Gwen Stefani Looking Glam At The American Music Awards

Gwen was definitely rockin’ the look inspired by Elvira (Michelle Pheiffer) in Scarface! Very cool! Here she is seen on the AMAs red carpet with Gavin.
Gwen Stefani

And here she is performing her new single, “Wind It Up” at the AMAs.

Gwen Stefani



  1. KK619 says

    Congratulations Vicki!!

    I cant wait to have my first baby. My man and I are going to start trying soon, within the next year. If you do have a girl, I really like the name McKenzie – Kenzie for short. Or Tessa – Tess for short.

    Keep us posted!!

  2. Vicki says

    Yes Sarah, ur girls names are beautiful, gosh theirs sooo many 2 choose from !! however If i have another boy i may call him Leo… I dunno Lol will keep u posted… xx

  3. sarah says

    hi Vicky and congratulations, i have 2 girls and there names (in my opinion) are lovely names, they are called amber and chloe. all the best.

  4. says

    Two other gals on here are due in May as well Kelley and Braydie! Congrats again!

    I found out myself around this time with my first pregnancy, and I had her in May. Kind of nice to be through the first trimester although I was still quite shocked, being I was on BC LOL

  5. Vicki says

    Thanx everyone I am due in may n i like the name Piper actually so thanks 2 Honey !! (btw i also like the name honey Lol) and i did find it hard 2 pick my boys names as well… Iv got Riley, Keenan and Ty !! but nowing me i’ll have another boy ! xxx

  6. Fancy says

    Gwen on stage is, as always. the consumate entertainer. Even when I think she’s lost her mind,( the whole pirate thing awhile back), she always makes me laugh.
    Did anyone catch Jamie Fox last night? His performance just blew me away! Mary J. Blige was also amazing.
    But please dear God what have we done to be subjected to PussyFaced Dolls? Is this someones idea of a joke?
    2kids2many, awww, Tom with all four of his children, how sweet!

  7. says

    Congrats, Vicki! My sister is pregnant with her first and thinks it’s a girl. Some ot the names she likes are: Piper, Kate, Sophie, Emily and Maya. Boys names are much harder to pick, I find : )
    Otherwise, I think Gwen looks amazing and I love her music!

  8. MissyMama says

    I was just at her website and there is a video clip on there. It shows Gwen driving to the music studio talking about her album, and when she gets there she’s got Kingston on her hip and then on her lap while discussing things with her mixer.

    She seems so down to earth! It was really neat to see that.

  9. says

    Both Gwen and Gavin look great! I love Gwen for the simple fact that she doesn’t dress like the rest of ‘Hollywood’. She truly is her own person. I’ve been a fan of her’s since the days of ‘No Doubt’!

  10. Vicki says

    hey nothing 2 do with this post but just 2 let u no i’ve just found out im expecting my 4th baby !!! I luv my boys but fingers crossed 4 a girl this time Lol xx

    Oh and any suggestions of names much appreciated !!

  11. Lisa says

    she looks great.

    her body looks wonderful

    I like her hair and she is a performer, it is a theatrical-type ensemble, different true, but awful, please

    Gavins haircut just makes him look so tasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. MissyMama says

    WOW! Gwen looks great! Congrats to getting her body back so quickly. She seems so genuine, I really like her.

  13. jenna says

    she look friggen awesome.
    I wonder of that’s her real hair.
    I love her body; she was really really think for a while
    and was starting to look all gaunt and stuff
    but she looks great now.

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