Pregnant Jaime Pressly Glows

Jaime Pressly, 29, of My Name Is Earl glowed in a gorgeous and flattering gown at a benefit for The Associates for Breast and Prostrate Cancer Studies. She is 4-months pregnant with her first child…a son.

Jaime Pressly



  1. expecting mum says

    Hey fellow momma’s! I am expecting a baby girl, Samantha any day now, and i am super excited! Anyway, how come babyrazzi has no news on the recent addition to The Klum/Dashtu fam? Anyway, good luck on y’alls pregnancy!
    p.s. Any ideas on some good middle names for a baby girl?

  2. Charky says

    is the secret celeb mom who runs this jpressly? cuz usually you post about heidi klum and now that she had her baby, all you want to post about is jaime? pleeze post about heidi and her family

  3. AnotherMama says

    You can tell the sex of a baby now at 5 weeks after conception, with a very simple blood test that you do at home. Its quite expensive but around 99% accurate – you send the blood sample to a lab for results. Its called “Gender Mentor” and its around $275 total to get the results of boy or girl. For those who can’t wait until around week 18 to find out!

  4. Kelsey says

    Just to let everyone know, Heidi finally gave birth on Wednesday to a baby boy named Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel! I can’t wait to see pictures!

  5. says

    Every pregnancy is so different. I had a tiny tummy in my first but didn’t look pregnant until 7 months my second at 4 months was obvious!

    They can tell the sex as early as 12-14 weeks now because technology is soooo advanced also lots of genetic testing can determine it as well!

  6. Lisa says

    most woman show before 6 months so oh I guess it was just you Gracelyn. Jamie is ultra super petite so of course her pregnancy would show early

  7. Erin says

    She looks sooo pretty and glowing!

    Tam – I think she told Extra or some show like that that it is a boy for sure – they saw the ultrasound

  8. gracelyn says

    She kinda big for only being four months pregnant, I didnt even start to show until i was almost 6 months!!
    Lucky me- I guess!

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