger over you fucked up life with people you don’t even know.

    Obviously you don’t have a family that cares about you and you sure don’t have much respect for yourself because if you did you wouldn’t be on here putting everyone else down. You are so insecure it’s pathetic you.

    You are very evil, mean, nasty, think you know it all. Please e-mail or IM your 3 “friends” and give the rest of us a break. You make me want to join you ex-finance on the bar stool after reading your posts. He sure as hell doesn’t seem to give a shit about you and who could blame him.

    Go find a good psychiatric website, there are plenty of them.

  127. Linda says

    Gee… Carleigh…what a mouth…ever wonder… that just might be why the “love of your life” picked a bar stool instead of you!!!????

    on a better YOU GO HEIDI!!

  128. 2kids2many says

    Oh and by the way, Carleigh, my best friend and I both got pregnant the same month. I had a miscarriage shortly after and she had a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Although I was happy for my friend, it was hard to see her pregnant. Perhaps coming to a website that is dedicated to celebrities and their babies isn’t such a good idea right now. Perhaps you should take a break and come back when you’re ready to (mentally) handle it. I’m not trying to be mean, but why would you want to torture yourself with pictures of babies right now? Just something to think about….good luck.

  129. 2kids2many says

    Leanne, regarding your confusion to how many kids Heidi has, I think you mis-read my post (#27). Heidi and Seal have been on the record as saying that they want a big family. Since there was so little time between baby #2 and baby#3, I merely stated “I wonder how long it will be until baby #4 is conceived???!” I NE VER said THIS was baby #4. I hope that clears up some of your confusion.

  130. me says

    ha ha…have to say i this is hilarious!! i agree with so many of you – carleigh has been an absolute bitch for the past few months i have been on this site, no matter which view you take on a celebrity, you can guarantee she will try her best to belittle you and start some kind of argument…she expects us to be all sympathetic-like hell, i’m sure we all have issues in our personal lives from time to time, has she ever given us any sympathy or benefit of doubt?? has she fuck!! she is nasty and personal any chance she can get if you don’t agree with her…sounds like she has lost her marbles and needs to be fitted with a nice new white jacket if you ask me….

  131. She's so over.......! says

    This Carleigh chick is bizzare. What a weirdo. I agree #57, she does need some kind of counseling. Not to mention she’s lost all credibilty now with her tirade. Going from topic to topic just made her look stupid and attention seeking. Very needy people need that kind of attention. Now anything she posts is going to make people think she’s mentally unstable. Yup, Carleigh and Britney are two washed up loosers.

  132. LeAnne says

    Paula, thanks for the answer to my question. I thought it was her 3rd baby too, but I see where someone said it was her fourth. I was just curious.

    Carleigh….never mind….don’t feel like wasting any more energy on you. You are one screwed up chic!

  133. :) says

    Gawd Carleigh, get a grip! It must have taken you all night to copy and paste the same thing over and over again. Did you happen to go to all the topics from six months ago?

    #56, she’s on every topic and then some saying the same thing. Carleigh, you’ve really lost it now. I think you’ve turned into a mental case. I feel sorry for you and I really think you need some counseling.

  134. Cindy says

    Carleigh, you are bizarre.. You posted this exact same thing on the Tom Cruise /Suri topic.. Obviously looking for a confrontation with whoever will take you on. Any sympathy I may have had after reading your original post went right out the window after reading that and your foul mouthed rants at the other people posting here…

  135. carleigh says

    KelleyMay thanks. I don’t really care if F’ing Leanne wants to bitch about me, doesn’t like me or can’t stand me. It’s called PUBLIC forum and you know what to all you BITCHES out there who have made some very scathing and PERSONAL observations and comments towards me………..RIGHT back attcha asses! You sit and bitch, bitch, bitch about me sharing something personal and whatnot and then turn right the hell around and MAKE IT MORE PERSONAL. I am STAYING on this blog and I don’t care if you bitches like it or not..actually knowing that I am hated and annoy a majority of people on here actually makes me feel all warm and tingly inside…I’m special and I’m the one everyone’s talking about..damn I know what it feels like to be K-FED……….Babyrazzi’s most hated…Gotta love it. Everyone’s gotta have a goal and be good at something so apparently I am DAMN GOOD!

  136. Cindy says

    This is a blog about Heidi and Seal’s new baby. I have heard she had a c-section this time. I wish her a speedy recovery.

  137. Well, Carleighs Back says

    Just what I said KK619. She should expect fallout. She hasn’t shown much sympathy for anyone on this site so she better not expect for herself. Oh, goodness, I wasn’t supposed to post anymore. 🙁

  138. KK619 says

    Well, Carleigh’s Back – When I said that I dont come to this site to read about people’s drama filled lives, I mean the bloggers themselves. I love reading about celebrities drama!! haha… thats why we come to this site right!!! Last thing I wanna do though is read about some cranky bitch’s so-called Hollywood (Drama) life. Carliegh is obviouslly looking for some attention here, but Ill tell ya one thing, shes not gonna find it from anyone here, because like everyone has been posting, she cant expect sympathy from us when all she does is bitch about all our comments in the past.

  139. imo.... says

    To “Well, Carleighs back” & LeAnne Thanks for saying everything that I was going to say! You guys have saved me some time typing. I’ve been on this blog for months and Carleigh is one mean bich all the time….hormonal, pregnant, not pregnant, with a boyfried, without a boyfriend, etc, etc, etc. No matter what-the girl is one unhappy soul who likes to take out her unhappiness on others.

    How sad that in this time of tragedy, all Carleigh has to turn to are a few (cyber) friends on a celebrity blog. How lonely that she does not have any real (tangible) friends she can talk to face to face.

    Carleigh, I honestly feel sorry for you. I do hope you get the help that you are so desperately crying out for. Good Luck

  140. LeAnne says

    Now can anyone answer my question on the number of children Heidi Klum already has. Is it now 2 with Seal and one from another man….so three all together? Thanks.

    And about the name Riley…I love it! It is a very popular name. I have a friend with a Riley (a girl) and there are two Riley’s on the cheerleading squad I coach. One is spelled Rylee. Such a cool name.

  141. LeAnne says

    Jesus H. Christ carleigh….you are a true piece of work. You have people hating you on every blog I go on when I am on this site. I can’t click on a celebrity without seeing posts where you are telling someone off for bitching at you. Jeez…grow the fuck up. I agree with the person who stated that you set your own self up for hecklers when you tell all your personal business. You truly need some professional help hun. If you rely on a celebrity blog site to assist in your psychological issues, then you truly need to seek professional counseling. Face the facts….your boyfriend left because of YOU. I don’t even know you in real life and I only started this blog last week and I already can’t stand you. You will never be happy in a relationship until you are happy with yourself and it is painfully obvious that you are far from being happy with yourself. GET HELP!!! And soon!!!

  142. says

    Carleigh 🙁 Sending you all my best! Keep smiling girl, everything in life happens for a reason and often it’s not our place to know why! I will be thinking of you during this tough time but I can see from above you haven’t lost your fight 😉 Cyber hugs!!!!!!!

  143. Well, Carleighs Back says

    And Carleigh, why would you think I’m one person making all these comments about you under different names? Is it that hard to believe that more than one person dislikes you on here? You are mean, carleigh and reading back over your posts you seem to be very unhappy with your life and you take it out on people on this site. But I guess that’s better than telling your boyfriend off. You probably take a lot from him. That’s it. You take so much off of him and then you have to come on here and let off steam and take it out on everybody. Plus, you are so stupid. By giving TMI on your personal life, you just set yourself up for heckling from the posters that don’t like you. You said you were hormonal, but that must be all the time because you’re always a bitch. So, by telling too much, don’t get so bent if somebody says something you don’t like. You asked for it plain and simple. And, believe or not, some people can be meaner than you and say horrible things. And perhaps you should either change your name because some are going to make your life misareble, or you can go where there aren’t any babies. You said all this baby stuff was rubbing salt into a wound, then why are you here making it worse. Go somewhere else for a while if it hurts that bad. Can’t be good for you to be here. And, in the mean time, we’ll all get a break. Ok, this will be my last post. So don’t expect me to answer back from the stinging comment I’ll get. I’ll just sit and read the fallout from you. Bye!!!!!

    Whew, that felt good to say something after all these months of Ms.Holier than Thou Carleigh. Stupid bitch expected sympathy from people after the way she’s treated some on here. Not a happy person in real life. No wonder!!

  144. Well, Carleighs Back says

    Crap, try and be nice to the bitch and this is what you get. No, carleigh, I wasn’t looking for sympathy on my hysterectomy. That happened 4 years ago and I was telling you where I found a site when I had one that helped me. As I said before, you’ll be fine. Just keep that bitchyness about you. You need to get over it girl. You may only have 3 friends on this site. You’re so mean to everybody. So what’d you expect, and no I’m not going to use my name because as I’ve stated before I rarely ever post on this site, so there’s no point in it. I just read all the bickering and stinging remarks. And you Carleigh are a lot of the cause of them. Very agumentative. No wonder you boyfriend is a sot. Get up and go look into the mirror. See if you can possibly see what the problem is. I was going to give you the website I go to but, on second thought, people like you would get booted off of it.

  145. Tiko says

    I’ve only felt the need to post here one or two times, but when I read Carly’s post, it sounded only too familiar: I work at an ob/gyn office. To find your due date, they go back to the first day of your last period and one does not even suspect they are pregnant until they have missed their period. At that time you are 4 weeks pregnant. If you lost your baby at 6 weeks, you would of only known you were pregnant for physically 2 weeks. If your relationship with your boyfriend crumbled in 2 weeks, what kind of relationship was that? Perhaps you knew your relationship was doomed and you thought that having a baby would “fix” your broken relationship? I hear that quite often from women in our office and you know what? It never works and then they are left miserable and raising a baby on their own. I don’t like to say “things happen for a reason” but bringing a baby into the world should be for the right reasons, not to save a doomed relationship. Perhaps in time, you will find a new boyfriend, get married and have a strong, loving mature relationship before bringing a child into the world. Good Luck!

  146. carleigh says

    Nice to know I’ve got another ID scammer here. BTW sorry bout your hysterectomy…..ooopsssss remember you have your own site for your problems so I’m not supposed to have any sympathy for you either right? Go tell your problems to Dr. Phil.com for all I care. I said the appropriate things to the people who MATTER to me on here and while I’m at it I raise a glass on MY bar stool and say HERE’S to YOU Mrs. Perfect Blog Poster who likes take MY name………..why you scared to post under your OWN handle chickenshit!

  147. Well, Carleighs Back says

    I have to say Carleigh is back, with her stinging comments when she doesn’t like what’s been said to her. I feel for you Carleigh and I’m sorry for your loss, but, you haven’t really made a lot of friends on this site. You don’t mind hurting other peoples feelings, so why do you expect any sympathy from anyone but a few on here? I would have written a comment sooner but I knew it wouldn’t be long before you’d get somebody told. I don’t post on here very often but have been reading the comments for quite awhile. I don’t know you other than what you post, but I think you have what it takes to survive this crises your in. And if you take your own advice that I see you post about celebrity relationships you’ll be fine. Just use some of those vicious comments to that boyfriend of yours and tell him to hit the road. He may be going through a tough time too loosing a baby, or you may have picked a looser. I don’t know as I don’t know the guy but, I have to say, if you act with him like you act on here, I’d be sitting on a bar stool too. Sorry, my opinion. And there are great sites for personal problems and people listen and care. I go to one I love and it’s a great site I found when I had my hysterectomy. Obviously, this isn’t one of them for personal problems.

    And #34, you don’t come here to read about peoples drama filled lives! Duh, what do you think celebrities lives are? Drama filled lives!!!!!!


  148. carleigh says

    #39 BOO F’NG HOO! Who died and left your ass the comment police, blow it out your bum or stick it up there whichever you prefer. Like you stated it’s a PUBLIC forum! I am a member of that public forum–same as you–so you get over it or you can go find a place for yourself and I can think of one in particular right now…..your just a nasty spiteful wicked evil person and I wish no ill will towards you at all but I got say the word baby……..KARMA!!!!!! (and it can be a mf’r) So YOU stop making it personal towards me and bitching about me posting something personal because your making yourself the subject of the hipocrisy you are accusing me of. I respect your right to say your piece but who in the MOTHER love of GOD do you think you are????????? Really your rude and now that I’ve posted my piece I will refrain from responding. (and any of you idiots that like to ID scam go ahead cause your gonna do it anyways cause that’s how you get your sick little kicks-enjoy idiots!)

  149. This is not EVERYONES "elsewhere" says

    then get your “good and decent” posters PERSONAL email addresses and find your source of enjoyment, enlightenment and strength amongst yourselves…NOT in a PUBLIC forum.

    You opened yourself up to PUBLIC criticism but discussing such a PERSONAL subject. Most people come to this website for entertainment purposes- not to hear everyones sad story.

    No one told you to “get over” – we merely said this was not the place.

  150. carleigh says

    Thank you for the support guys I really appreciate it. To the one’s who say go elsewhere you know something this is my elsewhere and there are some very good and decent posters on here whom I have been posting/blogging with for over 6 months and I consider them to be a source of enjoyment, enlightenment and strength sometimes. God forbid any of you ever have a tragic event occur in your life and someone has the crude audacity to say “get over it’ or go elsewhere….yeah whoever said above what goes around comes around!

  151. NO NAME says

    I agree with #35. Everybody has problems of some type. Thank God for Dear Abby, eh? I am a very sympathetic person but I don’t believe THIS is the place to discuss your personal problems. Why not speak to a friend, neighbor, preacher, counselor, brother, sister, auntie, uncle, mom, or dad, etc. etc. Just my honest opinion.

  152. AMEN...I agree! says

    This is not the place to air out your dirty laundry. Who cares! Anyone want to hear about all my problems right now?…no! And people who say “don’t read it, if you don’t like it” crack me up…how can I know that I’m not going to like it until I read it? that’s just plain old dumb. People who talk about their personal lives on her only want attention and sympathy….”poor me…wah!” Get some professional help You’re not going to find it on here.

  153. KK619 says

    Gracelyn, its not that we have bad manners, it just that we dont come here to read about people’s drama-filled lives. Yes I feel for Carleigh and I am very sorry for her loss, but at the same time, this is not a place to rant on about your problems.

  154. gracelyn says

    Some of you people are so rude, sombody is in pain and thats how you respond? I dont think any of you were forced to read her message, so keep your rude comments to yourself!!! Carliegh, I dont know you but I wish you nothing but the best, you have to remember some people weren’t raised with any manners!!!

  155. LeAnne says

    Good Lord Carleigh. I just read your “book” up above. Jeez. You may need to seek some professional help for real. I am sure there are sites where you can post your problems, but not here please.

  156. LeAnne says

    Isn’t this baby number 3 for Heidi? Not 4. I thought she had one with another man and this is the second one with Seal. Right?

  157. Vicki says

    Another celeb baby with Riley as 1 of their names !! I must say its a great choice especially as my oldest is called Riley hehe. Glad everyones caught on the bandwagon, who’d have known i’d have been setting the trends 4 years ago? only jokin im not big headed really!! Congratulations. xx

  158. Carleigh says

    Thanks for all your support. I know I’ll get through this in time. Times a great healer…………..

  159. 2kids2many says

    Finally…baby #3 is here! Now Heidi can do another season of Project Runway! 🙂

    Congratulations! What a happy little family! Seal seems like such a loving father and husband! Heidi is very lucky to have him!

    Hmm…I wonder how long it will be until baby #4 is conceived???!

  160. Trisha says

    Congrats……….He is so beautiful…….I didnt even know Heidi Klum was pregnant…..Well i did but i thought that she already had him….Well just wanted to say congrats and that he is so pretty…..He does look like Heidi Klum but he kinda looks like her hubby too!! Well I will be prayin for yall and yalls kids……Trisha

  161. Nicki says

    I know I’m not one of your “regular gals”, but my wishes are heartfelt and hope for the best for you. N

  162. Nicki says

    My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.
    I know everyone handles things in thier own way, and your fiance is doing it in his way. But without support from him I would be skepctial about how he would be benificial to you in another totally devastating situation. Pray for your own strength and you will find the answers.
    Again my prayers are with you at this very difficult time in your life. A ((hug)) to you, if needed.

  163. Ms D says

    Congrats to Heidi and Seal..and I’m anxious to see the baby too…that’s why I come here at all! 😉

    But I am sorry to hear about your loss too, Carleigh.
    But India is probably right–if your fiancee isn’t there for you during this heartbreaking time, then maybe he isn’t the one you’d hoped he was. 🙁

    Good luck and best wishes anyway..hang in there!

  164. India says

    Accept my sympathy carleigh for the loss of your pregnancy. Regarding your fiancee, don’t bother yourself, because God ‘ll send you a better and loving husband soon. I bet you. Keep on praying and have faith.
    Good luck gal.

  165. Susan says

    You’re wrong, Ms. “youre right”,… Carleigh’s got my support and my wishes for strength and faith in this difficult time.

    As women, some of us know what you are going through firsthand (I had a miscarriage in January, and we are still trying to conceive again), and the rest (except the above, apparently), can empathize.

    From all your plucky posts Carleigh, I know you WILL get through this. Somewhere on the other side of this present pain, you will be singing and dancing again, perhaps with a babe in your arms.

    Warmest wishes web woman

  166. carleigh says

    To all my regular gals on here the reason I’ve been so hormonal lately is that I lost a baby and I was only 6 weeks along. The stress of it has destroyed my relationship with my fiancee’ so I’ve been a bit out of sorts…i keep having the sinking feeling this lil wee one would have been my little boy. I still get tearful and heartbroken when I think about it. So oh my god I am happy for Heidi and Seal beyond measure but envious, hurt and empty inside at the same time. Those were the “personal” problems I mentioned last week. I am on Zanax for the anxiety and thinking about dropping out of school because I don’t know how to get through this. So babies and loving familys and all that happiness and good things kinda feel like salt to the wounds right now. I would do anything in this world to bring back the baby’s father who is the love of my entire life but he is so distant and closed off I don’t know if I even want him back. He wasn’t even there when I miscarried and hasn’t been around to help me emotionally. He has a bar stool to sit on and deal with all his problems. God how I wish,hope and pray we are just going through a hard time and it’s not truly the end of us. Sorry TMI but I felt the need to share..sorry.

  167. NO NAME says

    I will take this happily, married, gorgeous couple over Brangelina ANYDAY! Gawd, couldn’t they have thought of just 3 more names for the lil’ chum? Hopefully, for his sake, everybody will just call him Sam. Seal and Heidi (I KNOW ya’ll will be reading this) WE WANT TO SEE PICS OF THE BABY SOON!!!! 🙂

  168. carleigh says

    Yes the baby has 5 names:Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel weighed 8 lbs. 1 or 2 oz. and supposedly lighter complected and looks like Heidi..I can’t wait to see him!

  169. Amber says

    What a beautiful family! And I love the name. I was hoping they’d have a girl this time though!

  170. says

    LOL Team A!

    Congratulations! I think that is so sweet he said Heidi was good at having babies, she’s probably so beautiful in labor! Some women just follow that primal notion, God know it overtook me when I gave birth and wow was it powerful! Awesome! I am anxious to see pics of baby Johan!

  171. says

    Congrats to the happy family, good for them, and yes just to mention, I was right again on the sex of the baby! LOL.
    I am relieved the baby, Heidi and the family is doing great, Good for them.
    and one more thing…..
    Ha ha ha, have a good night everyone.

  172. HAHA says

    YAY!! She finally had her baby. I am very happy for them, and I am sure the new baby is cute as hell too. (Although I was secretly wishing for her to have a little girl) Ohhh well. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  173. Lacy says

    that picture is of newborn henri,
    does the new baby really have 5 names?
    cool but just a little too much, my nephew has 5 names, and everybody calls him by different names. he is only one, but is getting used to it.
    poor kid, sounds really important and sophisticated though.

  174. jenna says

    thats the cover from when she had henri lala
    but im sure the baby’s cute as hell.
    omg she finally had her baby, i feel like shes been prego
    forever. they seem like a very nice family and its hard to be happy for people that you dont even know, but i think its really nice. congrats Seal and Heidi

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