Britney Spears & Her Impossibly Taut Tummy!

Here Britney was seen out last night at a post-AMA party and she looks like she is having a great time, though she was reportedly very upset about the jokes that were made about Kevin at the award show.

Britney Spears

Ok…Miss Britney had her second baby via c-section just a little over two months ago…how can her tummy possibly look so flat and toned!? She even has a belly button piercing! Good for her…but I just don’t understand how she has done this!



  1. says

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  2. kristy says

    i highly doubt that britney spears had a tummy tuck – her tattoo is clearly visible – i think she worked hard to regain her pre-pregnancy body and she deserves credit for all the hard work she put into it. you can tell that her stomach isn’t as toned or perfect as it was before giving birth to two children, but she still looks wonderful … some people just have great genetics and their skin is able to retract after pregnancy, and keep in mind of course that Britney Spears most certainly was able to afford the help of a personal trainer !

  3. tara says

    I dont know why every one thinks Britney had surgery.. I weight 110 before i got pregnate and weight 115 when I left the hospital. my belly was flat and looked like britney;s when I arrived home, and my belly button ring stayed in through my hole pregnancy… Like really, if britney was going to have plastic surgery on her belly after having her baby, her belly would be flatter then that… and look at her belly button ring, that isnt firmly in there either, that is all natural work there.

  4. Kathy says

    #33 Trisha, scuse me, but Britney doesn’t chase her babies around, her nannies do. She’s busy partying it up with Paris Hilton and probably hasn’t seen much of her kids in a few weeks.

  5. Ashton Andrews says

    Most people can have babys and come out of it skinny . I have seen a lot of ny friends come to see me and they were skinny , and they were big.

  6. Trisha says

    Well i think that she didnt get plastic surgrey……How about yall try to have a toddler and an infant…….I have a 20 mth old and a 7 mths old and when my 7mth old was like 21/2 mths i had a flat tummy and I had my belly ring in….Its b/c she has to chase around a toddler and an infant…..thats how i got so thin…………when i was pregnant w/ my 7mth old I weighed 130lbs and now i weigh 110lbs…its b/c i work and take care of my two babies……. Trisha

  7. Bina says

    My tummy was flat and toned too, 3 months after giving birth to my son, this was possible because I was not breastfeeding him and so I could go to gym. My belly button piercing stayed in through all the pregnancy, the iron stick was just replaced with a longer plastic stick. I don?t understand why isn?t it possible for Britney to do the same! Why everybody immediately think on plastic surgery? She?s doing sports all her life very very hard, why not this time?

  8. carleigh says

    sorry not olivia….wrong person…it’s that idiot ZOE! Hey Zoe why don’t you so see if you can find K-fed and maybe he can impregnant you too! Dumb bitch!

  9. carleigh says

    Olivia since you’ve obviously never heard the song here’s a lyric or two to try and clarify what I meant:

    I’m a bitch, I’m a bitch
    Oh the bitch is back
    Stone cold sober as a matter of fact
    I can bitch, I can bitch
    `Cause I’m better than you
    It’s the way that I move
    The things that I do

    Like the move she made to leave K-Fed, she’s not living in world of being stoned and snowed over…she’s better than Fed-ex…it’s the way that she moves and the things that you do…leaving K-fed…now do you understand a bit better? It’s actually a song about to me a woman getting a clue and doing something to get her inner bitch back and stop being a door mat! It was a compliment…so maybe your the bitch since you called me one.

  10. kylie says

    hey!!!!! i think she look great!!!! i just had my first kid and it took me 2mons toget back in shape to. i dont think she had tummy tuck i think she just worked hard!!

  11. kylie says

    hey!!!!! i think she look great!!!! i just had my first kid and it took me 2mons toget back in shape to.

  12. Ramona says

    Olivia, Whitney had Bobby pull poop ot of her bottom on television, not to mention years of being a crack ho’, ignoring her daughter, and being generally unpleasant for the last decade. She’s put herself in the dog house. She’s also a big hypocrite and OLD! But the public is fickle, give the hag a hit song or two and everyone will love her again.
    Britney’s 23, when you’re young you make mistakes and generally people will not only forgive you but give you extra points for learning from them. As for her pefect gorgeous tummy, hell when I was 23 I coulda pulled that tummy trick off too. It’s called working out + the great metabolism of your 20’s.

  13. Lolitha says

    Is this Briteny’s body double or did she have a surrogate Mother for her pregnancies.This is hard to belive i think im hallucinating.

  14. Lolitha says

    Olivia me thinks Whitney just ruined it for herself.shes getting old,whos gonna relate to her now?

  15. OLIVIA says


  16. zoe says

    how can you say youre calling someone a “bitch” in a good way. Okay Carleigh-youre a bitch. but in a good way-not

  17. KK619 says


    Why does it matter whether she had a tummy tuck or not?? If we had the money to do it after a pregnancy we all that that we would get it done too. It sounds like all you girls are just putting Britney down and saying “There is no way you could look like that without surgery”, and saying all this stuff to make yourselves feel better. Yes, it is possible to look like this after a pregnancy.

    You just keep telling yourself its not possible, cause then you wont feel so bad about your own body.


  18. says

    I think we’ve all forgotten what Britney looked like after she delivered her first baby and in between pregnancies….certainly not like this!! She definitely kept some of the weight on, as most of us do, and I just don’t think it’s possible for her to be so toned naturally this soon after. The girl’s got money, and whether you can find a surgeon to admit to being willing to do the surgery or not, everything has a price, escpecially when it’s Britney Spears paying!!

  19. Kellymay says

    Girls when they perform a section they cut between the rectus muscles, it doesn’t cut the muscle so it is very possible that she did this on her own. I am right now doing a search on post section tucks and have as of yet to find one of (28 thus far) surgeons in LA that will do one? Too risky and hormonal changes play a big roles in making everything stretchy for babe and depending on each individual they can return pre preg immediately!
    I delivered a mom last week, she had this prominent basket ball tummy (42cm) and I just saw her for her postpartum visit yesterday and she’s wearing her size 2’s again. I wished I was that blessed post partum!

    As far as being too sore post section to work that hard, again I beg to differ. I had a ceasarean with my first was pretty tender for a week but good to go after that, if Britney worked on cardio (which is allowed) in the initial 6 weeks then strictly toned for the last 3 then she dereserves all the credit for this hot body! Although Kevin did say she was having a difficult recovery so I do have some doubts….

  20. Reensy says

    There is no way you can have a tummy tuck done straight after a c-section, as uterus wouldn’t be contracted to its normal size yet, so she couldn’t have had that done. With a bit of effort it is realistic to have a tummy this toned!!

  21. CJK says

    I’m pretty sure that she had her abdominal muscles tightened as soon as she delivered. There is no way that anyone could get that sort of tone that soon after a section, much less someone who had two children by cesarean in twenty-one months! You’re not even supposed to work out for six weeks post-op. All I’m saying is, that girl had some help!

  22. star says

    Hello, she could have had her same tattoo redone. She has mone, remember. slutty slutty slutty. I don’t care what anyone says bitch had a tuck.

  23. Ivelise says

    What everybody needs to REALLY do is leave britney spears alone and spend time with your family! GEESH!

  24. Jenn says

    There is no way she had a tuck, because if you look carefully you can see right at her pant line, her tattoo that she has always had in THAT EXACT SAME spot. With a tummy tuck, they pull down the skin therefore the tattoo would have been moved down, and would not be in the same spot. Can’t you guys just accept the fact she worked her butt off and looks awesome w/o surgery???

  25. Jenn says

    There is no way she had a tuck, because if you look carefully you can see right at her pant line, her tattoo that she has always had in THAT EXACT SAME spot. With a tummy tuch, they pull down the skin therefore the tatto would have been moved down, and would not be in the same spot. Can’t you guys just accept the fact she worked her butt off and looks awesome w/o surgery???

  26. Nicki says

    She obviously has to be insecure if she latched onto and then hung onto FedEx for as long as she did. All the pics I’ve seen are her fawning over him, YUK!!! He looks like(and proved to be) a rat face user.
    I do think she used the tummy-tuck after C-section option, but if it was because she was gonna kick him to the curb, go for it. But also, bad news, after the AMA awards she was at Parisite Hiltons house, not with her babies, and the cops showed up around 2 am.
    Lets hope she spends Thanksgiving with her children.

  27. Nisa says

    I think Britney is going in the wrong direction, she is young and she can make mistakes, but too many mistakes ruin your life, she should be at home reading ‘ …..the rise and fall of whitney houston…..’ instead of hanging out with the good for nothing Paris, she is bad news for any one, if Britney wants longevity in her career, she should focus on the music not on tummy tucks shot term fixes like appearing with the ” right crowd”.

    She does not have the greatest talent but I can see her three years from now totally ruined. who are her advisors any way, for chrissake she is a mother of two, K- Fed should never have happened but it looks like she is headed for worse. I feel for her, it hurts seeing her put on a brave face, when you can see she is hurting so much, next she will have a drug over dose!

  28. says

    I heard Fed X is releasing a book all about how Britney is bisexual, insecure, and has had several plastic surgeries…I’m sure a tummy tuck is among them, as it seems pretty impossible for her to be so firm so soon. Never know!!

  29. Erin says

    Umm, she probably had a “c-tuck”: a c-section followed by a tummy tuck!!!! Hello!!! She’s a celebrity, she has money, do you honestly think she wouldn’t take advantage of plastic surgery?!?!?


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