Catherine Zeta-Jones At The "A Fine Romance" Benefit

Stunning mother of two Catherine Zeta-Jones looks incredibly va-va-voom at the “A Fine Romance” Benefit held on November 18th in LA!

Catherine Zeta-Jones
Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones

The “A Fine Romance” event benefits the Motion Picture & Television Fund.

The event celebrates the love affair between Hollywood and the theatre, with performances of songs from movies that became Broadway musicals and Broadway musicals that have become movies. The theme for the event was based on the book “A Fine Romance” by longtime MPTF supporter Darcie Denkert.



  1. Lolitha says

    Is that a father escorting her daughter to prom?
    All the cutting,pulling and pasting cant help Micheal now,let me see her do a Demi Moore

  2. Diana says

    2kidstomany – I am not on here to start a fight with you or to become your enemy. And I never said that Catherine was not beautiful it is just that she doesn’t look as nice in these pictures, and it could be the camera lense. I am not jealous of Catherine, nor am I jealous of any beautiful women. I have no need to be. I hope that we don’t start to argue on here as I would rather just keep the peace and get on with you and others.

  3. Lolitha says

    I dont think this woman is beautiful.She looks awful can we just have julia Roberts with tha wide smile or Ashley Judd’s dimples.I really dont understand what this Catherine is about.Shes not beautiful at all.

  4. 2kids2many says

    Diana and Lisa…Calling one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood “the Joker” ? What are you blind or jealous? My! How judgemental you two are of a woman that you do not even know. Hmm…wasn’t one of you “preaching” to me on another thread. I think that would be called hypocritical! Judge not unless ye be judged…!

  5. Diana says

    She looks to have put on weight around her face in these pictures, but it could be the angle of the lense. I don’t like her very much though, she is full of herself and there are people far more beautiful than her and more naturally pretty, but that’s my opinion.

  6. Ramona says

    She usually looks pretty good but with those false lashes and the mannered hair she looks like a drag queen here.
    He had a full on face lift a while back and was completely open about it, even going out to lunch with still healing incisions on display.

  7. Think About It says

    6. MissyMama | November 20th, 2006 at 7:15 pm
    …….Also her boobs look huge. Thay aren’t normally that big! And #3, yes he has had work done. I forget which tabloit had the exclusive, but he admitted it.

    Maybe the plastic surgeon had a “get one done, get the other half off” deal. So, they both got lucky….

  8. MissyMama says

    Maybe it’s the makeup and hair, but she really doesn’t look the same. Also, her boobs look huge. Thay aren’t normally that big! And #3, yes he has had work done. I forget which tabloit had the exclusive, but he admitted it.

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