Larry King & His Family

Larry King, 73, held a fundraising gala in LA for his Cardiac Foundation and brought along his family: 47-year-old wife Shawn and their sons Chance Armstrong, 7, and Connor Edward, 6.

Larry King



  1. Clara says

    Dear old dad will be 85 when his younger son graduates high school. That is sick. My grandpa is only 83, and my dad had me when he was almost 40.

  2. carleigh says

    Oh look it’s grandpa, mommy and the grandkids. EEEEEWWW! Sorry he always reminded me of a bit of a hobit!

  3. marla says

    how good of Larry King to have a fundraising gala for his Cardiac Foundation. It’s so nice see people commited for charity. Larry King looks like a really caring man, and he is blessed with a beautiful wife and adorable kids.

  4. Lolitha says

    They are very cute boys,guess they take after the mother.
    Is this is firsy wife or did he have one before,i dont know much about his private life.

  5. I think it's about says

    The kids are cute and look good in thier suits. I love the youngest kid with his suit shirt all untucked and looking like a kid 😆
    On another note, our oldest dog who is 15 years old is named Chance also. We also have a 14 yr old dog named Moose. Thank the powers that be, we haven’t heard of someones kid actually named Moose!!!

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