Britney Shines At The American Music Awards!

Britney looked amazing last night at the AMAs!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

I saw Gwen Stefani’s performance and thought it was rather odd…she looked amazing and the pageantry was impressive, but the song was weird.

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  1. h says

    i think britney looks good. especially after two kids. MISSYMAMA-
    y u gotta be hatin? if u got extensions, u wouldnt like ppl talkin mess bout u. and im sure u chew gum too. but mebbe brit and paris could act a lil less lesbo. not tryin ta be a hata.

  2. Trisha says

    for #8……she isnt really that young to have two kids…….I am 19 and I have two kids and I think that I may be pregnant again……..if you are in love then it shouldnt matter how young you are when you have kids…..Trisha

  3. Trisha says

    she looks good…….its not that hard to look like that after you have two kids…..all you have to do is have a toddler and an infant……Thats all!!! Trust me it works……..Trisha

  4. says

    For a person with two kids the latest being two months ago I need to know what she did coz she looks F – A – B…….

  5. Lolitha says

    This dress is called pull me down,easy access. Well i guess Brit can pull it off.Not sure about the hair i think she will be Cher soon.

  6. Diana says

    Britney’s figure looks fabulous, but I think her hair would look better tied up and pulled away from her face. It is just too long how she has it now.

  7. MissyMama says

    Can anyone tell me why she is still wearing a ring on her finger??

    The extensions got to go. They look horrible, and Brit honey, leave the gum at home!

  8. says

    I preferred her hair in the short bob, but she still looks good! I wish i looked like that 2 months after having my second child!!

  9. J says

    I agree that her body is nicely back into shape and it looks like someone combed her weave that night which is nice, BUT, where are her boobs? At her bellybutton? If they are, fine, she’s got two kids. I just think she needs to hoist them up or wear a higher neckline.

  10. Rosa says

    I love Brit and can’t wait for her comeback album! She looks amazing and if someone says different they are just jealous.

  11. Lisa says


    too young???? Isn’t she only 24-25???? at what age should a girl wear a dress like this 10????

    she is a young woman

  12. KK619 says

    Amy – Your telling me that if you had a body like Britney you wouldnt dress sexy and revealing?? Im sure you (and anyone else too) would. Also, she is Hollywood, she needs to dress to catch the attention of everyone. Do you really expect her to come to the awards show wearing long khaki pants and a long sleeved shirt with a sweater vest overtop?? I think she dresses great.
    And how do you figure she dresses too young?? SHE IS YOUNG!!! At least she is not dressing like those Pussy Cat Dolls skanks.

  13. jenna says

    she looks pretty good, I have to give it to her.
    Good for her, she sounds likes she had a fun week
    vegas, partying, ect. If Iolmost ruined my career by marrying white trash like K-Fed, I’d want a week off to celebrate my freedom, I think she’ll do much better now.

  14. amy says

    I think she looks pretty normal. Certainly not like before she had kids. That dress is way too low cut for her. Sometimes when I see cute little Britney, she makes me cringe. She could be so perfect, but she insists on dressing too young and too revealing. Doesn’t she have people to tell her how to dress? When you’re in the spotlight, you should be more careful.

  15. Lisa says

    1- some women never have that body, babies or no babies

    2-Gwen is beautiful too- a lot of her music needs to be listened to multiple times, absorbed, and then you are hooked…

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