Gwen Stefani & Kingston At LAX

Gwen Stefani

Gwen and 5-month-old Kingston arrive at LAX on Sunday after having been in London for awhile.The release date for her new album, The Sweet Escape, is December 5th. The following is a still from her Wind It Up video.

Gwen Stefani

You can check out lots more about Gwen and her new album at!

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  1. MissyMama says

    It IS a sling she has on, and slings can be used on babies up to toddler age.

    I just heard her new song this morning too and…strange, yes. Very different.

    I think out of most celebrities, she is the LEAST of the ego maniacs. IMO anyways, she semms to be the most normal down to earth one out there!

  2. 2kids2many says

    …Just saw Gwen on tonight’s music awards. I didn’t care for her new song at all. It was….strange??! I liked her better with No Doubt. Anyway, she looked good…had her hair alittle different. What is that green thing she is holding? Is it a blanket or a rug? Or is it the newest “must have” celebrity baby item? I’ve never seen anything quite like that…hmmm?

  3. Lucy says

    It’s not a sling, it’s part of her ridiculous outfit. I’m so tired of this ego-maniac. She’s so into herself and her fame. That her son is adorable obviously helps, but I’d like to know where gavin is?

  4. Ms D says

    Cute and happy together as always!

    I noticed the sling too–but then I thought maybe it WASN’T a baby sling–like it was part of her outfit or something.
    I thought only tiny babies used baby slings..but I could be wrong, as I never used one..?

  5. Fancy says

    Could he be any more babylicious?
    Notice Gwen is wearing a baby sling? IMO this means she carries him around ALOT! None of this photo op
    mothering for Ms. Stefani. Unlike some material moms’ who’ve bragged in the past about rarely changing diapers I’m betting this mama is on the front line and loving it! Go Gwen!

  6. Rebecca says

    I love how almost every time there are pictures of Gwen she has her baby with her! This is refreshing in comparison with most other celebrity moms. She seems like a very loving and attached mom and I adore her slings! Kingston is so cute too!

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