Reese Witherspoon Takes Ava & Deacon To Church

Reese took Ava and Deacon to church on Sunday, the 19th. She is being very strong for her children.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon



  1. ashley says

    im sorry but you have to think of it this way who wants to know if he has a diper on or not i think hes cuite

  2. ashley says

    im sorry but you have to think of it this way who wants to know if he has a diper on or not i think hes cuite

  3. ashley says

    im sorry but you have to think of it this way who wants to know if he has a diper on or not i think hes cuite

  4. ashley says

    im sorry but you have to think of it this way who wants to know if he has a diper on or not i think hes cuite

  5. Tristan says

    Well if Ryan has another friend then you know what? You don’t need him you are a strong hearted passionate woman and you dont’ need a man to be there to talk care of you. The only thing that you might need is someone to talk to, but other than that you are a good woman. Keep it up and Hang in there!!!!!!!

  6. Lauren says

    I love Reese Witherspoon. I was sad to hear that Reese and Ryan split up but I hope they can remain on good terms for the sake of their adorable kids, mini Reese and mini Ryan. She looks so sad but stay strong Reese.!!

  7. #5 lvr says

    ya 2kids 2many i think diana took it wrong if i had just come out of church with ton o pple takin pics of me i prolly wouldn’t be too happy either!!

  8. Lolitha says

    Marie and Nicky my point is that many ppl always turn to GOD when things are going wrong they dont invite him in their lives when things are well.But yes i do ackowledge that GOD is welcoming.If church has always been the foundation of Reese’s life then its okay.

  9. marie says

    Nicki I agree with you…it doesn’t matter when you go to God, God is always waiting , with open arms. Jesus is a gentleman, he’s not going to impose but waits upon us. When everyone walks out on you, Jesus walks in and turns everything around.
    Lolitha, everyone believes differently. I myself believe that anytime is the right time for God, and what better time for Reese than now? When everything around her seems to be falling apart? Maybe she grew up with christian values, maybe her parents raised her in church, and she might have done her own thing as an adult but you never forget what you learn as a child and when things get rough you remember always what brought you peace and a strong foundation. Anyway, that’s what I think. I really don’t care if I get bad comments about my comment, it’s how I feel in my heart.

  10. Nicki says

    Deacon is starting to look a lot more like Reese, in this pic anyway. I always thought he looked more like his Dad. Both her children are adorable.

    Lolitha~I believe she has always been. But I disagree with you about starting now. ANY time is a good time to start with God.

  11. Diana says

    And I agree with 2kidstoomany – I apologise to you too, but I wasn’t pointing out to 2kidstoomany to be judgemental and non-christian. I had misread the post and for that I apologise. I don’t want to start a fight on here, nor do I want to make enemies.

  12. Diana says

    2kidstoomany – I do apologise for what I said to you, I did not mean to judge you or want to start a fight, I guess in these posts it is easy to misunderstand what people are reading. It was never my intention to start a fight and am sorry if it came across that way. And I don’t go back on my thought about Catherine looking like the joker, it is just because of her make up! We are all entitled to our opinions, and it is easy to be judgemental I agree. Sometimes Christians make mistakes and are judgemental and I admit that I can be that way. Apologies again.

  13. Lolitha says

    But has she always been going to church or she is only turning to God now that shes in trouble.I like Reece but if this has not always been her way of life i dont think its a good thing to start now no wonder the ppratzi are after her why dont she just lie now instead of creating more publicity around this whole thing.I wish her well,hope her prayers will be answered.

  14. 2kids2many says

    Thank you #23…I’m glad that someone understood what I was trying to say and not twist it all around to make me look like the world’s biggest sinner. I really do appreciate it! That really ticked me off!

  15. I'm with you 2kids2many says

    Diana is one of those people who is always preaching about not judging someone and yet if you read some posts she is doing the judging, just like calling Catherine Zeta Jones the Joker. That’s not very christian. Sounds more like a hypocrite to me. But she’s quick to point out what you saying as being non christian and judgemental.

    If she would have read your post she would have understood what you said.

  16. 2kids2many says

    con’t… I didn’t appreciate it. She didn’t look like a beautiful person to me. She looked like someone who wanted to start a fight. Nice attitude!

  17. says

    What beautiful kids. Reese does look sad but time heals all wounds. I don’t know why they are seperated but I wish them all the best in the future. Reese will pull through she is a strong woman!

  18. says

    Church is my peace in life!!!!

    Diana is a beautiful person, she has always maintained a positive attitude! Let’s all pray for Reece!

  19. 2kids2many says totally misread my comment and made me look like a bad person. Read the comments carefully before you say anything in retaliation. I think you owe me an apology. My comment states that I would look sad too if some guy was trying following me and take my picture while I was at church! Some people just like to twist everything around and make people look bad. You are obviously one of those people. Get a life and perhaps YOU should pray for forgiveness!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. says

    Oh my gosh!!!! My 5 year old son wears blue underwear sometimes, gasp please no one think they are pampers LOL! Come on I’m sure the child is potty trained! Why always something negative?

  21. grace says

    No, that is not an underwear band but a black under t-shirt with a embellished symbol on it, and jus a diaper!

  22. mylie says

    Well, I don’t think Pampers Baby Dry or any other diaper brands you just named have a red decal on a black elastic band with white bottoms on Deacon!

  23. leslie says

    Kate you’re right Deacon is definitely wearing a diaper. I think it is pampers cruisers, or pampers baby dry. I used to buy them all the time before my daughter was potty trained. Now she’s 2 1/2.

  24. bryce says

    Oh that’s so cool. I knew she’d take her kids too church for the person she is and the morals she has but especially since the seperation. If I belive correctly Deacon have on UNDERWEAR.

  25. Lisa says

    when young people have shotgun weddings like these two did-divorce is usually ultimately where they end up-no surprise here

  26. Diana says

    2kidstomany – I disagree about your comment about going to church and that’s why she is looking sad. Church is the most uplifting and enlightening place you can be in, and if she finds solace and peace there then that is fabulous. People will let you down in this life, but God certainly won’t! 😉

  27. Jordyn says

    These are the same pictures from the website ” in case you didn’t know” actually , I have noticed a lot of the same pictures used from there. hmm?!? Can you not find your own pictures Wevbmistress

  28. Amy says

    Hang in there, Reese. The world loves you just as you are. It’s tough right now, but you are a strong woman. I am rooting for you all the way.

  29. 2kids2many says

    Oh my gosh! The women is at church for goodness sake! Leave her alone (man in the background taking her picture) I would look sad too!

  30. marie says

    Hang in there Reese, sometimes church can be the only place for solace and peace. I hope you find your direction.

  31. says

    🙁 Reese looks sad. I read that Ryan has a friend already, and possibly another! She released a statement saying they neglected each others needs 🙁

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