Meg Ryan & Daisy True

Meg Ryan, 45, was spotted out with daughter Daisy True a few days ago marketing at Whole Foods (the best grocery store ever!) and Daisy True looks so sweet! Meg adopted Daisy True from China in January.
Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan

“It’s a big transition time for me, which I’m really enjoying,” says Meg. “Daisy is a blessing. She’s a beautiful soul, and I got really lucky. She’s an absolute light, and hilarious. I have two hilarious children. They’re deeply funny people.”. Meg is also referring to her 14-year-old son, Jack, who has taken nicely to his adopted sister: “Once he figured out she was funny, that she was actually hilarious, it was just bang on,” says Meg. “It was great. It’s great. They are great together. He’s a really paternal cat.”

As for getting older, Meg takes it all in stride. “It’s always a work in progress, that’s for sure,” she says with a laugh. “I think you can do it with your eyes wide open and it’s less scary and easier. Women in particular go through change in their 40s, and I’m enjoying it, and most of culture teaches you how to be afraid of it. I don’t believe in it at all. That has not been my experience.”

When asked what Daisy is up to Meg shares, “She just started talking. This is another great thing for her. She doesn’t say ‘mommy’ or ‘mama,’ she calls me ‘mom’. She’s like ‘mom, hi!’ It sounds like a teenager saying that.”

Meg supports the CARE Organization which supports women and families in need. You can sign their Women CARE declaration here.

To raise awareness about CARE you can purchase this fitted, chic CARE shirt here!

Meg Ryan



  1. says

    How adorable. TRUE JOY, Meg is probably very happy. I also adopted a child from China and it has made me really appreciate life. We love Mandy so much that we are going back to China next year to adopt another – this time a boy… WHAT JOY!! We selected China because I am of Chinese descent, the babies are very healthy there and there are no issues with the birth parents.

  2. nikki says

    She`s a cutie! and yes there are children from around here not in foren countries who need help but she decided to adopt frim China And Angelina decided to adopt fom Ethiopia & Cambodia and Yes Madonna adopted from Malowi but Tom cruise adopted a girl who i think he adopted her from the U.S i think…but aslo adopted from Africa as well! it it a good thing to help children were you help only your heart can tell you…

  3. NO NAME says

    Such a cute, happy, kid. Love the hat and shoes. Wished we had a Whole Foods Grocery store in my neck of the woods. I’ve heard several different stories on the breakup of Meg and Dennis. There’s always 3 sides: his side, her side, and the truth. I wish them both well, for I think they are wonderful actor’s. I’m sure Jack is very proud of his lil’ sister and is a big help to his mom. The only complaint I have is WE HAVE CHILDREN IN OUR OWN COUNTRY WHO DESPERATELY NEEDS GOOD HOMES!! And yes, I am doing my part, too.

  4. Lolitha says

    I dont like this woman especially what she did to Dennis Quaid,her face looks like its falling apart after all those surgeries.

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