You May Now Kiss The Bride & Tom's Top Gun Serenade To Katie!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

How romantic is the following!?

For Tom, words weren’t enough to express his feelings for Katie. He had to do it in song…and a familiar one at that.

When, L.A. deejay Mark Ronson played the Righteous Brothers tune “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” during the reception for the couple’s wedding, Cruise serenaded his bride by singing along with the record.

“She was completely touched…laughing, loving him and enjoying him,” guest Leah Remini  told People magazine.

Cruise’s impromptu serenade, of course, harkens back to his performance of the same song in Top Gun. In the movie his character, Maverick, attempted to woo Kelly McGillis with the song. I need to rent the Top Gun DVD again!

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  1. N says

    I was speculating the same things about Fancy…. But I could not put it in words the way you did…… : )

  2. says

    Too late to be jealous now…
    Their offically married.

    Beautiful ideals are better than excepting the less than perfect status-quo.,… May they live long and prosper!! The baby is georgeous as they too, both are, …as well. Let them enjoy the magic of what ever, whoever- brought them together! May this be the love and marriage that lasts forever and ever. May you honor each other in your behaviour and never forget each other in all you do.

  3. Ramona says

    My friend just pointed out that the last time two celebs kissed this long and hard at their wedding was Liza Minelli and David Gest ! LMAO

  4. Lolitha says

    Arggghhhhhhhhhhh these people did katie have surgery ?she looks different in this wedding pictures.

  5. Jen says

    You guys you should definitley get people magazine, this is a toast made by Katie holmes’s father .

    Martin Holmes’s toast to Tom and Katie.

    “…..There is a line in the movie Father of the Bride where Steve Martin talks about how a time comes when you have a daughter that you stop worrying about her meeting the wrong guy…………and you worry about her meeting the right guy. It didn’t take much time before i realized this Tom guy was a special guy – that he loved Katie, that he cared for her and supported her. Tom expressed his love many different ways-I like that – I respect men who are not afraid to show their feelings. I respect Tom for the commitment he has made to provide happiness and love to Katie.
    Tonight, i am extremely proud and happy to raise my glass to Katie and Tom. To welcome Tom, Bella, Connor and the rest of Tom’s family into our family. May God bless Katie and Tom and may Katie and Tom enjoy the happiness and the joy of married life”
    – Martin Holmes at the Nov.17th rehearsal dinner.

  6. Nicki says

    Add to #76…….Oh sorry, or interviewed women for so called dates, just, freaky in my book, if that story is true. But I still don’t like Tom, just giving him the benefit of it all

  7. Nicki says

    74. Anne ~It did sound a bit harsh, but I do apprieciate your response. I agree Katie seems like a very nice girl. And I respect your admiration for Tom, I have a few friends that feel the same way. But we don’t let it get in the way of our communication. I realize it is harder on the internet, but I guess we are all lucky it is, because I believe some, no one singled out here, who end up in fist to cuffs with others. And wouldn’t be a good thing for the children who’s Moms would be the ones to come to blows.

    75. Fancy ~ I agree with the COS newsletter about Nisa.
    Also agree about, WTF, about Nisa comment……..
    “many relationships start out as shams and go on to be the greatest loves, so to me even if Tom interviewed, paris, Nicole, Britney, scarlett… al, he chose Katie, fell in love and has had a beautiful child and wedding” to me thats sounds totally like a COS person. No one I know started out “in a sham relationship”. And to say it built from the sham is just BS in the fullest. Maybe it was a sham for TC, but to use a young girls love to make her into a zombie is just wrong. No young girl like Katie starts or continues a relationship that is “SHAM”, you are wacked, or a scientologist(oops, same thing, sorry).

  8. Fancy says

    Nisa and Anne are you two for real? Such strong personal feelings over total strangers is a bit bizarre.
    I am not a journalist and never said I was. Nisa with such strong biases as you’ve shown I’m guessing you work for the COS news letter?
    Anne you just sound like the type of fan celebs get restraining orders for, a little too invested.
    I made it clear that this blog was an exception as are fan sites to the consensus about these two celebs reached at work. I suggest if you find this so hard to believe and want proof you start reading press from around the world that allows for feedback. Then you can post your rants at them.
    The comment about John Travolta is my own opinion.
    And Nisa, re your interesting statement “. . .many relationships start out as shams and go on to be the greatest loves. . . ”
    say what?

  9. Anne says

    Nicki, I get it, actually, I was laughing while I was writing that post, may be it sounded harsher that was meant now that I have read it again it kind of sounds mean.

    Any way I love Tom and I am glad he chose Katie, she is a nice girl and he is quite a catch. Fancy, sorry if I sounded so cut.

  10. Nicki says

    72. Anne ~ All Fancy did was make a comment, and really not all that negative. She didn’t say anything bad, like what people say on the Jolie-Pitt threads for instance, yet you tell her “to suffer.”
    You like him, you really really like him, we get it. This is a place for different opinions, she didn’t say anything harsh like for example- So suffer. Relax a little.

  11. Anne says

    I love the one in which she is wearing his tie, how can any one think these people are fake, they are so sweet, I wish the vey best for them.

    Fancy, please that is your opinion, what do you mean consesus? Look how many people on this blog love Tom, if there is no positive energy about those two, then why was there a hullabaloo about their wedding, I love travolta, but he is not as magnetic and as powerful as tom, the church of scientology needs some one as charismatic as tom, ask any one in hollywood and they will tell you about the power of CRUISE CONTROL, ask Sumner Redstone, he thought he would ruin Tom but he failed miserably and even the second attempt did not get him any far. Tom is a close friend of some of the wealthiest people in hollywood and indeed the world, thanks to him, the church of scientology is where it is.

    He is smart and knows how to play the game, believe you me, it is not by accident that he now head united Artists! TOM WILL NEVER FALL, NEVER! and bull to your research, he will forever have us! and all his fans in Japan ( he is the biggest star there ever) and elsewhere in the world where they dont give a hoot what tabloids say ( that is 90% of the world), so suffer!

  12. Nisa says

    Thanks Kelly May for those pictures, they are really nice.

    Poor poor Fancy, .”……….it is a consensus something is radically wrong with those two……” there is little postive feed back out there…..” blah, blah, blah and yet their wedding and relationship is the biggest news in show business this year, their baby caused an internet crash………umhhhhhhh they are on the cover of all the news magazines this week……..umh…….nothing has been talked about other than their wedding up to today, fans turned up in italy just to have a glimpse at them, Are you serious you are in the news business? which country do you hail from? I am in the news business, and for us in the news we do not second guess fans, just because you don’t like some one passionately, you do not put them on the cover of a magazine because the truth is millions of fans love those people and that is why every media house is Clamouring for pictures of them. I know it is hard to take but that is life.

    I met Scarlett once, she is not as bad as Anne has potrayed her, it is true that she was slated to appear in M.I, 3 but she pulled out over delays. I doubt the stories thats he was interviewed for a role as a girl friend. And what is wrong with interviewing some one for a role which ever and falling in love with them?, many relationships start out as shams and go on to be the greatest loves, so to me even if Tom interviewed, paris, Nicole, Britney, scarlett… al, he chose Katie, fell in love and has had a beautiful child and wedding. I was sceptical but hey, they are married and I admit they seem happy.

    And fancy, with such analysis, I think your career as a journalist is in serious jeopardy!

  13. Nicki says

    That picture is so cute of Connor holding onto the foot of Suri and Suri with her little hand on his chest. Very cute.

  14. Fancy says

    Nicki think you hit it on the head. No one, esp. a young actress starting out, can afford to make enemiesin the biz.
    I posted a link to the original reports of the story but administrator is still moderating them !?!
    If anyones interested just Google the two together and the story comes right up.
    I am not at all surprised to hear she denied it.

  15. Nicki says

    Jen ~ I am almost positive I read it in an interview with Scarlett. I know I didn’t read about it in a tabloid, don’t read them. But maybe she retracted it or if you say you saw her on ET and she said she didn’t say it, then it’s done. I don’t follow much about her.
    Most people in showbiz don’t have a problem with people involved in Scientology. I mean they do want to work and to say you had a problem with people in it, it would limit your options.
    I still can’t stand Tom, but it’s not because of his belief in Scientology. I like John Travolta, Jenna Elfman, etc.
    Thanks for letting me know about the ET interview.

  16. helen says

    You guy, there are new family pics from magazine at, some are actually stolen moments by a staff or paps mobile but they are beautiful. There is one, not very clear but katie dancing with tom wearing his tie, I tought that was so sweet. go check it out.

  17. Jen says

    Sorry me again…Scarlet also said on ET she had no problem of Tom and scientology when taking the movie and that she has worked with other scientology actors before and she named John Travolta, Erika Christensen and some other guy I don’t remember.

    P.S I’m not a scientology and I believe a person should not be judged becuase of his religion/cult as long as he is not harming anyone. Like someone here said before Tom’s mistake was involving Brook but he has since apologized and she has accepted so we should move on as well.

  18. Jen says

    Nicki and Fancy Scarlet was interviewed on ET and has said that is not true. Reading about it from a gossip magazine and hearing it from her is different and here is the article about her and working on M:I III… you can find the full at

    Scarlet Johanson and The Matrix star Carrie-Anne Moss have quit the second Mission: Impossible sequel because of ongoing delays. The two in-demand actresses were slated to team up with Tom Cruise in M:I 3 but director JJ Abrams reveals he has had to let them go because of scheduling problems around the film’s script. He tells website,

  19. Jen says

    #53. Anne, you’re totally right even Scarlett was asked about that and she said she read about it and couldn’t believe what the media sometimes makes up, and its not ture but she said she did meet Tom and Paula for a part in M:I III and took a part but when the movie was delayed she had to drop out to work with Woody Alen. She also said tom was very talented and she hope to work with him in the future.

  20. Fancy says

    Nicki, true enough. Maybe it’s time for COS to rethink their whole approach! LOL.
    I remember the incident you referred to w/Scarlet Johanson. It was indeed a rather odd “interview”. She demurred by saying she had a scheduling conflict and got out of there after HOURS talking not w/Tom but w/COS people!
    The Fox link I posted wasn’t intended as fact but rather as ” whoa, someone sure got it in for this guy”.
    And HELEN, could we please stick to posting links and not entire articles?

  21. Nicki says

    Fancy ~ I think thats true about John Travolta, but to be in Tom’s position with the church, I do believe you have to push to get recruits. I think John probably wouldn’t want to do that, because then “Everyone wouldn’t like him anymore.” JMO.

  22. Nicki says

    I don’t know about the others but I do know Scarlett did mention it in an interview. I don’t read the tabloids so never heard of a list per say. She said she was called there to be interviewed, for a movie she thought. But she said the whole thing creeped her out because it didn’t sound like a movie, it sounded like she was being auditioned for the role of his girlfriend. I don’t have a link, it was in some magazine she gave an interview too last year or year and a half ago. Not a tabloid, Vanity Fair or some other one like that. Sorry can’t remember.
    I just remember I read it not too long ago.
    So what about the age difference, Katies a few years, what 6, older than Scarlett. That makes it look better?

  23. Fancy says

    As part of my job I read entertainment news from around the globe.
    The consensus seems to be that there’s something radically wrong with these two. Aside from postings on this site there is very little positive public feedback out there.
    Not my opinion just the facts at this point in time.
    Also if COS wants a spokesman I would suggest John Travolta. Everyone seems to like him.

  24. Fancy says

    As part of my job I read entertainment news from around the globe.
    The consensus seems to be that there’s something radically wrong with these two. Aside from postings on this site there is very little positive poublic feedback out there.
    Not my opinion just the facts.
    Also if COS wants a spokesman I would suggest John Travolta. Everyone seems to like him.

  25. Nicki says

    “No word on how long the newlyweds will spend their honeymoon in the Maldives”

    After her knee replacement surgery heals.

  26. Anne says

    Nicki, Scarlett is 21 and even tom has a brain to know that it does not generate positve publicity for a 20 year old to go out with a 43 year old so why interview her? I don’t think Tom got where he is by being dumb and stupid, he is very smart and i am the first to admit rather calculating. I have heard of that story, that he interviewed a number of people and it is Katie who allowed, I guess no one bought it since even Jennifer Garner was listed despite the fact that she as newly wed and pregnant at the time. Media people are absurd, they will make some of the most bizarre suppositions and paint them as facts ( Tom went with his best man for the honey moon!), I know Tom and Katie met in his office, but no one knows where you ever get to meet mr right.

    Scarlett is a rather crude girl with no polish ( i once watched an interview on TV with her and i was disappointed) so knowing tom cruise I dont think he can go for her, even if it is to cause a media frenzy, she is more Jude law’s type! Besides knowing her, she would have gone with her story to the media as she did for American beauty and Mary Poppins audition!

  27. Helen says

    Didn’t some tabloid newspaper say Tom’s best man was with them that is wrong….and Fancy that fox article a total made up to make to llok bad because that guy has it in for Tom because of Scientology. He said Jerry was not at the wedding but he was and John travolta and his wife were not at the wedding. I hope you guys are not brainwashed by someone like Roger that easily if so i’ll be worrying about yourself being brainwashed instead of Tom cruise who seem to be happy and getting on with his life.

    The Honeymooners!

    The star couple are reportedly honeymooning in the scenic Maldives, and ET has the latest!

    It was the wedding of the year as TomKat officially became Mr. and Mrs. TOM CRUISE in Italy over the weekend, and the newlywed lovebirds wasted no time in starting off their honeymoon right!

    After a lavish ceremony witnessed by approximately 150 friends and family, the star couple pulled an ‘M:i:III’-style getaway to avoid the paparazzi. Tom and KATIE slipped out at 5 a.m. the next morning to make their honeymoon trip, reportedly to a beautiful Maldives holiday resort near the Indian Ocean.

    According to Us Weekly, Tom, Katie and baby SURI arrived by private jet at the international airport on Hulhule Island at 9.30 p.m. The trio waited on the plane while one of the members of their party processed their passports with immigration.

    Once cleared, Tom, Katie, Suri and three bodyguards were reportedly rushed to a nearby jetty and climbed aboard a speedboat to take them out to their luxury yacht, which a source tells Us is made for five and seven-star holiday resorts, with facilities tailor-made for their guests.

    Onlookers reportedly saw the happy couple smiling a lot, holding hands and kissing baby Suri on the head.

    No word on how long the newlyweds will spend their honeymoon in the Maldives, but a source tells Us that they went to great lengths to keep their honeymoon a private affair and reportedly even changed their plans five times during the weekend before their big day.

    Watch ET for all the latest TomKat honeymoon news!…7843/index.html

  28. LeAnne says

    This whole Tom and Katie thing is so silly. It’s such a sham. Tom went through the list of actresses, picked a lady who is young enough to be his daughter who was already all starry-eyed over him, and has now molded her into his own personal barbie doll. This is like a fairy tale for her. She thinks all her dreams have come true. Ha ha ha on her. This may last five years tops. Then she is going to wake up one day and realize that she gave up her religion, her youth, and her freedom to be with a freak like Tom. Too bad there is now a child involved in this crazy relationship. She will be the one who suffers in the end. And by the way, Tom is looking rougher and rougher each new picture I see of him. He does not appear to be aging well at all!

  29. Nicki says

    Anne ~ It was Scarlett Johanson that was interviewed for next wife of Tom spot, not any of the bubbleheads you listed. Katie was next, and she accepted whole heartedly, because everyone and thier brothers knew she was in love with him since she was a little girl.

  30. LeAnne says

    Mrs Vreeland….you know darn well that you will be back. You can’t stand the thought of not coming back to see what kind of response you got from your dumb arse posts. You my dear are the scarey one!

  31. 2kids2many says

    Kalista…do you honestly believe that Tom and Katie get up in the middle of the night when Suri cries? Ya right…that’s what Nannies are for. Katie was hardly with Suri in the daytime, yet alone the night!!

  32. Kalista Brat says

    Awww I think Tom is a great guy! He got her married in a castle and made it a memorable experience for Katie.I hope they have a great time together in Maldives.I hope they don’t have another baby yet until Suri is around 5 because it is too soon and babies are annoying when they cry and make you wake up late in the wee hours of the night!

  33. Jackie says

    Mrs Vreeland, I can see you are certainly a drama queen, have a nice thanks giving and try to be positive , it certainily is more happier, of course you cant force it, but try!

  34. Mrs. Vreeland says

    Good bye ladies! I won’t be back again. You are, with a few exceptions, far too scary for me. This site is like a special hell with Hallmark cards. An internet red state. The thought processes in play here are too incredible and the conclusions reached through them too frightening for this blue state dwelling clear thinking urban gal. Life is too, too short. Time to go mix some pre-Thanksgiving cocktails now and stick to less frightening company.

  35. ANNE says

    Mrs Vreeland, may be you are a mother of one of Tom’s gay lovers, hey what do I know? I am just a die hard fan and I read stories in the papers, listen to news and watch interviews of Tom ( i actually cried during the Oprah couch jumping show, it was so sweet) and I make my own decisions based on what I percieve him to be, you definately seem to be closer to him than me.

    Actually your view on religion is highly subjective ( but I respect it) clearly you have been brought up to resent what you don’t know or you dont understand, I don’t claim to know or understand scientology but I don’t hate or resent it, all i know is that I would rather see some one happy in a so called ‘cult’ than bitter and miserable in the so called main stream faiths, history has it that those religions you have mentioned above especially christianity and Islam have cost so many lives and brought misery to many people for millenia, you cant accuse scientology of that! I know they have some pretty strange beliefs, but what matters in life is peace and happiness, many search for it and never find it, let Tom and Katie enjoy it even for a while. they are living in a fairy tale, lie or not, so I say congs to them instead of frowning and dwelling on the negative aspects of life, we have IRAQ and palestine in our generation that is enough sadness without hating on people who are trying to find happiness that eludes most of us, I dare you and ramona and Silly girl to be happy for the newly weds even for an hour, you will see, it feels good.

    I still love tom and am glad he chose Katie. She is a sweet girl!

  36. Mrs. Vreeland says

    Anne, one hopes it is only your eyes that get wet at the thought of Tom, otherwise I fear for you my dear. Please know I respect your views on this situation while obviously holding opinions far different. It’s hard to witness all of this knowing who and what I do, but
    as I’m far from alone, I have plenty of help maintaining a sense of humor about a fairly dismal situation caused by a less than honorable man.
    I do feel it’s very wrong to compare Scientology with the other religions you mentioned. They are hardly on
    equal terms as Scientology is a cult unlike Christianity, Buddism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism etc. which are most definitely not.

  37. Anne says

    Mrs Vreeland and Ramona I like your posts, they are hilarious and you have a way with words, honestly am not being sarcastic, because I believe every one is entitled to their view, or in your case feelings, because you feel so strongly about your dislike for Tom, I admit, scientology is really strange, I love Tom so I have read about all about it and BOY, it is,………’ different’, but then so are many beliefs there are aspects of christianity, Islam, mormons, hindu etc, that leave me flummoxed but I don’t abuse those religions of disrespect those who belong to them. Tom says scientology has helped him a lot, so…….. I say ; that is his choice, afterall we live only once, let Xenu judge him in afterlife and not us.

    Any way I still find him sexy and hot and all the info on the wedding makes my eyes wet, I can’t wait for people magazine on friday!!!

    I AM NOT A SCIENTOLOGIST!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love Tom period. Iam happy he chose cate, he could have chosen Paris or Nicole Hilton, or L. Lohan, or even Britney, thta would have made me soooooooo sad!

  38. says

    Llora, kudos to you girl!!!

    Well put! I figured he probably has sang that song so many times iduring the movie itself it’s engrained in his head or possibly a personal favourite and the only one he knows??? LOL I would take any song and melt if my husband serenaded me irregardless if the words led one to believe we were doomed, I would know what it meant 😉 Love is great!

  39. says

    I have much better things to do than follow their wedding with six kids and fulltime classes, but I could hardly keep my mind off their wedding!! Hey, Tom and Kate are both taking more mudslinging than they deserve!! Tom in my opinion is saying “I feel you rate-and I am not just reminiscing about my Top Gun Glory!!” and by the way, the Tom Cruise Marathon aired Top Gun Sunday night and all I could think was that Katie makes Kelley Gillis look BAD!!
    I am thrilled for them, and those fans outside the castle should have respected their privacy!!!

  40. LeAnne says

    “LOOKS LIKE A SIMPLE WEDDING”!!!!!! What the ****??? Her freaking dress was 2.6 million dollars idiot. There is nothing simple about that. They rented out a castle for crying out loud. What dough dough calls this a simple wedding? Jeez!

  41. Mrs. Vreeland says

    Jackie, while it is certainly neither gross nor negative to be gay, quite the contrary IMO, it is psychologically and emotionally toxic to both yourself and those who might love you to deny your true nature and pretend you are something you are not. If this is compounded by the fact that you are a publicity seeking celebrity and second in command of a cult that finds gayness an aberration then you are quite the consciousless hypocrite. Add to that duping a young woman into marrying you by giving her things and drama in place of the type of genuine physical relationship you know deep in yourself you will never be capable of with a woman and you my friend are a sad and loathsome little man. In light of this making your bride stand in a hole so you can appear taller in your sham wedding photos becomes quite the metaphor for this entire situation does it not?

  42. says

    Okay I guess we are just weird too but we took our best friends on our honeymoon too?!?

    We had a blast and they enjoyed just as much alone as we did!!! They actually returned the favor when they got married, I wouldn’t have changed it for anything.

  43. says

    Anne I completely agree! Tom is a really good guy, and he’s a fabulous actor. Anyone that can give out 75,000 dollars at his movie premiere to fans in the crowd on a street just because he wanted too! Wow!!!!
    By the way I am not a scientologist, I get weirded out each time I chose to read a little bit more about it and it’s very odd but it’s his choice and he’s happy. Really not my place to judge, I chose my belief he’ll chose his and what happens in the end is all that really matters. Life is for living and being happy, what route brings that smile to your face is your choice, Thank God for that!

  44. Ramona says

    Jackie, Thomkin could be strangling puppies and you’d say he was just hugging them real hard.
    I have to wonder how many of the people posting on here with such unconditional love are actually COS affliated Scientologists? How else to explain an inability to see and think crossing into the delusional.
    This is the only site I’m aware of where this type of adoring goes on that isn’t a dedicated fan site.
    People say Tom is gay because on the set he’s quite obvious, or they’ve had sex with him. It’s one of those open secrets in the industry.
    One more time for those who have trouble with the obvious: SCIENTOLOGY IS NOT A RELIGION! IT”S A CULT!

  45. Nina says

    Just confused – why is this romantic? Isn’t this song about people falling out of love? Bad choice on your wedding day – He may as well have sung “I CANT GET NO SATESFACTION”.. or maybe “LOVE WILL TEAR US APART”??

  46. Anne says

    You know H, what amazes me is that Tom has never been reputed to hurt any one apart from brook shields, in hollywood, all the people who know him are always saying he is a good kind guy with a huge heart, I don’t think he pays these people to say that, he is neither a womaniser nor a manisor ( for those alleging that he is gay). I admit he may have cruise control and a big fat ego, but he is not the first one, I have for the last 18 months wondered why some people hate him with a passion actually for some reason they seem bitter about him like he left them for KH or he stole KH from them! , granted he has a strange religion, but what he believes is his prerogative and for all the time I have know him he has always had this religion, I think many people are unhappy in their own lives that they cant stand to see a happy person. I am glad he can handle it because he has not let it affect his happiness, because he seems to be genuinely happy.

  47. H says

    That is so sweet! It looks like a simple wedding too. All the best to the happy couple. And I never understand why ppl say Tom is gay? When he did risky business he dated his co star for 2 years and just before top gun he got married and then straight after his divorce, he started dating Nicole Kidman and was married to her for 10 yrs….then he had a relastionship with Pen Cruz for 3 years.So when did he gave some of you the idea he might be gay?

    Tom’s pre-Katie girlfriend, Penelope Cruz, has no hard feelings about her ex’s recent wedding ? even though she didn’t go.

    “I’m not going to get into the details of why I didn’t go, but I just talked to him last week before they left and he’s one of my closest friends and he’s someone very important in my life,” Cruz tells Ellen DeGeneres on an episode of the talk show airing today. Just read how his ex talks about the guy so please lets not judge when we don’t know his personally.

    “He’s been always so good to me. He has a huge heart, she’s a wonderful woman, and I just wish them happiness forever. They are very, very happy and I love that family, all of them, (including) his kids and the baby. I’m very close to them.”

  48. OMG says

    Jealous can make some pple say somethings out of their heads, but that will never make them feel better or rather happy. Katie and Tom are cute couple and wishing them good and long life together.

  49. pat says

    The comments made on this site should be about the topic shown. Best wishes to the happy couple, I hope they don’t waste their time on negative people who always try to make something bad out of a good situation.

  50. Jackie says

    Ramona ease up a little, if the serenade made her happy, then it is sweet, I admit if some one loved me like tom loves that girl it would scare me shitless. I dont think Mcvige went with them on the honey moon, I find that story so funny, I think they just took the same plane and he continued on his way, unless you have evidence of the honey moon pictures with Mcvige lying on a lounger next to the newlywed……now that would be strange. Any may be……just may be we are all wrong and those two love each other! Lets wait and see.

    Why do people always say Tom is gay like it is gross and negative, I thought we were supposed to embrace every one regardless of their sexuality and how they chose to lead their life! you guys sound homophobic!

  51. Diana says

    I don’t think that the people in Dawsons Creek made Katie famous, it was the producers who decided to put her on the show in the first place that made her famous! And I most certainly DO NOT think Tom is gay. What a silly thing to say!! 😉

  52. India says

    I really don’t agree with those who are calling Tom “gay”. He might wanted to experience smthing which he did’nt like it and decided to go straight. Wow! what a KISS. It is sooooooooo romantic and appetising.

  53. Cheyenne says

    Stop, stop!

    lol, I can’t wait to see the pictures in the magazines like on the cover of People Weekly and such either! I bet they will be beautiful! And that it should include Suri too!

  54. Mrs. Vreeland says

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, everyone stop making fun of these two. Not only is it homophobic of you but they are a lovely lesbian couple!

  55. Ramona says

    Sucking face at your wedding till your guests beg you to stop is not cool.
    Re-enacting scenes from movies you made 20 years ago in your real life is pathetic. Whats next ? A middle aged chubby version of the Y fronts/raybans dance?
    Show of hands, how many of you would want your new
    husbands best friend along on the “honeymoon”?
    At very least he could of brought David B. along. A man easy on the eyes who is NOT going to talk about Scientology.
    And please, Scientology is not a religion, it’s a cult.
    There is a difference.

  56. ana says

    Tom is so sweet I love him I hate katie!

    grrr! it should have been me! she is the luckiset woman in the world, he is doing ALL for her, she better be good wife for him!

    I love you Tom, I still have hope! Who knows? ha ha

  57. says

    Kate did an interview for seventeen magazine many years ago saying “one day I will marry Tom Cruise” and what a fairytale dream she got!!!

    I’m trying to find the article I read that some of Kates friend were there as were a few other celebs like John Travolta, Richard Gere and a handful of others. It did mention not many from her Dawson Creeks days were!

  58. NO NAME says

    I totally agree with you Jenna. I would have been embarassed and upset if my hubby would have sung that to me on our wedding day. I’m glad Katie has a great sense of humor. She looked like just like a princess and baby Suri is sooooo adorable. And for Tom, well, I was always taught if u don’t have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all. 🙂

  59. Jenna H. says

    That song is not very appropriate for a wedding, no matter what the purpose. Isn’t that just setting things up to be bad? JMO…

  60. sillygirl says

    Did you notice in the picture that the soembody holding Suri must be one of Tom’s sisters? Why aren’t Katie’s parents holding their Grandaughter? I gues they are not allowed to hold her since they are not Scientologist. Or maube perhpas they will have to take Scientology classes on how to hold a baby so that they wont be traumatized for life.

  61. Lisa says

    i think they look so happy together..i wish them all the best..just seeing Katie now and watching her on Dawson’s Creek reruns looks so funny knowin how her life is goin to turn out..cause Tom was a hottie back in Top Gun time..oh well they have a beautiful baby and wish them all the best..GOOD LUCK TOM & KATIE..

  62. Nisa says

    They look so sweet, I hope we get more pictures like a spread out in a magazine. Cute, cute, cute!

  63. Anne says

    Angela, how do you know that they were not there? there were more than 250 people and not all of them are listed, besides, how do you know they are her friends or they didn’t fall out for one reason or another! Atleast her family was there and her dad walked her down the isle, after reports that he wouldnt, so please, give them a break.

  64. Angela says

    Am I the only person wondering where Katie’s friends are in all of this? James Van Der Beek, Joshua Jackson, Michelle Williams, Meredith Monroe? These people helped make her famous, but they weren’t invited to the wedding…?

  65. 2kids2many says

    This has nothing to do with Tom and Katie….just alittle FYI for moms with little kids. I just bought the COOLEST little gadget off of EBAY. It’s called a Weemote Control. It’s a tv remote control (with fun colorful buttons) that you program with just the channels you want your kids to watch. It is so awesome! Now my 2 year old and 4 year old can change their own channels and I don’t have to worry about what they are watching…so cool! Check it out!

  66. Jordyn says

    You can find the same picture on ” in Case you didn’t know” you should check it out, they seem to update their website more frequently than this one.

  67. says

    Hey you found the pic web mistress ::) How cute is that! Funny Armani told them enough enough with the kiss, good thing they had a room booked!


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